We are the writers and various contributors here, if you have any questions contact us on Twitter or by email.

Jim Peyton – Jim joined the site in the Spring of 2014.  By August 2018, he was the only writer left.  He had to expand from his initial role as Clearwater Threshers’ beat writer and took over popular offerings as writers left, such as the weekly Open Discussion, the Readers’ Top Thirty, the Daily Recaps, Transactions, …  In addition, Jim reported on activities in Clearwater year-round, for instance, Instructs, Spring Training, Extended Spring Training, the GCL (now FCL), and the activities of spring training’s early reports who begin showing up in January.  He also took over the administration of the site as well as the moderation of the Comments Section.

7 thoughts on “Writers

    1. No doubt. I just found out about it a couple of weeks ago, now I am hooked like its wrong!
      I wish I could also cover Reading and Lakewood the same way it covers Clearwater and Lehigh Valley. Any volunteer writer? 🙂

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