2011 MLB Draft Day 3 Recap

Hey everyone. Thank you again for following along today. The draft is now complete, with 20 more guys to add to our collection. My plan is to do a brief wrapup of today’s picks, because frankly, I don’t know a whole lot about them, and then try to write up a more comprehensive review of the entire draft this weekend. In that piece I will try and figure out who is going to cost what, as well as providing more profile information and things like that. Until then, a few quick thoughts on today’s picks.

I expected the Phillies to take a bunch of high school players today, but I assumed 10 or more of the picks would be college senior signs. In total, the Phillies took 15 high school players, one JuCo guy, and 4 college seniors. It was a really aggressive 3rd day, and something I’m obviously happy about. Most, if not all of the high school guys will end going to college. But you never know when a kid has a change of heart in August and decides hes ready to start his pro career.

961 – Kyle Olson, C, Jackson HS (WA)
College Commitment: CC of Western Nevada
Video: Link (interview)

He’s 6’2/185 with above average arm strength and power. Neither PG or BA had much on him that I could find. CCWN is a good JuCo program, so he may be a tough sign, but the Phillies talked to him pre-draft, so maybe they think he is signable. You’d have to think that they’d have called a bunch of guys last night to assess signability and take one of their primary targets first. But that’s just speculation.

991 – Gregory Herbst, RHP, St Marys University (TX)
College Level: Senior
Video: None

Senior sign, here’s an article.

1021 – Brock Stassi, OF, UN-Reno (LV)
College Level: Senior
Video: None

Stassi, a college senior at Nevada-Reno, is the older brother of Max Stassi, a catcher in the As organization who received a 7 figure signing bonus a few years ago. Brock is a two way guy and was announced as an outfielder after playing 1B in college and pitching (he’s lefthanded) a bit too. Kind of interesting for a senior sign

1051 – Brandon Pletsch, SS Rancho HS (LV)
College Commitment: UNLV
Video: Not yet

5’11/175, good athlete, good feel for the game, but seems virtually unsignable, with a very strong commitment to UNLV. Anything can happen, but I think we can put him in the “see you in 3 years” bucket.

1081 – Kyle Freeland, LHP, Thomas Jefferson HS (CO)
College Commitment: University of Evansville
Video: Not yet

6’3/175, ideal pitcher’s frame hinting at future projection and increased stuff. PG didn’t even have him on their follow lists, but he’s supposedly a decent prospect. Evansville is not a powerhouse school, but I have no idea of his interest in college, or how raw he is. Hopefully more info comes out in the coming days.

1111 – Brendon Hayden, RHP, Wilmot Union HS (WI)
College Commitment: Virginia Tech
Video: Link (you have to click the little video button on this page)

Hayden is the best prep prospect in Wisconsin and has a strong college commitment to Virginia Tech. He has a perfect 6’5/200 frame and has worked as both a RHP and 3B, with scouts preferring his arm. He’s in the high 80’s now, but could eventually get in to the 91-95 range if he adds more strength. Again, his commitment looks pretty strong, especially if Tech lets him play both ways, as it seems he wants to hit. His situation sounds a little bit (just a little bit) like Anthony Gose a few years ago. Different types of players, but kind of a similar situation. Gose did not have as strong a commitment, obviously.

1141 – Michael Nastold, RHP, Louisville
College Level: Senior
Video: None

Senior sign. Has already had Tommy John surgery and his stuff hasn’t bounced back. MLB’s draft tracker lists him as a senior, BA says he is a redshirt sophomore. I don’t know which is accurate.

1171 – Brett Maggard, LHP, Hernando HS (FL)
College Commitment: St John’s River CC
Video: Link and Link

6’3/200, great pitcher’s frame. Has a really long stride and high tempo delivery, two things I like. He doesn’t have a D-1 commitment, which helps the Phillies a bit if he’s a guy they want to pursue. From PG in early 2011

Brett Maggard is a 2011 LHP/1B with a 6-3 200 lb. frame from Spring Hill, FL who attends Hernando HS. Very nice athletic build, some present strength with more to come. Long overhand arm action, arm is quick and loose, front side collapse in windup costs height/leverage. Very consistent 85-86 mph fastball, mostly straight. Nice change up with ideal arm speed and good sink. Delivery hinders curveball consistency, flashes quality depth and spin. Shows athleticism as a position player, good outfield arm strength, clean actions, good simple balanced swing mechanics with developing bat speed, uppercut swing plane. Could really develop as a pitcher with improved mechanics. Good student.

So there ya go.

1201 – Tim Ponto, RHP, Owen J Roberts HS (PA)
College Commitment: St Joe’s
Video: None

MLB draft tracker lists him at 6’7/205 while PG has him at 6’4/205. If he’s 6’4, that’s still a big frame for a lefty. Having grown up in Berks County, it was crazy to hear Owen J Roberts called. I think his college commit is pretty strong, so he’s probably one we can move past.

1231 – Brendan Hendriks, Vauxhall HS (Alberta Canada)
College Commitment: Unknown
Video: None

I have no info on him. Except he’s from Canada. So there.

1261 – Kevin DiCharry, RHP, Texas
College Level: Junior
Video: Link

His motion/arm action looks really painful. He missed time with shoulder worries, so I’m not entirely sure what the deal is here. Shoulder injuries are bad news.

1291 – Andre Kinder, LHP, Peru State College (NE)
College Level: 5th year senior
Video: None

I had no idea Peru State College was in Nebraska. Now I know. I know less about Andre Kinder. So I’m moving on.

1321 – Austin Knight, C, Summmral HS (MS)
College Commitment: Meridian CC
Video: Link and Link

Another guy with a JuCo commit. His setup and swing looks okay, but the brief glimpse of him defensively didn’t look great, as he had a somewhat long throwing motion and his throws were bouncing to 2B. But that’s one isolated event. Not sure what to make of him.

1351 – Nevin Wilson, LHP, Chaparrel HS (AZ)
College Commitment: Arkansas
Video: Link

The video says Bishop Moore HS, FL, but I’m pretty sure this is the right guy. Wilson seems like a pie in the sky dart at the board. At 6’2/180, he has a clean delivery and pitches in the 86-89 range now, but figures to add 2-4 mph as he fills out. Arkansas is a good college program, so its going to be expensive to buy him out of that, if he even wants to turn pro.

1381 – Adam Ladwig, RHP, Millard West HS (NE)
College Commitment: Wichita State
Video: Not yet

6’4/210 power frame, but mostly projection right now. His college commit looks pretty strong, but maybe Ketch can shed some light on this one.

1411 – Scott Tomassetti, C, Sierra Vista HS (NV)
College Commitment: UNLV
Video: Link and Link

Tomassetti might be one of the more intriguing guys taken on Day 3 for the Phillies. He has a plus arm and plus power to go along with a solid 6’1/185 pound frame suited well for the position. BA notes his actions are still a bit stiff and he will need some work, but that is to be expected. Its easier to teach technique than it is to teach raw arm strength…which I don’t think you can actually teach. Anyway, he’s near the top of my follow list this summer, and I’m going to try and figure out his college commitment.

Update—> Thanks to a commenter, it appears he has a UNLV commit, which will definitely alter his price tag.

1441 – Andrew Amaro, 2B, William Penn Charter (PA)
College Commitment: Unsure
Video: None

Hey, they took Ruben’s nephew!

1471 – Kewby Meyer, 1B, Kamehameha HS (HI)

I know he’s like 6’1/175. And from Hawaii. That’s it.

1501 – Johnathan Knight, OF, Sebring HS (FL)
College Commitment: Unknown
Video: Unlikely

I know nothing about him. I won’t pretend. Sorry.

1531 – Kolya Stephenson, RHP, Ocean City HS (NJ)
College Commitment:
Video: I cant believe there is no video

His dad is “Video” Dan Stephenson, the Phillies video production manager. That was a nice touch. But how can there not be video of him? A travesty.

There you have it. A more detailed wrapup to come this weekend, where I’ll try and break down the guys in to different groups and assess the cost for each guy, as well as my preference lists, things like that. My initial reaction to the draft is “wow, that was unexpected”. I’m not as focused on the names, because every team has different preference lists, but I love that they attempted to address the relative lack of depth of middle infielders in the system, and they did so with a ton of high school kids and a few interesting college bats as well. Weirdly, there really isn’t a pitcher that jumps off the page at me and says “we gotta get him!”, I’m focused more on the shortstops. What a world.

Until then, any more information you are able to find, please post it on the draft picks register page here. Thank you for everyone who has helped provide links and info, thanks for providing good discussion and staying civil, and thanks to all the new folks who are just finding the site for the first time. I hope you stick around!

The next key date is August 15th at midnight, the signing deadline.

34 thoughts on “2011 MLB Draft Day 3 Recap

  1. Great write up, and great draft coverage again this year. Can’t thank PP and the other contributors enough for the wonderful resource they’ve given obsessive Phillies fans.

  2. Think the # of HS picks late is an indication that the Phillies have a backlog of guy in EST who need to play somewhere so they don’t need a bunch of college seniors to fill out rosters. Will be interesting to see how many they get signed.

  3. Might I say, crazy you say Berks County….I go to Kutztown; one of my teammates went to Owen J. Roberts as well; small world.

    Great job on draft day PP and thanks, can’t wait to go through the signings!

    1. I went to Fleetwood HS so I was surprised/happy to read about Berks County as well. Nate Reed was a pitcher drafted out of Kutztown U and Oley HS a couple years ago to the Mariners.

      Beerleaguer writer Jason Weitzel is also from Berks County, I think he went to Brandywine.

  4. Found Tomassetti info on SVHSbaseball.com:
    commitment -UNLV
    6’1″ 195lbs
    Stats also listed

  5. The first guy to sign might be Logan Moore. He tells the Denver Post he’s ready.

    1. I second every sentence of this post James/PP. You are an invaluable reference for all things Phillies minor leagues & draft. I didn’t even bother going anywhere else during the draft, I just came here!

  6. so what determines the strength of the committment when you say he has a “strong committment”? Is it based purely off the school or have you read about particular kids saying they intended to go to school?

  7. Man, Im shocked Shon Carson lasted until the 44th round, his commitment to South Carolina must be strong. I wouldve been fine with taking him in the 5th or 6th round based on talent.

  8. Oh wow, Kewby Meyer went to Kamehameha, where my uncle teaches. I’ll have to ask him if he’s ever run into him.

  9. Having been a follower of this site for less than a year, this was my first draft following PP and I echo all the compliments others have said. Once I hit the one year mark, I promise to then identify myself but let me just say I’m the anonymous that says all the smart things and that other anonymous is the one who says the less smart things…

  10. Yea, but you could really be the anonymous who says the less smart things just pretending your the other anonymous 🙂

    1. Partly and I think they still really like Biddle and Rodriguez. Still, you need to add at least a couple really good young arms a year. Attrition of pitching prospects is serious. This year they drafted three really interesting HS/JC youngsters. If they sign two of them, we’ll be just fine.

  11. Wow, for the first time ever I have inside information about the signability of a draftee. But he’s not a Phillie and I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing it in any event. Oh, well.

    1. I think this aspect makes the MLB draft that much more interesting / difficult. Kinda fun to ‘know’ something isn’t it?

  12. Pletsch grew up with Bryce Harper and Jake Hager #32 pick this year. Three year All-State SS in Nevada his over .500 as a four year starter in High School, good speed, very strong defensively and a real sleepeer since everyone never got past the Hager kid in Las Vegas.

  13. #1501- Johnathan Knight
    College Commitment- St. Petersburg College
    Videos- there are some one YouTube, but none done professionally. He didn’t go to the big named showcases.
    He is 6’3″ 175 lbs.

    If you want any more information, just ask 🙂

    1. St. Petersburg Jr. College, right across the streets from Phillies’ Spring Training minor league practice fields.

        1. Forgot to add he is hoping for an offer. They are following him this summer. He runs a 6.6- 60 yd dash.

  14. I have seen Pronto pitch, the guy is a stud. Huge lefty, he is every bit of 6ft 6 6ft 7. Last year he went through a velcoity program at a local basball academy (name withheld so I don’t violate any rules) and was throwing 93-95 at the end of the program with movement. Great kid also. I have heard 3rd hand he is really excited about being drafted by the Phillies and hopes he gets an offer. For now he is a draft an follow

  15. Pronto is a big kid (would say he is closer to 6ft7 than 6ft 4) I saw him last year at a local baseball academy in Collegeville where my 11 year son goes (won’t reveal it since it could be a violation) He was part of a velocity program they ran and he was throwing between 93-95 with movement. I have heard third hand he is thrilled with being drafted by the Phillies however they told him they are going to follow his legion games this summer before an offer is made, so he is basically a draft and follow

  16. Yeah Ponto is about 6’7 205. Lots of room to grow. Throws 91-94 with a devastating splitter. He’s really raw but with the right coaching defintily has a shot. He pitched against my son twice and shutout my son’s team which was the best in the league both times. And hes a local kid so thats definitly nice

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