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2011 Draft Status Check

I’ve gotten a few emails asking me to go over who is left for the Phillies to sign, which guys I think will sign, etc. I don’t know for sure who is going to sign and how much they will cost. But I will do my best to outline which guys I think are going to sign, which guys won’t, and who is kind of in limbo. The signing deadline is August 15th at midnight, and the Phillies have traditionally left it late on a number of guys. This year proves to be even more interesting, as the draft and the subsequent signing process could look very different at this time next year. So in short, I don’t think anyone knows what to expect. The Phillies could blow things out of the water and sign everyone, or sign only a few. That’s what makes this fun. So check below the fold and we’ll get to it.

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Around the System–SP, Top Half

A look at the Starting Pitchers in the top half of the organization. I have included the number of innings pitched for each pitcher in 2010, as that becomes an issue as we get into the seasons final weeks.  Teams rarely want to extend a pitcher more than 30-40 innings over the previous season.

Lehigh Valley

Brian Bass, 29, 20 starts, 5-8 with a 4.03 ERA; 116IP 121H 43BB 73K; 2.58 GO/AO; .273 opp. avg, 11 HR allowed; .277 vs. LH, .270 vs. RH, .262 with RISP; 3.05 ERA in his 10 starts since June 1.  IP in 2010 (76.1).  Bass started slowly but has been the most consistent ‘Pigs starter over the last two months.  Has been consistently going deep into games.

Scott Mathieson, 27, 22 games (4 starts); 0-1 with a 3.05 ERA; 5 saves; 41.1IP 35H 21BB 52K; 1.30 WHIP; 0.68 GO/AO; .227 opp. avg.; .172 vs. LH, .260 vs. RH, .184 with RISP; 0-1 with a 3.29 ERA in his 4 starts.  2010 IP= 66.0; 2011 IP= 46.1. Mathieson has been put back into the rotation and looked good in his last start, striking out 8 in 4.1 IP.  He needs to get hitters out earlier in the count, adjusting his mindset against striking out every single hitter. Continue reading Around the System–SP, Top Half