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2011 MLB Draft Notebook v4.0

Well, its almost here. Which means I have to finish all of my last minute prep work. In my second draft notebook, I tried to go over why focusing only on spending was dangerous and a lot of people still didn’t buy it, and intimated that you only get talent in the draft by paying over the odds. So I’m going to attempt to do one more study and look at the draft from the pre-draft rankings side of things. I’m also going to recap the guys I’ve already highlighted, and then give thoughts on a few more guys who might be there at 39, as well as some wishlist guys for our 2nd round picks. On Monday night, I’ll have analysis of our sandwich round pick. On Tuesday, we’ll make sure the picks are updated during the day, and then I’ll do a long writeup Tuesday night with initial thoughts. I’ll be updating things on Wednesday, and then do a recap Wednesday night with my thoughts on the draft as a whole. Then we have to wait till the signing deadline arrives to put a bow on the whole thing. So, let’s get started.

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