Phillies sign 11th round pick Tyler Greene

Okay, I might as well just post it. According to the Palm Beach Post blog (Greene’s hometown paper), the Phillies have come to terms with 11th round pick Tyler Greene. Terms were not disclosed, but I’m going to guess it was somewhere between $500K and $1M. Per MLB’s slot guidelines, teams aren’t to give players taken after the 5th round more than $150K, and the Phillies will certainly smash through this number.

This was the scouting report on Greene prior to the draft from BA

He’s impressive physically and shows well in workouts and showcases with his raw tools. Greene has improved his speed to well above-average over the last year by getting stronger and more explosive. He has a fast-twitch body and athletic ability, and looks the part at shortstop. He’s not natural at short, doesn’t always get good hops and doesn’t have the most accurate arm, short-circuiting his plus arm strength. Offensively, he was erratic on the showcase circuit and again this spring, where he was hitting around .380 in mid May with just five home runs. Greene also could move up boards with a strong workout.

This was what Keith Law said about him after the Phillies drafted him

Tyler Greene (11) is their best tough-sign pick and would be farther over slot than I can remember them going in any recent draft.

Update —> BA confirms the signing and tabs the bonus at $375,000. Much lower than I think anyone anticipated. Incredible work by the Phillies.

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    1. I feel like this all but guarantees we’re NOT getting Walding.

      But still, this is great news.

      1. In a story the other day, CSN implied the Phillies were not confident they would sign Overbay.

      2. Why aren’t more people high on Walding ? In my opinion he has more up side than some of the other Short Stops.Quinn is 5’9 Walding 6’4 & well fill out. Greene bats right Walding bats left.Just wondering.

  1. Nice..I wasn’t too sure they’d get him signed. We all know they need more than toolsy OFer’s and RHP’s. This is a good signing.

  2. Great news, and now hopefully we can get at least a few other of the good hard signs and then we can consider this a very successful draft. Still holding out hope that we can get Garvey signed, since he’s one of my favorite picks…even if it is partly for irrelevant reasons (his father was a great player for the Dodgers for quite a while).

  3. That’s really great news. Maybe we’ll have a MI of T. Greene, C. Ashe and a CI of H Mart and Singleton in five years. Fun exercise.

  4. I think as we get closer to the deadline, this will give everyone reason for pause before freaking the heck out over a lack of action.

    It’s just the process. Hell of a day though to get this news. I’ll check it with some people since I haven;t done so in a while.

    1. Gkketch, thanks again for your research and findings with the Phillies draft picks. Tyler Greene signing is a big boost to our future middle infield as Rollins and Utley can’t play forever unfortunately. I suspect you will be kept busy until August 15th.

  5. Itll be a good haul if Green and Quinn are signed. An infield at Williamsport next year of Tyler Green at SS Roman Quinn at 2b and Larry Green at first is exciting.

    1. Larry Greene plays CF right now, in HS. I doubt they immediately move him to 1b to start his career.

        1. What does a potential Singleton trade have to do with Greene’s position? Regardless of the other prospects in the system, Greene himself is more valuable if he can play a decent outfield than as a 1b.

          1. Really now! Singleton is 19 and Greene is 18—and both are projected as future 1b by scouts.

            1. You don’t move Greene to a position of lesser value just because somebody the level above him gets traded! You keep him in the outfield until his defense won’t play there. An average defensive LF is still better than an average defensive 1b. If a potential power prospect is a competent LF, you don’t move him to 1b to fill in a positional vacuum. You leave him at LF until he sucks at it and make Jim Murphy play 1b.

            2. Snood—FYI—Greene nor Singleton will ever see play in MLB as a LF. They will not get smaller as they age and if you think they can you are a dreamer.

            3. I’ve said nothing about Singleton’s major league positional future.
              I maintain that moving Greene to 1b before finding out that he is unable to play LF is unwise. Some of the things we’ve heard on Greene’s position:
              “Greene is somewhat stiff but is an average runner, which should give him a chance to play left field, but some scouts think he’ll wind up as more of a first base/DH type,” and “Ran a 6.8 at a PG event, so he has the speed to stick in the corner outfield.”
              Yeah, he has to keep himself in shape if he wants to stay in LF. But this is the Phillies we’re talking about: no defensive LF standards. The scouts are still split, so keep him in the outfield until his play makes it clear he can’t stay there.

            4. At what point was he ahead. Snood is totally right. It depends on a lot of factors other than size such as speed, arm, healthy joints, instincts, etc. How about we see him play out there before making him a full DH.

  6. Does anyone have any info on catcher Riley Moore? I really think we should get this kid signed. Ive read a few scouting reports on this kid and they all say the same thing. Switch hitter, plus power, strong arm, and advanced defensive skills for a high school catcher. Im no scout but he sure seems like a stud to me. I think it will be a mistake to let this kid get away.

  7. The more I read, the more I love it! Thanks for the excellent website!!!

  8. I’ll be THRILLED if can net Larry Greene, Quinn, Tyler Green and Garvey. Coming out after the draft, I did not think we had a chance to sign all of these guys, if we do…. I am making a trip to Williamsport next year!!!

  9. This is great news because the Phillies are probably going to have a major re-stocking project on their hands after the trading deadline

    1. I asked this the other day, in the draft picks section and people seemed to think since Quinn will most likely be moved to 2nd or center there’s still room for Walding.

      The question is all about the money, but I’m sure they’d still like to sign him.

  10. This is excellent news. It’s also a credit to the scouting department for doing their due diligence and knowing that they could get Greene signed.

    I’m going to also assume that they get something down with L. Greene and Quinn. Of the names that remain, I’d really like to see them add


    In the CSN article the other day, it sounded like Woelver had all but ruled out Overbey. Given the value of shortstop, I’d like to see the Phillies be really agressive and add Walding to the mix as well.

    I’d also like to see one of Riley Moore or Tomasetti. With the Phils walking away from Wright, hopefully they’ll be more aggressive with one of these guys, but I haven’t heard anything.

  11. Larry Greene, Roman Quinn and Kenny Giles will sign before the deadline, don’t fret about that.

    I will write a post either later tonight or this weekend going over who is left and the probability of each player signing.

  12. You have probably covered this 100 times and I apologize in advance for the following question:
    When is the signing deadline?

  13. signing deadline is August 15th. I’ve got it in red and underlined on my work calendar. 🙂

  14. Roman Quinn is coming to Philly on Monday. I presume that’s a good indicator that he is signed/is signing.

  15. Do you guys think they’ll be able to sign Braden Shull? Has anyone heard anything?
    6’6 215 lb lefty pitcher, what’s not to like?

    I really hope we can go overslot for him and get him signed.

  16. Is he going to Williamsport soon?

    This signing(+Quinn and Larry Greene eventually signing) has me loving this draft.

  17. I’d like to see them add Walding as well, but given the fact that in the article about draft prospects, it said Wolever was meeting that weekend with him in Oregon, it seems pretty likely that Walding is in about the same boat now as Overbey. I think we have to get Giles; Phuturephillies assures that we’ll get Quinn and the other Greene, so I’m left hoping for Garvey, Schull and Moore. Also wouldn’t be surprised if they grab the high school SS from Las Vegas since Overbey and Walding appear to be out of the picture.

  18. The boat packed with plastic storage bins full of double size extra long comforters, hacky sacks and Natty lite that is sailing off to college.

    1. He def signed and im betting so did Quinn and Garvey. Im guessing they sign Giles and call it a great draft. Maybe Im wrong and they add someone else but either way the system wins.

  19. I wouldn’t give up on Walding. A round 5 pick is fairly high – you can still get a decent college player at that point – and that would indicate that the Phillies knew something that led them to believe that he’s fairly signable.

    1. Interesting artiicle in Baseball America about the west coast league and the ‘trio of hitters committed to Oregon’ leading their team. Walding is one of the three along with Flamion and Spencer O’neill and it talks about how they’re doing as well as how they are bonding b/f going to college. I believe flamion says they are best friends now. Hopefully walding will go for the money.

    1. ACA—lest we forget–TG, the knucle-curve pitcher, did make the all-star team one year.

  20. Per BA: The Phillies have signed 11th-round pick Tyler Greene for $375,000, the highest bonus outside of the first three rounds thus far in the 2011 draft. His bonus is equivalent to third-round money.

  21. 375k for what appears to be one of the top 3 players picked in this draft? This feels too good to be true.

    When does he report?

  22. Wow if that’s all it took, they have no excuse to not overslot a few more of these kids.

  23. They got Tyler Greene for less than half of what I thought it would take. Now take the savings and sign catcher Riley Moore. Assuming they are going hard after Braden Shull. Then we’re talking about a great draft.

  24. Great work by the Phils, although I am not surprised by the bonus given its timing. I highly doubt that the Phils would commence a signing for an 11th round pick that would eclipse that of their comp and 2nd round hs choices (this would drive up their price). I recall that the Phils held off on officially signing Trevor May for awhile while they negotiated with Pettibone. I am surprised that Greene signed for 375k and great job by the Phils to identify that.

  25. This isn’t just a home run, it’s a grand slam. I think his brother being in the mets org and this being an ideal situation helped our cause. Tyler obviously has big, long-term plans and great potential, and I welcome him as a fan.

    I wonder if this signing makes Freddy Galvis more available at the deadline, but that’s for another thread…

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