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Box Score Recap – 7/27/2014

Roman Quinn with a single, a walk and his 17th steal. I’m very excited to see his name in the boxes every night right now. He’s hit in five straight, stole a base in six straight, walked in seven straight, and been on base in nine straight. He’s got a home run and a double during his on-base streak, yet somehow, all of that combined, gives him a .639 OPS over his last ten games. JP Crawford had two hits and a steal, and Brian Pointer was 2-4 with a double, a homer and his eighth steal of the year. Pointer, notoriously streaky, had 13ks last week. Hopefully Sunday sets him off on another run of solid results.

Kelly Dugan went deep for Reading (4) while Larry Greene hit his first of the year for Lakewood. Matt Imhof pitched well, there, while Greene and Dylan Cozens both had two hits in the Lakewood nightcap, and Mitch Walding was a triple short of the cycle. Tocci and Zach Green had triples in that one – one of them should have lent Walding one. That would have been super leadershipy of them. FYI – Tocci is fourth in the SAL league in triples with eight.

Finally, for WIL, Rhys Hoskins hit his fifth home run, while Drew Stankiewicz had two hits, and Jan Hernandez had three. Hernandez has five hits in the last two games since they gave him four days off to work on some things in the cage, (per Mitch Rupert’s reporting). He managed to not strike out Sunday, for the first time in a full game since July 4, (he took just 2 PAs  with zero Ks July 13, but that doesn’t count when I’m trying to prove a point).

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Box Score Recap – 7/26/2014

Maikel Franco hit his seventh home run of the year. What a dismal phrase that is to type the last weekend of July. Colt Murray with his first AA save – he’s put up some nice numbers there – 37K, 15BB and just 3HR  while pitching over half of his 40.2 innings in the Baseballtown launching pad. Roman Quinn walked again and stole another base – six games in a row with a walk and five with a steal. Dylan Cozens stole his 18th base of the year. Nice start from Ranfi Casimiro – 1R 6H 1B 6K in 6IP.

Williamsport pitchers Ricardo Pinto, Edubray Ramos and Calvin Rayburn held Mahoning Valley hitless for nine innings, but the Scrappers got to Brian Sova in the tenth. Jesse Biddle and Drew Anderson started rehab assignments for GCL. Biddle allowed a solo home run, a walk, struck out three and made a pickoff error in two innings. Anderson allowed a hit, a walk and struck out three in two scoreless innings.

And in the Dom Rep, Ranger Suarez struck out six in seven innings without allowing a walk, bringing his season ratio to 74:1. Severino Gonzalez was a year older in 2012 when he walked six and struck out 86, and we all thought that was absurd. What the heck do we call this? Extrabsurd.

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Box Score Recap – 7/25/2014

Lehigh Valley lost a slugfest, with Cesar Hernandez a homer short of the cycle. Maikel Franco and Leandro Castro had two hit a piece. Hector Neris has put up five straight scoreless appearances. He’s had a handful of absolute trainwrecks at AAA, so a nice long stretch of scoreless would be nice. Reading managed just three hits and a walk off of Akron pitching. If it seems like Roman Quinn’s been walking a lot lately, it’s because he’s been walking a lot lately. Five straight games. His BB rate is spiking near 9% now. Notched his 15th steal as well, and four games in a row with one steal, and six steals in his last eight games. Nice to see. JP Crawford OPSing .875 in his last ten games. Also nice. Aaron Nola gave up one run on five hits, a walk and four strikeouts – the walk was his first free pass since his debut, 32 days earlier.

Tocci, Green, Astudillo and Greene with two hits a piece for Lakewood. Back-to-back days of two hits for Tocci and Green. In his eight starts, Yacksel Rios has struck out just 26 and walked 20 in 40.2 IP. That’s not great. It was 32:12 in 38 relief innings to start the year. You’d have to think he’ll eventually wind up back in the pen if he can’t improve on those K numbers when he’s stretched out.

Williamsport managed just two hits, though they had four walks, so not as bad as it sounds at first glance.  Still bad though. Mahoning Valley starter Kieran Lovegrove pitched and whatever , but dang, that’s a pretty fine name. I called it an 80 on Twitter, but that was probably generous by a grade.

And a couple DSL notes – Bryan Martelo was 2-3 plus a walk. He’s having a rough go of it in his pro debut. And 17 year-old RHP Adonis Medina has been carving up DSL hitters in his couple of outings – he’s allowed eight hits, struck out 12 and walked just one in 10 innings. Call that a name to watch.

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Nola Faces Hammerheads; July 25, 2014

Aaron Nola started against the Jupiter Hammerheads Friday night.  Jupiter is about 3.5 hours away, so I listened again over the net and charted from home.

As I mentioned last week, Nola throws 3 pitches – a fastball, change, and  curve. Based on the calls during the game, it sounds like he throws about 50 percent fastballs, 30 percent change-ups, and 20 percent curve balls.  This is by no means exact, but more a rough idea of how often he throws each.  He threw a lot more curves in the fifth inning than he did in earlier innings.

Nola’s line –

Box Score Recap – 7/24/2014

Busiest day I can remember this year. All eight affiliates plus two rain-completion double headers. The headline for me is four Lakewood Blueclaws with two hits a piece – Tocci, Pullin, Cozens and Green. Green had two doubles and added a walk. Other standouts on the day included Kelly Dugan and Jake Fox for Reading, Jiandido Tromp for WIL, Jesus Posso, Jose Pujols, Joel Fisher, Jake Sweaney, Tim Zier and Franklyn Kilome for GCL.

In the interest of getting this up so the discussion can commence, I’ll spare you any further musings. Have at it.

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Hot or Not

Looking back at the time period of July 15-24th…So, Jake Fox had the same number of homers over the last 10 days as Maikel Franco has had all year (and no, I am not saying Fox is at all a prospect at this stage)…I am getting very excited about Dylan Cozens and Andrew Pullin…As good as Cord Sandberg was starting the season, is as bad as he has been over the last 3 weeks…Mark Leiter was an outstanding start for CLearwater, and Brandon Leibrandt impressing…Hoby Milner has really come back to Earth…

Hot Hitters: Min, 18 AB’s: Nate Spears (.440, 2HR 6RBI); Drew Stankiewicz (.393); Angelo Mora (.389); JP Crawford (.387, 6R); Harold Martinez (.379); Dylan Cozens (.375, 9R 2HR 6RBI, SB); Mitch Walding (.370, 7RBI); Andrew Pullin (.367, 7R);Everett WIlliams (.360); Jiandido Tromp (.357, 5R 2HR 5RBI); Jake Fox (.333, 7R 6HR 15RBI)

Not Hot Hitters:Edgar Duran (.083); Jan Hernandez (.087); Cord Sandberg (.100); Damek Tomscha (.115); CLete Thomas (.115); Jim Murphy (.150); Malquin Canelo (.156); Venn Biter (.174); Roman Quinn (.184); Derek Campbell (.185) Continue reading Hot or Not

Organizational Leaders

A look at leaders throughout the minor leagues for the Phils.  Hitters need 100AB to qualify; Pitchers need 25IP.  A warning, this isnt real pretty.

AB: Dylan Cozens (377); Maikel Franco (371); Carlos Tocci (367); Andrew Pullin (360); Peter Lavin (359); KC Serna (354); Carlos Alonso (343); Leandro Castr0;  JP Crawford (338);  Aaron Altherr (334); Tyler Henson (327)

Runs:Carlos Alonso (59);  Dylan Cozens (54); Andrew Pullin (53); Leandro Castro(53); Peter Lavin (52); Tyler Henson (48); Carlos Tocci (43); Maikel Franco (42); Albert Cartwirght (41); Aaron Altherr (41)

Hits: Peter Lavin (102); KC Serna (100); ANdrew Pullin (9); Willians Astudillo (98); JP Crawford (97);  Carlos Alonso (96); Leandro Castro (93); Dylan Cozens (93); Carlos Tocci (92); Tyler Henson (92)

2B: Maikel Franco (25); Tyler Henson (25); Willians Astudillo (24); KC Serna (21);  Art Charles (21); Aaron Altherr (21); Peter Lavin (21); Mitch Walding (20); Leandro Castro (19); Dylan COzens (19)

3B: Carlos Tocci (6); Peter Lavin (5); Art CHarles (4); Brian Pointer (4); ANgelo Mora (4); Aaron Altherr (4); Cameron Perkins (4); Maikel Franco (3); Leandro Castro (3); Zach Collier (3)

HR: Dylan Cozens (13);  Jake Fox (13); Peter Lavin (11); Jiandido Tromp (10); Jim Murphy (10); Art Charles (10); Brian Pointer (9); Aaron Altherr (8); Samuel Hiciano (8) Continue reading Organizational Leaders

General Discussion – Weekend of 7-24-2014 – Fire Ryne/Trade Deadline Edition

Here’s a fresh open thread for general discussion. And here’s my #HotTake for the day – Ryne Sandberg should be fired for allowing Burnett to throw that many pitches with a rain delay in the middle when the club is trying to trade him. Six innings of shut-out ball proved the point. Seven was ridiculous. Eight was borderline negligent. Phillippe Aumont was fresh in the bullpen to give you two innings, and the game was meaningless to the season.

In general, I don’t care for Sandberg’s managerial style. Last night with two men on he had Darin Ruf bunt so that Andres Blanco could take a crack at Madison Bumgarner. The guy’s barely allowing any baserunners all night, and you want to give him an out against one of your “better” bats so a guy who until two weeks ago hadn’t seen the big leagues since 2011 can take his chance? No. Bad. Also, there’s this, from Jim Salisbury this spring, partially quoting Sandberg’s book: Continue reading General Discussion – Weekend of 7-24-2014 – Fire Ryne/Trade Deadline Edition

Box Score Recap – 7/23/2014

Severino Gonzalez with an “avert your eyes” type of line. Just don’t look. (Just don’t look). In CLR, Gabriel Lino went 3-4 with a home run and a walk, while Roman Quinn stole his 13th base of the year, in what’s been about 40% of a year’s worth of PAs – figure that’s 30-35 or so in a full season after 30 and 32 in half seasons the last two years. Coming off his Achilles injury, I’m not too worried about that decline, as you’d expect him to ease back in to things.

For Lakewood, Mitch Walding is really hitting in the second half so far – in over 120 PAs, he’s got 15 doubles and 13 walks, both marked improvements over the first half, when he was fresh off having rib-removal surgery. He’s also limited his Ks, with about a 21% in the second half after ~33% in the first half. Big caveat – he’s repeating the league. Even so, I’ll take signs of life from a guy we had high hopes for coming out of the 2011 draft. Also for Lakewood, Yoel Mecias worked five strong innings, allowing one run on just two hits, and he struck out one.

Brandon Liebrandt has been absolutely dealing in his two NYPL starts – he’s allowed just one run, five hits, two walks and struck out 12 in 12 innings since his promotion. Derek Campbell was 2-4 with a double and a triple in Liebrandt’s win tonight.

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Lakewood Game Report

Thanks to @nyphilsmaniac19, we get a live report from todays Lakewood game:

Lakewood Game Report vs Greenville, July 23

Pitching: Yoel Mecias started and went 5 solid innings. Here is a sampling of his pitch speeds based on the stadium gun: 80,73,76,85,74,80,83,82,83,85,75,73,73,83,85,82,86,75,83,81,85,74,84,82,85,80. This is obviously not every pitch as I was tracking AB’s simultaneously. Here is a batter by batter look at Yoel’s outing:

1st: Weak GO 6-3/ Pop up by the mound(P-6)/ chopper towards the middle, Pullin made a nice backhand and a jump throw which was scooped nicely by Green at 1st.

2nd: HR (long AB- didn’t seem to be hit that solidly- ball was really carrying today which is odd since there wasn’t much wind)/Went 2-0 on the next batter and Knapp came out to calm him down which seemed to work- got the batter on a slow roller 4-3/4-3 GO on a 3-1 pitch/K on a 74 mph change-up (his only K of the day) Continue reading Lakewood Game Report