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2011 MLB Draft Day 1 wrap-up

I wanted to make this its own post.

The Larry Greene writeup is posted, with profiles and videos. Discuss that pick there, post any more info you find, etc etc.

Tomorrow is Day 2 of 3, with rounds 2-30. The Phillies pick 2 times in RD 2, and then once in each round thereafter. Dave will be updating picks tomorrow during the day, as I will be off the grid all day, and I will have a long writeup tomorrow night with info on all of the guys taken in R2-30.

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Phillies select outfield prospect Larry Greene Jr

There you go.

I’ll have plenty of info in this spot momentarily.

Alright, so here’s the info.

Keith Law Rank: 57th
BA Rank: 75th

The scouting report is simple. He has the most power of any high school prospect in the draft. At 6’1/230, he’s already massive, and can hit a baseball a really long way. Defensively, he’s a LF guy at this point with scouts thinking he might have to move to 1B eventually. He hasn’t played against a ton of great competition, but hes coming from Georgia, so its not like he’s from Wyoming where they have no high school baseball. As you know by now, the Phillies generally look for elite tools, normally they go for all around tools packages, especially guys with speed. Greene is the complete opposite, as his value is basically tied to his power. But that power could be really special, like, 40 HR power special. The system lacks legit power prospects, and Greene certainly fits the bill there. The Phillies obviously believe he can play LF, and that he can make contact and make adjustments. Can he? We’ll see.

Not a crazy reach, and he helps fill the “power void” in the system. He wasn’t on my list of guys, or the list I was given, but I actually kind of like the pick. Even if he ends up just a big slugging LF, there’s tons of value there. He will likely sign for slot relatively soon and get some GCL time. If you want the Phillies to gamble, they can do that tomorrow.

In Keith Law’s first mock draft, he had Larry Greene going to STL at #22

Larry Greene, OF, Berrien County HS (Nashville, Ga.)
I’ve heard the Cardinals and the Nationals are all over Greene, who may have as much raw power as anyone in the draft.

Video here –> Link
A draft profile –> Link
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Another profile –> Link
More video clips –> Here and here and here
MLB.com article on his selection

2011 MLB Draft, Day 1 Post

Well kids, its here, one of my favorite days of the year. The Phillies do not have a first round pick, but they do pick in the compensation round and then have 2 picks in the 2nd round, which will start tomorrow. MLB Network will provide some kind of coverage tonight, which I’m sure will disappoint. Last year, the real draft expert Jim Callis barely got a word in while guys who have no clue who these prospects are talked for the duration of the show. I’m sure it will be more of the same this year, but lets be real, we’re all going to watch. Coverage starts at 6PM EDT, but I believe that is just the preview, as the actual draft starts at 7PM. Post all of your rumors and last minute wishes here. I stated my preference in yesterday’s notebook, but in case you don’t want to re-read it, my “wishlist” for pick #39 is

1. Tyler Goeddel, 3B/OF (St. Francis HS, CA)
2. Jackie Bradley Jr, OF (South Carolina)
3. Andrew Chafin, LHP (Kent State)
4. Nick Delmonico, INF (Farragut HS, TN)
5. Trevor Story, SS (Irving HS, TX)

It should be fun. It always is.

#39 Phillies

Full first round/sandwich round below the fold

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