Malquin Canelo

Name: Malquin Canelo

Position: SS
Bats: R
Throws: R
DOB: September 5, 1994
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 156


Hit:  There is a little bat speed and some feel for contact.  But there isn’t enough strength to offset the decencies.  Its unlikely that Canelo hits enough to be a regular.  If he does hit enough it dramatically raises his profile. 20/40

Power:  Canelo hit a single HR in 2013, and showed little bits of pop, but there isn’t a lot of projection here for more power.  The hope is that he shows enough power to not have the bat knocked out of his hand by better pitchers. 20/20

Speed: Canelo isn’t a burner, but there is probably plus speed there, it serve him well in the field, but he doesn’t get on base enough to really put it use there. 60

Glove: There is some polish issues with Canelo’s defense, but otherwise it projects as his strength long term and when it is all said and done he could be a near elite defender at shortstop.  50/65+

Arm: Canelo sports the arm to go with his defensive profile.  It is a plus arm and could improve as he ages, but it allows him to play every infield position if needed. 60/+

Summary: Canelo will probably never hit, and could still reach the majors.  His defense will be his carrying tool and he could be special at shortstop.  It remains to be seen where he fits in 2014, but a return to Williamsport would not be out of the question.



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