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Phillies Move into First Place, 8/16/2017

Wednesday afternoon, the GCL Phillies began a home-and-home series with the GCL Blue Jays.  The Phillies culminated a relentless drive to gain the top spot in the division with a victory over the Yankees West on Tuesday coupled with a Blue Jays loss.  Today the teams played for sole possession of first place. Continue reading Phillies Move into First Place, 8/16/2017

Box Score Recap – 8/16/2017

It is becoming apparent to me that the time I invest in preparing the recaps is far more than needed.  Very little of what I report actually trickles into the comments section.  In fact, it appears (to me at least), that the recap is just another venue for you to redundantly bitch about recent draft picks, blame players and scouts for injuries, condemn affiliates for promotions, and all manner of other negativity that is reminiscent of the forums over in another .com.

So, as my time is becoming increasingly more important to me, here is a bare bones recap.

Lehigh Valley and Reading lost in the 11th and 9th innings respectively.

Clearwater was outhit 12-4 yet was gifted a win on a couple of Mets’ errors.

Lakewood and Williamsport lost by identical 5-1 scores.

And, I watched Dalton Guthrie’s debut with the GCL Phillies and their movement into first place with a victory over the Blue Jays.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Now you can more quickly turn your attention to the more important business of criticizing all aspects of the organization.  Which is your right here.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that.  It’s just that I don’t feel the need to spend hours producing a recap that only serves as a preface to a comment section, the recent nature of which I am no longer proud.  And look how early I can publish this.  Works for me.

Have at it.


Box Score Recap – 8/15/2017

Lehigh Valley was shut out by Alec Asher.

Reading needed 15 innings to pull out a win.

Clearwater clubbed 3 HRs but were betrayed by a rehabbing pitcher.

Lakewood’s Bailey Falter out-dueled his counterpart in a low-scoring game.

Williamsport is on their All Star break.

The GCL Phillies won and moved into a tie for first in their division. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/15/2017

Box Score Recap – 8/13/2017

The affiliates have been emulating the parent club lately.  Sunday brought another day of multiple losses and a single victory.  Wiilliamsport had the distinction of winning although Ramon Rosso’s debut as a starter was sketchy.  The rest of the organization lost. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/13/2017

Box Score Recap – 8/12/2017

Jake Thompson pitched Lehigh Valley to a win.

Reading swept a double header behind Drew Anderson and Jake Waguespack.

Clearwater gut dumped, again.

Lakewood won behind Felix Paulino’s seven shutout innings.

Williamsport dropped a double header, getting two-hit in the night cap.

The GCL Phillies lost on the road. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/12/2017

Box Score Recap – 8/11/2017

Another rough night for the organization.  Lakewood got the only win with an eighth inning rally.

Lehigh Valley had a brief lead but Cody Asche put an end to that.

Reading lost in a walk off.

Clearwater offered little support to Sixto.

The GCL Phillies rallied from 9-0 to lose by one.

And, Williamsport was rained out. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/11/2017

Box Score Recap – 8/9/2017

Lehigh Valley romped and the GCL Phillies swept a double header.  The rest of the affiliates dropped their games.

The IronPigs’ Eshelman pitched well and the offense was provided on 4 long balls from Kingery, Crawford, Pullin, and Hoskins.

Reading rallied to tie, but Jeff Singer couldn’t keep the Phils in the game.

Clearwater could only score one run in a 14-inning loss.

Lakewood dug a hole and couldn’t climb all the way out.

Williamsport dropped an extra inning game.

And, the GCL Phillies out-pitched their opponent in both games of a double header. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/9/2017

Box Score Recap – 8/8/2017

Lehigh Valley lost when their late innings rally fell short,  Hoskins hit #28.

Reading won on the road in ten innings.

Clearwater followed yesterday’s 11-run outburst with a shutout.

Lakewood and Williamsport dropped one-run games.

The GCL Phillies blasted the GCL Pirates while four young pitchers shined bright. Continue reading Box Score Recap – 8/8/2017