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General Phillies Discussion – Week of 11 July 2011

Lets try something new. To preface this, my intention from the beginning was for this site to be a site just for Phillies prospects. Some people think that is dumb or pointless, and that since we’re all Phillies fans, anything should go. That’s one person’s opinion, but its not one I share. There are tons and tons of awesome Phillies sites out there that focus on the big league club and everything that has to do with the organization. This isn’t one of them. My goal when starting this site was for it to be an information site, more closely resembling a “website” and not a message board or traditional blog. I still have those same aspirations. The discussions here are important, but they are important on the prospect side of things. I’ve always stated that if its something directly related to a prospect, then its fine to discuss. But the discussions tend to meander. The reason I want to keep things focused is for preservation. When someone finds my site because a player is traded or something like that, and they aren’t Phillies fans, I want them to be able to read things that have been written and learn something about the player/process. If they have to weed through 30 comments about Ryan Madson, it doesn’t serve my original goal for this site. And since this is still my site, I’m exercising content control.

With that longwinded rant out of the way, I will create a new post each week for you to talk about the things that you apparently can’t talk about at other Phillies websites. I ask that you keep all of your chatter in this one post. The people who contribute their time here to write up player/org reports deserve the respect of you not “pooping” on their work by taking the posts off topic. So keep it here. Fair enough?