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My 2011 Top 30 Prospect List: Mid-season stock update

Busy times here at the site, but now with the draft over and on the back burner until mid August, I thought it would be good to look at my top 30 list and see how my rankings look, and also how my view of players may have been altered since I prepared the rankings in mid-December. This is a quick snapshot, and just my brief thoughts in passing, it is not a re-ranking of my top 30 or anything substantial like that. I’m going to simply categorize all 30 guys as follows:

stock up – the prospect has shown improvements that make me think I will be upgrading his standing after the season
stock down – the inverse of above
no change – nothing to change my opinion of the player

Do not try and infer a new top 10 or top 20 or top 30 from my comments. Again, these are brief snippets and takes on our guys right now. When I put together my top 30 this winter, it will require a lot more in depth review. This is just a quick update.

Quick note: I had started writing this last week, but then waited to publish, and forgot to do it, so some of the stats may be outdated. I’m sorry!

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