Dylan Cozens

Name: Dylan Cozens

Position: RF
Bats: LH
Throws: LH
DOB: May 31, 1994
Height: 6′ 6″
Weight: 235

Drafted: Drafted in the 2nd round (#77 overall) in the 2012 draft, $659,800 signing bonus

Pre Draft Report: Cozens was a two sport athlete in high school with a scholarship to play football (defensive end) and baseball.  He has a ton of raw power and during his senior season he broke the Arizona home run record with 19 HRs including a walk off in the state championship.

Career Synopsis:  Cozens made his debut in the GCL and showed his impressive raw power and a good approach at the plate.  He also showed some contact issues with 44 Ks in only 182 ABs.  His final line was .255/.341/.441 with 5 HRs.  His defense drew good reviews from scouts but some saw him as a bit stiff in the field and at the plate.

Hit:  Cozens has some issues with his hands drifting in the box but otherwise his swing is fine.  The problem is there is some natural swing and miss because his arms are so long.  He doesn’t have crazy bat speed and the swing can get a bit long.  He is mostly a pull hitter and so it will remain to be seen if he can adjust and go the other way at higher levels.  The good news is that Cozens has started to show that he can work a count and make adjustments as the game goes on.  35/40

Power:  The raw power is impressive and he gets it from everywhere in his swing and strength.  Right now he will show at least plus plus raw power in batting practice and it isn’t crazy to think he could approach that in games if he can make enough contact. 60/70

Speed:  Cozens will show average speed in the field.  He is fast enough that the speed won’t hold him back in the OF, but he isn’t going to be a huge threat on the bases as he gets older.  He is an intelligent base runner so it shouldn’t be a huge negative.  50/40

Glove: It is a natural RF profile if Cozens can put it all together, but right now the routes are shaky (though he finds the way to the ball) and the projection is poor.  Right now he is plenty fit enough for RF, but his body suggests that any more weight is going to be bad weight so it is going to be a constant struggle to stay fit enough to play the OF.  The fall back here is first base.  40/45

Arm:  Cozens shows a plus and accurate arm that is plenty enough for him to stick in RF if the glove allows it. 60

Summary:  Cozens is a giant human being with a classic slugger profile, with nothing left to projection at this point.    At the plate he has huge raw power and a good approach, he made decent contact in his debut but he will need to make more to reach his power ceiling.   Regardless of what position Cozens finishes at his bat will be the tool that carries him.  In the field Cozens currently has the arm and range to play right field right now but if he gets much bigger he may end up at first base.



The Future is Unwritten: Dylan Cozens – Crashburn Alley (Eric Longenhagen)

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  1. dylan cozens is the next aaron judge he has already set records in aaa for 3 homers in 1 game and a monsterous 479 foot homerun.

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