10 thoughts on “Corner Outfielders

  1. Castro, Gillies and Ruf have better minor league track records. They deserve to be starting in AAA over Mitchell.

    1. Ruf I can agree with. Castro, ok. Gillies???? Don’t get it. Same age as dmitch. Highest he’s played is AA and carrys a .286 avg. what, max like 6 hrs a season with max 8 sb??? He is sloppy at best in the outfield, with a medicor arm, his speed translates into nothing because he can’t steel a base? That one won’t take long to play itself out.

      1. 1) Gillies is more than a year and a half younger than D. Mitchell.
        2) Gillies last full season in the minors was a lot better than anything D. Mitchell has done (admittedly in a very offensive friendly league but, likewise D. Mitchell’s 19 HR came in very homer friendly Reading).
        3) Gillies’s tools (other than power) have always graded higher than D. Mitchell’s. Right now Gillies speed tool is a bit of an unknown because of the leg injuries.

        1. 4) He is did well in spring training which is great but considering small sample size and the fact that pitchers are working on different things (maybe perfecting a pitch, building arm strength, ect) it carries very little wait.

      2. Actually Gillies is almost 2 years younger than Mitchell and their performances in AA (for Gillies last year and Mitchell in 2011) were not all that different. Mitchell had more power, Gillies got on base more. Gillies needs to learn how to use his speed more effectively but as long as he’s got it it’s a weapon.

  2. It doesn’t matter what the excuse. He wasn’t good, and he didn’t earn a roster spot over any of the others.

  3. Last year in AAA he was leading all outfielder in Avg., bases, and asst., till he got hurt, he’s been playing with Freddy an Brown for 5 yr and had just as good numbers as they put up in the system, Brown struggled last year at first because it was just a year with his broken hand then he started to come and the club stuck with him, I’m sure there going to stick with Mitchell and use him as a late Defense sub till he stars hitting well again…….

  4. No he hit 268 till he took one in the hand then got 2 weeks in where he didn’t hit well which was expected .

  5. Maybe you could get RAJ to call Dombrowski. Dave loved himself some Quentin Berry. He might be the savior for toolsy OF’s that can’t hit. Heck if he is that good we might get Porcello or Avisail…he’s only hitting .206 this spring Dave would view that as a deal.

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