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Game Report – Clearwater 6 July 2011

Commenter “sillybones” posted an in depth review of the Clearwater game from July 6th he attended, and I think it warrants its own post. For future reference, if you attend a game and would like to contribute a writeup, I would love to add it as its own post, and I’m actually going to create a section of the site here for reader submissions and things of that sort. Note, I’m only interested in reports that contain observations on prospects/players, not how much fun you had, if the hot dogs were good, etc etc. If you have a game report you want to share, send them to me via email…phuturephillies at gmail dot com. In the meantime, check below for a report from Clearwater, featuring Jarred Cosart.

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Hot or Not 8 July 2011

An exceptional week for Lisaberto Bonilla…nice to see Josh Zeid bounce back from injury to sit near the top of the hot reliever list…”Under the radar” names such as Ruf and Susdorf destroying the ball.

Hot Starting Pitchers: Lisaberto Bonilla (15IP 9H 1ER 1BB 18K); Jon Pettibone (8IP 5H 0ER 0BB 6K); Brody Colvin (6IP 6H 0ER 1BB 5K); Garrett CLaypool (7IP 2H 1ER 2BB 7K); Ryan Feireabend (7IP 5H 1ER 1BB 7K); Colin Klevan (6IP 3H 1ER 0BB 4K); Julio Rodriguez (5.2IP 3H 1ER 3BB 6K);Ethan Stewart (5.2IP 4H 1ER 2BB 2K). Honorable MentionL Tyler Cloyd Continue reading Hot or Not 8 July 2011