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R1S – 39 – Larry Greene Jr, OF, Berrien County HS (GA)
College Commitment: Chipola Jr College (FL)
Height/Weight: 6’0/235
Bats/Throws: Left/Right
DOB : 1993-02-10
Quick Scouting Report: 6’2/235, huge raw power. Average speed, not a base clogger, should be serviceable in LF/RF. Arm is average.
Videos: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5
Articles and Profiles:
Profile (MLB Draft Guide)
Pre Draft Profile (Replacement Level Baseball)
Profile (In The Game Magazine)
Draft Reaction Article (MLB.com)


He starts with a square stance, gets into a closed stride with a little bit of a toe-tap load, then gives a swing plane with an uppercut and a two-hand finish and a wrap. I saw balls pulled to right field at 390 feet and in this round, he did nothing but try to turn and burn on every ball no matter where it was. He’s got the makings of an aggressive free-swinger and he was listed at 6-1, 230 in the summer, which means he’ll need to watch his body. He was a 3 runner and I went 4 on the arm, so the picture becomes clear on what kind of player this projects to become pretty quickly. Keep on swinging the bat and go to left field enough to be dangerous, and someone will always take a chance on left-handed power.

Baseball Beginnings, 21 January 2011

He’s a physical beast at 6-foot-2, 235 pounds, and one evaluator compared his power to that of Russell Branyan, another south Georgia lefthanded hitter. Struggled mightily with velocity at the East Coast Pro Showcase. Greene is somewhat stiff but is an average runner, which should give him a chance to play left field, but some scouts think he’ll wind up as more of a first base/DH type. Greene’s value is mostly in his bat and well above-average raw power. He’s likely to put on a display in individual workouts for teams prior to the draft.

Baseball America pre-draft report

“Ran a 6.8 at a PG event, so he has the speed to stick in the corner outfield. He’s more of a dead pull guy right now, but he has a lot of power. His swing generates a lot of life because his bat flight path is on a slight uppercut plane. Balanced step and load action at the plate and strong hands to get the barrel too the ball. Not sure if he’ll grow anymore height wise, but we’ll see. Gotta keep his body in shape at 6’1. His power is his best tool.”

– from Ketch’s sources

R02 – 66 – Roman Quinn, SS, Port St. Joe (FL) H.S.
College Commitment:Florida State
Height/Weight: 5’10/170
Bats/Throws: Switch/Right
DOB : 1993-05-14
Quick Scouting Report: Elite speed, surprising pop for his size, great athlete. Natural OF, but Phillies want to try him at 2B/SS
Videos: Link 1 (scouting bureau video) Link 2 (Perfect Game)
Articles and Profiles:
Quinn signs baseball scholarship with Florida State
Diamondscape Scouting mention of Quinn
Phillies select Quinn (Examiner)
MLB Draft Guide Profile
Florida Today article


Roman Quinn is a 2011 OF/SS with a 5-9 165 lb. frame from Port St Joe, FL who attends Port St Joe HS. Smaller compact build. Very good runner, 6.57 60, right handed hitter, 4.20 home to first, fast twitch hands, busy load, nice quick swing, line drive contact, ball jumps off hard, all fields, has some lift and power, good bat speed. Very good outfield toolds, very quick to the ball, quick release, very good arm strength. Infielder’s build, infield tools/actions playable, gets set and balanced, arm strength plays, could develop as infielder with more repetitions. Nice tool set.

Perfect Game, 17 June 2010

The fastest player in the BA Top 200, he’s a true top-of-the-scale runner with game-changing speed. He’s a high school shortstop who has the arm strength (solid-average) and hands to stay in the infield. Quinn has the athleticism to play second base, but his speed plays better in center field, which is where more scouts project him to wind up. He’s a righthanded hitter who has been learning to switch-hit and this spring has improved from the left side. Scouts like his righthanded swing, which produces surprising pop. His 5-foot-9, 165-pound size may drive him down draft boards, but he had helium and was unlikely to get out of the third round.

Baseball America pre-draft report

Surprised he was drafted as a SS. I guess the Phillies are willing to give him a look there, but I don’t think his glove sticks. He stabs at the ball when he fields, especially with the backhand, and he doesn’t possess soft hands defensively. Quinn’s speed is probably his best tool, and he can absolutely fly; we’re talking a 6.5 type of 60 guy here and that is plus stuff. For a 5-10, 170 pound high school prospect, his hands, bat speed, and bat all seemed stronger than they should be for a player his size. If he sticks at short, it will be a surprise to me. In the outfield, he has a potential plus arm. The buzz around FSU is that the Noles expect him to sign.

– from Ketch’s source

R02 – 90 – Harold Martinez, 3B, Miami
College Level: Junior
Height/Weight: 6’3/205
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1990-05-03
Quick Scouting Report: Very good athlete, strong arm, plus raw power, good defender, struggled across the board in 2011, was a first round talent in 2008 draft
Videos: Link 1 (Summer 2009), Link 2 (Spring 2008), Link 3 (Cape Cod League HR Derby 2009), Link 4 (Feb 2011)
Articles and Profiles:

Player Bio (U of M)
College Baseball Top 100 Countdown Profile (Dec 2010)
Miami Herald article on Martinez being drafted by Phillies


Harold Martinez is a 2008 SS/3B with a 6’3”, 185 lb. frame from Miami, FL who attends Braddock HS. He has a lean athletic build with excellent strength projection and is often compared to a young Alex Rodriguez physically. Martinez is an average runner (6.89 in the 60) but every one of his other tools grades out as plus/plus or right near the top of the scale. He’s an outstanding defensive infielder with easy, fluid actions and arm strength that only ranks behind Ethan Martin in the 2008 class. Defense comes very easily to Martinez and watching him play second base, a position that is probably pretty unfamiliar to him, during games and make big league plays with flair and little effort was exciting. Offensively, Martinez received a “10” grade in every evaluation by PG scouts at the National Showcase. He has a calm pro style approach at the plate and explodes his hands through the ball with excellent bat speed. He showed big power to right centerfield in batting practice and turned around a couple of pitchers throwing 93-94 mph in games with solid contact. He is timed for fastballs at this point and will struggle some with off speed pitches but his explosion and bat speed is exceptional and will play better the higher he gets. Martinez is one of the top players in the 2008 class and has a great future. Selected to 2007 Aflac All-American team.

Perfect Game, 2007 report for reference

If I had one draft pick from Brewster, I would be using it on Miami sophomore third baseman Harold Martinez, who will be available in the 2011 draft. In the same number of at-bats as Jedd Gyorko (127), Martinez made less contact, but here’s the deal. Martinez has the frame to fit the Scott Rolen-Troy Glaus mold. His right-handed power stroke comes from the Troy Tulowitzki mode. He’s not going to be any less than a 50 hitter in the future and his power shouldn’t be any less than 70. He’s a young player with projection in front of him, while Gyorko is more likely the finished product. I don’t dislike Gyorko, but you have to take each player for what he is. Martinez can be a major league third baseman on a contending team; Gyorko profiles for me as an offensive-oriented utility type.

Baseball Beginnings, October 2009

If he was eligible last year he probably would have been a first round type of talent after leading Miami in homers with 21. This year, he hit just three and didn’t even reach double digits in doubles. Could it have been the bats? Possibly. You really have to square it up now to make the ball go. It doesn’t make sense when you watch his swing and that everything about his load step, balance, and weight transition is very good. This was a guy that competed in the Cape Cod League home run derby in 2009 and has some pop in his bat. The one area of concern is that he hasn’t mastered squaring the ball up perfectly yet because his bat doesn’t stay in the hitting zone quite long enough, and it almost looks like he’s trying to make his swing too perfect, which could be why he gets stiff at times with his arms. The stiffness in the arms might give up problems with top velocity. When he does square the ball up and get those arms extended, it jumps off his bat. Bat speed isn’t an issue. The power is still in there, and he has a great looking, extremely athletic 6-3 frame that is very athletic/muscular. A professional hitting coach could make a huge difference for Martinez. This is a very good value in the third round, plus his 2009 Cape Cod League manager raves about him.

– Ketch’s source

R03 – 120 – Adam Morgan, LHP, Alabama
College Level: Junior
Height/Weight: 6’1/195
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
DOB : 1990-02-27
Quick Scouting Report: Very durable, good size (6’1/175) and low effort delivery. FB ranges from 87-92, slider and changeup both project as MLB average pitches, has been inconsistent.
Videos: Link 1 (Cape Cod League, 2010)
Articles and Profiles:

University of Alabama Website profile
Roll Tide article on Morgan being drafted
AL.com article on Morgan being drafted
Marietta Daily Journal article


Morgan has had flashes of brilliance mixed with low points. He has pitched in the rotation for three seasons, and his solid size and good arm action entice scouts. His delivery, arm action and delivery evoke Cliff Lee, though he doesn’t have Lee’s stuff or command. Morgan does pound the strike zone and at times pitches downhill with a 90-92 mph fastball. He also has flashed an above-average slider that will touch 84 mph, and his changeup flashes average as well. He has a stiff front leg in his delivery that at times prevents him from keeping the ball down, and his slider is inconsistent. He has been durable this season, though his delivery does raise injury concerns with some scouts.

BA pre-draft preview

Morgan has a fastball in the 90-93 mph range, along with an 80-82 mph slider and solid changeup. With better command of his stuff this spring, Morgan has solidified his lofty draft position

Perfect Game Alabama State Writeup, pre-2011 draft

No wind-up, 3/4 slot, good arm action and good delivery. Very much liked the smooth arm action, but I think he’s battling his lower half in the first few pitches we see here. He’s cutting off his extension in front and that’s hindering his ability to pull down. So while the arm action is smooth, just from the side you can see some pitches are going to be starting up in the strike zone. Having never seen this guy pitch in person, and just taking a gander at his basic biograophical information, I know he’s not a power arm, so movement, location, breaking stuff and off-speed and a fearlessness to pitch to contact is going to be this guy’s bread and butter. In a few of these later pitches, I felt he got better extension. You can see it in the finish, where his arm action is really helping him, and he’s driving downhill. When this goes right, you can see the guy getting the most out of what he does best. In fact, in that last snippet of film, you can see him react to a ground ball. So there you go, scouting on the fly.

Baseball Beginnings (supplementing the video link above)

One of the blessings with being left-handed is that you can be extremely effective without being overpowering. That’s Morgan. He’s not going to light up the radar gun, but he can be an 88-92 guy. His mechanics are fluid, in rhythm, and quick. The lefty armslot is 3/4, which allows for some natural left-handed tailing action on the fastball and changeup. Arm action is well above average and he’s not a really high effort pitcher. Morgan will mix in an average slider and the makings of an above average changeup. If he can command that three-pitch mix, Morgan could stick as a possible starter. Has versatility to contribute as a potential reliever which a chance to get through the system quicker, or as a starter with a limited ceiling. Scouts saw enough improvement in his command to warrant a third round pick. If there is a downside, it’s that he doesn’t consistently get his lower half into his delivery. At times, it’s almost like he cuts off his arm action and fights his body. Even though his arm action is good, the extension at release could be improved. Normally, that means there is some hidden velocity in there. Got roughed up at times this season when he didn’t hold his stuff late.

– Ketch’s scout

Nice to see Adam Morgan get picked up. He had some major consistency issues at Alabama, but when clicking on all cylinders, was an elite type of weekend arm. Definitely a guy to take a pick this high on … lefty with tons of potential, IMO

– Kendall Rogers (Perfect Game)

R04 – 151 – Cody Asche, 3B, University of Nebraska
College Level: Junior
Height/Weight: 6’1/180
Bats/Throws: Left/Right
DOB : 1990-06-30
Quick Scouting Report: Plus bat, very good approach at the plate, excellent power even with the new bats (which dropped power across college baseball), tick below average defender at 3B
Videos: Link, Link 2 (Perfect Game, multiple vids, must click through)
Articles and Profiles:

Nebraska Athletics profile
Big Red Today draft article
Asche’s tough decision


Cody Asche is a 2008 2B/3B/1B with a 6’1”, 185 lb. frame from O’Fallon, MO who attends Ft. Zumwalt West HS. Athletic build, quick hands at the plate, level swing plane, stays inside the ball, good hitting fundamentals, good raw bat speed, hitting tools project well, runs well, good raw arm strength in the field, nice third base tools, good hands, great student.

Perfect Game, 2008 (high school senior year)

His season almost was derailed before it started, as he missed fall practice with stretched ligaments in the arch of his foot, but the injury responded to rest and rehabilitation. Asche’s best tool is his lefthanded power, which rates a 55 or 60 on the 20-80 scouting scale. He has good hand-eye coordination and a sound approach, so he should hit for a solid average as well. Six-foot-2 and 198 pounds, Asche is a decent runner once he gets going. He also has average arm strength, but lacks soft hands and quick feet, so he’ll probably have to move off third base in pro ball. He’s athletic enough to try the outfield, and some scouts wonder if his tools might translate well behind the plate.

BA pre-draft writeup

Asche has high-level hitting tools from the left side and projects plus power. There are questions, though, about his long-term future at third base stemming from his lack of lateral quickness around the bag.

Perfect Game Nebraska state preview

Fairly traditional left-handed swing that generates some loft and carry because of a slight uppercut. Potential plus bat tool if it develops and shows good bat speed. Upright stance, very soft and small load step, and keeps weight back. Handles pitches down a little better than up or away. Defensively, where does he stick? Has decent arm but lacks range at third. Bat makes him a top three round talent.

– Ketch’s scout

R05 – 181 – Mitchell Walding, SS, St. Marys (CA) H.S.
College Commitment: Oregon
Height/Weight: 6’3/190
Bats/Throws: Left/Right
DOB : 1992-09-10
Quick Scouting Report: Good size, good actions at SS, has chance to hit for power and some average though he is raw. BA/PG split on his tools across the board. In a tie, I always lean PG
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:

Go Ducks interview after he committed to Oregon
Lodi News-Sentinel article


6-3/190 frame with pure SS actions, ++ arm strength; easy LH swing (.436-0-15), also pitches (5-0, 0.40).

Perfect Game

As the quarterback for his high school football team, Mitchell Walding didn’t get many looks last summer or fall. Then he had a stress fracture in his right foot at the end of April, though he returned in mid-May when his team was in the playoffs. He has a lot of things that scouts like. With a 6-foot-4, 185-pound frame, Walding he’s athletic and agile for his size, with fringy speed. While evaluators aren’t convinced he will remain at shortstop long-term, he’ll at least get a chance to stay there. He has average arm strength, and it could get better if teams can fix a hitch in his throwing motion. Walding is a good student with a lot of passion for the game. He hits from the left side and he has good bat speed, sound swing mechanics and a patient approach. He tracks the ball well, letting it travel deep, and is comfortable taking the ball the other way. He doesn’t have a lot of power yet, but most scouts think it’s in there. Walding could go in the fourth to sixth round and will spend this summer in the West Coast League. If he does not sign, he is committed to Oregon.

Baseball America

Tools, tools, tools. Based solely on his intriguing blend of future power, arm strength, and defensive upside, Walding could be ranked just outside the top five on this list. As it stands, however, he falls a bit later because the gap between what he currently is and what he could be some day is substantial. The power upside is dependent on his pro frame (6-4, 185) filling out and his swing getting tweaked, the arm strength upside will rely on his weird arm action being adjusted, and the defensive upside will only be reached after thousands of groundballs off the fungo. If nothing else, I appreciate his high boom/high bust style of prospectdom, a fun departure from the series of “yes glove, maybe bat, no power” players that often make up the second wave of prep shortstop prospects. As an added bonus, if it all works out, he has the bat and power potential to start in the big leagues even if he has to move off short.

Baseball Draft Report

Phillies with the last pick of the 5th round: SS Mitchell Walding, another CenCal player, often compared to Tampa comp round pick Tyler Goeddel for his athleticism and potential except that he might be able to stay at SS in the future.

– Perfect Game chat

R06 – 211 – Zachary Wright, C, East Carolina
College Level: Junior
Height/Weight: 6’1/205
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1990-01-10
Quick Scouting Report: A bit raw defensively but with good arm strength. Power is his best attribute at the plate but his ability to make contact is the cost.
Articles and Profiles:

East Carolina profile
Brief 2011 article
Reflector.com article


Good raw pop in 6-2/200 catcher (.292-12-35), shortened swing, still holes (46 SO); + arm, just OK defender.

– Perfect Game

The Pirates’ top position player prospect is catcher Zach Wright. He’s a physical 6-foot-2, 210 pounds and has been solid behind the plate. He has good power, leading the Pirates with 13 home runs, and like all catchers could go higher than expected based on the lack of depth at the position.

– Baseball America

R07 – 241 – Kenneth Giles, RHP, Vavapai College
College Commitment: Arizona
Height/Weight: 6’2/190
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1990-09-20
Quick Scouting Report: Raw as a pitcher, but premium arm strength, sitting 92-95 hitting 99 with potential to sit 94-96. Secondary pitches a work in progress
Articles and Profiles:


He entered the year as just a thrower, having shown arm strength but little control or secondary pitches in the past. He turned a corner this spring, though, sitting 92-96 mph and touching 99. His fastball can get straight, but he has commanded it well and worked to improve his tempo on the mound. Giles also developed a splitter and has shown an 87-88 mph slider in bullpens and competitive batting practice sessions. Teams know he’s raw, but his arm strength could land him as high as the third round. He is committed to Arizona, though scouts expect him to sign.

– Baseball America

Limited IP/success in 3 years; ++ hot/cold, FB at 90-95, also 98, SL is WIP; ++ arm, room for development.

– Perfect Game

R08 – 271 – Austin Wright, LHP, Ole Miss
College Level: Junior
Height/Weight: 6’3/220
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
DOB : 1989-09-26
Quick Scouting Report: Tick above avg velo for a LHP (90-94) but struggles with command and secondary stuff, probable reliever.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:


He has never quite fulfilled his promise, but he’s still likely to be drafted in the first 10 rounds because of his size (6-foot-4, 234 pounds) and his fastball, which at times sits in the low 90s, touching 94. His curveball gives him another average pitch to attack hitters. He threw more strikes this season than he had in junior college, but they weren’t always quality strikes, and SEC hitters batted .293 against him.

– Baseball America

R09 – 301 – Logan Moore, C, Northeastern JC
College Commitment: Tennessee
Height/Weight: 6’3/190
Bats/Throws: Left/Right
DOB : 1990-08-22
Quick Scouting Report: Good athlete, showing progress as a catcher after moving from 3B. Performed well in pre-draft workout for Phillies.
Articles and Profiles:

ReporterHerald article


Moore has a good catcher’s build at 6-foot-3 and 190 pounds. His father, Brad, pitched briefly for the Phillies in 1988 and 1990. Moore is new to catching, having recently converted to the position from third base, but already shows a good feel for receiving and blocking. He also has above-average arm strength and a quick release. Moore’s bat is a little light at this point, but there’s strength projection in his frame and he could develop more gap power as he continues to fill out.

– Baseball America

Update: Signed.

R10 – 331 – Jake Overbey, SS, University School of Jackson (TN) H.S.
College Commitment: Mississippi
Height/Weight: 6’2/180
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1992-11-13
Quick Scouting Report: Very good athlete (high school QB) didn’t get a lot of coverage because of perceived strong commitment to Ole Miss.
Articles and Profiles:

Jacksonsun.com Article


Scouts also expect him to make it to college because he doesn’t have a standout tool. He’s athletic and competes well, having played quarterback in football, and has a nice swing to go with his rangy, projectable frame. Overbey is just a fair runner and didn’t show enough explosiveness this spring with the bat for most teams to consider buying out his college commitment.

– Baseball America

R11 – 361 – Tyler Greene, SS, West Boca Raton Community (FL) H.S.
College Commitment: Georgia
Height/Weight: 6’2/175
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1992-12-01
Quick Scouting Report: Premium athlete, good shortstop tools but still raw there, great bat speed and power potential for the position, but his hitting ability is the rawest of his tools.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:

Palm Beach Post article


He’s impressive physically and shows well in workouts and showcases with his raw tools. Greene has improved his speed to well above-average over the last year by getting stronger and more explosive. He has a fast-twitch body and athletic ability, and looks the part at shortstop. He’s not natural at short, doesn’t always get good hops and doesn’t have the most accurate arm, short-circuiting his plus arm strength. Offensively, he was erratic on the showcase circuit and again this spring, where he was hitting around .380 in mid May with just five home runs. Greene also could move up boards with a strong workout.

– Baseball America

Greene has two clear plus tools — raw power and speed — and the defensive tools to stay up the middle. His unusually quick hands at the plate allow him to hit to all fields, but it is a bit of a double-edged sword – those same quick hands seem to have given him the belief that he can hit anything throw within six inches of the plate, a good plan if you are Vlad Guerrero but maybe not the best plan of attack for a young hitter. A little more plate discipline and some polish in the field would go a long way in making the elite shortstop prospect his other tools dictate.

Baseball Draft Report

Excellent tools. He’s got the glove to stick at short and the athleticism to go with it. Greene also has borderline plus speed, but it plays as more of an above average tool. Plenty of arm. Offensively, strong, quick hands and a good looking bat tool. Shifts too much weight on the front half, but that’s correctable. Swing will generate lift as he gets bigger and stronger; Florida product has good arm extension in swing. Will need to learn to really let the ball travel. Can he get signed away from Georgia? He’s a top three round talent without the signability issues.

– Ketch’s source

R12 – 391 – Yacksel Rios, RHP, Dra Conchita Cuevas (PR) H.S.
College Commitment:
Height/Weight: 6’3/185
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1993-06-27
Quick Scouting Report: 88-92 mph now, very young (17) but long limbs and a fluid delivery. Secondary stuff is very raw.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:


R13 – 421 – Colton Murray, RHP, Kansas
College Level: Junior
Height/Weight: 6’0/195
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1990-04-22
Quick Scouting Report: Undersized RHP but good arm strength (90-95) with good life and a solid slider. Good fast-track relief prospect.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:


Though he’s just 6 feet and 193 pounds, Murray generates a 91-94 mph fastball without much effort. He complements his fastball, which features some life, with a solid slider. His pitches tend to get on hitters quickly because his high leg kick adds deception to his delivery. He consistently throws strikes as well. Murray may not have closer stuff, but he could be a set-up man who won’t require a lot of minor league seasoning before he’s ready for the majors.

– Baseball America

We continue the countdown today at number 91 with Kansas RHP Colton Murray. He is from Overland Park Kansas and attended Olathe East High School where he was a three year letterwinner under John McDonald. As a senior, he went 5-1 with a 1.55 ERA while striking out 50 batters in 31 2/3 innings. He also hit .481 with three home runs during 2008 season. He was named all-state selection in 2007 and 2008 while being named Kansas Pitcher of the Year in 2007.

As a freshman in 2009, Colton appeared in 33 games (all in relief) as he went 2-3 with a 3.23 ERA while holding opponents to a .242 batting average against. He was solid on the hill as he struck out 39 batters in 39 innings. He spent the summer of 2009 in the NECBL with the Pittsfield American Defenders. He made 10 relief appearances going 1-1 with a 3.27 ERA in 11 innings. He struck out 16 batters while only walking three.

In 2010, he appeared in 27 games out of the bullpen for a total of 31.2 innings. He finished the season with a record of 1-2 including four saves with a 4.83 ERA. He had 36 strikeouts, walking 17 batters and holding them to a .331 batting average while righties came in at .274. He spent the summer of 2010 in the Cape Cod Baseball League with the Brewster Whitecaps. He made 18 relief appearances going 1-1 including eight saves with a 0.49 ERA in 19 innings pitched. He struck out 25 batters while holding opponents to a .207 batting average against. He was named to the 2010 Cape Cod Baseball League All-Star game where he pitched a scoreless inning while giving up one hit and striking out two batters. (TCBB Recap|Live Blog) Keith Law of ESPN.com named him a top 30 prospect in the Cape Cod Baseball League this summer. In the article, Law gave a scouting report on him saying “Murray’s a pure reliever who worked at 91 to 93 mph with some life up in the zone and a short slider at 82 to 83 that was extremely sharp.

College Baseball Daily

reliever all the way. Low 90’s sinker with late life and a deceptive delivery. Power slider that is above average when he commands it. Could be a guy that gets through system quickly, but ceiling is limited to being a reliever. Good two-pitch mix.

– Ketch’s source

R14 – 451 – Trey Ford, 3B, South Mountain (AZ) C.C.
College Commitment: Texas Tech
Height/Weight: 6’2/200
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1990-07-25
Quick Scouting Report: Decent skill set, moving to 3B from SS, but doesn’t have a whole lot of power but has good speed and a good arm.
Articles and Profiles:


R15 – 481 – Ryan Garvey, OF Palm Desert HS (CA)
College Commitment: USC
Height/Weight: 6’1/190
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1993-03-30
Quick Scouting Report: Good bloodlines, good hitter, good power, and a good arm. He’s likely limited to LF/1B when he’s done filling out but should hit for a decent average with plus power
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:

Mydesert.com article
ESPN Rise article


His best tool is his above-average raw power. Scouts like his swing and think he has a chance to hit for average once he refines his approach, because he does swing and miss more than they’d like. Strong and physical but not terribly athletic at 6-foot-1, 195 pounds. He has above-average arm strength, but it was erratic when he has played third base. He’s a below-average runner who figures to wind up at first base or left field, so his bat will have to carry him. He’s a tough sign who will likely wind up at school.

– Baseball America

R16 – 511 – Taylor Black, SS, Kentucky
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’1/180
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1989-02-17
Quick Scouting Report: Very good pure defender at SS with good contact skills, not much power. Comparable to current Phillies minor leaguer Troy Hanzawa.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:


R17 – 541 – Jesen Dygestile-Therrien, RHP, Ahuntsic (Que.) JC
College Commitment: Howard Junior College
Height/Weight: 6’2/200
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1993-03-18
Quick Scouting Report: Still raw, but 88-90 with a smooth delivery who projects to possibly throw a bit harder when he’s fully developed.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:


He was still young enough this year to play with the junior national team and showed a loose, easy arm and a fastball in the 88-90 mph range. He is committed to Howard (Texas) JC for next year.

– Baseball America

R18 – 571 – Drew Hillman, 3B, UC Irvine (CA)
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’0/200
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1989-05-04
Quick Scouting Report: Fringy college senior, can play OF and 3B.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:

UC Irvine profile


Drew Hillman is a 2007 3B/IF/OF with a 6’0”, 185 lb. frame from Lake Forest CA, who attends El Toro HS. Selected as a Top 10 Prospect at this event. Hillman is a prototypical 3rd baseman, at the college level and beyond. He hits, hits for power, has a great glove and a strong arm, with instincts and quick reactions, and he runs well too. He is strong and athletically put together, with a very good present day build that can still hold more size and strength. Offensively he was very impressive. He has plus bat speed and a plus trigger. Hillman swings aggressively and makes consistently hard barrel contact. His power to the pull side comes very easily. What was particularly impressive is that his BP stroke, which was dynamite, was the same stroke that played so well for him in game action. He has an advanced approach and big tools. Hillman’s swing plane is pretty level and when he gets just a bit to the bottom of the ball, he creates tremendous carry. He is the type of hitter whose mistakes leave the yard. He lets offspeed pitches travel, sitting back and trusting his hands and that quick trigger. Hillman’s short power stroke is one that should attract attention from the pro scouts, let alone D1 programs. He is going to make someone look very good for signing him in the late period. Defensively he can play all over the infield, though he stands out as a plus defensive player at 3rd base. Hillman is a playermaker, with soft hands, excellent feet, and good reactions to the ball off the bat. He is athletic and anticipates the play very well. His arm is strong and tracks on a line across the diamond, made even better with his quick release. Hillman is a good student and a no doubt early sign talent that has slipped into the late signing period. Conference championships are won by finding players of his caliber in the late period.

– Perfect Game, 2006 high school showcase report (for reference)

R19 – 601 – John Hill, C, Concordia (CA)
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’3/205
Bats/Throws: Left/Right
DOB : 1989-02-11
Quick Scouting Report: Transferred from Long Beach State, decent receiver, fringy bat.
Articles and Profiles:

Victory Sports Network article
Concordia article on being drafted


R20 – 631 – Pete Lavin, OF, San Francisco
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 5’11/180
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
DOB : 1987-12-27
Quick Scouting Report: Tweener senior, good athlete, org guy.
Articles and Profiles:

LA Wave article
SF Examiner mention


Update: Signed

R21 – 661 – Riley Moore, C, San Marcos, HS (CA)
College Commitment: Arizona
Height/Weight: 6’3/185
Bats/Throws: Switch/Right
DOB : 1993-08-12
Quick Scouting Report: Above average defensive skills, good approach and swing from the left side, learning to switch hit and rough from right side.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:

Moore commits to Arizona State
ESPN Rise profile


Lanky and wiry-strong at 6-foot-2, 170 pounds, Moore has a chance to be a fringe-average lefthanded hitter with average or better power as he fills out his projectable frame. He’s a switch-hitter who struggles from the right side, and scouts still are not completely sold on his bat. Moore, who is committed to Arizona, stands out most for his defense. His athleticism plays well behind the plate, where he has excellent agility and advanced receiving skills for his age. His best tool is his above-average arm.

– Baseball America

Long, lean projectable build (6-2/180); switch-hitter, + bat speed/+ LH power potential, + arm strength.

– Perfect Game

The first time I saw Riley Moore was at the Area Codes. I saw the BP and then I had to wait almost a week to see him in a game. Moore didn’t waste his chances – my notes recorded hard contact in the game, a solid single. I’ll take it. Then I saw him in scout ball in the Fall. I saw him hit a ball out to 390 straight away to center field in BP, from the left side, of course. There were many scouts there that day, but I am sure I am the only one who thought about the last teenager with raw left-handed power from Santa Barbara.

Now you can figure out whose raw power I’m comparing him too, and that’s OK with me. I won’t say the name, but let’s just say he’ll be showing up in my next book. It would require huge confidence on my part to go that far, but I will, because I know this player can roll with that. Give me tools and defiance and I’ll be happy.

I have seen two of Moore’s high school games this spring. Needless to say, there isn’t a better prospect on a worse team anywhere in Southern California. And all I see is a guy trying to make the most out of what he’s got around him. Even at a slower pace, you can see what there is to like. Let’s start with the body – long, lean, loose and projectable with easy actions. The arm works better than most pitchers I see. I bet I could put him on the mound and get a 91 if I wanted it. Some catchers are quickness guys – Moore is an arm strength guy. Quickness guys belong in college. Arm strength guys belong in the big leagues. Offensively, the right-handed swings are less developed than the left-handed swings, but I can’t help it that I saw him the one day in America where he’d get a lefty. He still put the ball in play.

This is a guy you’d really want to evaluate out of the Channel League. You’d want to see him working out at a big league field. You’d want to see the arm strength and the raw power in that environment. I went ahead and put 6 on each tool – and you know what, at age 17, I very well might get more. If you want to dream big on the 7s and 8s, you can. I just might, not only because I know what is in the past, but I can envision what may lie ahead.

Baseball Beginnings, May 2011

The first thing you would notice about Moore is the left-handed power potential. He’s got a long, lean body with plenty of room to fill out. Moore is a strong kid who should get stronger. He doesn’t have a lot of excess on his left-handed swing, starting from a square stance and motoring into a balanced stride with an uppercut in his swing plane. What you get is raw BP power that I have seen translate into hard contact. His arm strength is good, though he needs to continue developing defensively, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t want him for his wheels, so throw that out of the equation. All in all, you have a young hitter with power potential from the premium side and the premium position. Should be fun to watch.

Baseball Beginnings, December 2010

R22 – 691 – Matthew Holland, OF, Texas A&M
College Level: Redshirt Senior
Height/Weight: 6’3/215
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
DOB : 1987-08-21
Quick Scouting Report: Major arm injury turned him from a pitcher into a hitter, added strength this season.
Articles and Profiles:

Holland Named Louisville Slugger All-American
Texas A&M Bio


R23 – 721 – Cody Fick, RHP, Evansville
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’0/195
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1987-10-20
Quick Scouting Report: Has played 3B, will apparently be used as a pitcher in pro ball.
Articles and Profiles:

Evansville Courier Press article


R24 – 751 – Matt Campbell, RHP, Florida
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’2/195
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1987-09-10
Quick Scouting Report: Pitched sparingly, and not well when he was on the field in 2010.
Articles and Profiles:

Gator Zone Bio


R25 – 781 – Ryan Duke, RHP, Oklahoma
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’0/180
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1988-09-27
Quick Scouting Report:
Articles and Profiles:

OU profile
Ryan Duke faces DUI charges
2010 Q/A


battled through some stuff this year. Nothing overwhelming stuff wise, but has been more effective than stuff suggests. Limited to a reliever. Good command.

– Ketch’s source

R26 – 811 – Michael Rocha, RHP Oklahoma
College Level: Junior
Height/Weight: 5’11/195
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1988-09-21
Quick Scouting Report:
Articles and Profiles:

OU Profile
Michael Rocha moves into third place on OU all-time wins list
ESPN article, May 2011
Once tossed aside, OU pitcher Michael Rocha now back in the picture


Basically a two-pitch pitcher right now with a fastball and a slider. I think he’s a bullpen type of arm without a high ceiling. He has good velocity and fastball movement early, but doesn’t hold it well late.

– Ketch’s source

R27 – 841 – Braden Shull, LHP, Mt Pleasant HS (IA)
College Commitment: Kansas State
Height/Weight: 6’6/215
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
DOB : 1993-05-08
Quick Scouting Report: Huge frame (6’6/215) currently in the 88-91 range but with projection for more. Secondary stuff and command/control are works in progress.
Videos: Lots of videos here, click through and then select from all of the videos available

Articles and Profiles:

Shull chooses Kansas State


Iowa’s best high school prospect is lefthander Braden Shull, a late bloomer who started touching 90-91 mph with his fastball this spring. Extremely projectable at 6-foot-6 and 215 pounds, he has a lot of work to do with his secondary pitches. He has committed to Kansas State.

– Baseball America

Braden Shull is a 2011 LHP/ with a 6-6 215 lb. frame from Mt. Pleasant, IA who attends Mt. Pleasant. Big athletic pitchers build with long limbs, really looks the part. Uses his frame well to create good downhill leverage. Good movement on fastball with tailing action to the arm side. Good spin on curveball and nice shape, good feel for the pitch. Changeup is not as advanced as his fastball and curveball but a solid fourth pitch. Showed good potential with upper 80s cutter. Inconsistent lower half mechanics diminished command to glove side at present but commanded arm side of plate very well. Showed good pitchability and projects to improve all around. Excellent student, committed to Kansas State.

Perfect Game, May 2011

Braden Shull is a 2011 LHP with a 6-6 215 lb. frame from Mt. Pleasant, IA who attends Mt. Pleasant HS. Excellent pitcher’s build, room to get stronger. Easy leg raise delivery, smooth loose arm action, 3/4’s slot, low effort release, starting to use lower 1/2 better in delivery. Steady 88-90 mph fastball, many 90’s, good sink and run down, curveball shows good bite/shape at higher velocities, tends to slow arm occasionally. Lowers release point on change but maintains arm speed well. Has taken his game to a new level this spring, pro prospect. Very good student, signed with Kansas State.

– Perfect Game, April 2011

Braden Shull is a 2011 LHP with a 6-6 215 lb. frame from Mt. Pleasant, IA who attends Mt. Pleasant HS. Plus pitchers build, well proportioned, solid present strength. Slow paced hand drop delivery, extended 3/4’s release point, loose arm, doesn’t get lower 1/2 involved in delivery at present. Consistent mid 80’s fastball, will cut FB occasionally glove side, misses up arm side frequently. Good curveball spin, occasional big depth, rare change up. Adjustments with lower 1/2, getting his backside through will be the next step. Very good student, signed with Kansas State.

– Perfect Game, February 2011

Braden Shull is a 2011 LHP/1B with a 6-5 200 lb. frame from Mt. Pleasant, IA who attends Mt. Pleasant. Very nice projectable pitcher’s build, some present strength. Easy hand drop delivery, minimal effort, somewhat cross body, 3/4’s release. Low 80’s fastball, topped at 84 mph, has been 84-86 mph all year prior, cut fastball effectively at times. Big sweeping curveball for strikes, tends to slow arm on change up. Nice bodied southpaw who has been steadily improving. Very good student.

– Perfect Game, June 2010

R28 – 871 – Ian Durham, RHP, California Lutheran
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’4/200
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1989-01-31
Quick Scouting Report: Moved from bullpen to rotation his senior year, making 9 starts in 13 appearances
Articles and Profiles:

Cal Lutheran Profile
Senior right-hander selected in 28th round of MLB Draft


R29 – 901 – Paul Cusick, RHP, Penn
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’3/195
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1988-09-26
Quick Scouting Report: Good performer at Penn, fringe-average stuff, maybe a tick below. Future reliever if he makes it.
Articles and Profiles:

Being drafted by Phils ‘surreal’ for Penn grad Cusick
Paul Cusick Selected by Philadelphia Phillies in MLB Draft


R30 – 931 – Michael Marshall, 1B, Lubbock Christian
College Level: Junior
Height/Weight: 6’3/235
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1988-08-25
Quick Scouting Report: Transferred from Stanford after sophomore year, solid two way player, great season as a pitcher in lesser conference.
Articles and Profiles:

Lubbock Christian profile
Marshall Drafted by Phillies


R31 – 961 – Kyle Olson, C, Jackson HS (WA)
College Commitment: Community College of Western Nevada
Height/Weight: 6’2/195
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1992-05-23
Quick Scouting Report: 6’2/215 frame with plus power and arm strength
Articles and Profiles:

Five Players to Watch blurb


2011 outlook: No. 13-rated senior in the state by Baseball Northwest. Jackson coach Kirk Nicholson said it’s Olson’s all-around tools that make him stand out. Has a 90-mile-an-hour fastball on the mound, which translates to an arm behind the plate that completely shuts running games down. The leader of a very solid Jackson team.


R32 – 991 – Gregory Herbst, RHP, St Marys University (TX)
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’6/235
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1989-07-26
Quick Scouting Report: Transferred after his sophomore year, pitched for first time as a senior, put up great numbers.
Articles and Profiles:

Kansas Bio (Old)
Baseball’s Herbst Drafted by Philadelphia Phillies


R33 – 1021 – Brock Stassi, OF, UN-Reno (LV)
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’2/190
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
DOB : 1989-08-07
Quick Scouting Report: Two way player, played 1B and pitched (LH) in college and can play LF.
Articles and Profiles:

RGJ.com article


R34 – 1051 – Brandon Pletsch, SS Rancho HS (LV)
College Commitment: UNLV
Height/Weight: 5’11/175
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1992-08-21
Quick Scouting Report: 5’11/175 with good SS tools and a good feel for the same.
Articles and Profiles:


R35 – 1081 – Kyle Freeland, LHP, Thomas Jefferson HS (CO)
College Commitment: Evansville
Height/Weight: 6’3/170
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
DOB : 1993-05-14
Quick Scouting Report: 6’3/175 frame, solid projection candidate, present stuff doesn’t seem to stand out as he wasn’t a guy on many prospect lists.
Articles and Profiles:

Draft article
A number of mentions here


R36 – 1111 – Brendon Hayden, RHP, Wilmot Union HS (WI)
College Commitment: Virginia Tech
Height/Weight: 6’5/215
Bats/Throws: Left/Right
DOB : 1992-12-26
Quick Scouting Report: Perfect physical frame (6’5/200) and has played 3B and pitched. Raw on both sides of the ball, but tons of projection on the mound.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:



Brendon Hayden is a 2011 3B/RHP with a 6-5 215 lb. frame from Twin Lakes, WI who attends Wilmot Union HS. Hayden has a long and strong body. He has a good setup at the plate, wide, open stance, balanced load, good hands on inside, good leverage in swing, ball is loud off bat, has raw power. Very impressive on the mound, slow paced, full windup, compact arm, hides ball well, heavy fastball with bore, good arm speed on change, good spin on curveball with proper shape, maintained velo, threw alot of 90’s, around plate with good stuff. May be a better draft prospect on the mound. Outstanding 2-way college prospect, Committed to Virginia Tech.

Perfect Game, Feb 2011

He’s mostly projection at this point and seems destined to attend Virginia Tech. Scouts are mixed over whether the 6-foot-5, 215-pounder has a brighter future as a righthander or as a third baseman. The majority prefer him on the mound, where he touches 90 mph with his fastball and usually sits at 85-88. His curveball lacks power as well. He has the body to create leverage for power, but he needs to get stronger.

– Baseball America

R37 – 1141 – Michael Nastold, RHP, Louisville
College Level: Senior
Height/Weight: 6’4/220
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1989-08-21
Quick Scouting Report: Had TJ surgery and his raw stuff hasn’t returned.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:

Louisville Bio


Michael Nastold is a 2008 RHP with a 6’4”, 195 lb. frame from Cincinnati, OH who attends Elder HS. He has a big, wide shouldered pro type of frame and some present strength with more to come. Nastold has a complicated multi-part delivery that he has trouble repeating. It doesn’t seem to affect his raw stuff but does hurt his command and consistency. His fastball was up to 93 mph with late running action and occasional sink. His curveball had nice velocity at up to 78 mph and had a tight bite with good depth when he got his release point right. He also mixed in a couple of change ups at 78 mph. If Nastold can simplify his delivery his command would definitely improve and his raw stuff, which is already very good, might move up a notch as well. Nastold has a verbal commitment to Louisville.

Perfect Game, 2007 (high school report)

Righthander Mike Nastold intrigued scouts early in the season when he showed a heavy 90-92 mph fastball that reached 94 and backed it up with a hard curveball. In his first year back after having Tommy John surgery in May 2009, he couldn’t maintain that stuff and lacked fastball command and consistent feel for his curve. He has a strong 6-foot-3, 220-pound frame, but he has a long arm action and a stiff delivery. Another Louisville redshirt sophomore, he’s considered more signable than his teammate Justin Amlung.

– Baseball America

R38 – 1171 – Brett Maggard, LHP, Hernando HS (FL)
College Commitment: St John’s River CC
Height/Weight: 6’2/190
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
DOB : 1992-12-28
Quick Scouting Report: 6’3/200 frame, two way player, more intriguing on the mound, but is all projection at this point.
Videos: Link 1 and Link 2
Articles and Profiles:

Hernando pitcher Brett Maggard to sign with St. Johns River
New beginnings for Hernando’s Maggard as he closes out his prep career
Hernando’s pair of aces


Brett Maggard is a 2011 LHP/1B with a 6-3 200 lb. frame from Spring Hill, FL who attends Hernando HS. Very nice athletic build, some present strength with more to come. Long overhand arm action, arm is quick and loose, front side collapse in windup costs height/leverage. Very consistent 85-86 mph fastball, mostly straight. Nice change up with ideal arm speed and good sink. Delivery hinders curveball consistency, flashes quality depth and spin. Shows athleticism as a position player, good outfield arm strength, clean actions, good simple balanced swing mechanics with developing bat speed, uppercut swing plane. Could really develop as a pitcher with improved mechanics. Good student.

– Perfect Game, January 2011

R39 – 1201 – Tim Ponto, RHP, Owen J Roberts HS (PA)
College Commitment: St Joe’s
Height/Weight: 6’7/205
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1993-04-22
Quick Scouting Report: Huge lefty (6’6/205) with present velo (90-92) and room for more.
Articles and Profiles:

Pottstown Mercury article
Ponto heads to St. Joe’s for baseball


R40 – 1231 – Brendan Hendriks, 1B, Vauxhall HS (Alberta Canada)
College Commitment: Midland CC
Height/Weight: 6’3/185
Bats/Throws: Left/Right
DOB : 1993-04-12
Quick Scouting Report: Raw hitter, like most Canadian prospects.
Articles and Profiles:

Vauxhall Profile
Hendriks signs with Midland


R41 – 1261 – Austin DiCharry, RHP, Texas
College Level: Junior
Height/Weight: 6’4/200
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1989-11-27
Quick Scouting Report: Highly touted prospect out of high school, has had injury issues in college. At his best, solid FB with good movement and life.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:


The Phillies took what is referred to as a “flyer” pick on a big-time talent. If he was signable out of high school, Dicharry never would have lasted to the 30th round. Heck, he probably wouldn’t have been available in the fourth round. But after battling a shoulder issue and spending this season working on his mechanics to get back, the talented right-hander just hasn’t thrown enough innings.

Chances that he signs – It would be silly for Dicharry to sign unless the Phillies fork over near six figures, which is very unlikely. He needs another year to show scouts some live innings, and with a strong senior year could be a top eight round selection next season. As for this season, there is a ten percent chance Dicharry doesn’t return.

– Ketch’s source

R42 – 1291 – Andre Kinder, LHP, Peru State College (NE)
College Level: 5th Year Senior
Height/Weight: 6’1/195
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
DOB : 1988-11-26
Quick Scouting Report: Moved from reliever to starter this year and his velo dropped, but he performed well in a pre-draft workout. His future role seems up in the air, but likely relief.
Articles and Profiles:

Daily News Online article


R43 – 1321 – Austin Knight, C, Summmral HS (MS)
College Commitment: Meridian Community College
Height/Weight: 5’11/200
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1992-11-22
Quick Scouting Report: Raw defensively, decent idea at the plate, good speed and athleticism.
Videos: Link 1 and Link 2
Articles and Profiles:

Hattiesburg American Online article


R44 – 1351 – Nevin Wilson, LHP, Chaparrel HS (AZ)
College Commitment: Arkansas
Height/Weight: 6’2/175
Bats/Throws: Right/Left
DOB : 1993-02-22
Quick Scouting Report: 6’2/180 frame, very clean and smooth delivery with lots of projection. Currently 86-89 but could be an 89-93 guy as he fills out.
Videos: Link
Articles and Profiles:


R45 – 1381 – Adam Ladwig, RHP, Millard West HS (NE)
College Commitment: Wichita State
Height/Weight: 6’5/180
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1992-12-24
Quick Scouting Report: 6’4/210 pitcher with good frame but all projection at this point.
Articles and Profiles:


R46 – 1411 – Scott Tomassetti, C, Sierra Vista HS (NV)
College Commitment: UNLV
Height/Weight: 6’1/195
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1993-07-03
Quick Scouting Report: 6’1/185 pound frame almost ideal for the position, with room to add muscle. Good arm, good raw power.
Videos: Link 1 and Link 2
Articles and Profiles:


R47 – 1441 – Andrew Amaro, 2B, William Penn Charter (PA)
College Commitment:
Height/Weight: 6’1/175
Bats/Throws: Left/Right
DOB : 1993-04-04
Quick Scouting Report:
Articles and Profiles:


R48 – 1471 – Kewby Meyer, 1B, Kamehameha HS (HI)
College Commitment:
Height/Weight: 6’1/195
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
DOB : 1992-10-27
Quick Scouting Report:
Articles and Profiles:


R49 – 1501 – Johnathan Knight, OF, Sebring HS (FL)
College Commitment:
Height/Weight: 6’3/175
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1993-06-03
Quick Scouting Report:
Articles and Profiles:


R50 – 1531 – Kolya Stephenson, RHP, Ocean City HS (NJ)
College Commitment: Alvernia
Height/Weight: 6’0/195
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
DOB : 1993-08-10
Quick Scouting Report:
Articles and Profiles:

Press of Atlantic City article


560 thoughts on “2011 Draft Picks

    1. The first three are 1s, 2, and 2. For every pick after that, divide by 30 and then subtract 1.

      1. Did not work when I posted. Maybe I had not refreshed but anyway, It is there now. Thank you, great work here!

    1. I came away unimpressed after reading that article. I know I shouldn’t make snap judgments, but that’s what I felt. Hopefully I am wrong.

        1. It is a little creepy to me when a family moves and changes their lives so their child or children can focus on a sport. I know there is a level of commitment by the parents that is laudable. However, this scenario seems over the top to me. I think it could tend to slant a young man’s values and perhaps over inflate the ego. These are very broad generalizations and I have no way of knowing if this the case for Greene. Just putting voice to the alarm bells I heard when I was reading that story.

          1. Article says that he was home schooled but yet played for the Class 5A state champion West Boca Raton, how does that work?

            1. If Florida is like most states, home-schooled kids can still participate in activities (sports, etc.) for the district where they live.

  1. Adam Morgan – “I got text messages from some of my buddies telling me, ‘Congratulations,’ and then I got a call from the Phillies,” Morgan said. “I felt like I had a chance to be drafted, but I didn’t think I would go that early. It’s a dream to get to play pro baseball and the Philles are a great organization. One of the players I played with (at Alabama) is Austin Hyatt from Marietta High School. He’s at the Phillies’ AA affiliate (in Reading, Pa.) and I can’t wait to go play with him.”

  2. I’m reading conflicting things on Riley Moore. BA says he has advanced receiving skills, but CSN said he is raw behind the plate. John Sickels says there is debate about his bat, but CSN says he has good power and a balanced swing. BA says he is a tough sign, but John Sickels said he could easily be signed out of his college commitment based on where he gets drafted.


      1. I think thats a perfect example of why this is so difficult. Different scouts see players on different days and come up with highly divergent scouting reports.

    1. Here’s a more recent one. He went to the same Baseball Academy as Steven Inch. He’s committed to University of San Fran but the Phils will watch him this summer. sounds like if he’s signed, it will be close to the deadline,

  3. Are you going to update the list when they sign? Seems like it should be a good year for signings from what I read.

    1. A lot of my checking around has found that I think most of these guys are fine with signing for slot.

      I think even a guy like Overbey can be had cheaper than some might initially think.

      1. Agreed somewhat. I think reading between the lines on Overbey a lot of what he says is positioning for money (which is what almost all picks do). I think if it was this time last year Overbey would be going to college with his brother, but I think it seems like his brother didn’t have a great Freshman year and was upset at not getting to play full-time at the position he wanted. In college you’re always one ‘highly regarded recruit’ away from being pushed out of position or onto the bench (IN ANY SPORT).

        As we’ve seen with the Phillies once a baseball team invests significant money into you…They’re going to keep you around and give you every possible chance to succeed.

  4. In addition to Peter Lavin, the links indicated above in the Gelb links reveal 3 more signings Cody Fick signs as P, says he will report to Williamsport, Also Brock Stassi, OF-1B says he will report to Williamsport. And Andre Kinder says he will report to either GCL or Williamsport. These will be after taking physicals, of course.

  5. Breakdown by class:

    Overall (51 Selections)
    High School: 25 (wow)
    Juco: 3
    College Junior: 9
    College Senior: 14

    Day 1-2 Only Overall (31 Selections):
    High School: 10
    Juco: 3
    College Junior: 8
    College Senior: 10

    Top 16 Selections Only:
    High School: 7
    Juco: 3
    College Junior: 6
    College Senior: ZERO

  6. I’m going to make plenty of updates to the register tonight. I will be bolding players who sign as well as adding lots of other bells and whistles.

    To help me, when someone signs and you have a link, type SIGNED in all caps, then underneath post the link/whatever else. That way I can do a quick search for the word “signed” and hopefully it helps me keep track of things.

  7. The scouting reports make think Riley Moore may be a more impact signing than Tyler Greene. If I had to rank the draft picks in order of my preference to sign:
    1. Larry Greene
    2. Roman Quinn
    3. Riley Moore
    4. Tyler Greene
    5. Harold Martinez

    1. dont know about these kids but i do follow college ball. seen a few but the kid they , imo, absolutely missed on was the 2nd baseman from louisville. all-american rh,ed 5 tool player. went to cinncy 155. RYAN WRIGHT.

  8. So does anyone know anything on this Shull 6’6 HS LHP from 27th round? He is a very intriguing pick and wondering how we got him this late in the draft. Since he was our first HS pitching selectionj we do need more young pitchers in our system. Can we sign him.

    1. Google led me to the following article: http://www.thehawkeye.com/story/BBO-Draft-060911

      “I will play out the high school season and see how things go. (The Phillies) are going to watch me, then I will have to consider whatever offer they make,” Shull said. “I have to thank all my teammates and all my coaches through the years for helping me get to this point.”

      Sounds like the standard summer follow.

    2. Not first HS P selection. Yacksel Rios 1st HS P selection, and then Desen Dygestile-Therrien (who is listed as JC, but has a 93 birthdate, and oft-times in Canada College may not have same meaning as US understanding of the word, and it may apply to numerous secondary schools.) . Though the case could be made they need better young pitchers, somewhat, needing more in an absolute sense, don’t see it.
      As to Shull, everything I see says he is interested in going to College, and the cost of buying that out will have to be measured against the probabilities of acheiving a payoff to that expenditure, factoring in not having enough for other signees. The other 2 HS pitchers would be a priority , I say, and then maybe Shull, and some of the JC/College guys. They really don’t need many, quality arms only they should add, and they have enough of pitchers to open the Short Season leagues today, and if they don’t like the guys they have , why did they keep them for this long?

  9. I wrote 1st LHP from high school selected. We dont have enough left handed premium pitching in our minors and a 6’6 lhp throwing 90 plus isnt something to take lightly. we got Biddle last year as our first pick and he was throwing low 90’s. Would be nice to stock up on these while we can even if for developing them for a future possible trade for another need we may have. Go Phillies!!!!!

    1. great to see… especially because there are a few of the JC and a high schooler mixed in there. Not just your standard senior early signs.

    2. It’s good to see we signed some guys so early, especially a guy like Harold Martinez who I’m hoping turns out to be a good prospect, if his bat comes back from when he was a sophomore we could have a legit prospect on our hands. Good to see Trey Ford signed quick I thought that was a guy that may be a bit of a tough sign since he was a juco player that could be a tough sign.

    1. Forgot about Nesseth. Funny that this will be the first we’ve seen of most of the interesting prospects from last years draft.

      1. I agree – I’ve gotten myself so pumped up about the potential for Eldemire, Garner, and (to some extent) Nesseth over the past year that it’s killing me to have them not playing in full view yet. Tyson Gillies was rooming with Nesseth this Spring and said he was back to full health. It will be interesting to see if the Phils use him as a starter or a reliever.

    1. Per BA Database, Phillies signed Cody Asche for 168K. Odd, however, that it is the only signing that is reported for the Phillies.

      1. Never a bad thing to have a lot of 3B signed since this system doesn’t have any real answers to fill the void at 3rd should we not be able to sign someone to replace Polly in 2 years.

        1. You do know that none of these draft picks will be ready in 2 years to start at 3b for the phillies?

          1. yes i know none of them may be ready in 2 years but doesn’t help that the system has no depth or anyone relatively close to an answer in house at the current time.

      2. It’s not odd. I think PP overestimated the projected signing bonuses for Martinez, Morgan and Asche. It seems like each one is about 1 round too high. Last year’s recommended slot for the 150th pick was $169,200. The Phillies payed him 168,000. Close enough.

        1. No. I didn’t find the bonus odd. Bonus is right at slot which is what I expected. What I find odd is that Matt Gelb reported 13 signings yesterday and Asche wasn’t one of them. And yet the *only* signing that BA has in the database is Asche. Seems like a disconnect.

    2. Asche will sign today Tuesday June 14th and be off to work by Friday is what I am hearing

  10. I know that I will never understand the draft, with the 20 pick you take a if i read it right 23 year old outfielder, why not a high school kid with maybe one or two tools versus this kind of pick and take the org fillers later on. what difference does it make on org fillers, if they are less talented, the odds of hitting on one is really rare,

  11. When I estimated the bonuses, I looked at the corresponding pick number from last year and assumed some inflation in the recommendations. They were just guesses.

    1. If you have a kid who is skipping college, that is exactly the correct frame of mind that the player and the parent should have. Obviously, there are very few people who have more first-hand knowledge about how important it is, as a player, to end up in the right organization where folks are going about things the correct way and with the best of intentions. Say what you want about the Phillies but, when you hear their name mentioned in baseball circles, you constantly hear things like “they are good people” “I have nothing but respect for them” “it is like a family over there” “everybody is treated well” – those things get around and they filter through. And you add a good atmosephere to good devleopmental people and a winning atmosphere, you have the ingredients for a possible dynasty. Have at it, Phillies!

    2. I assume the Garvey family will talk with Davey Lopes to get his feedback on the Phillies organization. This is extremely good for the Phillies based on the overwhemingly positive comments Lopes has made about the organization. Lopes recommendation may close the deal with Garvey.

  12. From Rounds 34 – 50 15 of the 17 Picks are from High School.
    Would be nice to sign 1 or 2.

  13. Starting to fix up the Williamsport roster, looks like it might be a partial list for now. Ryan Duke assigned there. Could be up by the Meet the Cutters thing.

  14. SS John Black, LHP Austin Wright, 3B Cody Asche all on Williamsport’s opening day roster, so they’ve obviously been signed. They join ’11 draft picks Martinez, Fick, Duke, Herbst, and Stassi on the Crosscutters.

  15. Roman Quinn -signs, I think!
    Former Port St. Joe Tiger Shark Baseball standout Roman Quinn has been in decision mode for the last couple of days.
    Quinn was selected 66th overall in this years draft by the Philadelphia Phillies. A couple of months ago Quinn signed a letter of intent to play baseball with Florida State, but after a lot of deliberation Quinn has decided he would like to play Pro ball.
    Quinn said Tuesday, he will most likely be heading to Clearwater this August to workout with one of the Phillies farm teams.


  16. In the Original Post on 2011 The Draft Register there is a great analysis about the distribution of the Phillies picks, and a Star System Highlighting some top picks. When you go to – the 2011 drop down this great stuff does not appear.
    Could you please make that Text a Link and place it at the top with the other Links?
    Thanks so much.

  17. Recognizing that I’m a constant complainer about this stuff – the Phillies reporting of the signing of their draft picks has been abysmal. Not a single press release from the P.R. department. Gelb reported signings but its not like it was backed up by a press release. They are reporting the transactions only when they are added to a roster. Knowing how the Phillies operate – I tend to assume that Greene and Quinn and Morgan got picked because they indicated they would take the slot money.

    1. I don’t think Quinn is as easy to think that he will come for slot money. I think he will take some more than slot money because of his commitment to FSU, it’s not like he’s going to a JUCO or lower tier college baseball program he’s going to one of the better baseball colleges on the east coast. That being said his willingness to see what’s offered and interest in going pro could get a deal done but I still just don’t think he’ll sign for just slot money.

      1. I know what you’re saying, but Squire is probably right about this. It fits the pattern for the Phils to pay slot or close to it in the first couple of rounds. I also read somewhere that a lot of high schoolers get a scholarship from a D-1 school solely for the purpose of negotiating, with no intention of attending. I’m not saying that’s the case with Quinn, just that a lot of players do it.

        The Phils tend to be very careful about their draft spend and adhering to slot in the first couple of rounds. With that in mind, they probably know fairly well what it will take to sign someone. Then again, Greene said he was surprised to be drafted by the Phils, so I guess we will see…

    2. Yeah their reporting on this stuff does kind of suck. I guess they still view something like the draft as a very minor issue that no one really cares about. If you consider this site and the regulars here as the outliers, they are probably right, so they don’t feel the need to provide comprehensive updates.

  18. Roman Quinn- As discussed… he has not signed…and is considering his options ( aka…waiting for a better offer)
    His coaches tell us Roman’s yet to decide anything, though he and his representatives are currently negotiating with the Phillies. We’re told it will likely be another few weeks before he makes a final decision.

  19. Ryan Garvey – Has signed! Dodger legend Steve Garvey had three chances to make it to his namesake junior high school in Lindsay last week, but just missed on all three opportunities in what may be the school’s last Steve Garvey Day.
    Garvey’s oldest son, Ryan, was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 15th round of the MLB Draft on Tuesday, June 7 and signed a minor league contract with the team on Thursday, June 9.

      1. Great news, I’m guessing he’ll make an appearance on the GCL roster once they get started. Great start to the weekend.

    1. This is a passing mention in a story by a reporter who (a) doesn’t cover sports, (b) doesn’t work in the community where Ryan Garvey lives, and (c) didn’t even speak to anyone in the Garvey camp. It is almost certainly not true.

  20. I may be reading too much into the list a young players and there are likely some errors but the Phillies Draft Results web page shows the following interesting positions:
    Roman Quinn OF: I assumed he was drafted as a SS, but I personally think it would be smarter to put him at 2B and use one of the other picks at SS. If Quinn shows some more value then he can make the move to SS but at least he will be getting infield reps and there is really no other competition for 2B in low minors.
    Harold Martinez SS: I figured he was a lock for 3B as a good fielding 3B. He was SS in high school. Would be good to give him SS reps since the other draftees are high schoolers.
    Trey Ford SS: Another 3B/SS type. I like this pick but he will like be a utility guy even in the minors.
    Brendon Hayden LHP: Since he was a 3B and would like to hit, not listing him as a 3B might push him slightly to college. Looks like the LHP listing is used for all pitchers from the 3rd day.
    Brock Stassi LHP: Seems like Phils will have him in OF not as P.
    Asche at 3B but rumors to C (I think he’ll be 1B) and Fick to be P instead of 3B as been discussed.

    1. One thing might be that if Heydon plays much 3B he probably throws Right and that’s what I see listed above.
      Quinn- if all the drafted SS’s sign that is ideal,but you can’t assume they will. As of right now, I’m thinking Nerio Rios starts at SS in GCL and if they didn’t permanently bounce Malcolm, Steven Malcolm at 2B and the others signed to play, and if and when the others sign they can worry about fitting them in later. None of them may sign until August 15, and that would be a usual thing, and that is just about season’s end, plus they might have to work out a bit before they play.
      Martinez at Williamsport, ,and not a factor in where the GCL guys play. Asche – not a big need at 1B, so why use a bat to fight through the mess up above at 1b. Enough of pitchers at WPT, Stassi listed as OF. Lots of 3B, looks like Fick will have to show early , due to an ’87 birthday.

    2. Good catch PhxPhilly. That’s very interesting. I do remember Gillick specifically announcing Quinn as SS though. Also noticed that Rios and Ford are not listed as signed.

      1. One more thing on the Heydon thing, my notes show Bats Left Throws Right. So, they see it L/R and list him as LHP. IF it is about the Phillies webpage, that shows the accuracy of it. As of about yesterday there were exactly zero players signed even though the Williamsport roster had already been posted with numerous signees. The positions listed for those guys are meaningless, other than they played there at one time, and I heard in the draft the Phillies request that Stassi be listed as an Outfielder, so it is not based on their announced positions.

  21. Question for anyone that remembers. During the draft PP, i think it was PP, posted a link about a kid’s father. He was a very wealthy scientist. I can’t for the life of me remember the player’s name. Can any of you help me out? Thanks!

    1. I don’t specifically know of anybody I would think of like that. But you might mean Michael Marshall, son of Dr. Mike Marshall, the former Dodgers closer, who holds a PHD in Biomechanics or Physiology , something like that. He runs a school for pitchers featuring his somewhat unothodox Pitching methods. I don’t know how wealthy ge got from being a Scientist, but I would think he is wealthy from his time playing ball, as even guys who were reserves for a couple of years, might be what alot of people deem wealthy.

      1. MIke Marshall, the former Dodger pitcher, is apparently not wealthy. He has trouble getting anyone to come to his school. And that’s pretty sad with the way pitchers go down all the time. His ideas make a lot of sense. And his degree is in Kinesiology.

  22. Larry Greene Jr. SIGNED??- OK, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me… I will post an article I just found that States in the headlines “Berrien’s Larry Greene signs with Phillies”… Now, reading the article it is seems initially pretty clear that the reporter misinterrupts being “Drafted” for “Signing”… as she states a few sentences later that “Contract negotiations with teams and their players will begin heating up before the August deadline”… But when you read the rest of the article, Larry himself talks about planning for the big move in the summer and “In August, I’ll leave for minor league training in Clearwater”… He states he will be there till September/October working on his throwing and playing in Training practise games against other teams.. then Larry will be back in Clearwater February 2012 for Instructional League Training etc…

    All of this just leads me to believe he is SIGNED!

    I think they have a deal worked out and just have not announced it… which I also think would be the same for Ryan Garvey! If you stop and think for a moment it makes sense… Look at the last few years, the Phillies have signed their young HS, Dom or Ven players and bring them along slowly, they do not rush them into the GCL unless they feel they are 100% ready…last year it was Musser, Garner, Pointer and Stewart and in 2009 with Inch, Klevin and Hudson… So I could see the same MO this year by not rushing Greene, Garvey, etc… They may be signed but the Phillies already have a time table when they will go to Clearwater and what they will do…play in extended spring games see their progress and if they feel they are ready then promote them to the GCL to get a small taste…

    From what Greene himself said it sounds like he is signed to me… read it for yourself and see what you think…


    1. I don’t know. I guess they could have a “deal” but if the contract is signed I think the Phillies have to turn it in. This is the second reference to “August” (Quinn said that too). Which means maybe we are going to have to go overslot on these two guys which would be disappointing to me. Seems stupid to voluntarily fritter away a season of minor league development. Frankly, the fact that the Phillies haven’t issued a single signing announcement or press release is bizarre to me.

    2. That article is hard to decypher. Like the “he will train till late October or early September” thing.. Now if it starts in early September and runs to late October- THAT is instructional league, and if he comes back in February, that is Spring Training. Since the times and all were simply based on quotes from Larry Greene, I entertain the possibility that Larry Greene indeed signed, and simply got confused about when to report and such. And the season in GCL was thought understood, and he described instructional league in Late August, September, and early October, and reporting to Spring Training in February next season. So , I’m going to entertain that Greene has signed, and Garvey too. And it might be known in some 11 1/2 hours, since that is when GCL starts and they might post a roster. IF not,they will probably post a boxscore, and at least it will be known who played in the game.

      1. All that really matters for me right now is that the Phillies get Larry Greene and Roman Quinn signed soon…and hopefully for slot.

        That gives the Phillies plenty of time to focus on 5 key overslot draftees…

        Mitchell Walding
        Jake Overbey
        Tyler Greene
        Ryan Garvey
        Riley Moore.

        Although some of the other draftees might require overslot deals to sign (Adam Morgan, Zach Wright, Kenny Giles, Colton Murray, etc) I don’t expect those deals to be all that large relatively speaking.

      2. I’m just glad that the escaped prisoner was caught. 8^)

        I agree that the article was tough to decipher. Actually, I’ll say it reads like a high school newspaper. However, the way “Little Larry” (great nickname for a 230 pounder) is talking, it sounds like he signed. It’s kinda curious to me that he wouldn’t report until August though – unless they had to really go overslot to sign him. I’d like to see him come in and start getting some reps as soon as possible. I dunno, I guess we’ll find out sooner or later

        1. Not Really Sure what it means, but I friended LG on facebook and over the past 24 hours, everyone keeps telling him Congrats. Maybe he signed

    3. Ryan Garvey is a guy that is probably in Clearwater but won’t be playing until August. Reason being, the Phillies would have HAD to go overslot for a 15th rounder to sign so quickly and the Phillies never announce those overslot deals until closer to the deadline to appease MLB. So even if Garvey’s signed it won’t be announced until later because of the overslot signing. Greene and Quinn could be announced soon as most Supplemental 1st rounders and 2nd rounders start getting announced, unless they’re at slot, which a lot of you indicate they will be. Then they’ll just announce and get them started a la Biddle last year.

  23. nobody if you could only sign two of the five which in your opinion is needed more,

    1. Mikemike,

      First off I would hate it if they got only 2 of the 5, but if forced I would take Walding and Greene. I think the standard the Phillies should be held to is 3 of the 5 at a minimum. I see no reason to set the bar any lower than that for them. In that scenario I would want Walding, Greene, and Moore…although I would take Garvey if Moore was unsignable.

      After a real dearth of quality positional players in 2010 draft, the Phillies need an injection of new positional prospects…especially in the infield.

  24. Andre Kinder is listed on the GCL Phillies roster, so I am assuming he has signed.

  25. Any word on Josh Warner? He was the GCL starter for the Phillies today… He was an Aussie signing… do we know anything about him?

  26. SIGNED
    from the Williamsport transactions http://www.milb.com
    Drew Hillman, IF, assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters
    So they have another 3B
    Also , as said above, Andre Kinder, LHP and Michael Marshall, 1B assigned to GCL on roster.

  27. Philadelphia Phillies signed RHP Ian Durham.
    Philadelphia Phillies signed RHP Josh Warner.
    Philadelphia Phillies signed C John Hill.
    Philadelphia Phillies signed C Logan Moore.
    Philadelphia Phillies signed IF Drew Hillman.
    Philadelphia Phillies signed RHP Paul Cusick.
    Philadelphia Phillies signed 1B Michael Marshall.
    Philadelphia Phillies signed OF Peter Lavin.
    Philadelphia Phillies signed IF Matthew Holland.
    Philadelphia Phillies signed LHP Andre Kinder.

  28. Harold Martinez is a player I am really excited about. Hopefully he has the make-up to take advantage of his athletic frame.

  29. From Phillies Website: 3 New
    Philadelphia Phillies signed RHP Ian Durham. — Already In Green – Round 28
    Philadelphia Phillies signed RHP Josh Warner. — Not On Draft List
    Philadelphia Phillies signed C John Hill. — Already In Green – Round 19
    Philadelphia Phillies signed C Logan Moore. — Already In Green – Round 9
    Philadelphia Phillies signed IF Drew Hillman. — ***New Not Green – Round 18
    Philadelphia Phillies signed RHP Paul Cusick. — Already In Green – Round 29
    Philadelphia Phillies signed 1B Michael Marshall. — ***New Not Green – Round 30
    Philadelphia Phillies signed OF Peter Lavin. — Already In Green – Round 20
    Philadelphia Phillies signed IF Matthew Holland. — Already In Green – Round 22
    Philadelphia Phillies signed LHP Andre Kinder. — ***New Not Green – Round 42

    1. Yeah, that’s a wrap, from Kansas Jayhawks, quotes from the Head Coach and everything. Colton Murray becomes the 3rd Kansas Jayhawk to sign with the Phillies joining Mike Zagurski and Gus Milner.

      1. Very nice signing. To get a guy ranked 110 in the BA Top 200 drafted and signed out of the 13th round is excellent.

  30. Mitch Walding – Interesting article…SS or SP?
    “Walding took the loss on the mound after starting Game 2, but came back strong with his bat in Game 3 with a double and a single.”
    Walding, who aside from being drafted has a full-ride scholarship to play at the University of Oregon starting in the fall, won’t have much time to celebrate as he is headed to Washington to play summer ball on Friday.

  31. Scott Tomassetti’s HS teammate Jake Hager signed with the Rays. He was a 1st round pick. I think there are a few guys on Tomassetti’s HS team that are all committed to UNLV together and Hager was not one of them (he is committed to AZ State). Hager signed for $963,000, so one could assume that Tomassetti should at least cost less than that (kind of an obvious statement for our 46th round pick, but still it is good to set an upper limit).


    1. Hager got $9,000 over slot for a 1st round pick so that is within guidelines. Thomasetti would fall into the $150,000 slot for anybody drafted past the 5th round or so. HS pick he won’t sign for slot likely, if they deem his good enough he could get way more than that. That would not happen until around the 15th of August. I figure if they want to go over they should put that into Riler Moore, and if he signs they should forget the other Catchers they drafted except maybe for the highest pick who might go to Williamsport.

      Draft related- Trey Ford and Yacksel Rios have reported and are on the GCL roster.

  32. Crosscutters twitter reports the Colton Murray signing, and that he has been added to Williamsport’s roster.

    1. Yep, already added to the matrix, was reported in an article upthread yesterday.

      No idea why he fell to the 13th round, considering he was highly ranked by BA and PG. I know hes undersized for a RHP, but with two above average pitches, he should profile as no worse than a solid 7th/8th inning reliever. Hopefully he goes straight to Lakewood and opens next year in Reading.

  33. Mitch Walding – HS Playoffs….Walding (6-1), by contrast gave up eight runs in Game Two, including six unearned in Jesuit’s big fourth inning for his first loss of the season. Despite three errors by his defense, he remained a team player, saying “We win as a team—we lose as a team.” On Tuesday, the senior was selected by the Phillies in the fifth round of the Major League First-Year Player Draft. He told BaseballSacramento.com he is pumped to be heading north to play for Coach George Horton’s University of Oregon baseball program, but that may change depending on the Phillies’ offer this summer.


  34. Zack Wright- Page A7
    It basically states that Zack has a major decsion to make in the next few weeks and has given no indication he is even close to making his choice.
    Led the team in HR for second straight year and had a very consistent career with ECU.

  35. Yes, he can decide to take the 125K or so the Phillies will offer or go back for his senior year and more than likely get an offer of 5K next year. Heck I thought he was a slight overdraft in the 6th.

    1. I think the Phillies were quite surprised he did not sign right away. It seems they quickly signed an undrafted C from Penn to fill the WPT roster spot they expected to go to Z.Wright. If he does not sign soon to play this year I see no reason for Phillies to even bother with him and use the money to help sign one of the higher upside high school catchers. I figured he was drafted to try to move quickly through the organization as a Rupp replacement: decent receiver with RH power.

  36. Austin Wright is killing it in his debut in Williamsport(old for the competition but whatever).
    3ip, 6k’s, 1h, 3gb, 0fb

    1. 21 is not old for the NYPL. I like Wright. Lefty with good velo and a solid curveball who needs to work on throwing quality strikes. I’ll take that for $125k.

  37. Just a word of advice for those who haven’t followed the draft closely in the past. You can basically ignore the kids who say “I’m totally going to school” in mid June. They have no financial incentive to say how badly they want to sign. Your college commitment is a bargaining chip. In many cases, you’ll end up actually going. But very few prospects who say “I’m set on college” in June would turn down a $1M bonus offer on August 15th unless there are extenuating circumstances. I’m not saying prospects should get that much, or we have guys in that boat. I’m saying that what most draftees say now really doesn’t matter.

    Jarred Cosart was going to Missouri all summer until he actually didn’t because he was bought out of that commitment on deadline day. It happens. So we’ll just wait and see what happens.

    1. I agree with you and your number of $1M. The challenge for us as Phillies fans is they seem loathe to pay out the big number overslot bonuses. They made sure to keep the Colvin signing under that, in fact I wonder if Colvin would have even gotten done had he demanded more than $1M. And I am positive from David Murphy’s comments last year that they were just under the $1M number with Scott Frazier…even though Frazier’s peers ranked in the same area he was were all getting between $850K and $1.7M. Before that, Jake Stewart was pretty clear $1M was his magic number to sign.

      I am not suggesting by the way that any of these guys is worth that asking price. Simply stated though, that is what the going rate is at times as established by all the other teams so it is what it is.

      Well just have to wait and see what they do this August with the biggest overslot names on the draft list.

  38. 19 of the top 33 Picks are Signed.
    14 Unsigned atm, 5 College, 9 HS Draft Picks.

  39. 1 of the bottom 17 ‘Flyer’ Picks are Signed
    13 Unsigned atm, 2 College, 11 HS ‘Flyer’ Draft Picks.

  40. Baseball America lists Austin Wright’s official signing bonus as 125,000 in their draft database. The register can be updated.

  41. Stutes mentioned in an article the other day on Comcast Philly how he turned down a $100,000 offer after his JR year and then ended up signing for $5,000 after his SR year. lucky break for us Phils’ fans but Im sure glad he did.

  42. Musser got the start for GCL Phillies today… Interesting note the GCL has a roster maximum of 35… they have 34 on the roster at the moment… I know that can change quickly…but there is room at the Inn for at least 1 at the moment!

    Who will be the next to sign from this years draft?

    1. At this point, I think we only have one senior sign left (Campbell from UF). Then I would suspect the Phillies would work on Morgan (3rd) (slot), Wright (6th)(the post fifth round permitted max) and Giles (7th) (does he require a touch more?). Once those guys are done then since I still think Greene and Quinn are slot guys I think they would be next and then we start working on Walding, Overbey, Greene and all of the rest of the overslot guys with the signings announced at such time as the Phillies feel comfortable that they are not the outlier.

      1. Just going by the scouting reports, I’d prefer they sign catcher Riley Moore, for overslot, ahead of Walding and Overbey.

        1. Me too. But considering the Phillies spent Top 10 picks on Walding and Overbey, I suspect they believe them to be way more signable.

          1. How about better athletes and more useful to the organizational plan.Than Riler Moore. If anything the 2 IF players are less signable, seeing as Overbey is a football type and Walding can go to Oregon. IF that Moore scouting report is the one generally seen around draft time, did not see where he was considered a great athlete, more like big and strong , bats well and with power from Left Side and working on the Right- gamer, all that. , but no great mobile athlete stuff. 21 st round indicates against that. Really, they ought to sign all 3 See no generally regarded prospects at any IF or C positions till at least up to Lakewood with Duran and Maybe Pedomo, or Rupp and maybe Chace Numata at C. They should forget trying to shoe horn in the College players with limited options and concentrate on Larry Greene, Quinn, Walding, Overbey, Tyler Greene, Ryan Garvey, and Riler Moore, and maybe Dygestile-Therrien and Broden Shull. Soft pedal the rest..
            Also, if the first 2 picks are signable at slot, as stated above, and they are dragging their feet negotiating with the others then they should make some personnel adjustments.. I would think and hope they carry on negotiations with all at once. Think L. Greene and Quinn take some time also.

  43. @HighCheese
    David Murphy Phillies putting hard sell on LHP Braden Shull, 27th rd HS kid from Iowa. Had him pitch bullpen at Busch. Now watching Hamels…

    … He’s a Kansas State signee, pretty firm committment. 6-6. Delivery smooth, a lot like Hamels. Reports say secondary stuff still very raw

  44. 32nd round pick Greg Herbst out of St. Mary’s University announced his retirement already off of the Williamsport roster.

    1. From W’port Sun-Gazette:

      HERBST RETIRES: Following his one appearance in professional baseball, the Crosscutters’ Greg Herbst decided to call it a career. Herbst, a 32nd-round pick in the 2011 draft out of St. Mary’s University (Tex.), made just one appearance for the Cutters, allowing five hits and four earned runs in an inning of work against Jamestown on Tuesday.

      “Anytime someone retires, especially this early in the season and just starting their career, it’s definitely surprising,” Morandini said. “But if it’s not in his heart, it’s probably the right decision.”

    1. Thanks for the link. It’s mostly college guys in this league, so it’s hard to come to much of a conclusion on his performance.

  45. Per Mitch Rupert, who writes for the Williamsport Sun Gazette, Adam Morgan (3rd round) is in W-Port but not on the roster yet, but it means he should be signed/close to signed.

  46. Larry Greene – Side Street Dogs named a hot dog after Greene, while another restaurant, Brown Bag, named a sandwich the Larry Greene Philly Steak and Cheese, since he was drafted by Philadelphia.
    “We’re excited. We’re ready to get him started,” Larry Greene Sr. said. “I’m very proud of him. He works hard, and he deserves it. The Good Lord has looked out for him.”


  47. Phillies staying right on the 2010 slot recommendations for their 2011 picks so far. Adam Morgan is the 1st so far, to get a penny over last year’s slot. 250k puts him about 5K over. Martinez and Asche were right on the nose.
    So far the Phillies have spent 1.03 million on 5 their top 10 picks. Probably takes 2 million to to get the rest of the top 10 signed.

  48. I would have thought Larry Greene would have signed by now. Assuming they had a deal in place before drafting him.

    1. Well, Greene stated he was surprised to be drafted by the Phils, so it’s hard to imagine there was a pre-draft deal.

  49. I didn’t see that. It’s a bit surprising that they would surprise a kid by drafting him as a compensation pick. If he doesn’t sign, they’re out the pick entirely.

  50. Kolya Stephenson – First to confirm not signing. Stephenson indicated to an MLB.com reporter who called for a story on the last man taken that he would likely take a few months to decide, but needed less than a week to come up with his answer.
    “I talked with my parents a lot about it and decided to go to Alvernia to get an education,” said Stephenson in another phone interview from home. “I want to build up and get stronger through college and see what happens after that.”


  51. Larry Greene’s facebook page states that he’s now working for the Phillies and will be playing OF August 2011

  52. So, if this is the case maybe they sign some players for enough over slot that it must be waited until August , or so, to announce. Maybe there is a hint in the Garvey thing, or any others who might have been rumored but not exposed here.

      1. The first link which was earlier than the 2nd says “most likely”, the 2nd merely says they are in negotiations. Indeterminate.

        1. Isn’t it looking more and more like the Phillies do had “in-draft” deals with Greene and Quinn but that those deals were overslot and thus both Greene and Quinn know that they can’t be officially signed until into August. As of July 4th, still a ton of unsigned premium guys on our draft list. We’ve only signed 1 HS player (Rios) so far.

          1s Greene
          2 Quinn
          5 Walding
          6 Wright (this is odd IMO)
          7 Giles
          10 Overbey
          11 Greene
          15 Garvey
          17 Dygestille-Therrien
          21 Moore

          Hope we can start wrapping up some of these soon because we’re not announcing 10 deals in the last week. If we (as it appears) will be relatively timid in Latin America we need to have a good class.

  53. Zolecki says: Canadian draft picks Dygestile-Therrien and Hendriks in for a visit.

  54. News Flash, looks like Yacksel Rios is actually a SS. At least that’s what the GCL boxscore says. Hope they didn’t mix him up with Nerio Rios. If they do that it is going to mess things up for stats based speculation on those guys. Still 6’3 185 and another HS SS, that’s interesting. Look up more on Yacksel Rios on MLB Draft Tracker. see if he played SS.

  55. In the four drafts prior to 2011, the Phillies have signed between 3 and 8 draftees after this date, July 8. I assume 2011 will follow the same pattern.

    So, if we hit our average and sign 5 more players in 2011, who will they be? Can we assume both Larry Greene and Roman Quinn will sign? If we get only one to sign, then the draft looks pretty shaky. If neither signs, then the draft looks awfully weak.

    Besides Greene and Quinn, who would you want? At least two of the three shortstops, Walding, Overbey and Tyler Greene? How about at least one of the catchers, Zach Wright or Riley Moore?

    If Greene and Quinn do not sign, should the Phillies repeat 2011’s procedure and sign 3-4 high school kids at the last minute, or should they use that money to sign international players?

    I had hoped that 2-3 top prospect catchers and 3-4 top prospect shortstops would be added to the system through this draft, but the best ones may be escaping us.

    1. I’d want Walding and Moore. T. Greene appears to have great talent, but also appears to have a larger ego. Confidence is great; but the stuff I read made him sound a little over the top. Makes me wonder if he’ll be coachable.

  56. I think its fairly odd that neither Larry Greene or Quinn have signed.

    I expect two big waves of signings, maybe one in a few weeks, and then a few signings on or right before deadline day. I expect you’ll see L Greene/Quinn and a few others in that first wave, and then hopefully a few big ticket items on Aug 15th.

    1. Not having Greene or Quinn signed and playing seems very odd to me also. I really doubt that Greene or Quin would require overslot deals. In Greene’s case, it sounds like the team has already told him to report in August.
      Is this part of an organizational philosophy? Is it because the Phillies want to see how the international players fare in the GCL? I am disappointed that Greene is not in LF with Pointer in CF instead of Lavin.
      I’d like to see what Quinn can do at 2b or ss. I have to look no further than Gose as an example. He was 17 in the GCL then promoted to Lakewood at 18. Unlike the disappointing high pick Dugan who is in his 3rd pro season just at WPT.

    1. PP…what do you think the odds are off all 10 of those names signing? Especially the four SS (Quinn, Walding, T.Greene, and Overbey). If there was one who doesn’t sign who do you think it would be? If the Phils get all those 10 signed it would be a successful draft.

      1. 5% chance everyone signs. Probably less. That’s a ton of money.

        I think Tyler Greene is the least likely to sign, because he’ll have the highest bonus demands.

        LGreene, Quinn, Giles, D-T, and I’d say Overbey are good bets. I have a good feeling about Shull (though I have no real reason to back that up), and I think we’ll get one of Garvey, Moore, and Walding…probably Garvey. Who knows.

        This draft is a wildcard, because no one knows how teams are going to react in terms of spending, knowing that hard slotting might be coming. If everyone goes nuts, hopefully the Phillies follow suit and sign everyone, assuming the players do want to sign.

  57. PP if you were guessin’
    What HS picks from 34-50 could be signed?
    I know it rarely happens with HSers at the end of the Draft.

    Thanks PP!

  58. I’d love to see Tomassetti sign. Riley Moore and Tomassetti would add some quality to our minor league catching. We need them.

    Speaking of catchers, is there any chance Zach Wright will sign? I thought he would sign quickly, but nothing seems to be happening. I assume we won’t be able to sign Kyle Olson or Austin Knight, so Moore would be an important addition.

    Pitchers, shortstops and catchers – you can’t have too many good ones!

    I really appreciate everything you do. I transferred to LA five years ago so I don’t get Phillies news on local TV or radio. I go to PP several times a day to stay informed.

  59. Why would Larry Greene put on his facebook playing OF for the Phillies in August? Is there a benefit to the Phils or him by waiting?

    1. According to their local papers, L Greene and Quinn will be reporting in August. Could be they are overslot and we want to hold off on announcing it.

  60. Philadelphia Phillies signed (24th Round) RHP Matt Campbell. – As per Phillies Website.

  61. The Rockies finalized their deal with sandwich pick Trevor Story on Wednesday, signing him to a bonus of $915,000. That’s the biggest over-slot agreement so far from the 2011 draft, nearly 20 percent more than MLB’s recommendation of $764,100 for the No. 45 overall pick.

    Didn’t think he’d be an overslot guy at 45. Interesting.

  62. If the Phillies do somehow get Tyler Greene signed, I would be surprised if they got it done for anything less than $750K.

      1. Well, he showed up on the July 11th box score as a pitcher, so I’m thinking that he’s pitching.

        1. on the Cutters website he’s listed as a pitcher too. I thought it was weird but i figured I’d post it to the board to see if I was missing something. This guy sometimes overlooks things…

  63. Phillies have signed UDFA Nolan Clark a Catcher from Yavapai Junior College. Clark was actually rated by PG as being in the 11-15 round range and was a first team All American JUCO. He went undrafted perhaps because he had a scholarship to go to UVA for his junior year. He went to the same JUCO as Kenny Giles. I suspect that this cost them a high 5 figure (or maybe even low 6 figure) bonus but that is just my speculation

    1. He’ll be in uniform tonight for Williamsport, I believe. Probably an org guy at this point, but young enough to be an interesting name to watch. I can’t get in to all of the details here, but happy to have him aboard.

    2. Let’s see, in 2nd year at Junior College, did not see as he was drafted before, went undrafted. My speculation as to signing bonus, high nothing or low next to nothing.

  64. 2/11 Darbin Morel assigned to DSL Phillies from Philadelphia Phillies.
    Philadelphia Phillies signed free agent C Nolan Clark.
    07/11/11 Philadelphia Phillies signed RHP Darbin Morel.
    Philadelphia Phillies recalled Pete Orr from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
    07/07/11 Philadelphia Phillies signed RHP Matt Campbell.

  65. Found him – sorry he is a International Signing, Campbell needs to be Green up top.

    Phillies signed Darbin Morel and assigned him to DSL
    6’3″ 195, so he looks to be projectible. But he also will turn 18 in 10 days, so unfortunately he (like Arteaga a few days ago) is not likely a high profile signing.

    1. This is the 2011 draft section, the transactions section is a couple of columns over to the left.

  66. not knowing what a lot y know about draft.doesnt it seem odd a middle round guy goes undrafted.must be more to it .11 – 15 is a decent prospet isnt it?

  67. Here is an article with some quotes from Woelver:


    Of note, walked away from Wright, but reallocated the assets. Perhaps that explains Nolan Clark?

    Optimistic on Giles. Going to see Walding this weekend. Trying on Greene, Garvey, Schull. Overbey not likely. Does not sound optimistic on Hayden.

    I’ll be pretty happy if they come away with the following:


    I’d also like to see one of Riley Moore or Tomassetti, but I don’t think I can complain too much if they sign the top 2 guys, 2 of the 3 shortstops, Garvey and a few arms.

    1. And in the interest of giving credit where it is due, the idea that Nolan Clark was a replacement for Wright first came from Squire. I meant to mention that in the original post but neglected to do so.

    2. If they sign two of those SS… talk about a 180 degree flip for that position in the Phil’s system. Maybe then we can stop complaining about it, hehe.

    3. It was great for Kevin at CSNPhilly.com to write that article. Some comments:

      1. Wolever always tends to be overly optimistic about signing guys so if he is negative about someone it is not a good sign – so Overbey doesn’t seem likely.

      2. Of course Greene and Quinn will sign.

      3. It would be great to get Giles and Walding done before the August rush. Walding is not having a good summer. I wouldn’t think that would lower his price but it might lower the Phillies offer.

      4. Perhaps this is silly but I kinda think the Phillies would like the P.R. of signing Garvey so I remain optimistic.

      5. No mention of Riley Moore probably means he is not a possibility.

      1. Not silly at all. The Phillies are all about marketing their brand. The casual fan could care less about every other guy we drafted – but if you sign a guy with HOF family pedigree all of Philly takes note and gets excited.

      2. Yeah, it sounds like the Phils are unwilling to meet Overbey’s asking price and have moved on. Ditto for Brendon Haydon, the RHP from Wisconsin. I’m actually a bit more disappointed about Haydon than Overbey.

        Tyler Greene will be a tough sign, which is probably will the Phils seem to consider Walding a priority. No mention about SS Brandon Pletsch, who is also consdered a tough sign, though who knows for sure?

        Also no mention in the article about Riley Moore or Tommasetti; I would think that signing at least one of those two would be a priority for the Phils.

    4. Wolever mentions that they got a solid 2nd base prospect in Asche. I guess that means that he is not only playing there for the at bats, but they feel that 2B is his future position.

  68. wish wright didnt walk away. what i got out of it was that quinn, greene, giles. yes after that dont know

    1. The Phillies walked away from Wright.

      I take everything from the Phillies front office, whether it be Wolever or Amaro, with a grain of salt. We’ll have a bunch of signings, hopefully around August 1, and then a few more on deadline day.

  69. I think we get L. Greene, Quinn, and Giles before deadline day. Dead-line day we get one of the shortstops. I think they take decent shots at Garvey and Shull but there is very little chance in both, and we’ll be lucky to get either.

    1. I disagree with your 2nd point.

      Last year, they offered Scott Frazier more than $1M on deadline day. He turned it down. They spread $1M over 3 guys on August 15th. I’m pretty sure that Garvey wants to sign if the offer is right, and I heard plenty of positive rumblings on Shull a little while back.

      No reason to be doom and gloom on July 15.

      1. I’ll admit its July 15th and I’m feeling kinda gloomish. 1 freaking HS signed so far. Draft is more aggressive than last 2 years but we are way behind where we normally are with regard to signings.

    1. Frazier started in the Pepperdine rotation but got hurt after his first start. He was dinged for most of the year and he only made 4 starts on the year for a total of 18 innings. He had 8Ks but only gave up 2 ER (1.00 ERA).

  70. Any idea on how much was spend on the draft so far so I can estimate how much we have left to spend? Im assuming Green, Garvey and probably Quinn are done and soon will be announced. Just wondering what we might have left for Greene and friends.

  71. No official source has announced it, but my source tells me he’s going to Philly for a physical and is pretty much signing… Take it with a grain of salt

    1. If he signs, which would be great, it probably wouldn’t be announced until closer to the August 15th deadline am i right? Because they’ll have to go well above slot to sign him I’m sure.

    1. 100% on Tyler and not Larry Greene
      Here’s the quote from yesterday
      “signin go to philly tmrw for physical..”
      Also on Roman Quinn, but it’s a little more vague
      “Should be making a deal pretty soon..”

      1. That’s pretty exciting.

        PP – Do you think they’d have to break 600 to get Tyler Greene?

          1. Probably put that up as soon as he signed his LOI during his senior year. The recent add of the Phillies seems more significant to me.

          2. Also noticed that he has Easton, MD as a hometown on his page. Maryland Eastern Shore. So he does have some local ties only about 100 miles from Philly.

      2. Very cool news, sounds like he wants to get his pro career going.
        I wonder if they get T Greene and Quinn if they’ll still pursue Walding.

        1. People have been saying that Quinn is either going to be moved to 2nd or CF. So I don’t suspect that signing Quinn and Greene would stop them from pursuing Walding if they want him, plus I think I heard Walding can play 3rd, not that we didn’t draft enough 3B as well.

        2. Thy need to sign two SS. It’s a SS-rich draft and they drafted a mess of them. Sign two, increase the odds. SS are easily moved to 2B or 3B, depending on how they hit and field.

        3. I meant two in addition to Quinn, who could wind up as a CF. We need two new bona fide starting SS candidates in the system. We drafted them. Go get ’em.

  72. On Giles (7th round)- Giles continues to impress this summer. Throwing 94-98, slider is coming around and developing a great change up. Has killer splitty that he pulls out when he wants. Always has worked as a starter in summer ball. More polished than Phiilies think. Has only two hits so far this summer that were broken bat sqibbs. Pounding the zone. Big strong kid that is 6’3″ close to 200 pounds. Has 33ks in 14 innings on fastballs, sliders, change up,splitty mix. Kid is a mad man on the bump. Very fun to watch. Phillies nice job on this pick!

    1. Very encouraging. Bring him in. Guys who dominate like that are few and far between.

    2. Just curious – Agent, relative or girlfriend?
      FWIW – I really want him signed soon too.

  73. 33K’s in 14 innings is…wow. Guess he’s ready for the next level of competition!

  74. I asked T Greene on facebook if he signs, maybe he’ll respond. Probably not though…

    1. Clearwater? I’m assuming the complex leagues and not ACTUAL clearwater. That would be crazy.

  75. was tyler greene a higher prospect then 11 round if he wasnt a georgia signee. in other words was he consider a tough sign. and would have been drafted higher?

  76. Ken Giles- I am not associated with him at all. I follow all New Mexico kids closely. Just reporting the facts as I see them and get them. Have some video on him pitching at Yavapai on you tube will look for the link.

  77. Also, I’m going to wait to write up a post on Greene until we get an actual newspaper confirmation. I can imagine he’s signing for more than $500K, and it might take some time to get actual confirmation from the Phillies on this. But I feel really good about it.

    1. Have you seen the new proposed draft rules for spending in the NFL? Do you think that could work in the MLB draft, just with a different spending amount?

  78. Fantastic news about Tyler Greene, but doesn’t that make it even more odd that Larry greene and Quinn aren’t “confirmed”, and yet TG is? Wonder how overslot they went.

    1. Yeah that’s what’s confusing me about this and what, no offense to anyone, makes me suspicious. Why would this deal be acknowledged but not the top 2 picks?

      1. Unless I missed some information, it sounds like only Tyler Greene has acknowledged his signing…not the Phillies. Larry Greene and to a lesser extent Roman Quinn have hinted around about it…but in all cases nothing from the Phillies.

        1. It may be that the club is waiting for the Phillies to return and announce it on an off day instead of head-to-head with Worley’s and Rollins’ great game. After all this helps the club’s publicity too.

  79. If they walked away from Wright, is Riley Moore in play again? Most signs at draft time pointed to him being signable, but there hasn’t been much buzz since.

    1. Wright is slot college catcher. I doubt he has any impact on a decision to go after an over-slot, HS catcher. It’s more likely that college catcher, Logan Moore impacted pursuing Wright.

  80. Speculative question: What does a T. Greene signing indicate about Phils’ commitment to signing another SS prospect (other than Quinn), such as Walding, Overbey, or Pletsch. First, it steers those guys away from signing into a situation where they are not guaranteed playing time or might be shifted to another position. Second, If, for example, a signing of $750K is made public (halfway in PP’s speculated range of $500K to $1M), negotiations could be jeopardized with the other guys. So the signing, if made public, might suggest Phils are doing only this one, in addition to Quinn. It could be they got the guy they want, so forget the other three. Just a possibility that suggests itself. Let me know if there are other factors that make this unlikely, because I think it might be the likeliest scenario.

    I think it’s important that they get one more SS for the following reasons. 1) This is a draft rich in HS SSs and Phils drafted plenty of them. Make the draft meaningful. 2) Quinn’s fielding fundamentals have been questioned–one scout said he “stabbed at the ball.” So maybe Quinn is moved to CF or 2B. 3) Numbers game. They are weak in this area, injuries or unexpected performance droughts happen. Up the odds that we get a good one to the majors in 4-5 years. 4) Good fielding SSs who can hit somewhat always provide depth in other areas, most often 2B.

    Go get another one! But I am not optimistic.

    1. Some scouting reports say that both Tyler Green and Mitchell Walding will most likely have to move from SS to 3B. So the Phillies may not get a SS from any of the Quinn, Greene, Walding group. Either way, it’s good to sign Shortstops. They are the best athletes.

      1. Agreed on the athletes point of view. And they’re easier to have swith positions (Robin Yount to CF etc). Get a few in the later rounds like this year, take a shot at signing and then let them work it out on the field as to who plays where. Some will not make it, some can move to CF, 2B, 3B etc.

  81. I think the Phillies could easily develop two SS’s concurrently. Neither one (because of the late signing period) is likely to play this year. Or at best might see a few games. Next season whichever one of the two is deemed the more advanced hitter would play at Williamsport. The other would play at GCL. Then you just keep moving them up 1 level a year. I think it’s more important for SS’s to be in the field everyday than a 1B/OF so I don’t think having them both on the same team splitting time using the DH/SS is the best option.

  82. Hi, All. I’m a fervent reader at PP, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented before. However, I got a chance to see Mitchel Walding play in a WCL game in Corvallis, OR, today, and I thought I’d pass on my impressions. I’m not a scout, by any means, just a fan, so keep that in mind as you read this.

    The first thing I noticed was that Walding was a head above most of the other players on the field (mostly D1 college guys playing summer ball) with a lean, athletic build. Just based on his appearance alone, I would have said he was likely a different breed of athlete than most of the other players in the game.

    At the plate, his setup was mostly quiet, and he had a nice swing, not real compact like Utley’s swing, but also not real long like Pat Burrell’s. He had a good night at the dish, going 2-3 with a HR, a 1B, a BB, and a K looking. The HR was a solo shot and came in his first PA. It was a hard-hit 350′ ball over the right field wall. The BB came after falling behind 0-2 in his second PA. The 1B was a hard line drive over the second-baseman’s head in his 3rd PA. Unfortunately, the K came in the 9th inning with no outs and a runner on first with his team down 4-2. All 4 PAs came against LHPs (Walding bats LH).

    He seemed to show good base running instincts when he was on base. For example, after his BB with him on third and another runner on second with one out, he was going on contact on a ball chopped to the second-baseman, who was playing in. The second-baseman threw home, and Walding would have been out by a good margin, but he got himself in a rundown that allowed the other runners to advance to second and third.

    He had a mostly good game in the field. He did have one error on a ball that was hit fairly slowly to deep SS. It looked like he simply tried to hurry up and throw the ball before he actually had it, and the ball ended up bouncing off the end of his glove. Even if he had made the play, it probably would have been close at first base, since the ball was hit slowly and he was playing deep, but it was an error nonetheless. Otherwise, he made some nice plays at SS, including 3 or 4 very nice ones ranging in on slow choppers over the mound. He also made one nice strong throw from deep in SS that was a strike right to the first baseman. His lateral range was never tested in this game, so I can’t say much about that.

    All in all, I came away impressed by Walding. He seemed like a player with potential on both sides of the ball. I can’t say much about whether or not he could stick at SS long-term, but he did seem to play the position comfortably well, despite the error. After seeing him play, I hope the Phillies make a solid effort to get him signed and into the organization. He would definitely be someone we could be excited about as we watched him progress.

  83. Now that Greene’s signed, get Walding in. He will be a great alternative to Quinn/Greene at SS, Ashe at 2B, Martinzez at 3B. A lot happens in 4 years. Sign all of the high-celing IFers you can.

    1. Thanks for the review and I hope we can sign him as you can never have enough talented infielders.

  84. By alternative, I did not mean better player, just another high-ceiling option to improve the odds.

  85. Tyler Greene should be in green now. BA has announced his signing bonus as $375,000. Which is 3rd Rd money, but considerably less than what we’ve posted on what he would be expected to get, somewhere between $500,000 to $1 mill.

    1. Wow, I’m shocked it’s that low. Hopefully, that means they’ll have extra cash for going after Walding.

      1. Yeah, based on the previous chatter, I figured it would take at least $700k to sign Tyler Greene. I guess his commitment to UGa wasn’t as strong as most thought.

  86. That signing bonus is a bit of a stunner. Much lower than expected. Maybe they’ll be able to sign someone extra because of it.

    1. Hard to know before he plays – though if I had to guess simply based on draft slot that he would be in the 20-30 range. But that is a giant guess. It really is hard to rank any new draftees before they play a significant amount, and 50 at bats at GCL is really not enough to know. Every draft should produce at least a half dozen top 30 types if not more, but sometimes it takes a couple of years to identify who those might be beyond the top couple of picks. For example, Kevin Walter is reputed to have the talent to be top 30 or better. But since he has not played we just don’t know. We are finally getting a feel for a Kelly Dugan – fringe top 30 at best – after close to 3 years in the system.

  87. I think the amounts of the bonus were just an overestimation of what it would take, on our part. 375k is good for a HS position player. Jonathan Singleton was similarly ranked to Tyler Greene as a HS player, but he only got 200k. College position players’ odds of getting drafted in the 1st round (to get big money) are very slim.
    Considering a guy like Harold Martinez just got 385k (and he was a similar or better talent than Tyler Greene coming out of HS) Greene may have maximized his bonus, while giving himself the chance to get to the majors as fast as possible.

    1. Singleton was ranked much lower than Greene in a draft that was not as deep (196th vs. 83rd by BA, respectively). Singleton also does not play a premium defensive position.

      I think it’s a fair bonus for Greene. Based on reading an article or two, it seems like he never intended to go to college and has been preparing his whole life to be a professional baseball player. Hence, he was probably more willing than anticipated to sign. He and his family know how the draft works due to his brother’s experience. They did what they could to drive up his stock and their perceived bonus expectations. Good work by the Phils to get him signed and congrats to Greene on becoming a pro. Personally I’m a little skeptical, but it sounds like he has some raw ability so let’s hope it turns out well for him and the Phils.

    2. It wasn’t an overestimation on our part. Every rating outlet had him ranked in the Top 100, and it was indicated pre-draft that he’d be a tough sign. He slid to the 11th round because of his college commitment. The Phillies obviously did their homework on him and knew that he wouldn’t require first round money to sign.

      I’m going to make some updates tonight on the site, including putting his name in green.

  88. I was checking out different articles on Tyler Green yesterday and came across a interview he did with someone from Pinstripes. I dont know how to give the link (sorry). I read the interview and was amazed at how much confidence he has. It comes across as cocky but you have to love the standards he has set for himself. He trained with kids training for nfl combine and he said he was running a 4.4 forty and could beat most of the d backs in the 60. If you can find the article its an interesting read.

      1. Hard to judge a kid without eye balling him.
        As a coach etc for over 40 years I have to say that I value spirit, focus, ambition etc very highly.
        On the other hand, expressing it, places a rod around your neck that can become overwhelming.
        Without talking to him i would say that what we have here is a marketing job.
        Signing early tells me he is not so confident internally.

      2. I thought his answers were comical as well. But he’s only 18 years old. When he is 25, he might look back on the text of that interview and cringe or laugh a little at himself.

      1. That was last updated a month ago. I don’t trust that alone as a source on Quinn signing. I do think the Phillies will sign him or have but haven’t announced, but I don’t put faith in that article.

  89. Not counting Tyler Green – How many left of the top 34 rounds do you think we will sign?
    There are 13 currently unsigned.

    1. Why stop at the top 34 rounds? Hayden (RHP, round 36) and Tomasetti (C, round 46) appear to be legit prospects as well, though both are thought to be tough signs.

    2. If the past is any guide, the Phillies will sign between 5 and 9 of the remaining players. the last three years they left 4, 5 and 8 unsigned in the top 34 draft picks.

    3. If the past is any guide, the Phillies will sign between 5 and 9 of those drafted in the top 34 rounds. The last three years they left 5, 4 and 8 players unsigned fro the top 34 rounds.

    4. Sorry for the double posting and the Anonymouis. It was I. I am using a different browser today.

  90. I’m guessing L Greene, Roman Quinn, Kenny Giles, either Walding or Overbey not both, Garvey, Shull and Riley Moore -more like wish list….I think Phils would be happy. I’m hoping by signing T. Greene to only 375 K that saves money for Shull and Riley Moore

  91. Hey, not sure if this is the place to ask his, couldn’t think of a better thread. Will repost if it belongs elsewhere. What do minor leaguers ‘make’ a year? After the initial signing bonuses, they do make an annual salary, right? What is it? Do they differ widely? What determines them? Just curious.

    1. I would recommend reading through the Michael Schwimer posts link above. They have a ton of great information for what you are looking for.

  92. I think Larry Greene has already agreed to terms based on his FB page showing the Phillies as his employer. I think Quinn will sign on Wednesday. He said today that he thought Philadelphia was a beautiful city and that he’s got a big and busy day Tuesday. I don’t think either Overbey or Walding sign; and I don’t think they will be big losses. Quinn, Tyler Greene, Martinez and Asche were the keys to the MI guys IMO. I think we get Giles signed, maybe Garvey and possibly Shull sign as well. What I do not understand is the Phillies have finally added Tyler to the GCL roster with no number and he’s sitting. I don’t understand how long they will just have him sit. I also don’t understand if they have had an agreement with L. Greene and Quinn in place for some time why they wait until Monday to bring Roman in, and who knows when they bring Larry in. I also don’t understand why they are so silent and secretive on what they are doing and who they are signing.

  93. Roman Quinn is in Philly today, probably to take a physical and sign his pro contract. He and Larry Greene were talking on facebook about how Larry needed to get up there, he said he’ll be up there soon. How soon? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Kind of surprised it’s taking so long but I really don’t know how much over slot if any the Phils will need to go for these guys, if they aren’t going over slot why would it take so long?

  94. The whole thing is kind of strange, but I’m 100% sure both LG and Quinn will sign, so I haven’t even really worried about it. It would have been nice to get them ABs in the GCL, but its not the end of the world, and if both guys have been working out, I think both could get a handful of ABs before the season ends. They’ll both head to the FIL when the season is over (I’m presuming) and that will give us a good idea of where they are.

  95. The only surprise to me is if they dont announce greene and quinn this week,. the other overslot guus are starting to sign. if you read mlb.trade rumors.Phillies I really believe were trying not to be first to announce, not to get the commissioner on there back. now they can say look at so and so they did it just a opinion

  96. I think it’s forgotten at times how important FIL is, in some cases, more important than the first season in GCL. From past cases, high-profile signees can come into GCL and fail, just as easily as flourish. First exposure to pros, guys already locked in, the layoff waiting to sign, etc. FIL is a place where they begin with fundamentals and build the player from the ground up. Then they go our and play 25 or 30 games, whatever it is, and apply what they learned. Following the recommended winter workout regime, and then XST the following spring can build on that for guys who need fundamental training. That process is huge, IMO, and often more important than GCL right after signing.

    That said, with guys who are fundamentally sound and dominant talents, GCL can kickstart their careers and maybe send them to SS A or A- the next year.

  97. From the early articles posted on this page, articles from CSNPhilly and their own FB pages, my best guess is that Greene, Quinn and Garvey have all signed and it has not been announced. Maybe because the bonuses are large, maybe because they are working on signing as many draft picks as possible this year taking advantages of the pending changes to the format in the future.

    I think they will also get it done with Shull, Wright, Therrian & Walding.

    Leaving Giles, Overbay & Moore as the ones that got away from the top 30 picks. The only name I heard mentioned in articles from the remaining 31-50 was Hayden, so that leads me to believe they working hard on a deal with him… The rest leave me with little optimism.

      1. Jim Salisbury just tweeted Quinn is taking BP at CBP but still remains unsigned although the Phils are very hopeful.


  99. from BA:
    Joe (DE): Is anyone else surprised that all it took to sign Tyler Greene was 375? Had that number been known would he have dropped to the 11th round?

    Jim Callis: I was a little surprised. At the same time, while he has an impressive array of shortstops, he was so inconsistent offensively and defensively on the showcase circuit and as a high school senior, so I don’t think teams knew exactly what to make of him. Not surprised at all that it was the Phillies who popped him. Definitely worth a $375,000 investment.

  100. Ryan Garvey has been tearing it for the Palm Spring Power which says a lot since is the only non-college player on the team. They actually list him as a Fr on the roster but we all know that he has not actually start college yet at USC. He is fifth on team in BA (.379), tied for lead in Hr (3), and leads the team in RBI’s (23). All that and he has only played in about half of the games. 37 games played and he has played in 21 and started in 18.

    http://www.palmspringspowerbaseball.com … central-2/

    1. mike, thanks for finding/sharing.

      I put Garvey & one of the catchers on top of my wish list of the remaining guys still unsigned (I’m assuming Green/Quinn are locks). Overbey/Walding would be nice but we’ve signed nice cashe of IFs and another power bat in the system sounds enticing to me.

    2. They list players by the year they will be entering in the Fall. So everyone listed as a Sophmore just finished their Freshman year.

    1. Nice to see him get in a groove like he did with 4 outs. Unless he goes to USC. Then I take it back.

      Also, sorry to hear some kid in the crowd “knows better than” to pick up stuff off the ground, yet clearly, is still picking stuff up off the ground. He knows better…

  101. was over to watch GCL phillies and saw T.Greene play he looked good in his second appearance….also intriguing was to see Shull touring the facility…..is there something brewing?????????

      1. Lets Hope So!!! Sign em’ all to replenish and give us all the fun of following 🙂

    1. I just checked and he hasn’t played in the last 5 games. Prior to that he was playing every day. An overactive imagination like mine can get excited about something like that…

  102. $500,000 signings are starting to be announced this week. We might finally have some movement with our picks.

  103. In addition to the obvious 2, I want Walding, Giles and Shull. Garvey is the icing.

  104. Ryan Garvey- Like Jim Carey said on Dumb & Dumber…Your telling me there is still a chance!


    The future baseball career of former Palm Desert High School right fielder Ryan Garvey is still up in the air, according to the recent graduate.
    Drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 15th round and also offered a baseball scholarship from USC, Garvey says he is still torn.
    “I’ve been thinking about it pretty hard,” Garvey said. “I love them both and we’ll see what comes from (Philadelphia). It’s a win-win situation and I’m just thankful I can be in the position of being a USC Trojan or being a Philly.”
    Garvey plans to travel to Philadelphia and meet with members of the Phillies’ organization Aug. 11.
    “I’ll see what they have to offer and meet the whole squad out there and take practice the first day, meet with the head guys and discuss what the plan is,” he said.

  105. Roman Quinn – Just a reminder.. I posted this previously.. It is now August!

    Former Port St. Joe Tiger Shark Baseball standout Roman Quinn has been in decision mode for the last couple of days.
    Quinn was selected 66th overall in this years draft by the Philadelphia Phillies. A couple of months ago Quinn signed a letter of intent to play baseball with Florida State, but after a lot of deliberation Quinn has decided he would like to play Pro ball.
    Quinn said Tuesday, he will most likely be heading to Clearwater this August to workout with one of the Phillies farm teams.

  106. Michell Walding – Will the Phils meet his price?

    I talked to the Phillies, and they said they’re going to watch me through the summer thing and depending on well I do (they’ll make me an offer),” Walding said.

    Walding said he could have gone in the second round, but made it clear to the teams interested in him at that spot that he wasn’t willing to settle for second-round money (between $500-600,000). Instead the Phillies – along with the Red Sox and Twins, he said – expressed a willingness to offer more despite taking him later.

    “The teams that could afford what I wanted, which is in the first-round kind of money, said, ‘We’ll take you later on. We have to pay off the first-, second-, third- and fourth-round guys, but then we’ll try and get you your money,'” Walding said

    1. I’m guessing he’s signed. He stopped playing for his summer league team in late July. His team has been off for a week, we’ll see if he’s back in the lineup for their next game.

  107. Is it too much to ask for a couple deals soon so the Phillies aren’t put in the uncomfortable position of having to close 6-8 deals in the last day

    1. One of those deals was done yesterday (Kenny Giles) according to CSN’s Kevin Czerwinski in an interview with Marty Woliver. Just posted on their website.

      1. http://www.csnphilly.com/08/05/11/Phillies-confident-theyll-sign-top-3-dra/landing_onthepharm.html?blockID=546259&feedID=2571

        Woelver sounds optimistic on Greene, Quinn and Walding. Also expressed some optimism on Garvey and Dygestile-Therrien, and mentioned that there are other late round possibilities.

        After the top 2, Garvey is the guy that I would like to see the most, and maybe even more than those guys, since they would return a comp pick.

        Still no word on Riley Moore, but then again, there was not much discussion of guys like Pointer and Cosart in years past.

        1. Great news on Giles. Only thing I didn’t like was hearing that everyone after the French Canadian seems to be an “only if someone else up front doesn’t sign” contingency. I was hoping to add Shull and or Hayden.

          But if they get Greene, Quinn, Walding, Giles and Garvey – we did really well.

          1. Kenny Giles signed last night aand Wolever says he is confident on signing. Greene, Quinn, and Walding.

          2. I agree with squire. Gosh. Giles, Walding, Quinn, and Greene would be great. Garvey would be outstanding. Shull even more outstanding. This is beginning to feel like it might be one of the more impressive draft classes we’ve seen.

        2. I was surprised to read that Malcolm will be back next year. Assuming we’ve signed TGreene, Walding, and Quinn as SSs, where will these four all play? Perhaps Walding will play 3B from the get-go?

        3. I had someone that knows the kid tell me that it’s not gonna happen with Moore. Sounded like a dead situation.

  108. Also Wolever stated that Overbey’s asking way too much and that they are not negotiating with him anymore. Also said if they cannot get LG, RQ, and/or MW done they will go after someone at the back end of the draft. Garvey is also someone they may sign, as well as the P from Quebec. Very encouraging to say the least.

    1. RE: “…they will go after someone at the back end of the draft.”

      Hopefully means Tomassetti.

      1. Nice alternative to not getting Moore. Right now, looks like Moore might be the better prospect. Bt as we know, that can change fast. Tomassetti would be a real nice sign and add something to the catching pipeline.

    2. That comment about Overbey seemed a little over the line. That negotiation must have gone poorly. Sounds like there are hard feelings on Wolever’s part.

      1. I had a similar reaction. It’s not much to go on, but Wolever’s comment makes me think that the Phils feel misled or maybe that Overbey’s asking price was a moving target (in the wrong direction). However, such things are hardly unheard in these negotiations.

  109. One of the guys they will try to sign at the back part of the draft is Brett Maggard.

    1. Maggard would be signed, I guess, so that every team in the system could have an equivalent of Joe Savery?

  110. I think the Phillies will sign the following players within the next ten days: Greene, Quinn, Walding, Giles, Jesen Dygestile-Therrien, Shull,Maggerd, and Tomassetti. If I’m correct, what grade would you give our draft?

  111. didnt pp say there was a problem he wouldnt go into with moore, and the phillies walked away??

  112. So we are about a week left till the deadline for draft signees. Who will be the first to sign? How many will we get? My guess is the will try to get Greene and Quinn signed early in the week. Then concentrate on some of the harder signs like Walding, Garvey, Shull, and the French kid.

    1. Great report received on IA 6’6 LHP Shull over the weekend, Pitched in the Iowa Valley League State Championship this is a semi pro league/college league. He pitched a complete game with 7IP 1 run allowed on 4 hits and had 12 K’s. Sat 87-91 according to phillies gun. We have to sign this kid!

  113. GAH!!! How many times a day to I have to check here before the phillies reward my borderline psychotic obsession?!?!?

    1. I know what you mean. This has been my 10th visit today and its probably only going to get worst until the 15th.

    2. the worst i keep checkin on my phone and for some reason i have to scroll down…it takes forever…i used to be able to decrease size to save time but something switched…but i keep checking from work…lol

  114. Based on 2010 slot recommendations, 850k and 600k seemed like reasonable expectations for signing Larry Greene and Roman Quinn, the 39th and 66th pick. Seems comparable picks are getting more than that though. Toronto just signed the 35th pick, a power hitting HS OF, to 990K. Cam Gallagher, the 65th pick, just signed for 775K. If those HS position players received that, it seems reasonable that Greene and Quinn would want 925K and 750K.
    Seems the Phillies could bend for the extra 200K, seeing as though they saved at least that much on Tyler Greene.

  115. The Phillies have signed seventh-round pick Kenny Giles to a contract with a $250K bonus, reports Baseball America’s Jim Callis (Twitter link). Giles, a high-schooler who had committed to the University of Arizona, “has touched 99 mph with his fastball.”

  116. So how much $$$ is left to sign other guys like Shull/Walding?
    Assuming all the above high dollar figures are correct and Tyler Greene signed for $375 and Giles for $250, while putting aside. $1.6 million for the top 2 picks, is there anything left?

    Does anyone expect anyone else? I just think given the draft budget recently, they might be done after that.

      1. that should leave plenty to sign the rest …Shull, Garvey, walding, JDT….could give them all 300,000 and have some left over…..

        1. I’d be pleasantly suprised if Garvey and Walding settled for 300k each. I believe if that was the case they would already be in Clearwater.

      2. My impression is that when Amaro sets the draft budget – that’s it. No additional monies are allocated to it in season so I don’t think the Astros 2 million is going into draft signings. Rather it is to help cover the cost of Pence for the rest of this season.

        1. well if thats the case then what do we have left? did we budget 4 mil 5 mil 6 mil? does anyone know?

          1. I doubt anyone knows. Last year we spent about 3.9 million I think. At best I would think the budget was 4.5 this year based on the extra pick we had in comparison to last year.

        2. Primarily to cover the cost of Pence, but it was also to avoid the luxury tax. I have to hope that there is some flexibility that might land a Garvey type bat above their original budget. Still looks like they will have a tough time going over $4 million total at this point, which should once again place them near the bottom of MLB for the 3rd straight year unfortunately.

        3. Hasn’t it been said that the Phillies don’t necessarily have a draft budget… just that they have an idea of what guys are worth and don’t go too far over it?

  117. Here is the way they should do it, and the way all teams should do it, and, I believe, do do it. You balance the demand/requests of the amateur player, compare it to the possible benefit of the players potential contribution, and factor in the likelihood of said player reaching that potentilal and act accordingly. Who said there even is a set budget? The “we save money” theory based upon the difference between actual monies spent and the projections of amateur prognosticators on the internet, and adjustments to the MLB payroll (which should be a separate budget) should be considered as a paralel streams to the draft signings issue.

    1. Agree – but the organization also needs to look at it needs. They should also be willing to spend a little more if they need to fill certain positions with in the organization to make sure they have quality prospects to fill that need at the ML level when the time comes. For instance, this year they drafted a few middle infielders, but it would have all been wasted if they didn’t step and sign a few of the guys to over slot deals.

    2. If draft pick X thinks hes a first round talent worth $1M and the Phillies think he’s more of a third round talent worth $350K, that’s a big gap to cross. The Phillies look at every draft pick, try assess what they will become and what they will be worth, and then offer accordingly.

      Most players don’t sign because they feel they will be better prospects in 3 years and will be in line for a much higher draft bonus. Its the nature of the beast, its how the industry works. The Phillies aren’t just trying to “save money”, they are trying to avoid paying more for a prospect than they think he’s worth. They offered Scott Frazier more than $1M last year, and it wasn’t enough. That’s his choice. The Phillies are realistic in the process, and they don’t pay more than they are comfortable paying.

      1. Since the Scott Frazier situation is over and done with now, perhaps you could speak a little more about that situation (or situations like it). How does it get to the point where the club and the player are so off on their evaluations of what will get the deal done? If the org. knows they are unable to meet the bonus demands, why draft the player?

        Does the org. just figure they’ll take a flier and hope the player comes to his senses? Does the player change his mind after the draft? Something else? (Obviously every situation is different, but perhaps you could speak in a general sense about what usually causes these breakdowns.)

        1. Sometimes players tell teams before the draft that they want X, and then when the team offers X, they ask for Y. This is what happened with Brandon Workman.

          I don’t know the specifics on the Frazier situation, only that he was offered 7 figures, which is back end of the first round money and he wanted more. Maybe he told them he didn’t want that much pre-draft, then had people in his ear telling him to ask for more. Or maybe he just really wanted to go to college. This is what happened with G. Cole a few years ago. The Yankees offered him top 5 overall money at the end of the first round and he just wanted to go to UCLA. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,

        2. Wouldnt someone like Frazier benefit from signing out of HS so he can get his pro career started right away? Going to college means hes at least 3 years from starting in the minors but if he went straight to the minors he could be pro ready by then. This is one thing I dont understand

          1. Don’t forget, these guys are kids, 17 or 18 years old. Some people just want or need to go to college. Worked out pretty good for Chase Utley, and the Phillies are not complaining.

  118. Are the Phillies scheduled to meet with Ryan Garvey while everyone is in LA this week ? There is not much activity on our best picks and the deadline is approaching.

  119. A group of picks will be coming to Philadelphia this weekend for a workout. I know of one guy for sure, but was asked not to mention it here, only that he would be willing to sign if the money is right. The Phillies will work everyone out, give them the tour, and then see who is willing to meet in the middle on the asking price.

      1. You’d be surprised to see who reads this site.

        We’ll all know in a week anyway. We’ve waited this long, no sense betraying someone’s confidence now

  120. well we know garvey is coming for sure the 11 th. the other is tomasetti thats all i believe are coming

        1. Yes – i think this is right – we are meeting with Garvey on the 11th. We are hosting a handful of guys here in Philly over the weekend (so sometime during the 12-14th).

    1. If they are locked up I’m not understanding why they aren’t playing. We know the slot for those guys and it should be fairly easy to know what the slot should be. I can’t imagine the Phillies drafting guys they don’t think they can sign in the 1st 2 rounds. They shouldn’t be taking this long to sign when they will need the action in the GCL to get acclimated to minor league life. The longer they take to sign the longer it’ll take to get them moving up the system.

        1. Yes but supplemental 1st Rd guys are signing and that’s where Larry Greene was drafted.

      1. Justin, they may be already signed but the almighty Commissioners Office has to give their holy blessing to the deal. As far as we know they may be working out in the Clearwater facility.

  121. I know it’s about money, but since 2007 the Phills have signed at least 30 players they drafted.
    2007- 30 signed
    2008- 36 signed
    2009- 34 signed
    2010- 40 signed

    They have 24 players signed. Assuming Greene and Quinn sign that’s 26. Again it’s not numbers but the $$$ and I do realize that the Phills had an extra 2nd rounder but just matching up the high bonuses dealt out last year the Phills seem to have another $250k to play with after both Greene’s, Quinn, and Giles. jI’m just hoping they sign 2 or 3 of these guys and not just 1.

  122. Sam Soap –

    Just call Jesen Dygestile-Therrien “D-T”
    “D-T takes the sign from Ruiz. The Windup, and the Pitch… Strike Three! D-T Breaks the Major League Record for Saves by a Rookie!”

    “Yeah! YEEEEAH!!! YES!” ~ screams Larry Anderson – Make sure you always listen to the Radio Play by play, it’s much better than the TV crew.

    1. DT…lol…i wont tell you what went thru my stupid head….I agree I hate listening to Wheeler on the tv broadcasts

    1. Do you have any idea on how much more you think they’d be willing to spend?

      Off-topic:What the hell happened to your twitter? Hijacked

      1. well anyone heard anything yet??? any eyes out there seeing something new? or ears against the glass……

  123. Confirmed Walding and his parents are in town. Meeting with the Phillies tomorrow, maybe signing.
    If so, Good news for the Phillies. What an outstanding high school ss.

    1. Glad to hear it. I guess I was presumptuous assuming a deal was done. I hope they get him done! It’s a long way to travel to say no…

      And with T Greene, Quinn, and him, I think he’s headed for 3B.

      1. That could well be. But we have the luxury of having it play out naturally. The guy who shows the most value at SS gets the most playing time there at one level. Then we have the choice of putting the more advanced of the three at a higher level (for example, TGreene at W’port next year, Quinn at GCL). Then Quinn could move to 2B or CF, IMO, despite Phillies statements that they got him as a SS. Not saying that will happen or it should happen, just laying out options. Agree that Walding could move to 3B or even 2B. Depends on how well he fields at SS and how well he hits. If he is a true masher, 3B looks like a good spot. If he is a good, not great, hitter, maybe there’s more value at 2B. And these decisions should have absolutely zero to do with the big team, Utley, Rollins, Polanco, etc. Simply put each guy at his ideal value position and let him develop.

        Oh yeah, we have to sign Quinn and Walding first!

  124. I’d still like to get an educated opinion as to why so many of these guys have just been biding time. It seems as if Greene and Quinn said from the beginning that they will wait until August. I did not get any impression the negotiations had come to any kind of standoff. Two things come to mind. Those guys wanted some time off to chill d=from their HS season and the draft fanfare. And/or they let the Phils know AFTER the draft that they had re-evaluated their own value and Phils said let’s play it slow and see who gets what in the draft, thinking maybe these guys would get a better perspective over time. Anything else operating here?

    Oh, and I want every piece of candy behind the glass, please, Two Grade A chocolates, three Mary Janes, four strawberry licorices, a marshmallow catcher’s mitt, etc. etc. Phils, you drafted them, you traded away some good prospects, now stock up!

    1. Read somewhere that Larry Greene will be in Florida with the GCL team next Thursday—that is not confirmed however.

    2. Not really an educated opinion, but this is just the way things are done. Everybody has noticed (players/agents) that the longer they wait, the more money they get. Many guys haven’t even begun negotiating yet (Gerrit Cole, the #1 overall pick, the most famous non-negotiator to this point). It’s just the way the business works. There are rumblings for moving the date up from August 15 to July 15, but GM’s (who do most of the negotiating with the first round picks because of the money involved) have enough other crap to deal with in July.

      1. Exactly. It is really simple; generally speaking, the longer you wait the more money you get. This is their only payday for at least the next 3-4 years, and maybe their only one ever. You max it out however you can.

        The only reason a player would agree to a predraft deal is because the team in that situation is more or less agreeing to overdraft you, in return for you agreeing ahead of time to a number, which is higher than you’d get if you let the draft play out in its normal course.

  125. Anybody else feeling a tad less excited about this crop? To me there’s no Frazier or Colvin in this group – a guy that everyone agrees is really good and would make or break the draft.

    The guy who is closest to that for me is Giles just because his upside sounds huge. But he is no sure thing. I suppose L Greene ought to be that guy and maybe I’m not giving him enough credit. It just feels like in past years we always had at least one guy that all sources agreed could be special, whereas this year we have lots of tools (as per usual) but no real top-end guy. Am I alone on this one?

    1. I actually think the exact opposite. We really don’t have that Hewitt, Hudson type player that we hope will eventually figure out how to play baseball. Maybe Quinn might fill that role but Greene, Walding, Martinez, Garvey all look like they have an affinity for playing the game.

      1. I too get the impression that these guys are somewhat less raw than the two you mention. But I feel like there’s no one guy who is both not raw AND has big upside.

    2. I think you might be having this feeling because that “guy” was already signed and has been playing in GCL for 3 weeks now.

      1. From everything I’ve read about T Greene, he was all over the map as an amateur, sometimes looking great and sometimes looking very raw. I think he is a project for sure and definitely not on the same level as a Colvin or Frazier. Heck, BA rated him below L Greene and Quinn.

    3. FWIW, Larry Greene, Roman Quinn, and Tyler Greene were all rated higher this year than Frazier and Biddle were last year by Baseball America. And this year was stronger than last year. It may just be perception because there are no big time pitchers in this Phillies draft class.

      1. Fair enough. Thanks for the perspective to you and PP. Perhaps I got overly excited about Frazier last year. Go Greenes!

      2. I think that’s probably accurate. Giles is the big arm of the group and is a real wildcard. If his newfound ability to throw strikes is real, then he could be a huge find in the 7th round. None of the later arms are really #1 type starters, but a bunch of them have intriguing upside and projection.

        The weird thing is, the Phillies have been going big on arms the last few years, and so when deadline day arrives we’re expecting more pitchers signed. This year, the focus was almost entirely on bats, which is a welcomed change. However, we didn’t take a ton of the guys that BA/PG hyped up, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem as “exciting”….then again, BA didn’t rank Domonic Brown prior to the draft, and Cosart was considered an afterthought before deadline day.

  126. I have that feeling about the 2010 draft that it isnt going to yield much, and not excited so far on this draft. but things can change.

    1. 2010? Really? If Biddle alone comes close to his ceiling and no one else does anything, that draft was worth it. A young lefty like him can carry an organization a long way.

      I also am intrigued by Morgado, Buchanan, Rupp, Knigge, Pointer and Pettis. Just way too soon to give up.

      As far as this draft is concerned: Our best picks Giles, Quinn, Greene haven’t even played yet so how can we really get down on them? I actually have think this could be a really good draft and if the Phills surprise us and spend then who knows. Just way too early.

      Not to mention, some of these kids might get traded for current players. I mean isn’t Matthew Spencer And Josh Outman worth more because they netted Blanton for the ’08 run?

    2. It all depends on who they get signed. This draft has a chance to be as good or better than 2009 and 2010…but again…it all depends on their draft budget this year and what is allows them to to do…or not do.

    3. I disagree.

      I think Biddle will certainly be the centerpiece, but I think Rupp, Morgado, Buchanan, Claypool, Musser, Pointer, and possibly Nesseth have a shot at contributing to the big leagues. And maybe Gauntlett, Garner and Walter if they can get healthy. Still lots to like out of the 2010 draft.

  127. We need to sign as many players as possible because the Astros have a decent 3B that we will need from then when Polanco is done.

  128. MikeMike,

    If you are talking the 2010 draft specifically, I admit that outside of Biddle I am not super excited so far either. David Buchanan had some nice outings. As has Eric Pettis. Pointer has been pretty good, but not dominating at GCL. Rupp started below the Mendoza line, but seems to have turned it around, but also not dominant. It would be nice to see some more power from him. Morgado had flashes but only 38 innings pitched this season.

    I still am holding out hope for some more of those guys to develop, but I don’t think there is any doubt that some of the key prospects from the 2010 draft class overall have been injured, had a very slow start, or been thoroughly average so far (Garner, Eldemire, Numata, Malcolm, Hollands, Walter, Musser, etc).

    I think 2012 will be pretty important for alot of these guys. Especially a guy like Gauntlett Eldemire. He can’t afford to be MIA 3 years in a row I don’t think.

  129. Agree on Garner. He has not had a chance to show how good he can be. Also still hoping for something out of Sasaki. If we get Quinn, L. Greene, Walding and Garvey signed I will call this a successful draft, although I am starting to question whether or not Quinn joins the organization based on his lack of indication on his FB page. On another front I cannot see anyway possible for the Phillies to have Colvin #1 of their top ten prospects on their official page.

  130. Developing prospects can take a long time. Young players are often erratic and can look great one day and terrible a day later. They can’t seem to do anything right at times, and when that happens it’s easy to assume they are never going to be any good.

    Larry Bowa made 24 errors and batted .242 as a 23 year old shortstop at AA Reading in 1968. Two years later, he was playing shortstop in the National League. The Phillies were patient enough to let him play, even when Reading may have been a better team if they had signed a journeyman infielder to replace him.

    Sandy Koufax won 36 games and lost 40 in his first 6 major league seasons. His control was terribly erratic, but Walter Alston and the Dodgers stayed with him. Finally, in 1961 when he was 26 years old, everything started to come together for him.

    So, be patient folks. It’s far too soon to rate the 2010 draft a disappointment (or a success) at this point. Many of the position players drafted last year have played in only 50 or so minor league games and many of the starting pitchers have played in only 10-15 games.

    I know that waiting for a young player to find himself can be frustrating and tedious, but patience is necessary. For now, let’s allow the 2010 drafted players work to develop their baseball skills. We’ll be able to make better judgements in a few years.

  131. I can see Garvey and Walding being backup plans for L Greene and Quinn. L Greene has been projected as a LF/1B due to his size and I have read that Garvey may have to move to 1B due to athleticism. With Quinn and Tyler Greene competing for SS reps, that limits the need for Walding. Tyler Greene may have read the situation in taking his relatively low bonus first, knowing the Phillies would only sign 2 of the 4 SS selected.

  132. My gut feeling is that the Phillies are going to get L.Greene, and R.Quinn but thats it. If one of them decides not to sign then they will give that money to R.Garvey, or M.Walding. I think most people will be dissapointed. I for one will be dissapointed. L.greene and Quinn should have signed for slot they were reaches even. I think the Phillies had to get the both of them and at least one of Garvey, Moore, Walding, Shull. Im still holding out hope but i dont see how they can sign Greene,Quinn, and or Garvey,Shull,Walding at the last minute.

    1. Why do you say LGreene and Quinn should have signed for slot? Those two young men should sign for whatever they think they can get. The Phillies budget and draft strategies should be meaningless to them. They are HS players and they have leverage. They know the Phillies don’t want to look bad by not signing their top picks. This is going to be their only pay days for the next 5 years. They should wait and sweat every nickel out of the Phillies that they can.
      Also, neither one of those guys were reaches. Quinn and Greene were both rated much higher than Biddle last year. Quinn was ranked 73 and was drafted 66. That’s not a reach. Also, Larry Greene has added leverage, in that he is a supplemental pick. If the Phillies wanted all guaranteed slot guys, they should have drafted all college guys.

  133. This makes no sense to me. They spend like the redsox and yankess at the big league level,but ignore the latin market and have a low budject for the draft compared to the redsox and yankees two teams who are big markets like them. how long before this bites them with no real prospects in the minors to use to replace aging players or to use in trades, look at reading do you see postion players there and at lehigh valley you have three players maybe, below in a ball its not a lot unless you want to reach and tell us that barnes is a big league prospect or hudson or a athler who already failed at higher level a santana who everything is based on him being young but he is a 260 hitter, a lot of it is hoping they develop but no one is standing out with a high average except valle , ashe is suppose to be a hitter and he is at 204, to me the more propects you sign the better chance to hit on some,postions
    players are really lacking in this systems,thats why a jimmy rollins can get more years and dollars then he is worth becasue we really have no one ready, except a 260 hitting shortstop in galvis who is a big question mark with the bat.

    1. Agree. If this report is accurate, the Phils sure aren’t acting like a big market team in terms of draft budget, which really is hard to understand given how the Phils trade prospects for established big-leaguers.

      I do understand that the Phils want to avoid the mega-bonuses over $1M and that they don’t want to overpay for any prospect; however, it seems ridiculous that the Phils’ draft budget would be among the lowest in MLB. Seems counter-productive for sustained success.

    2. mikemike………all becomes a moot point on the Latin American issue, if Bud Selig gets his desires for a standard draft next year. Though this has been a topic of discussion in previous years, this time it looks like it will happen—the depressed economy has been dictating club’s desire to stymie bonus dollars and create an equitable distribution of talent. IMO the Phillies will benefit because of their exceptional talent scouting system.

    3. I doubt contending teams would really use minor league players as leverage in a contract negotiation. If I’m Jimmy I’m much more afraid of being replaced by a veteran than replaced by anything but a super stud prospect. Their willingness to go out and get whoever they want in the past few years is a much scarier threat than developing prospects.

      As long as the scouting and development keeps doing a great job I don’t see a reason to complain about the draft budget. Spending on one or two big names isn’t going to make a huge difference from what they already have in place.

  134. Getting your 37th and 66th pick signed is not an accomplishment to be praised. It represents would should be the bare minimum expectations. What would elevate this draft to being anything better than simply average (at best) would be getting Walding, Garvey, Shull, etc signed.

  135. I honestly would prefer Walding, Garvery and Shull easily over Green and Quinn but thats just me. I bleed for the team but I dont chose for the team so ill sit back and watch.

    1. To say we “prefer” Group A over Group B or vice versa is really an artificial debate created by the Phillies and their ridiculously low draft budget since Amaro has taken over. The Phillies could sign all 5 of those guys and still have a draft budget that would put them in the bottom half of MLB.

      The problem is that the Phillies are on pace to spend the lowest on the draft in MLB…by a wide margin. That is the root cause of why so many key draftees don’t get signed.

      I really hope this is premature and they come thru with some quality signings.

  136. What happened here?
    If Woelver’s comments are accurate, then I’m very surprised. Understanding that I am certainly not pointing the finger at any of the content providers or participants on this site (which provides me with more knowledge and entertainment than I could have ever hoped), but I thought we were going on the general understanding that Greene and Quinn were signed two months ago, and the Phils were just waiting on the announcement because they were over-slot signings. Is anyone else really surprised by this? Or am I totally off base here?

    1. I think everyone assumed things were done. No one here really has inside information.

      Again, I wouldn’t get worked up over Wolever’s comments. No one knows what has been agreed with who. They may have an idea on August 13th, and it may change by August 15th.

  137. Now I wished the Phils did not wait till the last few days but they did this last year with Walter, Musser and Pointer. I hope we can see a signing of Greene, Quinn, Walding, and maybe either one of Garvey, Shull, or Thierrien. Greene and Quinn are a must.

  138. I am strong beliver in the past is a good predictor of the future… that being said, the Phils have made their signings count in the Amaro era unless the demands were ridiculous or the prospectwas determined to go to school… If Grenne or Quinn are thinking to hold the Phils hostage and are expecting 7 figure deals then they can playfor some other organization in my opinion. From what I have read it seems that Overby is one that has been asking for considerably more than what the Phils feel he is worth. My guess is that Moore could be added in that group as well. The Phils will not close the door on these guys but will be waiting for them to call and not the other way around. I am sure they have a budget as all businesses do and will keep pretty close to it.Would I liketo see them sign them all, sure, but if they would then every player in the future would be holding out for big pay days. I applaud them foe being resposnble with their spending yet still allowed them to find some good prospects with a strong scouting system.

  139. on Greene’s facebook page a girl ask him if he is going to play baseball he says yes i leave Monday so he wont see her for a while i think that confirms he siged but there just waiting to announce

    1. Given the fact that Greene is a teenager, I would expect him to change his mind a number of times. Please regard facebook as informal communication (like Greene’s) and no that truth does not lie there. I think we have been bamboozled with facebook information.
      I’ll wait for what news Tuesday will bring and trust the Phillies to do what they can. They have a pretty good record of that.

  140. The Phillies have to sign at least one of Walding,Shull,Garvey,Moore to go along with Greene and Quinn right? I think only getting 1 H.S. player after your top 2 picks would be considered a massive fail. Am i wrong?

    1. Well, you’d have to consider it a ‘process fail’ in that it demonstrates that the Phillies don’t understand how to build a roster for the future (you need prospects to us as either as home grown players or as trade bait). I suppose the final grade will have to wait at least another 4 years to see how well the guys they did bring on end up doing. I mean, they could theoretically have a few guys breakout and become all-stars or something like that – there’s just a smaller talent pool for those breakouts to come out of. The Phillies scouts do an excellent job, so I never count them out, but do end up being fairly critical of the process in that I belive more money spent would better leverage the expertise of the scouts and development staff.

      1. Their system seems to be doing alright even with their tight budget and moving some top prospects in trades.

        1. Sure is. I just think they could and should be doing even better. But you’re right, they are doing well, and maybe success has spoiled me.

  141. Nails were are the great prospects in the amaro era???? why dont we have postion players ready step in and help. not one postion player is ready to help even brown failed to help and we had to go outside the organization to get help.

    1. Brown helped—Pence is just helping much more. Obviously the organization has struggled to produce a third base candidate since Rolen was given away, but they certainly have used the trading of prospects effectively overall.
      Lets hope we lasso in several dynamic choices before the deadline tomorrow night.

    2. Amaro has only been GM for two drafts before this season. How can he be criticized for not having produced “ready to contribute” prospects? Just silly.

    3. Brown failed? He out performed Ibanez. They didn’t keep him because defensively he’s not ready yet and Charlie prefers veterans.

      They don’t have any position players to step in because he’s been here for two years. I don’t understand the Amaro hate… he traded Cliff Lee… got him back and in the process got us our (hopefully) future closer. Even before Amaro got here they didn’t have a big right handed bat besides Michael Taylor in the system.

  142. Amaro only has been the GM for 3 yrs. Anybody he has drafted is not ready. But think of the moves (trades) he has made:

    Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Blanton (2008), Francisco and Pence…plus Aumont, JC Ramirez, and Gillies.

    for Taylor, Drabek, D’Arnaud, Carrasco, Marson, Donald, Knapp, Happ,Gose, Villar, Cardenas, Outman, Spencer, Singleton, Cosart, Zeid, and PTBNL.

    Amaro has been one of the best GMS. I know people like to see that next thing coming through the system but the core is still around 29-33 and they don’t need replacing soon. Position player-wise you will have Brown next year. Galvis could contribute in a few yrs depending on Rollins situation. Even so he could fill back-up roll. I see Valle moving forward and eventually and helping out in the bigs. The next guys who could make an impact could be bullpen guys (Schwimer, Aumont, and DeFratus).

    1. That’s a very large list of players traded. Do you know what they all have in common except for Singleton and Zeid? Every single one of those names were players Ruben Amaro inherited when he became GM in November of 2008. He’s built this legacy of trading off of something he inherited. That resource is almost used up at this point though. In fact if you look at the system the top pitching prospect (May), and position prospect(Brown…or Valle if you exclude Brown) are players inherited.

      The lack of spending in the 2009 & 2010 drafts (and likely 2011) has really failed to replenish the system with the same quality that has been traded away. instead of the 2008 draft where the Phillies spent money and ended up with 4 or 5 or 6 premium prospects. You have drafts like 2009 or 2010 where it’s 1 or 2 premium prospects.

      1. Yeah but the important thing is he is replenishing the big league squad. In the end that is what’s most important. It goes in waves. They started building from the system with Rollins. They then added Utley, Howard, and Ruiz. Pitching wise they have Hamels, Madson, Bastardo, and Stutes. Brown will fill in next yr. If we were the KC Royals and not building from within I would be mad. This is a playoff team now. Sometimes you have to lose your prospects to help win a title. It will be important to see the growth of some of the Class A prospects as the core gets older. People like Santana, James, Collier, Altherr, Valle, C. Hernandez, etc. have about 3 yrs to show what they have.

      2. Prospects and young phenoms do not win championships. A mix of outstanding vets and promising youngsters do the trick—who knows what the actual mixture is, but I tend to believe it is more veterans then youngsters, So a production of two or maybe three solid MLB players from each draft year is a succesful route to take.

      3. You guys crack me up. Until this week, the only players Amaro could have traded that were drafted while he was gm were from the 2009 draft. The 2010 players were not yet eligible to be traded. Everyone should also be reminded that Amaro didn’t parachute in from Mars in 2009. He’s been part of the Phillies FO as assistant GM since 1999 so he’s been involved in those drafts as well. 2008 has looked to be a very good year but it has little to do with the amount of $$$ spent but rather they had an exceptionally good hit rate that year.

        But its silly to claim that they haven’t drafted any impact players in the last 2 years because it’s too early to tell if they got any impact guys or not.

      4. Jesse Biddle is a pretty good prospect that Amaro drafted. You don’t think Pat Gillick wouldn’t be emptying the farm right now if it meant a better chance at the World Series…?

  143. thats the point you trade some prospects but it gets to a point where even spending at the big league level,lik e they do they must get some positon players from within to help them keep others.james collier atltherr arent near ready prospects and might never be valle has a chance. beside pitching this teams lack positon prospects, how silly was it that greene had 5 or 6 hits to staart at gcl and people had him in the top thirty ,

    1. I don’t think it’s silly and I don’t think he’s misplaced in the top-30. Drafted players are often rated as a teams top-10/20/30 prospects without ever stepping onto the field after being drafted. Baseball-America will often have highly regarded drafted players ranked in their top-100 even if the player didn’t play after being drafted. They’re being rated on their potential as prospects. Tyler Greene on his potential is a top-30 ATM.

  144. Was reading Mitchell Walding’s facebook and it seemed like he was really excited about his trip to Philly. Someone asked if he was gonna sign and he said he wouldn’t know until monday

    1. I actually don’t like that report – it makes me think that the Phils sign Walding and some the other lower round picks (e.g., Garvey, Schull, the French Canadian kid, etc) only if Greene or Quinn don’t sign. This would be consistent with what Wolever said a few days ago. Hopefully I am wrong about this.

  145. Phillies rained out should leave Amaro and Co. plenty of time to hammer out these deals with all the kids in town! Where are the signings? Lets go already!

  146. (Larry Greene Jr)”Is officially a philadelphia phillie thanks everyone for being behind me supportting me through this i love all of yall!!!!!!!!!!”

    facebook page 5 mins. ago

    1. If that’s him in the picture, he doesn’t look like the ponderous porker, he was declared to be by many on here, the day after the draft, simply because of the listed weight of 235, or maybe 230, 225, etc.

  147. I hope we find out officially soon enough about Greene. Let’s hope the Phils shock us with some more signings than we expect tomorrow!!

  148. This is what “waiting for the other shoe to drop” means. Almost like being in the waiting room to see/hear whether it’s a boy or girl. Etc.

    It could be Tuesday before we finally know who the new Phillies’ minor lg prospects are.”unless some people who are “in” with the organization.

    IMO, pending confirmations of signing several guys who look good, we COULD have here a special draft equivalent to 2008, albeit focused on infielders instead of pitchers.

    They didn’t draft them to not sign them. Get ‘er done!

  149. Signed for 1 Million according to John Manuel.

  150. johnmanuelba John Manuel
    Baseball America has learned the Phillies have signed their top pick, supp. 1st-rder. OF Larry Greene, for a $1 million bonus #mlbdraft

    1. Great news that he finally signed with the Phils. Have you heard about any other signings? Thanks for your work in getting the prospect information.

  151. The official word…

    The Phillies have signed their top draft pick, agreeing to terms with supplemental first-rounder Larry Greene, the 39th overall selection in the draft. According to an industry source, Greene received a $1 million bonus, the first reported seven-figure bonus outside the first round. The commissioner’s recommended slot for the 39th pick was $844,200.
    Greene’s signing leaves the Phillies with four unsigned players in the first 10 rounds, led by speedy outfielder Roman Quinn (second round).

    1. Two will remain unsigned—Wright and Overbey—need to get Walding and Quinn. Throw in Garvey, Schull, Moore and/or Chris Therrien, then it is a fairly decent showing..

      1. Mostly agree. With Tyler Greene already signed, the Phils don’t need both Overbey and Walding, and it seems that Overbey’s asking price is too high. And Wright has been out of the picture for several weeks, though I have no idea what happened there.

        With Larry Greene signed, remaining wish list (in no particular order after Quinn) is as follows:

        Quinn (hate to miss on a 2nd round pick)
        Walding or Pletsch (cautiously optimistic one will sign)
        Moore or Tomasetti (may get neither)
        Garvey (may not happen)
        French Canadian pitcher (no idea)
        Schull or Hayden (may get neither)

  152. Highest bonus outside of 1st round. Good job young man. Didn’t blink. You’ve done well for yourself.

  153. Now we see why it took so long to announce Greene’s signing. With this kind of money spent I expect to see Quinn getting signed and probably only one more guy.

    1. That’s only about $155k over slot. Not exactly a draft budget-buster. Kansas City will probably spend $8MM on its 1st round pick Bubba Starling alone which will draft the Phils’ draft budget. $155k over slot will only hinder the Phils’ ability to sign extra picks to the extent that they allow it to do so.

      1. I was referring to the fact the Commish doesn’t like over slot bonuses announced early and that’s why it took so long. As of now this is the largest bonus announced after the first round. Not sure how much KC gives in a bonus has to do with what the Phils pay.

  154. I just saw a link to this article posted on another board:


    If Garvey was really looking for $250-300k and the Phils didn’t make him an offer, that is absurd. For starters, I’d rather have Garvey at 300k than Larry Greene at $1 million. I’d also prefer Garvey to any over the overslot high school players from last year.

    Even with Greene signing, why wouldn’t you make an offer to Garvey? If true, this is incredibly disappointing.

    1. id second that……for the million you could add Shull, Moore, JDT……as well as garvey definietly dissapointing if we dont get all these guys signed…come on brass

    2. Looks like it must be true , because it contains quotes from Garvey, himself. Yeah, irksome, but who knows?

    3. What a bunch of hoo ha. If his name were Ryan Bagadonuts, you wouldn’t even notice that he was unsigned.

    4. You’d prefer Garvey over Larry Greene? Why? Because Garvey has a famous last name? Because of all of the times you saw him play live this summer? Even the scouting reports on him pre-draft weren’t glowing, and noted he’d be limited to LF/1B and he’d have to really hit a ton to make it at this positions.

      Greene is the far superior prospect. If the Phillies didn’t feel Garvey was going to pan out, then it would have been throwing good money after bad. And it appears they used that money to sign Braden Shull, who by all accounts, appears to be the superior prospect.

    1. It would be truly stunning if Quinn did not sign. Stunning. This year is different. Deals are leaking out only by mistake. The Commissioner’s office told everyone to keep their mouth shut until the deadline. The Phillies could have deals with Quinn, Walding and others right now but will keep it quiet until 11-midnight tonight. Nobody knows. There have been like 3 deals announced all day (including Greene)

  155. Looks as though Ryan Garvey passed on whatever contract offer he received and is going to attend college at USC. Truly disappointing.

    1. Phils could always do what they did with Vance Worley. Draft him out of HS & if he says no, pick him again a year or 2 later out of college.

  156. Good job.

    Next year: back to pitchers.

    Congrats to the FO.

    Now, can we get a 3rd baseman to fill in for Polanco?

  157. SWEET!
    On deadline day, the Phillies agreed to terms with their first-round pick (Larry Greene), second-round pick (Roman Quinn), fifth-round pick (Mitch Walding), 17th-round pick (Jesen Dygestile-Therrien), 27th-round pick (Braden Shull) and 49th-round pick (Jonathan Knight). In each instance, they awarded a bonus above the recommended slot by Major League Baseball.

    Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/phillies_zone/127879698.html#ixzz1VDMmCH7r
    Watch sports videos you won’t find anywhere else

  158. The Phillies Hit a 3 Run Homerun with this Draft.
    If a HS Catcher had been reasonable, the Phillies would have Hit a Grand-Slam.
    If Garvey came East – giving up the best California Girl Years of his life, the Phillies would have Hit a GrandSlam in the Upper Deck.

    1. FMBnG….I have to read you on ‘philly.com’, now I have to read you on PhuturePhillies! Oye ve!

        1. Have you seen Hewitt play? I have seen him play several games and I agree with the Inquirer, he is a bust. Sad but he can’t hit. You think Howard strikes out alot, he has nothing compared to Hewitt!`

  159. Fyi BA lists Shull as having signed for $137,500. That is less than I expected and less than the Walter/Pointer/Musser trio received last year.

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