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2011 Draft Recap, my final thoughts

Well, another year and another draft in the books. This year’s draft sparked a few of the busiest days in the history of the site, including signing day, and I’m grateful all of you showed up and hit refresh all day while we waited for announcements to be made. I’m going to give a few final thoughts on the Phillies picks, as well as give a few more general comments, and then we’ll wait and see what happens this winter with the rumored changes to the draft process. The Phillies have done well in the draft over the last decade, some years better than others, but even recently they began to be slightly more aggressive, and the result has been a number of excellent prospects, usually at a bargain. This year was no different, so lets get started.

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2011 Draft signing deadline is today

Since people seem to be posting their comments/links in two different places, instead, post everything here. When the deadline has passed and we know who has signed, I will update the draft picks page appropriately.

From what I’ve heard, the Phillies will get Quinn and Walding done, and probably nothing else. Then again, they’ve surprised before, so I’m not writing anyone/anything off until the deadline arrives.

Larry Greene Jr signs
Roman Quinn signs (per his facebook)
Jesen Dygestile-Therrien has signed, no bonus disclosed.
Mitchell Walding signs for $800K.
Braden Shull and Jonathan Knight also signed.

2011 Draft Pick signing deadline is Monday, August 15th

We are closing in, and I wanted to quickly put this out here, as I’ve gotten a few emails on the subject. The signing deadline is on Monday, August 15th at midnight. We should know a few hours before, like we have in past years, what the Phillies plan to do. So far, we know that they have a meeting set with Ryan Garvey tomorrow, at least based on the articles I’ve seen. Pre-signing deadline workouts are very common, and I’ve been told another group of guys will be coming to Philadelphia this weekend to work out. This normally involves a round of batting practice for the position guys, and maybe a light bullpen for pitching prospects. After which, the team will negotiate with the guys involved and try to see if there is common ground. Check below for more

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2011 Draft Status Check

I’ve gotten a few emails asking me to go over who is left for the Phillies to sign, which guys I think will sign, etc. I don’t know for sure who is going to sign and how much they will cost. But I will do my best to outline which guys I think are going to sign, which guys won’t, and who is kind of in limbo. The signing deadline is August 15th at midnight, and the Phillies have traditionally left it late on a number of guys. This year proves to be even more interesting, as the draft and the subsequent signing process could look very different at this time next year. So in short, I don’t think anyone knows what to expect. The Phillies could blow things out of the water and sign everyone, or sign only a few. That’s what makes this fun. So check below the fold and we’ll get to it.

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Phillies sign 11th round pick Tyler Greene

Okay, I might as well just post it. According to the Palm Beach Post blog (Greene’s hometown paper), the Phillies have come to terms with 11th round pick Tyler Greene. Terms were not disclosed, but I’m going to guess it was somewhere between $500K and $1M. Per MLB’s slot guidelines, teams aren’t to give players taken after the 5th round more than $150K, and the Phillies will certainly smash through this number.

This was the scouting report on Greene prior to the draft from BA

He’s impressive physically and shows well in workouts and showcases with his raw tools. Greene has improved his speed to well above-average over the last year by getting stronger and more explosive. He has a fast-twitch body and athletic ability, and looks the part at shortstop. He’s not natural at short, doesn’t always get good hops and doesn’t have the most accurate arm, short-circuiting his plus arm strength. Offensively, he was erratic on the showcase circuit and again this spring, where he was hitting around .380 in mid May with just five home runs. Greene also could move up boards with a strong workout.

This was what Keith Law said about him after the Phillies drafted him

Tyler Greene (11) is their best tough-sign pick and would be farther over slot than I can remember them going in any recent draft.

Update —> BA confirms the signing and tabs the bonus at $375,000. Much lower than I think anyone anticipated. Incredible work by the Phillies.

Ryan Garvey has not signed with the Phillies

The Phillies have reportedly signed 15th round selection Ryan Garvey to a minor league contract. Ryan had been thought all along as guy who was going to honor his commitment to USC. Shortly after being drafted, his father Steve made comments that dictated that it was certainly a possibility he could sign. A possibility it was.

Update, 19 June 2011 – Garvey hasn’t signed, the article was incorrect – James.

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2011 Draft Recap and Analysis

Another year, another draft in the books. In years past, I simply compiled a list of the picks on their own page, and then wrote a really long piece giving my opinions on every pick. This year, I did day by day analysis, but in addition to that, I created a much expanded draft picks register. Please see the links below for all of the content. You can also find all of this information at the top of the site under the “Draft” sub-heading. When the dropdown pops up, select “2011 Draft Picks”

Previews: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

Day by day analysis: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

2011 Draft Picks register

Check below for more on the 2011 draft

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2011 MLB Draft Day 3 Recap

Hey everyone. Thank you again for following along today. The draft is now complete, with 20 more guys to add to our collection. My plan is to do a brief wrapup of today’s picks, because frankly, I don’t know a whole lot about them, and then try to write up a more comprehensive review of the entire draft this weekend. In that piece I will try and figure out who is going to cost what, as well as providing more profile information and things like that. Until then, a few quick thoughts on today’s picks.

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