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Around the System–Catcher

Lehigh Valley

Erik Kratz, 31, .291/.379/.491 in 234 AB’s; 13 HR 37 RBI; 2SB; 10%bb/19% k rates; .319 vs. LH, .278 vs. RH, .279 with RISP; .321 in July; Thrown Out 15/48 (31%); Caught 68 games 3 errors (.995); 9 passed balls. Has been very consistent both at the plate and behind the plate. Should be the Phils 3rd catcher call up come September.

Dane Sardinha, 32, .097/.200/.129 in 62 AB’S; 0 HR and 0 RBI; 10%bb/32% k rates; .000 vs. LH; .125 vs. RH, Thrown Out 5/19 (26%); Caught 19 games with one error (.994); 4 passed balls.  Has been as close to an automatic out as you can be for Lehigh Valley and amazingly does not have an RBI in 70 plate appearances.  Continue reading Around the System–Catcher

Phillies sign 11th round pick Tyler Greene

Okay, I might as well just post it. According to the Palm Beach Post blog (Greene’s hometown paper), the Phillies have come to terms with 11th round pick Tyler Greene. Terms were not disclosed, but I’m going to guess it was somewhere between $500K and $1M. Per MLB’s slot guidelines, teams aren’t to give players taken after the 5th round more than $150K, and the Phillies will certainly smash through this number.

This was the scouting report on Greene prior to the draft from BA

He’s impressive physically and shows well in workouts and showcases with his raw tools. Greene has improved his speed to well above-average over the last year by getting stronger and more explosive. He has a fast-twitch body and athletic ability, and looks the part at shortstop. He’s not natural at short, doesn’t always get good hops and doesn’t have the most accurate arm, short-circuiting his plus arm strength. Offensively, he was erratic on the showcase circuit and again this spring, where he was hitting around .380 in mid May with just five home runs. Greene also could move up boards with a strong workout.

This was what Keith Law said about him after the Phillies drafted him

Tyler Greene (11) is their best tough-sign pick and would be farther over slot than I can remember them going in any recent draft.

Update —> BA confirms the signing and tabs the bonus at $375,000. Much lower than I think anyone anticipated. Incredible work by the Phillies.