Ryan Garvey has not signed with the Phillies

The Phillies have reportedly signed 15th round selection Ryan Garvey to a minor league contract. Ryan had been thought all along as guy who was going to honor his commitment to USC. Shortly after being drafted, his father Steve made comments that dictated that it was certainly a possibility he could sign. A possibility it was.

Update, 19 June 2011 – Garvey hasn’t signed, the article was incorrect – James.

Had there not been signability concerns with Ryan, he would have likely gone much earlier in the draft. He has above-average raw power, a above-average arm, and has a chance to hit for average. As a pro he’ll more then likely play left field or first base as he’s a below average runner.

No word on his signing bonus.



Thanks to Nails for discovering the signing!

40 thoughts on “Ryan Garvey has not signed with the Phillies

  1. I heard a radio interview with Steve Garvey just after the draft and the interviewer asked him if he had hoped his son would have been drafted by the Dodgers. His answer was interesting in that he said something along the lines of “The Dodgers organization of my generation – yes, but that is not the same organization it used to be. Having said that, I couldn’t think of a better and classier organization for my son to play for than the Philadelphia Phillies, so we’ll see what happens.”.

    That could have been just a nice thing to say, or it could be another example of when you become what this org has become, there are some benefits.

  2. Nice. Great news. He has a really nice swing, and it would be nice to have a polished righty power bat in the system.

  3. Incredible. Especially, signing early as the league since I though the league did not approve higher signing bonuses until near the deadline. In his bonus less than $100K? Awesome to have him as an OF in the GCL where I do not see many international prospects and few draftees.

  4. This is interesting.

    Because if he was planning to sign for significantly over slot, the Commish would likely stall on the deal, and they may still do that. Its possible that he had agreed on a deal prior to the draft even, but that it will drag on until it gets approved.

    Or the writer of the news article might not know what he’s talking about.

    We’ll see

    1. This is a story written by a reporter who covers schools in the community where Steve Garvey grew up, not a reporter who covers sports in the community where Ryan Garvey played high school baseball. The reporter gives no indication of where he got his info. He does admit that he wasn’t able to speak to Steve Garvey. His primary source appears to be a middle school office administrator who communicated with Steve Garvey by text. I woulld think saavy consumers of media would be very, very skeptical about this info.

  5. I made sure to leave it at reportedly, as it would be an easy mistake to make.

    It could be a Jon Singleton situation, where he signs but they don’t announce to appease the commissioner.

  6. Could somebody explain how it works with predraft deals? Can a team basically buyout any draftee prior to the draft and have his agent tell other clubs he wouldn’t sign?

    1. A player’s rep could never tell other teams “we have a deal in place”, but players often times send letters to scouts indicating not to draft them because they are going to college. Other teams assume the player won’t sign, so they don’t pick the player in the first 25 or 30 rounds, and then if he’s still there later, they might take him, if for no other reason but to block him if he does have a deal in place.

      No one knows what happened here, but the above type of scenario happens all the time.

      1. What stops any team from approaching a Bryce Harper-type and offer him $10mil if they draft 30th overall? Could the Red Sox have made a deal with Garret Cole?

        1. I believe the League office would step in and prevent that as its a huge violation of the rules.

  7. This would be a great signing if it were to get done, especially since sons from Major League families seem to have a much higher chance of reaching the Majors than those who don’t. Steve Garvey was one heck of a Ballplayer, and it’d be great if his son could even come close to that level someday. This draft has already been one filled with interesting moves, so i’d love to see what other surprise signings are done.

    1. True but some top out quickly since they already had the best instruction. If two prospects are equal give me the raw kid every time.

  8. Huge signing and I’m very impressed if its true. Will he start in the GCL or is he good enough to go to Williamsport? I’m guessing GCL if only because of the current logjam of OFs in the low minors but I’d love to hear PP’s thoughts on it.

  9. Good!…if true.

    Note: in seasons past (a la recherche du temps purdue) the Phils have announced signings very quickly; this time it seems they are delaying signings announcements; learning signings through the “back door” via people “in the know” is better than knowing nothing.

    I’m guessing that the delay is for the purpose of not letting some draftees as to who their competition will be if they sign which might discourage a competitor from inking.

    Just a guess as to motivation. It would be no small accomplishment for them to sign all of the first 20 and several thereafter. A dream?

  10. I don’t know. Article seems a little suspect to me. I’m pretty sure if he signed a Minor League Deal on June 9th, he would have been ineligible to play in the game on June 10th. I want it to be true for sure.

    1. I suppose if you want to be optimistic he could have signed with the Phillies, but requested that the contract not be sent to the MLB league office for official approval until his HS season is done. Until he gets paid he’s still an amateur no?

    2. I’m with you. While the chatter that Garvey has signed (or will signed) is positive, I haven’t seen any real evidence presented. Seems like it’s all rumours at this point, and too early to get excited.

  11. This is really the Golden Era of the Philadelphia Phillies franchise. Not to over-state the significance of this signing. Rather, my point is it just feels that they are doing so much right, top to bottom. I was a fan through the lean years and I never thought that I would hear someone of Steve Garvey’s caliber say something like this:

    “Having said that, I couldn’t think of a better and classier organization for my son to play for than the Philadelphia Phillies.”

    The big club is dominate. The farm is producing top prospects. And the organization is seen as elite among its peers. The Lee signing showed it. And it keeps going…very exciting time to be a Phillies fan! We all really deserve it after going through those 90+ loss seasons for so long.

  12. Article says draft on 7th, signed on 9th. Still an amateur till deal is approved and registered in MLB. .Says article updated on June 15. Think if there was a major error of the magnitude of what’s been suggested, somebody would have pointed it out by the June 15 update at least.

    And if was on the 9th, the lag in reporting things continues.

    Don’t think there was any supersecret big money deal that snatched Garvey away from anybody, he went right about where he should.

    That endlessly recyclable scouting report that says Garvey is slow, and will likely have to play LF or 1B. Seems to some about 80% of the league would be LF and 1B. How about RF, how about he plays RF. That report is based upon what—total number of steals—steal v. caught stealing,—-or is it just their keen eye for talent?

    Steve Garvey school will from this point forward be known as Ronald Reagan school (article).

  13. It’s also possible that the Garvey family isn’t that worried about whether he gets $30,000 or $300,000, they just cared about the organization, so the slot thing may not be a sticking point. Not saying they don’t like bonus money, but it may not have been the driving factor, and perhaps the Phillies knew that.

  14. I have read the article and it seems as if it was written by a person who had an axe to grind and did not know much about baseball. I don’t believe it.

  15. Very suspect, IMO. I will think as if there is no news about him at all until something reliable comes out. I think the comments above that he will be an amateur until MLB approves his contract might be incorrect. I suspect he is ineligible to play the moment he signs his name. If he did play on the 10th, then the entire report is incorrect, likely some know-nothing who has no clue about baseball signings.

    That’s just my reasoned speculation. I’ll be happy if I’m wrong and Ryan has singed.

  16. Updated. He didn’t sign.

    Sorry folks, that’s what happens when you find articles from smaller newspapers, written by guys you’ve never heard of.

    Still think there’s a good chance it gets done, but not for a while.

    1. Thanks for following up. I was pretty confident that was going to be the outcome at this point. I think they might get him signed eventually. Even small town writers should know what the heck they are writing about though.

      1. Agree. Unfortunately, though, incompetence and sloppy work abound in even the most professional of environments these days. Not as much expectation to get things right all the time.

    2. Well that stinks. I was pretty excited, obviously.

      At least now we have a template to use if/when he signs.

  17. Any chance he did sign but its over slot so its not officially announced? That the person in the article might actually know the real truth but it cant be official yet?

  18. Yeah, I actually read the article. Basically, it seems like the reporter got it from the school secretary who got it from a text from Steve Garvey who flaked on coming to the school. So, not surprised it turned out to be wrong. Shouldn’t be too hard on the guy who wrote it–he’s not a sportswriter. Who knows, might even be a summer intern or someone connected to the school. I’m sure there was no sensationalism intended. Most people in the world follow this less closely than we do.

  19. Well “flaking on going to the school” is more than I knew about what was going on. Sounds like he probably will sign, but the report was premature.

  20. Where does the article say that the information on Garvey signing or not, came from a text message to the school secretary? The article simply says that Ryan Garvey was drafted on the 7th and signed on the 9th. The text message to the school secretary concerned Steve Garvey being unable to make an appearance at Steve Garvey Junior High School , which he apologized for. So, on what basis is this deemed wrong? Simply on say-so? Whose say-so? Is it because Garvey’s name does not appear on the Phillies website draft signings page? I believe there are several players that have actually appeared in games for Williamsport already and are still listed as unsigned. Until there is more foundation to either confirm or deny this report, I list this as indeterminate.

  21. I’m guessing that he did not sign, as I heard on a local radio sports talk show here in Palm Springs that Garvey is making his debut with the Palm Springs Power tonight (the collegiate wood bat summer league that plays here). He could just be getting in some more playing time before signing a contract.

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