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Hot or Not 24 June 2011

Another week, another look…Some talking points…a great week for the previously struggling Singleton, Cesar Hernandez and Freddy Galvis on the hot chart another week, May/Biddle with great starts, and Drew Carpenter very quietly continuing to rack up week after week on the reliever “hot list”.

Hot Hitters:Jonathan SIngleton (.571, 5R 3HR 8 RBI 1SB); Chris Duffy (.417, 2R 1HR 3RBI); Cesar Hernandez (.400, 3SB)Aaron Altherr (.378, 1HR 4 RBI 2SB); Carlos Valenzuela (.385); Freddy Galvis (.367, 3R)ALejandro Vilalobos (.357, 3R 4 rbi, 2 SB);¬†Matthew Holland (.333, 3R 0HR 2RBI); Josh Barfield (.333). Honorable Mention: Harold Martinez, Troy Hanzawa, Derrick Mitchell Continue reading Hot or Not 24 June 2011