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2016 Sleeper and Breakout Selections; Clearwater Announces Rotation

We had 60 participants in the 2016 sleeper and break out prospects selection process this season, a 140% increase over 2015.  Due to multiple selections we have 83 break out picks and 78 sleeper picks. Continue reading 2016 Sleeper and Breakout Selections; Clearwater Announces Rotation

2016 Threshers v. XST Phillies, April 5th

Tuesday night the Threshers played a scrimmage game against a team comprised of players in the XST camp.  Threshers’ pitchers started for both teams – Tyler Viza for the Threshers and Will Morris for XST.  The game was a little one sided as the Threshers scored 5 runs in the second inning and went on to win 7-0. Continue reading 2016 Threshers v. XST Phillies, April 5th

J.P. Crawford Update; May 4, 2015

Finally, something official on J.P. Crawford.

It looks like Phillies’ prospect J. P. Crawford could come off the DL for the Threshers’ Wednesday afternoon  game  this week.  The Phillies follow a protocol that requires  a position player to play back-to-back nine inning games before being activated from a rehab assignment.  Crawford played his first nine inning game Saturday, but Sunday was an off day in XST.

Joe Jordan was in Clearwater last week, watching Crawford at the Complex.  He is quoted in Jake Kaplan’s story (link to article).


J.P. Crawford Update

J.P. Crawford went 3 for 4 as DH in XST today. He pulled a routine ground ball to first base in his first at bat. He lined a ball back up the middle that ricocheted off the pitcher’s foot for a single in his second at bat. And, he lined a drive over the second baseman for a single in his third at bat.

Crawford’s fourth at bat was high drama. He took a called strike, and didn’t like the call. He backed out of the box and was admonished by the umpire to get back in the box. Crawford slowly placed the arch of his left foot on the chalk line, then removed it and stepped back. The umpire immediately told him to get back in the box, again. One of the Phillies’ bench coaches (Williamsport Hitting Coach, Ed Dennis, I think) yelled, “Let him get ready!”. The umpire responded, “It’s a rule!”. Meanwhile, Crawford took his position in the box. Later in the at bat, he slashed a line drive over the shortstop into left center. He busted out of the box and hustled into second ahead of a weak throw for a double. This at bat came against a LHP.

No word on how quickly he will be activated.

Clearwater Threshers 2015 Roster

Really no surprises here.  This is pretty much what we guessed last week.

Catchers: Willians Astudillo, Andrew Knapp, Jose Mayorga

Infield: Zach Green, Devin Lohman, Angelo Mora, Drew Stankiewicz, Jesmuel Valentin, Mitch Walding

Outfield: Aaron Brown, Dylan Cozens, Chase Harris, Andrew Pullin

Pitchers: Matt Imhof, Colin Kleven, Brandon Leibrandt, Michael Nunez, David Whitehead, Cody Forsythe, Ulises Joaquin, Mark Leiter, Lino Martinez, Edubray Ramos, Lee Ridenhour, Kevin Walter

DL: Chace Numata, J.P. Crawford, Victor Arano, Alejandro Arteaga, Steven Inch, Yoel Mecias, Yacksel Rios, Reinier Roibal

Biddle Watch

The Clearwater Threshers were rained out Sunday at Brevard County.  Miguel Nunez was scheduled to start and is now listed as the starter for Monday night, originally Jesse Biddle’s next scheduled start.  The Threshers are scheduled off Tuesday and back home on Wednesday.  No pitchers have been announced past Monday.  So, maybe Biddle will get the start Wednesday at home.  I hope so.

Andrew Knapp Assigned to Clearwater

Andrew Knapp‘s hitting rehab appears to be over.  He has been assigned to Clearwater and will likely take over as full time DH until he has been cleared to catch.  Currently the Threshers roster has 4 catchers with Knapp, Gabriel Lino, Chad Carman (Temporary Inactive list), and Logan Moore.  There will likely be another roster move coming at some point, but for now it seems like Justin Parr is the roster cut (assigned to XST) and could be not long for the organization.

Maikel Franco #5 and Aaron Altherr #20 on BAs FSL Top 20

Before anyone grabs their pitchfork, here are the top 13 prospects in the league in order, all of which are no doubt Top 100 prospects: Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano, Javier Baez, Gregory Polanco, Maikel Franco, Noah Syndergaard, Gary Sanchez, Jorge Soler, Andrew Heaney, Aaron Sanchez, Nick Kingham, Eddie Rosario, and Alen Hanson.  That is a stacked list of names, and has pure prospects I would take Noah Syndergaard over Franco, because I think he is monster pitcher who was limited by only getting 12 games in the FSL.  That being said it is a great placement for Franco.

I am not going to dive into the Franco report too much as he appears on the Eastern League list as well among many of the same names.  Just know that scouts really like him and while their are weaknesses and nits to pick, he is still a very good prospect. Continue reading Maikel Franco #5 and Aaron Altherr #20 on BAs FSL Top 20