Samuel Hiciano


Name: Samuel Hiciano
Position: LF
Bats: R
Throws: R
DOB: January 25, 1994
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 203


Career Synopsis:

Hit: Against better competition Hiciano showed a lot more swing and miss than earlier in his career.  It is a powerful swing that will have some miss to it, but he does show a decent feel for the strike zone overall.  We will know a lot more about his contact abilities as he gets exposed to full season ball. 35/45

Power: It is legitimate power for Hiciano, coming from a compact strong build.  There is not a lot of projection left despite being only 20.  But there is plenty of power to be effective now.  After his wrist injury healed up, he put a power pace, ahead of fellow Crosscutters, Cozens and Green.

Speed:  Hiciano showed the ability to steal bases in the GCL, but as he has aged he has lost some of it.  He is likely to end up as a below average runner long term, but should have enough speed to stick in the OF.  50/40

Arm:  Hiciano’s poor arm has him limited to LF already.  35

Glove:  Hiciano at best is a left fielder, and is unlikely to be a special one there.  He should be able to continue to handle the  position, but it is a bat first profile. 40

Summary:  Hiciano has gotten less press than the other sluggers on the Williamsport team.  He may be close to matching them for power, but his track record is much shorter, and he has less positional value.  Hiciano is going to have to keep showing good power up the ranks to be a prospect.  Lakewood is not going to be the place to showcase his skills, so a breakout might be another year away.



Update:  Missed 2015 season due to injury.  Released on June 22, 2016 after splitting time between Lakewood and Clearwater.

Profile updated:  1/23/2017

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