2017 Spring Training, 3/7

The big league team was back in action today on the road against the Tigers.  Whoever didn’t make the trip probably worked out in the stadium.  But, I arrived at the Complex in time to see the end of live BP by Jake Thompson.  Other pitchers included Zach Eflin, Alberto Tirado, and Joaquin Benoit.  Dylan Cozens took some swings.  I think Andres Blanco did as well.  Three catchers were on hand – Cameron Rupp, Andrew Knapp, and Chace Numata. Continue reading 2017 Spring Training, 3/7

2017 Spring Training, 3/6

Monday saw the minor league camp go into full swing.  The players scattered over the four fields at the Carpenter Complex and a fifth group crossed over to DiMaggio Field.  While we waited for practice drills to start, the Spring Training 2017 Work groups were delivered and distributed. Continue reading 2017 Spring Training, 3/6

Open Discussion: Week of March 6th

After eleven games, the Phillies have a 5-4-2 Grapefruit League record.  Scott Kingery has impressed with his glove and his bat.  Aaron Nola looked good in his return to the mound. And, Brock Stassi may have forced his name into the conversation for a spot on the 25-man roster.
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2017 Spring Training, 3/4

Minor League camp is set to start full bore Sunday.  Friday, the pitchers checked in and attended meetings and had their physicals.  They did some long toss and running but were dismissed by noon.  Saturday, the pitchers worked out while the position players checked-in, attended meetings, and took their physicals.  After lunch, the pitchers were dismissed and the position players broke into four groups, one on each of the four fields.  The coaches put them through some defensive drills while conducting batting practice.   Continue reading 2017 Spring Training, 3/4

2017 Spring Training, 3/1

Thursday, March 2nd players report to Clearwater for the start of Minor League Spring Training.  Their first full work out will be on Friday.  Then the true baseball smorgasbord begins with non-stop action on four fields.  I have some video from Wednesday’s minor league session.  The group has grown as more players have reported early although a few have gone off to their WBC teams.  Must have been 50-55 players at the Complex today. Continue reading 2017 Spring Training, 3/1

Open Discussion: Week of February 27th

The first weekend of Grapefruit and Cactus League games is over.  Several young Phillies’ prospects have looked promising.  As major league games continue, early reports for minor league camp will continue to work out at the Complex.  Their first full work out is scheduled for Friday, March 3rd.
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2017 Spring Training, Full Squad, 2/21

Practices continued as they have the past few days.  Today, they ended a little early as the players were to attend a team golf outing.  I have a little commentary, some photos of post-strength and conditioning Mickey Moniak, and lots of video mostly pitchers but also Moniak, Cole Stobbe, and Kyle Martin taking a few swings. Continue reading 2017 Spring Training, Full Squad, 2/21

Too Slow or Not Too Slow, That is the Question

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced in a press conference today his frustration at the MLBPA’s “lack of cooperation” making any changes aimed at improving the pace of play.  The commissioner’s comments came in the wake of statements by the MLBPA’s Tony Clark.  The Executive Director indicated the association’s unwillingness to incorporate any changes this season.

Since the “presser”, I have seen comments and tweets whose general sentiment is that baseball “purists” are happy with the game as it is.  In fact, if you are in favor of change, you aren’t a true fan.

So, I am curious about the opinion of Phuture Phillies readers.  The poll is simple.  Yes or no to change.  It’s anonymous.  No comments.  So, if you aren’t a “true fan”, no one will know.  I’ll follow this up with the results.  And maybe a follow up poll if necessary.