All of the hitter profiles can be found below, and by mousing over the “Profiles” page at the top and looking under the “hitters” tab.


Naughton, Joel
Valle, Sebastian

First Base

Rizzotti, Matt
Savery, Joe
Singleton, Jon

Second Base

Buschini, Adam
Garcia, Harold
Hernadenz, Cesar

Third Base

Overbeck, Cody


Barnes, Jeremy
Galvis, Freddy

Corner Outfield

Brown, Domonic
Castro, Leandro
Dugan, Kelly
Hewitt, Anthony
Santana, Domingo


Altherr, Aaron
Collier, Zach
Gillies, Tyson
James, Jiwan
Myers, D’Arby

5 thoughts on “Catchers

  1. Bob Brookover wrote a nice article about Freddy Galvis saying how he worked out in the off-season. “It wasn’t just a noticeable difference in body type, but you could also see the improvement,” LaMar said. “He was able to handle better velocity at home plate, and his arm strength became a legitimate major-league arm. He can play shortstop. He could probably play shortstop in the major leagues right now, but his arm strength in the hole was always a question mark.” That quote surprised me, because I’ve always heard how great he was defensively and how strong an arm he had. But it doesn’t surprise me he is getting stronger because he is still young and developing.

    Read more:
    Watch sports videos you won’t find anywhere else

    The article also talks briefly about several other prospects has many more quotes from Mark Parent and Chuck LaMar.

  2. Jiwan James has quietly put together a nice year. His OPS + is up to 111 this year (11 percent over league avg) and OPS overall is up 65 points. With his plus arm and D ( plus his great Twitter feed), he could be moving up prospect boards.

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