2011 MLB Draft, Day 2

With one pick in the book, the Phillies will make 2 picks in Round 2, and then one pick each in R3 through 30, and then 31-50 tomorrow.

Dave is going to help keep the pick register updated, and I will fill in any blanks when I get home from work. If you can find links/reports/videos of the guys taken, please do post them in the comments to make my life easier. If you want to discuss our first round pick, please do so in the dedicated post to that pick. Upward and onward.

66 – Roman Quinn, SS, Port St. Joe (FL) H.S.
90 – Harold Martinez, 3B, Miami
120 – Adam Morgan, LHP, Alabama
151 – Cody Asche, 3B, University of Nebraska
181 – Mitchell Walding, SS, St. Marys (CA) H.S.
211 – Zachary Wright, C, East Carolina
241 – Kenneth Giles, RHP, Vavapai College
271 – Austin Wright, LHP, Ole Miss
301 – Logan Moore, C, Northeastern JC
331 – Jake Overbey, SS, University School of Jackson (TN) H.S.
361 – Tyler Greene, SS, West Boca Raton Community (FL) H.S.
391 – Yacksel Rios, RHP, Dra Conchita Cuevas (PR) H.S.
421 – Colton Murray, RHP, Kansas
451 – Trey Ford, 3B, South Mountain (AZ) C.C.
481 – Ryan Garvey, OF Palm Desert HS (CA)
511 – Taylor Black, SS, Kentucky
541 – Jesen Dygestile-Therrien, RHP, Ahuntsic (Que.) JC
571 – Drew Hillman, 3B, UC Irvine (CA)
601 – John Hill, C, Concordia (CA)
631 – Pete Lavin, OF, San Francisco
661 – Riley Moore, C, San Marcos, HS (CA)
691 – Matthew Holland, OF, Texas A&M
721 – Cody Fick, 3B, Evansville
751 – Matt Campbell, RHP, Florida
781 – Ryan Duke, RHP, Oklahoma
811 – Michael Rocha, RHP Oklahoma
841 – Braden Shull, LHP, Mt Pleasant HS (IA)
871 – Ian Durham, RHP, California Lutheran
901 – Paul Cusick, RHP, Penn
931 – Michael Marshall, 1B, Lubbock Christian

527 thoughts on “2011 MLB Draft, Day 2

  1. I hope they:

    A) Raise their willingness to spend this year given the depth of talent this year. I am actually comfortable with their hard budgeting of most year. (don’t confuse comfortable with “like”)

    B) draft based on the best (in their assessment, not according to 3rd parties) player available versus organizational needs. You don’t know where your team will be in 5 years even with projected retirements. Easier to take best available and then make trades/sign FA if necessary.

    C) draft speed and power. Speed because I love fast aggressive teams. Power refers to both pitchers and hitters, but I really liked the Greene pick. Its obv that Amaro paid attention in his economics classes. As offenses league wide continue to see a decline and we a era opposite of the McGuire era with speed and defense, power will come at an extreme premium in a few years. Hence power hitting prospects that pan out will be of more relative value over pitchers.

  2. James,

    Loved the pre-draft coverage, and loved the immediate information provided post draft. Really enjoy the site and wanted to say thanks for all your hard work.

    You mentioned last night that you were given three names. I’m assuming one was Comer. Not sure if you can share the names now, but are any of the others left as we head into the second round?

  3. A lot of good names left. Jason Esposito, Susac, Delmonico(assuming he is a tough sign). I’d like to see Susac picked, but I will guess LHP college pitcher, Josh Osich.

  4. I’m reading KG’s chat from last night and he mentions this guy, who sounds like a potential Phillie…

    Michael (Houston): Chafin was a favorite among you non-first round guys. Who are a few of your favorites outside of the top 100?

    Kevin Goldstein II: Gimme Hawtin Buchanan, a high-school rhp from Mississippi who his a six-foot-eight beast. VERY raw, but you sure can dream on him.

  5. If PP’s source about the 3 players is correct, then they must have known that one or two of the three would fall to them in the 2nd round. I really like the Greene pick. I’d love for them to go middle infield with one of the 2nd rounders, they really need to build their prospect pool around hitting, because they have great pitching down in the farm in relievers and starters. It’s time to build a future power house offense again, starting with Greene and Singleton.

  6. I do hope they draft the best available player, but I have a slight hope they lean towards solid projecting positional players in these early rounds, if there are any left. More catchers would especially be nice – I see many of them on lists.

    Late in the draft, that’s where the real gutsy choices will come – and where most of the breakthrough talent comes from!

  7. Just watch tape of greene. He doesnt look slow to me. seem to get around the bases well. maybe it me but he has a howard type swing. in the few at bats that i watched.look like he get his hand in well on inside pitch which I like to see.

  8. I’d imagine we’ll see some toolsy outfielders, tall projectible prep RHPs. But I’d really like to see a run on infielders…build up some inventory there and hopefully 1 or 2 can pan out

    1. I like the pick. a right-handed hitting SS who is a burner and played in Florida. I’ll have to see some video of him to take a look at his batting though. The size doesn’t worry me at all… Hell look at Jimmy Rollins and if this guy’s size is legit he’s probably taller than Jimmy.

  9. My really really long 2nd day infielder(2B, SS, 3B) wishlist:

    1) SS/2B Johnny Eierman
    2) SS Philip Evans
    3) SS Tyler Greene
    4) SS Brad Miller
    5) 2B Ryan Wright
    6) SS Jace Peterson
    7) 3B Matt Dean
    8) 3B Jason Esposito
    9) SS Shon Carson
    10) SS Gabriel Rosa
    11) SS Julius Gaines
    12) 3B Sean Trent
    13) SS Conor Barron
    14) SS Nick Ahmed
    15) SS Brandon Loy
    16) SS Christian Lopes
    17) SS Mikal Hill
    18) 3B Matt Skole
    19) 2B Trent Gilbert
    20) SS Drake Roberts
    21) SS Tyler Grimes
    22) 3B BA Volmuth
    23) 3B Matt Papi
    24) SS Taylor Motter
    25) 2B Khayyden Norfolk
    26) 3B Garrett Buechele
    27) 2B Dante Flores
    28) 2B Joe Terry
    29) 3B Chris McFarland
    30) 3B Jack McPhee

    please draft 5 of these guys Ruben!

    1. Such a long list and our pick is not on it. BA #73, however. He wasn’t my next choice of MI, either, but the speed is nice. HS batting averages of only .385 generally not a good portent.

  10. lets make it 2 for 2 with greene’s. Tyler greene that is. HS ss with great size.

  11. Forgot Delmonico wasn’t taken, but he’s still a catcher and it’d take 3+ million to keep him from going to Georgia. He’d definitely be top 5 on that list if he’s considered a 3rd baseman, but I’d rather spread that money around and stock up on talented infielders. For what it would take to ink Delmonico, we could probably sign a whole infield worth of players close to his caliber.

  12. Ranked No.73 by Baseball America

    “A Florida State signee, Quinn was a must-see at relatively remote Port St. Joe, on the Florida Panhandle. The fastest player in the BA Top 200, he’s a true top-of-the-scale runner with game-changing speed. He’s a high school shortstop who has the arm strength (solid-average) and hands to stay in the infield. Quinn has the athleticism to play second base, but his speed plays better in center field, which is where more scouts project him to wind up. He’s a righthanded hitter who has been learning to switch-hit over the last year. The 2010 East Coast Pro showcase was his first game action hitting lefthanded, and he was overmatched, so he backed off switch-hitting for a time. He resumed it this spring and has improved from the left side. Scouts like his righthanded swing, which produces surprising pop. His 5-foot-9, 165-pound size may drive him down draft boards, but he had helium and was unlikely to get out of the third round.”

    1. I have him at 5’10” 165, with luck he’ll add another inch and 20lbs and stick at 2nd… he’s far enough away from the show that he could be an ultey replacement.

          1. Yeah that is an option also, but Quinn isn’t going to be replacing Utley at 2nd base. Maybe Quinn will be the Phils 2nd baseman at some point, but it won’t be 2014.

          2. *snort*

            Are you guys serious? The team that threw $125 million at Ryan Howard for no reason is going to let Utley walk away? Even worse, they might stick him in LF?

            Come on, guys.

            1. do you think that they should compound the howard mistake with another contrat just like it/

  13. Who? Haha I listed 30 names and he wasn’t one of them. Thats why I’m not working for them.

    1. I think you went through the White Pages, pulling names.

      But the kid’s overview said he could stay in the infield but most likely will be a CF’er. At least you got your 1st middle infielder… for now.

  14. johnmanuelba John Manuel
    Absolutely love Roman Quinn to the Phillies, like him better than Larry Greene actually, best runner in the draft

  15. Roman Quinn, HS SS, committed to FSU. Hopefully he’s a guy that the Phils can sign, they say he projects at SS/2B or CF which is good we need middle infield. Flashes good speed from what’s being reported.

  16. Roman Quinn is a 2011 OF/SS with a 5-9 165 lb. frame from Port St Joe, FL who attends Port St Joe HS. Smaller compact build. Very good runner, 6.57 60, right handed hitter, 4.20 home to first, fast twitch hands, busy load, nice quick swing, line drive contact, ball jumps off hard, all fields, has some lift and power, good bat speed. Very good outfield tools, very quick to the ball, quick release, very good arm strength. Infielder’s build, infield tools/actions playable, gets set and balanced, arm strength plays, could develop as infielder with more repetitions. Nice tool set.
    PG Grade: 10.0

  17. Ketch, I appreciate the effort but I don’t think its necessary to list every pick by every team. It fills up the message board and anyone who really wants the information can load up the MLB Draft Tracker.

    1. My bad. I was just doing the five picks leading up to Phillies first 2nd round pick.

  18. The first thing you will hear about Roman Quinn is that he is fast. He has recorded 60 yard dash times as fast as 6.35 and uses that speed in the field and on the bases.

    Offensively, Quinn is a line drive hitter with a quick bat. He does have a bit of pop in his bat and should end up getting his share of extra base hits.

    Quinn has played second, shortstop, and centerfield for Port St Joe. He has more than enough range for center and his arm is plus, as well.

    Beyond his obvious skillset, Quinn is also commended for his strong work ethic.


    2011 Rawlings 2nd Team Preseason All-American
    2011 Rawlings 1st Team Preseason Florida All-Region


    Port St. Joe Coach TC Brewer- “He sets the table for everything. He’s our lead-off hitter, and when he gets on base, we score runs. As he goes we go kind of, and again, he kind of starts our offense and gets our offense going.”

    Brewer- “He can track down a lot out there in the outfield. He’s got all the tools. He’s a great leadoff hitter with a good mix of skills.”

  19. looks like a toolsy speedster with a big arm. Michael Bourn comes to mind for me here.

    1. And several other guys we’ve taken in high rounds over the past few years:

      Hopefully a few pan out.

  20. I guess this is our toolsy speed guy. Not a bad area to take an athlete draft-wise as he could profile to three positions (SS, 2B, CF).

    Looking for a college pitcher with the next pick as there is depth there.

    1. I know the phillies will draft a few, but given our minor league depth at pitching, I’m perfectly fine with high school guys only. Our 20 year old up and comers (May Cosart J-Rod Colvin) are more advanced at the same or younger age then anyone we’d draft in college.

      1. Good point that our pitching depth is where a top college pick would be today or next year (i.e. Clearwater). Though for balance I usually want half of our top picks to be pitchers. Never can have too many pitching prospects.

        I do wonder how late they could get Susac if the price is high. If they go signability with the top picks could they afford $1.5 for Susac in round 4 or 5?

  21. Likewise, I believe we’ll see teams draft more speed and the 2011 Draft crop has its share of fast runners. I don’t know if anyone will steal 100+ bases like Rickey Henderson and Vince Coleman did, but there are some guys with the potential to steal 50+ as long as they hit enough.

    So when I look at potential big league basestealers out of the 2011 high school crop, I don’t just pick off the best 60 yard-dash times. I try to look for players who have a quick first step and an inherent aggressive nature. Whether they’ll learn to read pitchers or not depends on their own work ethic as they move on and as Maury Wills or Rickey Henderson would tell you, that’s the biggest difference maker in the end.

    The first prep who comes to mind is Roman Quinn from Port St. Joe High School on the Florida panhandle. The 5’9”, 149 pounder has the combination of a great 60 yard-dash (6.35 on grass, stopwatch at ECPBS) and an explosive start. His other tools help to make him a potential high pick despite his diminutive size.

    1. Nice review but PG as of the fall had him up to 5’10” 165, which IMO is a big and note-worthy change.

  22. Quick hands, 6.35 speed, 95mph from the outfield…Thanks Rube, sounds like a good pick.

    Looks like he’s 12. We definitely drafted the most and least physically imposing picks so far.

  23. So our 1st two picks are Switch Hitters? One kid is power, the other kid is a speedster? Not too bad of a compliment to one another I’d say

        1. He is not a switch hitter. That is the only place that says it. Think it’s a mistake.

          From BA

          75. Larry Greene, of
          Berrien County HS, Nashville, Ga.
          Greene isn’t quite one-dimensional, but it’s close. He’s a physical beast at 6-foot-2, 235 pounds, and one evaluator compared his power to that of Russell Branyan, another south Georgia lefthanded hitter. Green was dominating and putting on huge power displays against modest pitching, pushing himself into first-round consideration. However, scouts who saw him last summer recall he struggled mightily with velocity at the East Coast Pro Showcase. Greene is somewhat stiff but is an average runner, which should give him a chance to play left field, but some scouts think he’ll wind up as more of a first base/DH type. Greene’s value is mostly in his bat and well above-average raw power. He’s likely to put on a display in individual workouts for teams prior to the draft.

        1. I hope they already know the answer to that question if they took him in the 2nd round.

    1. If he can make the majors it is a good pick. While SS would be great, we currently have holes in 5 years at all the positions he might play: SS, 2B, CF.

      Gillies and James are no sure bets in CF. His arm may be more 2B than SS as well. SS would be nice, but if he is a plus offensive speed player that makes the majors he seems to have the defensive tools to play multiple positions.

      1. If his OF arm strength is really 95 MPH as reported I don’t think there should be any concern of him having the arm strength for SS.

      2. In five years, we currently have holes in every position except 1B and one starting pitcher (I think).

  24. I like the philosophy so far. Find toolsy guys with one ++tool that could be enough to provide major league value on its own. With Greene you think of Russel Branyon. All he can do is be a pinch hitter off the bench with the potential to pop one but yet he keeps getting a shot with teams. If Quinn has the speed that is advertised its not outlandish to think of him as a worst case pinch runner/5th outfielder in the bigs. There is value there even if he never hits a ton.

    1. hopefully the Phillies have gotten more than Russell Branyon and Michael Martinez with their 1st 2 picks.

      1. Obviously…all I’m saying is the worst case scenario seems far better when a prospect has one tool he can hang his hat on as opposed to being a jack of all trades but master of none. Believe me, I’d hope for more than that but if they both become major league players, regardless of the role, its a win in my opinion.

  25. Well, mlb.com is only up to date to 64 and I don’t want to listen live (trying to work here, people) so whoever was posting the picks I’d like to see it again.

    1. rodeo.. open up the live tracker and then just mute the video… that way u get the live streaming of the picks without the sound

    1. Interesting that they might have gone for Susac at 90 if he had still been there.

      Martinez definitely sounds like a Howard/Taylor pick of a guy with decent tools that was disappointing in college. Checks the position box as you say though I do see him listed as 3B/1B which may mean he will grow out of 3B.

    1. i think ryan howard dropped into the fifth round because he had a disappointing junior season in college.

  26. A good prospect coming out of highschool who “went backwards” in college sounds like a classic Phillies resurrection pick.

  27. Well they say Martinez has played and has good reaction at 3B and SS, has played a little 1B. Mayo saying he hasn’t hit much since HS, which would worry me about him.

    1. Well in 2010 Martinez batted .295 (not great for college) with 21 HRs and 69 RBI which is a nice college season from a power point of view.

  28. mlb.com seemingly stopped updating. Anyone have a link that lists up to date picks?

  29. Wow. The Nats went w Purke huh?? Is there draft budget going to be more than their big league roster?

  30. Watched Harold a lot at Miami and met him a few times. He’s a great kid with a great work ethic who had the ‘Next A-Rod’ label out of high school. Don’t know about his signability, but he’ll be a senior next year so we should make a good run at signing him.

  31. Larry Greene is not a Switch hitter but has tried it out. Listed as S in a few places.
    Not thought that he will be Switch going forward.

    1. The feeling is the Phils will keep him on the right side and not experiment with switch hitting

  32. If they liked Susac I wish they’d have taken him with 66, I feel like Quinn would have been there at 90. Maybe they got wind that a team in the few picks after them was hot for him, but even if you lost him, Susac appears to be the better player so it still would have been a win.

  33. CORAL GABLES, Fla.—Harold Martinez lowered his hands and raised his stats.

    The Miami Hurricanes third baseman made the adjustment just before the start of the 2010 season, and the results were immediate. He went from nine homers as a freshman to a sophomore season in which he slugged 21, tied for the ACC lead.

    “In 2009, I had my hands above my head,” Martinez said. “I worked with the coaching staff to lower my hands to my shoulder area, where they could be closer to the ball.

    “I wanted to get more extension on my swing and make more consistent contact. The more consistent contact I make, the more chances I have to hit homers.”

    Canes Coach Jim Morris said confidence was a big factor in Martinez’s new stance.

    “If he feels good about it, that’s the most important thing,” Morris said. “It’s a constant change thing. You have to make adjustments. But he has a lot of potential. The ball jumps off his bat.”

    Martinez, though, still has work to do if he is to improve his current 2011 draft projection, which is in the second- or third-round area.

    Some scouts have questioned whether Martinez, a righthanded hitter, has the bat speed to handle premium velocity. If he gets a fastball under 90 miles per hour, he can hit it a mile. But the perception is that he struggles with guys who throw harder than 90.

    Canes hitting coach Joe Mercadante disagrees.

    “Harold has the bat speed and the confidence to hit anyone’s fastball,” Mercadante said. “If you go back to last season, he had some pretty good weekends against top arms. The tough part was that he wasn’t thrown many fastballs.”

    Martinez’s defense has also been questioned. His 21 errors last season were the most on the team. But that is a problem he feels he can fix.

    “Most of my errors—at least 17—were on throws,” said Martinez, who played shortstop at Miami’s Braddock High and was a 19th-round pick by the Texas Rangers. “I didn’t miss many ground balls. Sometimes I have to be more cautious on slow rollers. When I have no shot of getting the runner, I have to put the ball in my pocket.”

    Morris sees it a bit differently, recalling that his errors were virtually split between throwing and fielding.

    “The thing he does best is he has a great arm, and the best plays he makes are on slow rollers,” Morris said. “We had him playing a step or two deeper this fall, which helped him get an extra split-second to read ground balls. If you get good hops, it’s much easier.

    “He has to cut down on his errors if he wants to play third base at the next level. But his arm is there. He can play as deep as he wants.”

    1. If needs a system that will tinker with his swing some more, this is that system.

  34. John Manuel just noted via twitter regarding Martinez ” Stunned that Harold Martinez goes out that high. Got a Mark DeRosa as a best-case for him this year; plus defend; 12 XBH this year, 10 SH.”

    1. I saw that, I’m actually with the team on this pick… kid has all the potential in the world, low risk being a junior, high upside if he’s able to find his stroke and be the kind of prospect that most people thought out of high school.

      This is our end of 2nd round pick. I like it.

    2. Of course there are only two 90th picks that turned out better than Mark Derosa, for what it’s worth.

  35. 2010
    Miami’s Harold Martinez Has Surgery, Season Likely Over …

    Martinez GAINESVILLE — The Hurricanes got a jolt of bad news Friday night as slugger Harold Martinez needed what season-ending leg surgery following Miami’s Game 1 loss in a super regional at the University of Florida.

    Martinez has been limping for the past couple of days and couldn’t play third base for the Hurricanes on Friday – Michael Broad took his spot as Martinez went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts in Friday’s 7-2 loss in Game 1 as Miami’s designated hitter.

    Broad will remain at third on Saturday with Chris Pelaez sliding up from the fifth spot to take Martinez’s clean up spot.

    Martinez, a sophomore from Braddock, ends his season batting .295 with a team-leading 21 homers and 69 RBI.

    So he was injured last year. 21 Homers 69 RBI’s not too shabby – very strong 3B Arm.
    Errors on Throws.

  36. Not to open a can of worms, but are we saving some money with easy signs? Hopefully that means we’ll spend later.

    So much for getting a catcher…Thats okay just keep drafting infielders & hopefully a couple of them stick

    1. Quinn seems the toughest sign of the three but really should not be dramatically over slot.

      Yes – it does seem that we are not spending excess money with these three. Whether they target spending more later is an open question. It will be interesting to see how many high school picks are in the top 15 rounds beyond these first two. Those are generally the ones they will overpay to get. I would love 7 or 8 HS out of the top 15, but expecting more like 5 (so 3 more).

      1. Agreed. Love to see more, but only expecting 5 of the first 15 to be HS guys, and realistically, they probably don’t sign all of them.

    2. Other than Quinn (who may move to CF at some point) don’t expect the Phillies to give priority to either middle infielders or catchers in the draft. Clearly the scouting staff & front office have concluded that the team has good prospects of finding the 2B, SS & C of the future in Latin America. A number of Latin infielders with good potential added in recent years–Galvis, Cesar Hernandez, Harold Garcia, Rivero, Perdomo, Duran, prospective All Star SS Jon Villar (now maybe the Astros #1 prospect), Guillermo Mendez, Maikel Franco, Rios and promising 16-17 year old 2B/SS added to the DSL/VSL this season.

      And in two years roughly Latin C Carlos Ruiz will be joined by Sebastian Valle, certainly among the top three or four position players in the system Strong-armed Diaz & Chavarin likely will be the starters at Williamsport & for the GCL Phils–and there are no fewer than ten catchers on the DSL & VSL teams.

      Unrelated Phils draft possibilities: here in Eastern Iowa the Phillies have shown very strong interest in a Cedar Rapids RHP, 6-4 Dakota Freese, and Solon, IA HS CF Derrick Loveless. Int4erestingly, both have said that he is getting far more attention from the Phils than any other organization: Freese says they are in daily contact, have been talking to me for two years. Freese is expected to go in the range of 12th-15th round, Loveless 10th-12th. The Phils have also been scouting CR OF Austin Christensen consistently for several years. Freese has signed with LSU, Loveless with Iowa, Christensen with Nebraska. Freese is likely to turn pro, Loveless probably, Christensen most likely to choose college.

      OF Nick Day, headed to the U of Iowa, is another Phillies target. Seems such an improbable recruiting emphasis for the Phillies–but last year they drafted three HS kids and a Juco from Iowa, including Jon Musser (handing him a $350,000 bonus to forego college).

  37. My big worry here is why he’s only hit 3 HR’s this year so far…. in 220 AB’s… that’s a dramatic loss of power from his previous of 21 Hr’s. It could be a number of things, a still healing leg, confidence, or maybe he’s compensated for the injury in some way that zapped his power. I’d really like to see him start in A ball and have the coaches give it a go. Unfortunitely he’ll miss XST otherwise I think that would be really useful for him.

    1. I’m sure the new bat rules in the NCAA has a lot to do with his HR totals being down.

  38. Is it just me or do other people also feel that, at least early on here, the team is drafting more for “need” than at any other time in recent memory. I’m not sure this is what is happening, but it sure looks that way.

    1. I think you are right Catch 22. They are definitely seeing the age/injury problems at the big league level and trying to get some pieces in place…Quinn at short/2nd and Martinez on the corners.

      1. I think it has more to do with seeing a weakness in the minor league system than at the major league level. OFs and pitching is plenty right now but the infield is very thin.

  39. Im kind of frightened by the amount of talent the Nationals are accumulating, just taking the best player at each pick. If they sign Fielder which many people are thinking is going to happen that lineup will be stacked.
    Plus a possible staff of Strsburg, Cole, Solis, Meyer, and Purke. That team could be a force in three years.

    1. For a year, then they’ll trade all that good talent to the phillies or the phillies will sign them as F/A… but yes, it’s certainly looking like they’re a force to recon with… between this commitment and the Jayson Werth signing, I think a light bulb went off in DC.

    2. someone’s been reading into Buster Olney’s comments on that lineup IF they could sign Prince.

  40. so far it seems they reached for all three picks according to experts…i m happy with 3 position players and in Woelever I trust!

  41. Florida State signee at #66. University of Miami junior at #90. Next pick has to be a senior from the University of Florida, right?

    Live in Miami. Not a ‘Canes fan, but I did see a few games this year. Martinez definitely has talent, but for whatever reason he really played to the level of his talent on the college level. Hopefully the Phillies can get him signed and let the coaches work some magic.

  42. On April 6th, when Martinez was healthy and hitting .289, Sickels said “He was seen as a possible second-rounder pre-2011, with a chance to go higher if he broke out, but so far his performance for the Hurricanes has been undistinguished this spring. Has the tools for third base but has to hit a lot better than this to push into the higher rounds now, given the depth of the class.”

    I’m okay with Martinez, especially considering his athleticism and power, but again, I hope we spend a little on later picks…

  43. Does not seem that is the case Baxter. LF-1B Howard Type in Greene – SS Speed Pop Rollins Type in Quinn – 3B Cannon Arm, Round One before attending Miami, Leg Injury Hamels Bounce Type.

    3 Hitters. Nice.

  44. Coaches will have their work cut out teaching these guys to hit/make contact. It seems to be a skill the Phillies think they can teach. Very few picks over the last few years have had the ‘contact’ skill being listed as one of their strengths.

        1. that’s why you draft HSers knowing that they’re going to take more time. Not defending the pick but just saying not every pick blasts through the system fast.

  45. Remember that college baseball changed the composition of bats this year as well. They are heavier with a smaller sweet spot.

    My whole Vandy team is being drafted…sheesh!

    1. I hope that is part of it because seeing a SLG sub .400 for a corner infielder is pretty sad.

  46. Seeing all these kids drafted, and hearing the scouts, i can’t help but wonder which kid will turn out to be the best player taken, odds are it won’t come from the first round, which also means, whoever it is, is gonna “shock the world” and destroy their scouting report.

      1. That was one of the first comparisons I thought of when I watched the video.

    1. compares to Lee, strike thrower, doesn’t have Lee’s stuff but has Lee-esque delivery and arm action.

  47. From BA: Alabama’s roster is thin on tools, and the Crimson Tide may not have more than one player drafted in the first 10 rounds: Morgan, who has had flashes of brilliance mixed with low points. He has pitched in the rotation for three seasons, and his solid size and good arm action entice scouts. His delivery, arm action and delivery evoke Cliff Lee, though he doesn’t have Lee’s stuff or command. Morgan does pound the strike zone and at times pitches downhill with a 90-92 mph fastball. He also has flashed an above-average slider that will touch 84 mph, and his changeup flashes average as well. So why doesn’t Morgan dominate? His fastball more regularly sits in the 87-90 mph range, and even at lower velocity it can flatten out. He has a stiff front leg in his delivery that at times prevents him from keeping the ball down, and his slider is inconsistent. He has been durable this season, though his delivery does raise injury concerns with some scouts.

    1. Cliff Lee minus the stuff and command? ok. I would suppose the Phillies saw a little more than that.

  48. A LHP and we need a couple of those. Another guy who’s performance in college didn’t quite match his talent. Gotta like the strategy.

  49. Martinez bats Righty. “I’ve also heard — very quietly, I might add — some that believe Martinez has what it takes to catch at the next level.”


  50. From PG: David Rawnsley:
    Phillies: LHP Adam Morgan from U. Alabama. Here’s a young man who has really improved…we saw him frequently in HS who was a soft tosser back then…now he’s grown some hair on his fastball and is a third rounder.

  51. i dont know enough about these guys or any guys being drafted…someone please give me thumbs up or thumbs down so far on first four picks…thanks!

  52. OK with Morgan. The system is a little weak on LHP. Now on to a projectible HS pitcher or two.

  53. My boy Kendall Rogers of Perfect Game just said this in a chat: “Nice to see Adam Morgan get picked up. He had some major consistency issues at Alabama, but when clicking on all cylinders, was an elite type of weekend arm. Definitely a guy to take a pick this high on … lefty with tons of potential, IMO.”

  54. Some troubling quotes in the above article posted by Alden:
    “Some scouts have questioned whether Martinez, a righthanded hitter, has the bat speed to handle premium velocity. If he gets a fastball under 90 miles per hour, he can hit it a mile. But the perception is that he struggles with guys who throw harder than 90.”

    “the tough part was that he wasn’t thrown many fastballs.”
    ( so he can’t handle off-speed stuff either?)

    “Martinez’s defense has also been questioned. His 21 errors last season were the most on the team.”

    Seems like a great athlete who struggles with BASEBALL. Sorry if that seems harsh, but I’m normally okay with toolsy guys…

    Adam Morgan? Got crushed all year, throws mid 80s and not much room for projection.

    Okay now I’m convinced we’re saving money…but hopefully we take some shots later on

      1. I like Quinn and Greene. I’m okay with the college guys if signability isn’t the only thing our picks have in common…but both our college picks struggled at the college level and PG lists Morgan as a 6’1″ guy who throws in the mid 80s. If our scouts saw an uptick in velocity, then he’s a solid pick.

  55. From PG: Kendall Rogers:
    Nice to see Adam Morgan get picked up. He had some major consistency issues at Alabama, but when clicking on all cylinders, was an elite type of weekend arm. Definitely a guy to take a pick this high on … lefty with tons of potential, IMO.

  56. have to mention Anthony Hewitt makes all star team as DH with Buchanon Claypool Murphy and Bonilla (sorry off topic..lol)

    1. One more off topic comment (because, literally, there is no other place to post it today) – it is time to give Brian Gordon a spot start and see what he can do in the big leagues. His performance this year is breathtaking and he just seems to be getting better and more dominant with each start. What catches my interest is that he is not only shutting down the opposition completely, he is dominating them and striking them out in droves over the last two starts. This gives me hope that he can translate some of that performance to the big league level.


  57. Martinez 3B is an Injury Bounce Back good risk.
    Morgan LHP when “On’ has dominated top teams. Phillies must see potential with adjustments.

  58. Though I would still prefer the Phillies draft someone with ‘advanced approach at the plate’ rather than ‘free swinger, flashes ability’ in the first few rounds, at least they did pick up some demonstrated tools in power for Greene, speed for Quinn, and good sophomore season for Martinez (though the change in bats worries me quite a bit with him). Morgan seems like the Phillies’ now annual college early round lefty (Way, Morgado).

    1. Did you read the Greene write-ups? I haven’t seen “free-swinger” anywhere.

  59. I’d imagine if he had all the talent of Cliff Lee at this level, he’d be in the Majors already.

  60. Isn’t this the area where an ‘over-slot’ pick comes? If not at 151, it’s gotta be in the next few

    1. You mean draft one or sign one? That has meant 2 very different things the past 2 drafts.

  61. Interesting,
    J-Mayo says Asche is another guy who could possibly end up as a catcher

  62. I’m sorry, but MLB really should adjust the draft order to replicate the ultimate finish in the WS and playoffs. It makes me sick that SF is picking ahead of us. Yes, I get it, but I don’t think it’s particularly fair. The two WS teams should pick last and so on down the line.

    1. The NFL just did that a few times over the last 4-5 yrs…. Before the Super Bowl teams were 31 & 32 and everyone else was left based on record.

    2. The playoffs can be such a crapshoot though. I get your point, but in a way the regular season is more indicative of the “better team”.

      1. Yes, again, I get it, but so what? If we are taking at face value that the champion is the best team (as major league baseball would like us to believe), why should the champion get the added bonus of not picking last? Stated differently, why should a team who does not get the benefits of the championship be saddled with its burdens? It’s a farce.

  63. Damn we are working the infield. A year or two too late to be direct replacements for our current guys should they make it, but it’s good to see some infield picks.

  64. No.151 in the 4th round…

    3B – Codfy Asche – nebraska

    From perfect game chat: “3B Cody Asche from Nebraska, originally from Missouri. Quality pick here, Asche has a big left handed bat. The area guy who drafted him is also a very good longtime friend of mine, so I’m happy for you, Dave.

    Same goes for Asche, who may end up in LF/1B. He’s a similar player to Jeff Larish coming out of college.”

    No.116 on BA: While many college hitters have had trouble adjusting to less lively bats this spring, Asche has thrived. After totaling 19 doubles and 12 homers in his first two years at Nebraska, he drilled 27 and 12 during the 2011 regular season. His season almost was derailed before it started, as he missed fall practice with stretched ligaments in the arch of his foot, but the injury responded to rest and rehabilitation. Asche’s best tool is his lefthanded power, which rates a 55 or 60 on the 20-80 scouting scale. He has good hand-eye coordination and a sound approach, so he should hit for a solid average as well. Six-foot-2 and 198 pounds, Asche is a decent runner once he gets going. He also has average arm strength, but lacks soft hands and quick feet, so he’ll probably have to move off third base in pro ball. He’s athletic enough to try the outfield, and some scouts wonder if his tools might translate well behind the plate.

    ranked No.128 on perfect game

  65. from a nebraska TV station:

    Nebraska 3rd baseman Cody Asche expects to hear his name called in the baseball draft the next two days. The junior from O’Fallon, Missouri led the Big 12 with 12 home runs and 27 doubles. His 54 RBI’s was second in the league.

    He has one more season of college ball left if he wants to come back, but if the money is right and opportunity too good to pass up, he’ll likely do what a number of other Nebraska players have done in recent years, skip his senior season and turn pro.

  66. I do like the attention the IF is getting…someone asked me an IF in the minors who had a good chance of making the big club and I was hard pressed…

      1. Stop, i can’t take this glavis love, i feel like vomitting. I agree he’s showing a little more pop, but the contact rates still suck.

        1. Not the time or place for a detailed response, but his contact rate has always been okay (it is every other hitting metric that stunk in the past) and is improved this year; so has his BB rate. BB/K ratio is 17/32, would like to see more improvement, but respectable. As you say, more pop, more than a little IMO. So basically across the board improvement. He is basically an average hitter for his league, which for a 21 YO great fielding SS in AA is pretty darn good.

  67. Well, Martinez or Asche, one plays 3b and one goes to catcher. Let the games begin! Time to get another pitcher.

  68. Cody Asche was honored as one of the top players in the nation Thursday, earning Second-Team All-America accolades from Collegiate Baseball newspaper.

    A native of O’Fallon, Mo., Asche is Nebraska’s first All-American since Johnny Dorn in 2008 and the first Husker position player to earn national honors since 2006.

    The third baseman completed an outstanding regular season in which he finished as the Big 12’s leader home runs (12), doubles (27), total bases (133), and slugging percentage (.639), while also ranking second in RBIs (56) and 12th in batting average (.327). Asche ended his junior campaign on fire, going 8-for-13 (.615) with four doubles and three RBIs while leading Nebraska to a series win over Missouri. He put an exclamation point on his year with a 4-for-4 day in the season finale, hitting three doubles to set Nebraska’s single-season school record with 27, breaking the previous mark held by Jed Morris (2002) and Mike Duncan (1985). Asche also moved into a seventh-place tie on the all-time NU chart with 46 career doubles, tied with former Huskers Darin Erstad (1993-95) and Todd Sears (1995-97).

    Asche was among seven Big 12 players named to Collegiate Baseball’s All-America teams.

  69. Anybody has a few names -likely pitchers who have some bigger college commitments but haven’t been drafted? I have to think our west coast scouts are still to be heard from.

  70. ok Asche looks like he fell to us…i hate the reactions of MLB guys on our last two picks…keep saying “interesting pick”

    1. Well they are unemployed from baseball scouting departments for a reason ya know! haahaa

  71. I sometimes think about the draft and wonder what a stressful experience it must be in the draft room when the team’s turn comes up given that other players the team must want are continually being taken off the board. Furthermore, even though I know that teams pre-rank their players – so what? If you’ve got two guys who are pretty close, are you telling me there is no discussion at the time? Perhaps not, but I’d think there has to be at least some internal debate/discussion and there has to be some person who is deputized to make the “final” decision. This might get a little tough when they are going for the signability picks later on – do we go for the kid we love or another kid we like but believe we can sign. Not an easy choice.

    1. I know exactly what those guys go through thanks to all the fantasy drafts I’ve done.

    2. I was wondering that yesterday. Suppose a top pick, like Rendon fell all the way down to Phillies but they never talked to him or had any real contact with him because they though they had no chance, do they still pick him?

      Total conjecture, but I imagine the Phillies list is likely about 300 players that they really have interest in. Maybe another large grouping that might be fliers depending on how the draft goes. Since once out of about the 5th round the players are pretty similar in draft status due to signability and talent it is just determining when certain players are likely to be chosen.

      For example, I am still amazed that Chris Duffy of Central Florida was available at pick 801 in 2010 after being in the running for player of the year. I still loved that pick and hold some hope he could be a prospect. Eventually the Phillies must have said, we should take this guy soon before someone else realizes he is still available.

  72. Detroit just took Brandon Loy. Did anyone else suspect he might be the next Philly pick?

  73. Heads up for those watching the names but not listening. There’ll be a 10 minute break after round 5 (the Phillies next pick).

    1. The 5th round is a Phillies speciality – Howard, Taylor, Way – for whatever reason they seem to hit on 5th round picks.

      By the way, although I am not the world’s biggest fan of “need” picks per se, I am a big fan of drafting a bunch of guys with upside but situational question marks, such as injuries, “off” performance years, or other unexpected deviations from their intended path. If you take a lot of these guys but only hit on 1 or 2 out of 5, you get outstanding value. It’s a smart draft strategy and one the Phils have used to perfection in getting players like Hamels (injury) and Howard (uncharacteristically bad junior year).

      1. im not so sure i would call Matt Way a hit in the 5th round. Trevor May might be considered such, but he wasnt 5th round, he was 4th.

      2. And, by the way, if you are going to draft for need, you might as well flood your picks with the need – again, the idea that if you hit on a pick or two, the wasted picks won’t matter in the long run. It’s not like putting together a pro football team with the team turns over every two years and you need 50 players. Turnover is slow, there are few players, and yet you get to draft a lot more players. You can take more chances.

  74. Woelver said this draft’s talent is 2-to-1 high school vs college…but a lot of college picks so far. Hopefully some high schoolers coming up

  75. Wow…really working that infield so far. Need to see a few high school pitchers before I can say I’m in love with it all!

    1. Not sure we need pitching prospects this early. We’ve got that on lock, and I believe the Phillies won’t be shy down the line to bring in big-name free agent pitchers.

  76. i am loving this draft so far. Cant even remember the last high school ss that we drafted. Lets get these guys signed!

  77. From Perfect Game chat: Phillies with the last pick of the 5th round: SS Mitchell Walding, another CenCal player, often compared to Tampa comp round pick Tyler Goeddel for his athleticism and potential except that he might be able to stay at SS in the future.

  78. Sounds like a long-term project.

    “Tools, tools, tools. Based solely on his intriguing blend of future power, arm strength, and defensive upside, Walding could be ranked just outside the top five on this list. As it stands, however, he falls a bit later because the gap between what he currently is and what he could be some day is substantial. The power upside is dependent on his pro frame (6-4, 185) filling out and his swing getting tweaked, the arm strength upside will rely on his weird arm action being adjusted, and the defensive upside will only be reached after thousands of groundballs off the fungo. If nothing else, I appreciate his high boom/high bust style of prospectdom, a fun departure from the series of “yes glove, maybe bat, no power” players that often make up the second wave of prep shortstop prospects. As an added bonus, if it all works out, he has the bat and power potential to start in the big leagues even if he has to move off short.”


    1. Love it – exactly what I’d want them to do with a 5th round pick.

  79. From BA: As the quarterback for his high school football team, Mitchell Walding didn’t get many looks last summer or fall. Then he had a stress fracture in his right foot at the end of April, though he returned in mid-May when his team was in the playoffs. He has a lot of things that scouts like. With a 6-foot-4, 185-pound frame, Walding he’s athletic and agile for his size, with fringy speed. While evaluators aren’t convinced he will remain at shortstop long-term, he’ll at least get a chance to stay there. He has average arm strength, and it could get better if teams can fix a hitch in his throwing motion. Walding is a good student with a lot of passion for the game. He hits from the left side and he has good bat speed, sound swing mechanics and a patient approach. He tracks the ball well, letting it travel deep, and is comfortable taking the ball the other way. He doesn’t have a lot of power yet, but most scouts think it’s in there. Walding could go in the fourth to sixth round and will spend this summer in the West Coast League. If he does not sign, he is committed to Oregon.

    1. I like the pick. Seems like a perfect Phils draft choice. Football player/athlete with a ton of upside.

      1. Totally agree. I’m a big fan of this one. I like the guys with athleticism and lots of upside. I hope we can sign him. He sounds like he really likes Oregon.

  80. from http://baseballdraftreport.com/2011/06/04/final-2011-mlb-draft-high-school-shortstop-rankings/

    “11. SS Mitchell Walding (St. Mary’s HS, California)

    Tools, tools, tools. Based solely on his intriguing blend of future power, arm strength, and defensive upside, Walding could be ranked just outside the top five on this list. As it stands, however, he falls a bit later because the gap between what he currently is and what he could be some day is substantial. The power upside is dependent on his pro frame (6-4, 185) filling out and his swing getting tweaked, the arm strength upside will rely on his weird arm action being adjusted, and the defensive upside will only be reached after thousands of groundballs off the fungo. If nothing else, I appreciate his high boom/high bust style of prospectdom, a fun departure from the series of “yes glove, maybe bat, no power” players that often make up the second wave of prep shortstop prospects. As an added bonus, if it all works out, he has the bat and power potential to start in the big leagues even if he has to move off short.”

  81. I LOVE the Walding pick. It sounds like he is the sort of player that gives the coaches a blank slate to work with, that could be molded into a star. Now, it’s time to sign the kid and see what coaches can do.

    1. Does any of the reports say whether Walding can actually hit a baseball? He could be Hewitt all over again.

      1. zomg or he could be Dom Brown, nobody knows and it doesn’t matter after the first round or two since the bonuses demanded aren’t that crazy.

  82. Mitchell Walding’s ceiling sounds like Tulowitzki (hey if we’re comparing Morgan to Lee then I’m gonna do that)

  83. Top players still on the board per Perfect Games (maybe the best coverage of the draft)”

    Dillon Maples, rhp (North Carolina)
    Matt Dean, ss (Texas)
    Derek Fisher, of (Virginia)
    Senquez Golson, of (Mississippi/football)
    Ben Roberts, of (Washington State)
    Cole Wiper, rhp (Oregon)
    Kody Watts, rhp, (Portland)
    Clayon Holmes, rhp (Auburn)
    Daniel Camarena, lhp (San Diego)
    Dillon Peters, lhp (Texas)
    Mario Amaral, c (Florida State)
    Tyler Greene, ss (Georgia)
    Mason Robbins, of (Southern Miss)
    Pat Connaughton, rhp (Notre Dame)
    Cody Kukuk, lhp (Kansas)
    Hawtin Buchanan, rhp (Mississippi)
    Andy Suarez, lhp (Miami)
    Shawon Dunston, of (Vanderbilt)
    Tanner English, of (South Carolina)
    Adam McCreery, lhp (Arizona State)
    Ricardo Jacquez, rhp (Texas)
    John Curtiss, rhp (Texas)

  84. This reminds of the draft where the Phillies took Jaramillo, Marson and another catcher whose name now escapes me in the top 10. It’s becoming clear that the Phillies identified the need to add some infield prospects to the system, and I like they way they have gone about doing it, with a mix of risky, high upside players and also a more established college junior. I hope they’re able to get these guys signed.

    1. was his name Cresswell or something? Charlie Cresswell? Could be way off on the name but i also remember another ctcher being drafted that year

  85. KLaw doesn’t seem overly impressed with our draft thus far. from his chat today:
    Ian (Clark, NJ)
    What do you think of the Phillies draft thus far? Like any picks in particular?
    Klaw (2:50 PM)
    It’s different, certainly. They generally don’t spend much in aggregate on the draft, which really limited them in a year when everyone wanted $2 million and their brothers wanted $1.5MM.

      1. He won’t know the Phils’ budget, but his working assumption is that it will be limited, which is tough in a year when so many guys are asking for the moon. The Phils’ drafts are always “different”. They go for guys off the radar screen who are less expensive.

      1. he’s the guy who wasn’t good enough to work for the worst GM in baseball. so take his tweets with a grain of salt.

  86. If you forced me to guess, I would say that they are going to wait until around the 10th round or so to start with their college relief pitcher picks and will wait until around the 7th or 8th round to begin considering projectable HS starting pitchers for potential above-slot deals. Before the draft is over I’d suspect there will be a lot of those guys but I think they will just flood the rest of the draft with catching, middle infield and third base prospects, taking a stray outfielder or two that they find intriguing.

  87. Meh, right? Not a lot of college players with nice ceilings left at this stage.

  88. I’m interested that they’ve drafted four college guys and all have been juniors to this point.

  89. There goes Kevan Smith…I really wanted him. Senior catcher with huge upside. Turned to baseball late when he couldn’t win the starting QB job at Pitt.

  90. From his college stats, it seems that Wright has decent plate discipline with pretty good BB and K rates. His average isn’t that good, but he shows good power and a strong arm.

  91. Please stop acting like you know anyhting about these guys other thaqn waht you have read on the internet.
    You sound stupid and none of us are buying it.

    1. Agreed. I just know what I’ve read and what I’ve seen of limited videos online. I’m more looking at the positions they are targeting and the frames on some of these kids.

    2. Was this directed toward me? Because I’ve been trying to cite sources and I’m sorry if I’ve been projecting myself that way.

      1. No Al., sorry about that, it was not directed at you.

        It was directed at Baxter. I thought i replied directly to his comment about Kevan Smith, but apparently I did not

  92. Just a quick look in, but I like the picks a lot so far. Less jazzed about Morgan, but I’ll investigate that one more when I have time tonight.

    1. FWIW, I have reached out to my buds in Bama (my home state) to see if they have any insight…

    2. Really? I used to love going to Adams Morgan for the various restaurants and clubs.

    3. Agreed. I think that’s the one pick I’m least thrilled about. Now if the reports that his speed has risen over the last month or two are accurate then maybe I can see it…. but I’d have been happier going with a HS arm… Now watch him turn out to be the best player in this draft for the Phillies 😉

  93. Kenny Giles — RHP JC guy from Arizona that has been clocked at 98-99 MPH

    1. I will say a couple of things about Kenneth Giles. Many teams had there eye on him. This guy can turn up the heat. A few times this year he was clocked at 100+. Scouts brought him to a mini camp to pitch against last years top sluggers in the draft. He made them look bad. He has put on more mass this year. In the 200+ lbs range. He has good stuff but I believe his best attributes is he is not afraid of anyone, he will attack the batter and he enjoys the competitive nature of a relief pitcher. The Phils are going to look like genius’s we he arrives in the bigs.

  94. From Perfect Game –

    19. YAVAPAI / Arizona (42-20 in 2010)

    The Roughriders boast the best prospect in the Arizona JC ranks in Arizona-bound sophomore RHP Kenny Giles, whose fastball touched 98 mph in the fall, but he may be hard pressed to be one of the more effective pitchers on the Yavapai staff unless he addresses lingering command issues.

    1. I love picks like this. Before he was a potential Hall of Famer, Curt Schilling was a JuCO kid throwing 98 MPH. Give me a guY who throws 98 any day of the week and let the folks in the minor league system work with him for a couple of years. GREAT PICK!

        1. I was NOT comparing him to Schilling -not my point. The point is that hard throwers can go a long way.

  95. Re Catcher from ECU

    Someone must go report to Williamsport
    Someone must hold the fort at Williamsport
    Someone must provide support at Williamsport
    Someone must be the sort to play at Williamsport

    SORRY – too much information and not enough facts.

  96. FrankiePiliere Frankie Piliere “@MitchellNJ I’m amazed that people trust my lists, BA’s lists or anyone’s more than clubs’ lists. It’s why I hate even doing lists”

    At least someone keeps it real, it’s really annoying reading these clowns who have their BA list out and if the team doesn’t pick one of the available guys on the list “ommmmmg terrible pick”.

  97. I suspected Giles must throw hard, because he’s a 5’10” Juco redraft.

    Theres a 2010 mlb.com video of Austin Wright. Big kid (6’4″ 235) with a 90mph fastball and decent hook.

    1. MLB has him at 6’2″ and 188 lbs.

      but you seem to be the expert on all these kids that you have never seen before so i guess i will just trust your measurements

  98. BA Report on Kenny Giles:
    Coming into the season, Yavapai JC righthander Kenny Giles was a one-trick pony. Giles, 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds, did not pitch as a high school senior because of elbow tendinitis and threw just 11 innings for New Mexico JC last year. He entered the year as just a thrower, having shown arm strength but little control or secondary pitches in the past. He turned a corner this spring, though, sitting 92-96 mph and touching 99. His fastball can get straight, but he has commanded it well and worked to improve his tempo on the mound. Giles also developed a splitter and has shown an 87-88 mph slider in bullpens and competitive batting practice sessions. Teams know he’s raw, but his arm strength could land him as high as the third round. He is committed to Arizona, though scouts expect him to sign.

  99. 10 picks and not one high school pitcher yet. This just looks odd doesn’t it??

        1. The VSL and DSL staffs this year are not very good. Even Vargas the high dollar signee is having trouble. One never has enough raw arms in the low minors.

      1. It is odd isn’t it. It just feels like a very un-Phillies like draft. I always wish we would pick a couple of higher profile guys but I do like the athleticism we keep drafting.

        1. Totally disagree. They are picking guys with lots of athleticism or big tools who are raw or have warts and probably come cheaper. That pretty much sounds like their M.O. Morgan is the only one I’m scratching my head on. The stats are poor and I have not seen anything yet that says he has big tools.

      2. Never said I didn’t like the draft – just said it looks really odd not seeing a pitcher heavy draftboard

        1. I agree this is not a typical Phillies draft…But one could summize that the pitching talent in Extended Sping must be pretty solid… there must be alot of love for Garner, Fritsch, Inch, Best, Cota, Martinez, Musser, Stewart, Walter, etc. So if they feel pretty confident on the arms that are down their waiting, bring on the sticks…infielders, catchers, etc…

        2. I agree this is not a typical Phillies draft… Extended Sping must be pretty solid… there must be alot of love for Garner, Fritsch, Inch, Martinez, Musser, Stewart, Walter, etc. So if they feel pretty confident on the arms, bring on the sticks…infielders, catchers, etc…

  100. I’m not that shocked they’re staying away from high school starters & outfielders. Seems like the org is struggling to find spots to place all of the guys right now.

    Look at all of the guys from last year that will be in short season ball from last years draft alone.

  101. No complaints here. For the last 2 years I thought they avoided C way too long, didn’t get the C signed they should have (Susac), and have dreck at MI and 3B thru most of the system. I don’t know how many of these guys stick, but it was time to start pushing the below average prospects they already have at MI, 3B, and C.

    1. They’ve ignored catcher for the last 2 years? You mean other than drafting Rupp in the third round?

      1. I liked the Rupp pick, but after trading d’Arnaud and Marson, I think they needed to load up on guys that actually had some experience at C. Numata was a conversion project. I like the fact that they drafted 2 C in the Top 10 rounds and 2 more guys that are conversion candidates.

        1. sorry, but Rupp is just another version of Jaramillo. .210/.250/.300 with some decent defense. next…

  102. Wow, the Phillies are taking every SS in the draft, it seems! I guess they are making sure they hit on one of them!

  103. According to perfectgame, Overbey was the #8 HS prospect in Tennessee, going to Ole Miss.

  104. Should be interesting to see how many of these guys that they sign. Will they play them all off of each other and move from one to the other if they can’t get the deal they like? I can’t see them signing all of these guys that they are drafting to this point. A lot of redundancy. I’m anxious to see what sort of high school arms/tough signs they start picking and how many of those they sign as well.

    1. thats the one downside to all these nice picks. unless they plan to throw a ton into the draft budget this year, they’re probably looking at less than half of them signing.

  105. Yeah, I’d say this draft suggests that Freddy Galvis is not viewed as the second coming of Omar Vizquel. (Just kidding–I realize all these high school guys and won’t be ready until Freddy in into his arb years…) Personally, I’m hoping that they go for a couple high-ceiling-tough-sign high school pitchers in the later rounds.

  106. Just gotta have faith they’ll pick some signable prep arms in the later rounds – a la Musser, Pointer

  107. Overbey was the #2 QB in Tennessee too, but committed to Ole Miss for Baseball. Like to see these HS infielders lets get them signed.

  108. Interesting tidbit on Austin Wright – he went to Chipola College for JC, the same school Larry Greene had signed with, before going to Ole Miss.

  109. Best remaining guys on the BA board heading into the 11th round:

    54. Matt Dean, 3b, The Colony (Texas) HS

    ?83. Tyler Greene, ss, West Boca Raton (Fla.) HS?

    85. Tyler Gibson, of, Stratford Academy, Macon, Ga.?

    124. Billy Flamion, of, Central Catholic HS, Modesto, Calif.?

    131. Taylor Sparks, 3b, St. John Bosco HS, Bellflower, Calif.?

    138. Daniel Camarena, lhp/of, Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego?

    146. Jason Coats, of, Texas Christian?

    148. Dante Flores, 2b, St. John Bosco HS, Bellflower, Calif.?

    149. Aaron Brown, of/lhp, Chatsworth (Calif) HS?150. Riley Moore, c, San Marcos HS, Santa Barbara, Calif.?

    165. Garrett Buechele, 3b, Oklahoma?166. Cody Stubbs, 1b/3b/ Walters State (Tenn.) JC?167. Preston Tucker, of/1b, Florida?

    168. Phillip Evans, 2b, La Costa Canyon HS, Carlsbad, Calif.?

    185. Chris Mariscal, ss, Clovis North HS, Fresno?

    194. Nick Rickles, c, Stetson?196. Richard Prigatano, of, St. Francis HS, Mountain View, Calif.??

    ?46. Dillon Maples, rhp, Pinecrest HS, Southern Pines, N.C.?

    91. Burch Smith, rhp, Oklahoma?

    104. Dillon Peters, lhp, Cathedral HS, Indianapolis?

    111. Colton Murray, rhp, Kansas?

    113. Navery Moore, rhp, Vanderbilt?

    128. Jake Reed, rhp, Helix Charter HS, La Mesa, Calif.?

    132. John Curtiss, rhp, Carroll HS, Southlake, Texas?

    134. Nick Burdi, rhp, Downers Grove (Ill.) South HS?

    137. Hawtin Buchanan, rhp, Biloxi (Miss.) HS?

    139. Kody Watts, rhp, Skyview HS, Vancouver, Wash.?

    163. Aaron Nola, rhp, Catholic HS, Baton Rouge?

    169. Michael Cederoth, rhp, Steele Canyon Hs, Spring Valley, Calif.?

    170. Pat Connaughton, rhp, St. John’s Prep, Danvers, Mass.?

    171. Ian Gardeck, rhp, Angelina (Texas) JC?

    178. Matt Stites, rhp, Missouri?

    189. Ricky Jacquez, rhp, Franklin HS, El Paso?

    192. Cole Wiper, rhp, Newport HS, Bellevue, Wash.?

    195. Jesus Valdez, rhp, Oxnard (Calif.) CC?

    198. Carlos Rodon, lhp, Holly Springs (N.C.) HS?

    199. Chris Lamb, lhp, Davidson

    ?200. Amir Garrett, lhp, Findlay Prep, Henderson, Nev.

  110. The 11th round pick:

    No.361 – Tyler Greene – SS – west Boca Raton Florida

  111. From BA: Teammate of highly regarded righthander Mike Kelly, Greene is one of the draft’s bigger enigmas. The younger brother of Mets farmhand Chase Greene, Tyler pushed his brother off shortstop when they played together in 2009, when he was just a sophomore. He’s impressive physically and shows well in workouts and showcases with his raw tools. Greene has improved his speed to well above-average over the last year by getting stronger and more explosive. He has a fast-twitch body and athletic ability, and looks the part at shortstop. He’s not natural at short, doesn’t always get good hops and doesn’t have the most accurate arm, short-circuiting his plus arm strength. Offensively, he was erratic on the showcase circuit and again this spring, where he was hitting around .380 in mid May with just five home runs. Greene also could move up boards with a strong workout.


  112. I was about to comment about how Tyler Greene must have been asking for the moon to warrant a drop past the 10th round, and now the Phillies can take another shot at an HS SS. It’s starting to look like the Phillies picked a boatload of HS SS as backup plans in case they can’t sign the guys they initially targeted, kind of like what they did with Frazier, Walter, Musser, and Pointer last year.

    1. I guess they also figure if a kid can play SS, he can more than likely play OF or even 2B. Obviously not the RULE but adds versatility versus drafting a guy solely for 3B or LF

  113. Really seems like they came into this draft with plan and are sticking to it. Despite the positions being different this really feels like a typical Phillies draft. And judging by the strength of the farm system I consider that a very good thing.

  114. So that’s four HS SS drafted so far. I wonder how many of them will sign and, consequently, which/how many of them will ultimately end up projecting at positions other than SS.

    1. My moon-shot guess is 2 out of 4 SS. Hopefully, it’s a combination of Quinn, Greene, or Walding

    1. I believe PP said he had some insider info that they’re looking at Quinn as an SS

  115. I think the subsequent rounds of the draft make the first round pick more understandable. They took a guy they think is going to be a big bopper first, and then they’ve concentrated on SS/C/3B with the occasional pitcher thrown in. Reminds me of when Buddy Ryan drafted just about all wide receivers one year and got a couple of keepers out of them.

    Have to say I was disappointed in the first round, but definitely like the emphasis ever since. I guess at some point they’ll start stacking up their typical HS pitching tough signs.

    1. Mike Bellamy, Calvin Williams and Arkansas Fred Barnett! Ironically -the 1st rd pick was the bust of the group! hahaaa

      1. noine of them were 1st rd picks —bellamy was a 2nd, barnett 3rd, and williams 4th or 5th rd i think

        ben smith the cb from georgia was 1st rd pick that year. he was a good player till he blew out his knee

        1. stiil get pissed over that fumble/non fumble call vs Redskins in playoffs! grrrrrrr

    2. I was pretty disappointed by the first round too. We didn’t get to pick anybody! What’s up with that? At least we got someone with plus power in the supplemental.

    3. Pretty clear Phils want no parts of the insane demands in R1 for most players. They go for an easy sign with ceiling and plan to use the money on 3-4 guys later in the draft, where $1M makes a big impact, rather than someone’s $2-3M demand.

  116. Don’t know a thing about the INF and C drafted, but love the direction this draft has taken. It’s about time they stocked the cupboard that was bare of these positions. Get some projectable HS power pitchers, a toolshed here or there and this will be a good draft….if the players sign and some pan out of course

  117. Quinn would be nice at 2B and these other guys are all 6’3″ or 6’4″ so maybe they’ll outgrow the position and move to 3rd or the outfield.

    1. Living in Denver, and watching Tulo a bit makes me dream of a 6’3 SS

    1. From the short article I read on Walding vs. what BA wrote on Greene, I like the sound of Walding more. We’ll see whom the Phils try to sign.

      1. Hopefully they try to sign all of them. We have plenty of room for infielders in the lower minors.

  118. Yackel Rios is just 17 and has a projectable 6-foot-4 frame. Scouts have seen the righthander sit in the 90-93 mph range for short spurts. He’s a converted third baseman who hasn’t been pitching for long, as shown by his inconsistent, below-average breaking ball and nascent changeup.

    1. Nice Phils-style pick. Weird transition guy below the radar with projection.

  119. By watching how the Phils are running their draft, one could summize that the pitching talent in Extended Sping must be pretty solid… there must be alot of love for Garner, Fritsch, Inch, Best, Cota, Martinez, Musser, Stewart, Walter, etc. So if they feel pretty confident on the arms that are down their waiting, bring on the sticks…infielders, catchers, etc…

  120. Anyone know enough about which of these guys can be lured away from their college commitments? Or who are the locks to go to college?

  121. I dont think anyone we drafted are absolute locks for college, but i will say that Jake Overbey may be a bit hard to sign since he is signed to play at Ole Miss with his brother. Also i can imagine Greene’s price tag being 7 figures.

    1. I think it might take 1.5 for Greene. That’s the only seven figure guy they are looking at so far, so I think there’s a chance they get it done.

  122. Another 3B? I think they’re planning to stack them until they’re tall enough to play third effectively.

  123. I’m guessing Phils have a pre-draft deal with Larry Greene at a discount price, so they can give a couple other guys R2 money.

    1. He was a 50th round pick of the Dbacks last year, but obviously didn’t sign.

      1. and a 42nd rd pick the year before that by the cubs. He’s gotta sign sooner or later right?

  124. I am just loving the feel of this draft. I have a suspicion that, in future years, we will think of this draft as the one where we got the hitters, just as 2008 is becoming the draft where we got the pitchers (and some other guys too!).

    Now, get these guys signed!

    1. seriously, use all the money from lidge’s contract and Rollins contract to get these guys signed.

    1. I had the pleasure of being Steve’s host at our Sport’s night here in York. He spoke glowingly of his son and indicated he had a good eye and strong arm. He projected him as a rightfielder. I believe the USC commitment is quite strong as Steve mentioned he would have to go high in the draft for the economics to make sense.
      BTW—Steve knows Bryce Harper very well and predicted that he would make short work of the minors.
      Steve was an awesome guest and treated fans incredibly well as he signed what seemed like amillion autographs and patiently posed for endless photos.

      1. And then he picked up a couple of chicks (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

        1. lancaster!…me too…well, living in China right now, watching phils games and draft coverage in real time, but 12 hours ahead of ya’ll PA folks…I ll be back to Lancaster late July, just in time for a good couple months of baseball..also just in time for the big league club to have Larry Greene signed, seasoned, and smashing homeruns like howard/utley 06/07/08 style…offense needs SOME kind of spark

  125. Is it just me, or are we seeing a bunch of high-schoolers? Will be an interesting couple of months waiting to see who signs…

    1. 7 high schoolers, 3 junior college players, 6 college juniors, and 1 college senior.

      Very young draft so far, but not unheard of when talking about the Phils.

      1. This many young guys – wow, completely unexpected, but it is the strength of the draft (so I’ve heard) so a good course of action if you can afford it…

  126. This is amazing. Look at all these shortstops!

    I actually think Quinn might get developed at 2B.

    I’ll have more thoughts later tonight, obviously

      1. That’s going to be Garvey. He’s going to ask for 2nd round money or so.

      1. 2B and CF both seem pretty reasonable projections. Avg arm plays better at 2B than SS if he wants to stay in IF. Speed beeter used in CF.

  127. My father, who lived through the Phillies-Dodgers rivalry of the 1970s, is going to have extremely mixed feelings about rooting for the son of Steve Garvey

    1. I remember that rivalry very well and would have no problem at all rooting for Garvey’s son. Anyone who comes up through the Phillies farm is Phillies through and through to me.

    2. Point out to your father that if he still holds that rivalry close to his heart, the hardest thing for Steve Garvey would be for his son to succeed on a team he didn’t like. Now, we don’t know if it would actually bother Steve, and I suspect it wouldn’t, but it’s a good enough excuse to allow rooting for his son.

      1. I think Garvey was much more an object of hatred than Lopes, due to his playboy persona. Yes, I think he’ll get over it though–though I think it’s going to be a moot point, as that USC commitment is going to be expensive to buy him out of. You have to figure that a six-figure bonus doesn’t mean that much to the Garvey family.

  128. Guys, I’m placing calls into my network and hope to have notes on all of the guys that either play or are committed to the major colleges.

  129. I think Dave and Ryan are out now, so the picks won’t be updated in the first post until I get home from work. If someone has time, can you make a list of the picks after Trey Ford, in the same format that gets posted above, and then I can just add them when I get home?


  130. We select a Kentucky player or commit every year. Then again with 50 picks is that really a big deal?

  131. All I want now is a Jesen Dygestile-Therrien signing, if only to figure out how to pronounce his name

    1. Just when you thought Yacksel Rios has the coolest name of the draft class locked up, Jesen Dygestile-Therrien comes waltzing in the door.

    1. Notice he doesn’t have his name on his jersey? If this kid ever makes the majors I pity poor Frank Coppenbarger.

    1. Started at Long Beach State, then apparently transfered to Concordia. Hit .362 as a junior, then slumped to .288 as a senior.

  132. I can’t believe the number of catchers and 3b & SS we have selected. Again –not saying they’re not needed, but I am just stunned by the shear numbers. Talk about hedging bets!

    1. My sister works with Peter Lavin, I’ll have her get me a scouting report.

  133. In general I like what they were doing strategy-wise. The only pick that really bugged me was the 4th rounder Morgan. He had lousy college numbers, was very hittable, and doesn’t seem to possess great stuff. Other than the fact that he looks like a pitcher, can somebody please explain this pick?!?!?!?

    1. Most of the scouting reports seem to say he’s got better stuff than he showed at times last year. Somebody posted a scouting report in this very thread thaht said he had a low 90s fastball, above average slider and average change. Sounds good to me. If he can do it once, he can do it again.

  134. http://www.sbforesters.org/Player%20Bios/Moore,%20Riley.html
    L/R, 170, 6-3
    San Marcos High School
    Riley Moore is a 6-foot-3, 180-pound switch-hitting catcher out of San Marcos High School. This year, he led the Channel League with a .493 batting average and also slugged .731. He put up team-leading numbers in RBIs (17) and runs scored (22) as San Marcos made the playoffs for the second consecutive year

    bit big isn’t he? another 3Bman?

  135. http://baseballbeginnings.com/2011/04/22/riley-moore-video-3

    Riley Moore is my kind of guy. I like loose, easy, left-handed hitters who can start their hands, give me bat speed and bat control, and can lift and drive the ball. I like hitters with physical projection and a secondary tool so I don’t get stuck with bad body stiffs I gotta jam at first base and hope that they hit. Instead, I have a guy like Riley Moore right here.

    This boy has Amtrack power, which means he can put a ball out by the train tracks beyond the right field fence at San Marcos. I also once saw him hit a ball clear to Fresno. By that I mean he hit a ball that landed in the bed of a celery truck on the 101 overpass headed to Fresno. Some woman in Fresno was buying groceries and couldn’t understand why there was a pearl with the veggies. Hey, I can’t make this stuff up.

    All I know is that if this guy played in Orange County and not Santa Barbara, he’d be a lot higher up on a lot more preference lists…or at least not be as comfortably hidden as the baseball that landed in the celery truck.

    Left-handed power and arm. That’s a two-tool combination that is very hard to find in this 20 arm era. He can throw. And you’d have to be blind to miss it. Moore didn’t play very often in the Area Code games, which is why he is under the radar, but he deserved more at-bats than he got.

    Now let’s talk about catching. I’ve seen this guy get a lot better at catching low balls this spring, and, to be honest, if you were catching his pitchers, you’d be catching a lot of low balls, too. There’s a thought process in pro ball right now that a guy like me, you know, an outsider, isn’t supposed to know. It goes like this: some teams like catchers to be about 6-0 or 6-1, not 6-3 or 6-4.

    As noted here before, Branch Rickey himself told his Cardinals scouts in the 1930s and 1940s that he only wanted big, durable frames to catch. Rickey knew baseball better than the showcase goons and travel ball organizers who infuse us with all sorts of stupidity about what makes a big league catcher. Seriously, most of the college catchers I see these days, Rickey’s old school guys wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. And frankly neither would I, and no, I don’t care about your “pop” time. Who popularized that phrase anyhow? It’s stupid. Can you throw the ball through the bag with velocity? Moore can. You can keep your guys who put the mint on the pillow, college baseball needs them. Accuracy and release can’t stop a major league running game. Only arm strength can.

    Those catchers, and those big body high school hitters with power, why, some of those guys ended up in Fresno on the way to the big leagues, with the old Fresno Cardinals, back in the pre-expansion days when the California League was more like Double-A. Riley Moore would have been a Fresno Cardinal if my name had been Ken Penner, and this was 1953. Ken Penner. Now there was a scout with talent who also knew talent. And players even liked him, too.

    History lessons aside, you can’t make this stuff up. Find me a catcher of historical significance who wasn’t able to withstand the punishment of the trade. If they weren’t tall, they were thick, and if they weren’t thick, they were tall. In both cases, they were strong. Moore, too, is strong — just a young, lean, whippy horse. This game amuses me. How do you let a left-handed bat with 6 power and a 6 arm get away for this long? I don’t know.

    There’s something else about Moore. It’s an intangible. I once saw this guy stay long after a game to work on throwing to second base. Two stiffs threw him a few buckets. The stiffs ducked, less they be decapitated. I love guys who work hard when nobody is looking. There was once a scout named Bob Zuk who told me something I never forgot…he never signed a star player who didn’t have immense pride in their craft, and never a guy who didn’t show up to work when nobody was watching.

    1. Clearly, you need to get the Riley Moore facts website going post-haste.

      Just kidding–thanks for the detailed writeup!

    2. “Riley Moore is my kind of guy. I like loose, easy”

      I stopped reading there.

  136. for anyone googling Holland, watch out for the Irish soccer player – legend of a man 🙂

    1. I hope he makes the majors, if only for the tabloid headline potential.

  137. This is almost like the Phillies FO giving the fans what they’ve been begging for in recent years, more Catcher and Middle IF prospects, and then bringing in MORE AND MORE like going to an All You Can Eat Buffet that you can’t leave until you have eaten everything!

    Really interesting draft so far, and i’m quite excited about a number of these guys.

  138. I realize we can’t afford a stud every round, but just an observation: seven out of our last eight draft picks are OLDER than the starting pitcher for the Dodgers tonight.

  139. Just drafted 2 kids born 6 days apart that went to the same college bet they are stocked be drafted near the same time to the same team!

    1. college seniors will sign with in the next few weeks. Some guys who might have pre-draft deals in place could sign relatively soon as well. Most of the tough signs will probably wait until closer to the deadline in August

  140. With Plaxido Burris wearing a Phillies Cap – Maybe we can redraft Riley Cooper.

    1. im assuming since everything is up to date, you dont need me to keep making a list?

  141. FYI-Marti Wolever coming onto Phils broadcast next inning to discuss draft….

      1. a whole lot of nothing. Unsurprisingly, they like all of the guys they picked.

        He hates the way other teams spend and hopes its addressed in the new CBA

        1. I guess he feels like the better system is signing players to 100+ million dollar long term contracts, they hypocrisy is ripe in the phillies with a 160 million dollar payroll complaining about small market teams spending 10-15 million on their draft picks,

          1. It’s not hypocrisy. It’s a different philosophy. The Phillies would rather overpay for a proven major leaguer than over pay for someone whose never played professional ball.

            In other words, some teams like dropping all their cash into lottery tickets and some teams like paying a premium for stocks which have already shown a return.

            1. For the record, I don’t care how much the Phils spend in the draft as long as they draft smart and pick talent. For the better part of the last decade, they have.

            2. It’s hypocrisy when you complain about it, you don’t see the Rays complaining about large market teams spending on all their free agents, they deal with it . The Phillies complaining about small market teams spending on the draft is petty. if they don’t want to spend that way fine, but it sounds like whining to complain about everyone else using the system.

  142. I actually went to high school with Paul Cusick he was a year older than me. He was a big fish in a small pond in Delaware. Nasty curve with a fastball consitently at 92 touching 94 at times. Great kid too , hilariously funny.

  143. Don’t know if anyone is an out of towner but Marti Wolever is on the CSN broadcast. Mentioned specifically being excited about the H/S middle IFs

    Lot of action pre draft, etc on Larry Greene
    Cody Ashe – 3B offensive player, good approach

    Catcher from ECU: avg arm, lil pop, good receiver
    -adding a few catchers was a priority prior to draft (no kidding)

    Regarding signability: “IT’S HUGE”

    – agents/advisors are pretty honest
    – our cross checkers develop relationships with the players and advisors
    – “we see these kids play alot”

    the kid from Penn: has a chance to contribute


    1) “SUMMER KIDS” – draft and follows
    2) kids who’s SIGNABILITY has changed in last 2 days
    – more or less
    – change of heart types: (do they now want less?)

    1. MLB network is showing the CSN feed so even out of towners had a chance to see Wolever. At least I think the MLB feed is the same nationally. Don’t see why MLB network would show the Phillies/Dodgers in Brooklyn if they weren’t showing the same game everywhere.

      Thanks for the recap though. I was on the phone during the inning he appeared and was only able to catch half of what he said.

  144. Through 30 rounds:
    2010: 19 pitchers drafted Average Age: 20
    LHP: 4 RHP: 15
    High School: 5 College: 14
    2011: 12 pitchers drafted Average Age: 20.5
    LHP: 3 RHP: 9
    High School: 2 College: 10

  145. lots of love for what Phils have done so far. Everyone that can play ss is athletic enough to find another position in the event someone is ahead of them. The key at this point is “hit the ball”. They will find a spot for you if you are not the best defensive player at ss. We all asked for infield/catchers and we got what we asked for in terms of positions. Now, we need to figure out if they were the right guys.

  146. First off, thanks to the commenters that picked up for me after I left.

    My initial reaction is that I like it. Tyler Greene is a nice bonus if signed..I think Riley Moore is my top guy. I’m a big fan of John Kilma at baseballbeggings.com and when he has that much to say about a guy, I make sure to listen.

    If Moore is the only guy we sign that fell due to demands, I will be very happy.

  147. I’m going to have some good notes tonight fellas. Will post in the recap of day 2 thread. Still making calls.

    1. appreciate it. Im still pumped from this draft, i think we have all been hoping for a draft like this for quite some time.

  148. If they can get the RIGHT kids signed from this group, I think that we might be in for some fun, watching them develop. I stress the word RIGHT, because it’s obviously about projecting and negotiating, followed by execution from this point forward, but there seems to be some really exciting talent. For me the exciting players that jumped out were Walding, Riler Moore and Shull. They seem to have lottery ticket written all over them. The Greene pick seems to be the type that management makes a decision early about whether they plan to go high over slot or not, early in the process. Hope they do. They could really re-plenish the bats with this draft. As someone said earlier, in 2014 we could be looking back at this draft as the one that provided the sticks.

  149. Jason Churchill from ESPN thinks it will take high six figures to sign Greene, not the seven figures some people here have been throwing out. He also says that Martinez started to improve at the end of the season.

    1. So if this guys right for once, $999,999 is a lock. No need for that Million plus thing.

  150. Don’t know much about some of these kids picked. I know some of you guys have done some good homework. What I like is the philosphy of the Phillies regarding getting a lot of infield help and catching. It also seems like some of these picks have some power which this system lacks. Now it up to signing them and getting them to Williamsport and GCL. It will be hard to see who is the better pick for awhile. Look at the success of Eric Pettis. LAst year we weren’t so high on him and he could end up being a steal and he was picked after the 30th round.

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