2011 Reader Top 30

Kevin Walter takes the last spot in the 2011 Reader Top 30, edging out Scott Mathieson. This concludes the 2011 edition, which was an improvement over last years, which was an improvement over 2008’s version. Thank you to everyone who participated and voted, and for providing plenty of feedback and conversation along the way. Now that we’ve come up with a community list, I’ll give everyone a chance to submit their own personal top 30’s, which I’ll then catalog on a new page at the top of the site for reference. Check below the fold for more.

The community list.

1. Domonic Brown, OF
2. Jon Singleton, OF
3. Jarred Cosart, RHP
4. Brody Colvin, RHP
5. Trevor May, RHP
6. Sebastian Valle, C
7. Vance Worley, RHP
8. Jesse Biddle, LHP
9. Tyson Gillies, OF
10. Justin De Fratus, RHP
11. Jiwan James, OF
12. Julio Rodriguez, RHP
13. Domingo Santana, OF
14. Aaron Altherr, OF
15. Phillippe Aumont, RHP
16. JC Ramirez, RHP
17. Matt Rizzotti, 1B
18. Jon Pettibone, RHP
19. Austin Hyatt, RHP
20. Cesar Hernandez, 2B
21. Harold Garcia, 2B
22. Kelly Dugan, OF
23. Michael Schwimer, RHP
24. Colby Shreve, RHP
25. Freddy Galvis, SS
26. Josh Zeid, RHP
27. Leandro Castro, OF
28. Perci Garner, RHP
29. Cameron Rupp, C
30. Kevin Walter, RHP

You can submit your lists in the comments section of this post, and I will take all of them and then copy/paste them. Please use the following format when submitting your list. You can just copy/paste. “display name” should be self explanatory…if you’re a regular commenter here, use that name. If you regularly leave anonymous comments, give me something I can attach to your list. Thanks.


Original Thread: https://phuturephillies.com/2011/02/02/wrapping-up-the-2011-reader-top-30/