2022 Offseason Roster and Payroll Information

It is that time of year when everyone becomes a general manager (or president of baseball operations) and begins recommending or endorsing roster moves to prepare for the next season.  This annual exercise includes guessing how many and which free agents will be pursued and how much money is available to sign them.  This will be pinned on the site for a couple weeks. Continue reading 2022 Offseason Roster and Payroll Information

Soto and Other Recent Transactions

The Phillies engineered a 5-player trade with the Detroit Tigers.  The teams had talks regarding LHP Gregory Soto back during the winter meetings but nothing came of it.  Detroit approached the Phillies Thursday to resurrect the discussion.  They quickly and quietly came to an agreement.  Jim Salisbury broke the story of the negotiations early Saturday afternoon.  Soon thereafter the deal was done. Continue reading Soto and Other Recent Transactions