Zach Green

Name: Zach Green
Position: 3B
Bats: RH
Throws: RH
DOB: March 7, 1994
Height: 6′ 3″
Weight: 210

Drafted: Drafted in the 3rd round (#125 overall) in the 2012 draft, $420,000 signing bonus

Pre Draft Report:  Zach Green received a scholarship offer to Oregon State before stepping on a high school diamond.  A shortstop in high school he will need to move to third base in either college or the minors.  Green flashes above average power at the plate but his swing has a lot of moving parts and Green struggled with plus velocity in show case events.  Green has good size, which while causing him to move to third, makes him very projectable.  He should be a good defender at the hot corner and he has a above average arm which will play well at this position.  By all accounts Green is an extremely hard worker who showed good leadership in high school.

Career Synopsis:  The Phillies selected Green in the 3rd round and signed him to an above slot bonus.  Green made his debut in the GCL where he primarily played third base.  At the plate he flashed both plus contact and power rates but his swing had a lot of moving parts and struggled to get going which hurt his contact rate overall as he struck out 43 times in 47 games.  He showed good power at the plate ending up with a final line of .284/.333/.426 in 177 PAs.


Hit: There is a lot of swing and miss, especially around breaking balls.  The bat and approach aren’t bad, but they are’t elite.  He is never going to hit for a high average, he just needs to make enough contact for the power to play. 30/40

Power: It is big time raw and game power.  He generates the power from good strength, it especially in the wrists, to go with good bat plane and back spin.  There is not a lot of room for growth in the power itself, the amount of it, will really depend on the development of the hit tool and overall contact ability. 60/65+

Speed: Green is not going to add a lot with his legs, but he isn’t going to detract a lot of value either. 40

Arm: It is plus arm strength, and certainly enough for third base.  He can lose some accuracy at times, but that should improve with time. 55/60

Glove:  Green  is a big guy, and the footwork and actions are not always ideal.  He makes it work at third base, and should have to move off the position unless he gets much bigger than his frame will allow.  45/50

Summary:  There is a lot of upside in Green stemming from his big time raw power, at a position, third base, that has become increasingly scarce.  The big question is whether he is going to hit.  He is really going to need to improve against breaking  balls to have a chance.  It might be incremental improvements rather than a big breakout, but if he puts it together he could be a really nice player.

Summary:  Green has played some shortstop professionally but he will be a third basemen long term.  Has a former shortstop he is a plus defender at third base with a chance to be plus plus as he gets used to playing the position, his arm at third has been labeled as plus and should play well there.  At the plate Green has a good swing but it has a lot to get going but the Phillies will work to quiet it.  He flashes plus power but it is hindered by his strike zone judgement.  His speed is merely fringe average and will likely drop a notch below as he matures.

Upside:  Green is an interesting prospect at third base.  Moving off shortstop has put more pressure on the bat but he will be a plus defender at third and possibly more as he learns the position.  At the plate his swing has some work to be done to smooth it out but he makes good contact and should hit for a good average.  He flashes plus power now and has the frame to add more strength going forward.  Depending on his spring and that of the third basemen in front of him he could go to Lakewood or stay in Extended Spring before heading up to Williamsport.  Either way he will take some time but the payoff could be well worth it.



Profile updated: 10/24/12


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