Florida Instructs; September 20, 2018

Wednesday I turned the calendar on another year, taking the day off from the heat and humidity at the Carpenter Complex.  I returned Thursday to observe similar exercises and drills as the previous couple days.

The format remained the same with the players coming out around 10:00 AM for stretching exercises, conditioning drills, and long toss.  These were followed the various fielding drills for each group – infielders, outfielders, catchers, and pitchers.  Continue reading Florida Instructs; September 20, 2018

Florida Instructs; September 18, 2018

Phillies Instructs continued Tuesday with the players beginning outside around 8:00 AM for individual work with the coaches.  They mix in meetings during the day and broke for one after this.  They came out again around 10:00 AM and began their stretching and conditioning exercises, followed by long toss.

There was a lot less outside work today.  They ran some pretty heavy catcher’s drills, ending with two coaches hitting balls to the plate for the catchers to catch an apply a tag.  They also ran fielding drills on the other fields. Then they scattered for batting practice.

I’ve got a little more video today, so I’m going to embed the links to save space here. Continue reading Florida Instructs; September 18, 2018

40-Man Roster, Free Agency, and Rule 5 Considerations after the 2018 Season

With the baseball season drawing to an end, it’s not too early to take a look at some of the decisions the front office will be faced with.  I’m not going to try and provide answers like I did last year.  Rather, I’m going to provide you with all the pertinent information to foment discussion. Continue reading 40-Man Roster, Free Agency, and Rule 5 Considerations after the 2018 Season

Florida Instructs; September 17, 2018 – Plus Roster

The Phillies’ Fall Instructs started this morning.  Over 70 players took to Roberts and Schmidt Fields to perform required stretching and conditioning exercises around 10:45.  When finished, they split up into smaller groups with position players staying on Roberts and Schmidt and pitchers going to Carlton and Ashburn for long toss to loosen their arms.

When ready, the groups remixed for drills on each of the four available fields.  Seventeen coaches worked with  pitchers, infielders, outfielders, and catchers on various fielding drills.  These concluded with pop up drills.  Then came batting practice.

Here are three shots of third baseman Alec Bohm during fielding drills. Continue reading Florida Instructs; September 17, 2018 – Plus Roster

Open Discussion: Week of September 17, 2018

The Phillies are down to 14 games remaining in the season, 10 against teams in their own division and 4 against the Rockies.  This week they play three at home against the Mets (avoiding deGrom who pitched and lost today) and travel to Atlanta to play four games. Next week they travel to Colorado to play four games before returning home to finish the season with three against the Braves.  All 14 games are crucial.  They can’t afford to blow opportunities to gain on the Braves.  Unfortunately, the Phillies finish the season without a off day or travel day.  Oh, and then there’s that little problem that they suck against their East Division foes. Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of September 17, 2018

Phuture Phillies: James’ Hitting and Pitching Awards Polls, 2018

With the end of minor league ball for the Phillies’ affilates, we can begin the Phuture Phillies’ polling season.  We’ll start off with the second annual James’ Minor League Hitting Poll and James’ Minor League Pitching Poll.  Both are named after Phuture Phillies’ founder and benefactor, James.   Continue reading Phuture Phillies: James’ Hitting and Pitching Awards Polls, 2018

2018 Instructs Schedule

I finally have a Phillies’ Instructs schedule for 2019.  Week day games are at 1:00 PM, Saturday games are at 10:00 AM.  Sundays are off days.  Camp days have been intrasquad games in past years.  Those games usually start earlier than 1:00 PM.  Figure around noon. Players are supposed to begin arriving this Sunday (the 16th).  AFL participants are scheduled to arrive on the 23rd.  Home games last year were held at the Complex due to work at Spectrum Field.  I don’t know if they will change the venue back to Spectrum Field this year.  I hope so. Continue reading 2018 Instructs Schedule

Travel Day Recap – 9/12/2018

Wednesday was an off day in the South Atlantic League championship series.  The venue changes to Lakewood and resumes Thursday night.  The series is tied at a game apiece. The BlueClaws will send Andrew Brown against the Lexington Legends in game three. Spencer Howard will start game four.  No announcement for game five.  If necessary, it will be in Lakewood. Continue reading Travel Day Recap – 9/12/2018