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2011 MLB Draft Day 2 Analysis

Wow, what a day. If you’re a regular here, you know draft time is my fav time of the year. For me, the draft is a lot like Christmas, or your birthday. You get lots of presents (new prospects), you like some of them more than others, but they give you something to talk about and obsess over. I’ve written a lot of words over the last few weeks leading up to the draft, and I’m going to write more now, and then again this weekend after the dust has settled, before tying a big bow on things in August when the signing deadline passes. I’m going to give quick reactions and notes on the guys taken, but before I get to that, I’m going to go a bit philosophical, because I think what I want to say might explain some things, or at the very least, give you something else to think about. Before I do that, a HUGE thank you to Dave and Ryan for updating the picks this afternoon, and Ketch for providing instant reports in the comments. Amazing work. Now, let’s get started

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A big huge thank you

I wanted to put this here as well, because it deserves its own mention. A huge thank you to everyone who visited today, and more importantly, a big thank you to Dave, Ryan, Ketch and everyone else who posted updated information as the draft was happening. Today is now officially the busiest day in the site’s history, with over 40,000 hits in the books. Again, just a huge thank you for the constant support and for giving me an audience to share my thoughts with.

2011 MLB Draft, Day 2

With one pick in the book, the Phillies will make 2 picks in Round 2, and then one pick each in R3 through 30, and then 31-50 tomorrow.

Dave is going to help keep the pick register updated, and I will fill in any blanks when I get home from work. If you can find links/reports/videos of the guys taken, please do post them in the comments to make my life easier. If you want to discuss our first round pick, please do so in the dedicated post to that pick. Upward and onward.

66 – Roman Quinn, SS, Port St. Joe (FL) H.S.
90 – Harold Martinez, 3B, Miami
120 – Adam Morgan, LHP, Alabama
151 – Cody Asche, 3B, University of Nebraska
181 – Mitchell Walding, SS, St. Marys (CA) H.S.
211 – Zachary Wright, C, East Carolina
241 – Kenneth Giles, RHP, Vavapai College
271 – Austin Wright, LHP, Ole Miss
301 – Logan Moore, C, Northeastern JC
331 – Jake Overbey, SS, University School of Jackson (TN) H.S.
361 – Tyler Greene, SS, West Boca Raton Community (FL) H.S.
391 – Yacksel Rios, RHP, Dra Conchita Cuevas (PR) H.S.
421 – Colton Murray, RHP, Kansas
451 – Trey Ford, 3B, South Mountain (AZ) C.C.
481 – Ryan Garvey, OF Palm Desert HS (CA)
511 – Taylor Black, SS, Kentucky
541 – Jesen Dygestile-Therrien, RHP, Ahuntsic (Que.) JC
571 – Drew Hillman, 3B, UC Irvine (CA)
601 – John Hill, C, Concordia (CA)
631 – Pete Lavin, OF, San Francisco
661 – Riley Moore, C, San Marcos, HS (CA)
691 – Matthew Holland, OF, Texas A&M
721 – Cody Fick, 3B, Evansville
751 – Matt Campbell, RHP, Florida
781 – Ryan Duke, RHP, Oklahoma
811 – Michael Rocha, RHP Oklahoma
841 – Braden Shull, LHP, Mt Pleasant HS (IA)
871 – Ian Durham, RHP, California Lutheran
901 – Paul Cusick, RHP, Penn
931 – Michael Marshall, 1B, Lubbock Christian