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Threshers Recap – 6/17/2019

Another hot day at the Complex.  In case you missed these, I tweeted out the following:

Connor Seabold threw on the side in the morning, then pitched a live BP.  No velocity readings, but he kept his pitches down with movement.

Spencer Howard pitched a couple innings in an afternoon intrasquad game.  Looked like his allowed pitch count was under 40, but I wasn’t keeping a close count.  His FB was 91-95, mostly 93-94. He threw a lot of secondaries which are coming along well.  His slider looked particularly good.  Ump completely whiffed on one really good one. Continue reading Threshers Recap – 6/17/2019

Threshers Recap – 6/16/2019

Clearwater gets ready to start their second half.  Lakewood completed their first half with a flourish.  Reading prepares for an important game Tuesday, and Lehigh Valley continues to lose.  Damon Jones began his AA career with a great six innings.

Clearwater (36-30) begins their second half run on the road in Bradenton Monday night.   Continue reading Threshers Recap – 6/16/2019

2019 Post Draft Discussion; June 17th

As we have in past years, Phuture Phillies will continue posting a 2019 First Year Player Draft thread so we can keep all our draft talk in one place.  This is where I will look for any information on signings you uncover and post in the Comments Section.  If you hear one of our new prospects has signed, please share the link here.

The Phillies draft signings can be found on our 2019 Draft Tracker. As signings are announced, the tracker will be updated.  I won’t post signing bonuses until they are official.  I think I have ten, so far. Continue reading 2019 Post Draft Discussion; June 17th

Open Discussion: Week of June 17, 2019

The Phillies (39-32, .549) sunk to a 2-4 week.  They dropped series to two teams that have winning records.  They dropped an embarrassing series to the team they will have to beat out for the division title.  And, they dropped a series to one of the teams they will likely compete with for a wild card berth.  All in all, not a good week. Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of June 17, 2019

Threshers Recap – 6/15/2019

Clearwater (36-30, .545) finished the first half in second place, 5.5 games out of first.  They played .500 at home and were 19-13 on the road.  

The FSL North All Stars lost 2-0.  Seven Threshers were selected.  Pitchers Damon Jones and Grant Dyer did not play.  Simon Muzziotti started and went 0-1 with a walk.  Matt Vierling started and went 0-4.  Nick Maton started and went 0-1.  Alec Bohm came off the bench and went 0-2.  Jonathan Hennigan pitched in Reading. Continue reading Threshers Recap – 6/15/2019

Threshers Recap – 6/14/2019

There was an intrasquad game at the Complex in the afternoon.  They schedule one every day.  This one was different because most of the newly signed position players played.  The only two who didn’t were high school draft picks Jamari Baylor and Micah Yonamine.

The most exciting event was Spencer Howard taking the mound.  He retired the side on less than ten pitches, but continued to face batters until he reached his pitch limit.  I watched the radar guns on most of his pitches.  His fastball was 93-95 mph.  They were almost all 95, I only saw 93 and 94 once each.

Clearwater (36-30, .545) finished the first half in second place, 5.5 games out of first.  They played .500 at home and were 19-13 on the road.   Continue reading Threshers Recap – 6/14/2019

Threshers Recap – 6/13/2019

Clearwater (36-30) lost to St. Lucie, 3-2.

The Threshers opened up a 2-run lead. Jhailyn Ortiz opened the inning with the forst of 3 batters hit by a pitch.  After a wild pitch, a Madison Stoke’s single, and another wild pitch put runners on second and third, Jake Conley stroked an 2-run single in his Threshers’ debut. Continue reading Threshers Recap – 6/13/2019

Threshers Recap – 6/11/2019

I arrived at the Complex early, shortly after a rain shower ended,  and somehow missed Spencer Howard’s live BP.  But his father reported yesterday that Spencer felt fine and was up around 97 mph.  We have to accept that the Phillies are going to be careful with their rehabbing pitchers. Continue reading Threshers Recap – 6/11/2019

Threshers Recap – 6/10/2019

There was activity at the Complex before the rain drove everyone inside.  Tommy Hunter pitched a live BP with Logan O’Hoppe behind the plate.  It started to rain and the trooper pitched thru a heavy down pour to complete his daily throwing.

About 30-or-more new bodies were on hand,  They were observed touring the Complex with Chris Truby.  It’s likely the large number included some of the scouts who signed the boys.  I reported those who could be identified in the Draft Discussion.

Alec Bohm was selected to take part in the FSL All Star game.  He was recently added when a player from another team was withdrawn due to injury.  The third baseman was probably overlooked initially due to his late arrival to the league.  But, he certainly deserves the honor.  He is the seventh Tresher to be invited.  It remains to be seen if he attends the game or follows Jonathan Hennigan to Reading before he can take part in the weekend’s festivities.  Continue reading Threshers Recap – 6/10/2019