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Opening tonight is tonight for the short season Crosscutters, so lets take a look at the roster:

Catchers: Francisco Diaz (21, signed as a free agent in 2006); Robert Stumpo (23, 33rd round pick in 2010 draft)

Infield: Carlos Alonso (23, 32nd round pick in 2010); Cody Asche (20, 4th rd 2011); Taylor Black (22, 16th rd 2011); Maikel Franco (18, Signed as a free agent in 2010); Harold Martinez (21, 2nd rd pick in 2011); Patrick Murray (24, 34th round pick in 2010); Matt Payton (23, 27th rd pick in 2010).  Note: Jake Smith will start the season on the DL

Outfield: Aaron Altherr (20 years of age,  9th rd pick in 2009); Luis Amaro (22); Kelly Dugan (20, 2nd rd pick in 2009); Kyrell Hudson (20, 3rd rd pick in 2009); Witer Jiminez (22, FA in 2010); Brock Stassi (21, 33rd rd 2011); Luis Unda (21, FA 2008) Note: Gauntlett Eldemire will start the season on the DL.

Pitchers: Gabrial Arias (21, FA 2007); Leonel Bastidas (21, FA 2007); Ryan Duke (22, 25th rd 2011); Cody Fick (23, 23rd rd 2011); Percy Garner (22, 2nd rd pick, 2010); Juary Gomez (21, FA, 2008); Greg Herbst, (21, 32nd rd, 2011); Lino Martinez (19, FA 2009); Bryan Morgado (22, 4th Rd, 2010); Hector Neris (22, FA 2010); Mike Nesseth (23, 17th rd 2009); Jesus Pirela (22, FA 2006); Austin Wright (21, 17th rd 2010) Note: Kevin Walter, Siulman Lebron and Pedro Lora will all begin the year on the DL.

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    1. Bill Conlin reports a wrist injury, same one that DL’ed him last year. I guess he’s the Zach Collier of his draft.

  1. Typo alert on Altherr, I think you meant to say 19 years old instead of 29 years old…

    “Aaron Altherr (29, 9th rd pick in 2009); “

  2. Also, do we have an injury report on Walter? Was kind of looking forward to watching his progress. Anyone have a read on Lino Martinez? Young and with years left before protection. Should we be watching him or is he just filler? His GCL stats don’t say much. Nearly 8 k/9 isn’t horrible. 2.3 bb/9 isn’t horrible. Small lefty with a high WHIP. But he’s in Williamsport not back in GCL and even though he’s from Venezuela, he’s apparently not played VSL. Curious and intriguing. Could be for no good reason. Anyone???

  3. Somebody on this site said that Lendy Castillo was sent to Williamsport after 2 outings at Lakewood. He was a fill in but pitched pretty well so maybe he stayed there?

    I hope Dugan gets off to a fast start. I hope to see him at Lakewood late in the season.

    1. yes Lendy Castillo was on crosscutters roster for like 4 hours then removed and put back on lakewoods roster. The night he pitched for them. S0 as it stands Lendy is staying in Lakewood

  4. Looking at the talent on that team, I’d hope for a lot of offense relative to the league.

  5. I wrote this in another thread, but I’m interested to see how Arias does. He is on the young side and has done very well in the DSL two years running. I know NYPL>>DSL, but still he is one of the more intriguing arms here.

    1. I agree with you on Arias. He could become the next Bonilla or Manzalillo (sp) or possibly .a Lugo. We’ll see how he performs.

      I hope you’re not celebrating the Bruins…

      1. Come on, that was a great series! But I’m not really a hockey guy…when it comes to 17-year-old athletes I’ll take Domincans over Canadians every day of the week. You know what I mean.

  6. I suspect Cody Asche will be worked in as a Catcher.
    Seen that Jake Smith was listed as RHP in XST.
    Read on Williamsport website that Luis Amaro is , indeed, Ruben’s half brother, via Ruben Amaro Sr.
    Sr. has a 22 y.o. son, good to see he stayed active.
    It is believed by some that Witer Jimenez is the older version of Nevri Jimenez upon investigation and should be more like FA in ’08.
    Article on WPT website speaks of Steven Malcolm, but see nothing else on him.
    Notable last season: Christopher Duffy was apparently beaten out by Patrick Murray, and will be assigned to GCL, after 2nd XST.
    College signees not seen:
    John Hill, C, Will Davis C (UDFA), Logan Moore C (JC), Trey Ford, INF (JC), Matthew Holland , OF, Peter Lavin, OF, Ion Durham, RHP, Paul Cusick, RHP

    1. Franko is a 3B too, right? That would mean at least (by my count) three 3B on the roster, so it would be interesting to see if they work Asche in as a catcher. Has he ever caught before, or is it just speculation from rumors within the organization? Given the success the team had the last time they converted a third baseman to a catcher (Ruiz), I guess they can be given the benefit of the doubt.

      – Jeff

        1. I guess Phillies going for 3B depth now, hoping someone turns out good after the failures of Hewitt and Altherr?
          I think Asche will be at 1B, since I would be surprised he signed if he knew he would be a C. Supposedly the Phillies are trying many guys at catcher including Alonso. Not a bad idea for some of the lower round guys because the batting requirements for C are non-exisistent and if Phillies are willing to teach them to play C why not.

          Martinez getting some time at SS? With Malcolm not listed there are no backup 2b/ss players; Payton at 2B and Black at SS.Appears that Franco would be the odd one out since Martinez should be the starter. I though Franco signed for nearly as much as Martinez though?

          Not that either is a prospect but I had hoped Duffy would be a stud hitter and beat out Murray. Being a college guy repeating GCL is not good.

  7. I’m hoping Kyrell Hudson can improve at the plate this year, everyone hated the pick when we made it an so far everyone was right. However, if the light bulb turns on for him he’s got all star level talent so I’m rooting hard for him to succeed. The talent is certainly there, as he’s oozing potential, so let’s see some flashes this year ok Kyrell?

    1. I join you in being a non-hater. I’ve been a fan from the get go. Hopefully he has figured some things out.

      1. I’m a Hudson guy as well. He’s one of my personal favorites and it’s nice to see him start well tonight.

        2 for 5 with a 2B, run, RBI and SB while batting at the top of the line-up.

    2. I don’t think anybody was hating on Kyrell Hudson, or rooting for him to fail. I think after the Kelly Dugan pick, which felt like a reach, Hudson was another pick that was incredibily raw and needed to develop hitting ability. So while some of us were disappointed with the pick, it was because he was going to need alot of developmental time.

      But from all accounts Hudson has special speed and looked like a gazelle in the outfield, covering huge chunks of ground. He is probably one of the best athletes in the entire system. If he could ever learn to hit he could be another Anthony Gose type.

  8. Easy to see why they didn’t draft too many pitchers or outfielders. It’s crazy how crowded the lower minors are in those spots.

    I think this years team has a lot of interesting names to watch.

  9. Two things I noticed from media day and the first workout for the team on Wednesday:

    – Asche wasn’t in town yet, but they had Carlos Alonso working as the third catcher in the bullpen when all the pitchers threw their sessions. Don’t know if this yet means he’ll make that move, or if he’s just the emergency guy. Anybody who saw him play defense at third last year will tell you he is anything but conventional in the field, but has a great glove. One of the more exciting defensive players they had a year ago.

    – Count me in as a Kyrell Hudson optimist. It’s tough to remember he’s still such a young baseball player, not so much so in age, but in terms of playing the game. To me it’s very similar to Domonic Brown’s situation. He was probably a better college football prospect than a baseball prospect, but he’s got plenty of talent. He spent all last season working relentlessly with hitting coach Jorge Velandia on the smallest of adjustments with his swing and often times just looked like he was trying to guide the ball the other way, and never really tried to drive the ball, even during batting practice. Wednesday during their round of BP, he was hitting bullets off the left-center field wall. He was pulling the ball with power and looked like a completely different hitter. He stole 11 bases last year with like a .200 OBP and was only caught three timess. If his offense improves at all, he’s going to be a huge threat at the top of this lineup.

    1. Agree with the Hudson-Brown comp in terms of athleticism. However, Brown was reported to have an exceptional feel for hitting when drafted. Not a tom of experience, but scouts liked his swing and power, etc. He didn’t seem to be fooled overly much right from the start. Hudson is more raw, I believe. By comparison, he has no clue at the plate, except what he pitched up last years and in XST this year. He will need the next two years just to see if his talent can translate at all, then a couple years to mature that talent. He could be a real slow developer, but there’s a chance he’s worth the effort. Maybe 10% chance? 20%? Better? Who knows?

    2. They really worked Alonso hard behind the plate in minor league spring training back in March. He showed also great hands at third during infield drills back then. Saw a couple of games at the end of XST and Franco was at third behind the rehabbing Mattair. As far as catching goes Diaz has one of the best arms in minor league camp and better than Stumpo. His throws to second were always on the bag. Dugan was playing first base and driving the ball well to right in XST.

  10. “He spent all last season working relentlessly with hitting coach Jorge Velandia”

    Oh my. Velandia of the career 544 OPS? Not sure that’s who I’d want working with my young hitters, though I assume it’s only because Juan Castro was unavailable.

    1. Yeah, because there’s never been a successful professional baseball coach who wasn’t a Major League all-star or Hall of Famer. Who do you expect him to work with? Ty Cobb? I’m not sure, but I don’t think Ty is available.

    2. Billy DeMars, the greatest hitting coach in Phillies history, had a career OPS of .597.

    3. Rudy Jaramillo arguably the best hitting coach in the MLB the past decade, never made the majors and had a career minor league OPS under .700

  11. It looks like Franco won the 3B lottery tonight. It’s going to be interesting to see how they fit everyone in at the hot corner.

    Raise your hand if you had Leonel Bastidas as the Opening Day starter for WPT. Anyone? Anyone? His stats in the VSL are not notable at all except for extreme groundball tendencies.

  12. Nice start to the season with a 7-0 win. Franco had a good game with 3 hits and 3rbis. Altherr had 3hits and Stumpo (from that power house Wilmington Univ) had 2 hits 3runs and a hr. Bastidas with 6 SO innings and Arias pitched the other 3 for the save

  13. Went to the williamsport game and out of all the offense my favorite part was watching Kyrell Hudson beat out a grounder to third for an infield single. Last year he wouldnt have even ran that out. I know its just one game but it seems like Kyrell has a better attitude this year.

    1. He should have had three hits tonight. Hit a bullet up the middle the second baseman caught only because he was there to cover a steal. I really think he’s going to have a monster year.

  14. The 2 youngest hitters on the team, Franco and Altherr, came out smoking in game one. Good to see…
    Seems like every affiliate has a 25 year old 1st baseman batting cleanup. I hope there are enough. ABs to go around for Franco, Martinez and Asche.

  15. For those who went to the williamsport game was that Dickie Noles in the Bullpen talking to the pitchers during the game?

    1. You are correct..he lives in Wilmington. There was another player who was drafted recently from Wilmington University who is no longer around.

  16. Listened to a couple of innings of game and pre-game. In pre-game Morandini said he has 2 college signees he’s going to work in at 2B and 3B. Maybe he means Asche at 3B and Martinez at 2B. I would say Franco, Stumpo, Altherr, Hudson, and maybe Dugan and Murray deserve to play in next game. So maybe next alignment: Asche 3B,Franco SS, Martinez 2B, Murray 1B, Altherr-Hudson-Dugan in OF, Francisco Diaz at C, and Stumpo at DH.

    1. Also game announcers said Bastidas throws in mid-90’s. After the 1st with 2 K’s and 3 after 2, looking good but see that was it for 6 innings. Might have been describing cutters , forkball, like that, but who knows from them, time may tell.

    2. Martinez at 2B is not a bad educated guess there. It says in his profile, that he looked very natural at 2B in the AFLAC all-american game. Judging by the reports that Asche doesn’t have the best footwork at 3B, that probably precludes him from moving to 2nd base.

  17. I can tell you Bastidas was definitely making the mitt pop pretty nicely last night. Mid-90’s wouldn’t surprise me….it also seemed like he threw mostly fastballs, but since he had a big lead for most of the game he didn’t need to get too creative.

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