2016 Sleeper and Breakout Selections; Clearwater Announces Rotation

We had 60 participants in the 2016 sleeper and break out prospects selection process this season, a 140% increase over 2015.  Due to multiple selections we have 83 break out picks and 78 sleeper picks.

Twenty-nine different players were selected to have break out years.

Dylan Cozens was picked by 16 people to be the break out guy.  Scott Kingery was picked 13 times.  Roman Quinn and Rhys Hoskins were selected 6 times each.  Jorge Alfaro 5 times. Pivetta 4 times.  Kilome, Pinto, and Pujols 3 times.  Eflin, Eshelman, Medina, and Walding twice each.  Sixteen others received one vote each.

Forty-nine different players were selected to be sleepers this season (to post seasons better than anyone expected).

Bailey Falter was selected 6 times.  Luke Williams and Jhailyn Ortiz 4 times each.  Elvis Arano, Edgar Cabral, Cord Sandberg, and Mitch Walding were selected 3 times each.  Ten players were selected twice each. And thirty-two players were selected once each.

Thirteen players were selected to have both a break out season and be a sleeper.

A couple picks stood out.  Barnegat’s Jason Groome was selcted to have a break out season.  Mitch Walding received attention from more than just his long time supporter from Ohio.

Evan Crower was selected as a sleeper, but has already been released.

I selected Franklyn Kilome as a break out player in Matt Winkelman’s poll, so I’ll stick with him here.  I missed badly with my sleeper pick last season when I selected a non-starting position player. This season, I think I’ll go with Nick Fanti.  He’s a pitcher we haven’t talked about much. Whether he’s a starter or reliever, I think he’ll get a reasonable number of appearances.

The Threshers begin their season Thursday in Dunedin.  Again, we have a lot of promising young prospects on the roster.  In 2016, 10 of MLB’s top 30 for the organization began the season on Clearwater’s roster.  This season, we have seven prospects on the active roster and 2 on the DL – pitchers Tom Eshelman (13), Matt Imhof (19), Elniery Garcia (30), infielders Scott Kingery (10), Malquin Canelo (24), outfielders Cord Sandberg (22), and Carlos Tocci (23).  Brandon Leibrandt (28) and John Richy (29) start the season on the DL.

Eshelman will start Thursday night in Dunedin.  Imhof will pitch the home opener on Friday night.  Casimiro will start Saturday night, Garcia will start Sunday afternoon, and Viza (long I like eye) will start Monday night.  Tuesday’s starter hasn’t been announced but word is that Clearwater will have a 6-man rotation, so expect Will Morris to start.

Reading has 9 of MLB’s top 30 org prospects, all on their active roster, including Crawford (1), Alfaro (5), and Quinn (7),

Lehigh Valley has 6 top prospects, but Appel (2), Thompson (3), and Nick Williams (4) are from the very top of the prospect list.

Among the 4 top prospects in Lakewood, Randolph (6) and Kilome (8) are the headliners.

One prospect remanins in XST (Medina) and Rule 5 pick Goeddel is on the Phillies active roster.

I’ll begin posting Threshers’ game reports after the game and the box scores each morning.

I do tweet during the game, but am limited to once per half-inning unless something monumental happens.  And I tend to drift away from Twitter after the starter gets pulled.  But if you’re interested, I post as @jimpeyton19.


34 thoughts on “2016 Sleeper and Breakout Selections; Clearwater Announces Rotation

  1. The LV opening game tomorrow has been postponed to weather, they are going to play a double header Friday, it’s not open to the public but they say it will be on local tv and Milb.tv. They will make up the other 2 games.

  2. 1st time commenter. Thanks Jim for this insightful forum. After 2 agonizing bullpen implosions, any young midlevel arm callups would be welcome. Counting the days for “Junior” Williams to arrive at CBP with this currently punchless OF. BUT looking forward to following Lehigh and Reading.

    Any ideas when and where Ortiz will be assigned this summer?

  3. After two games—both blown by the ‘pen— who has a good shot in that role in the system? Anybody close? Did somebody say “Tirado”? Your guesses could be interesting.

    1. I hope you didn’t mean THIS YEAR? Tirado is in A ball. He’d have to come a long way to jump to the majors. Bailey, Roilbal or Murray would be first. Cordero, if he gets healthy, could also get the call.

    2. Luis Garcia was a head scratcher when he was sent down….and Araujo will be back up also at some point.

      1. Agree. I’ll take those 2 over any current relievers. Shame options always plays into those decisions and ml roster is compromised IMO.

        1. Speaking of strikes….Stumpf had his batter at 2-2 and threw a great third strike slider….umpire missed it…then he walked him and then bang …a salami.
          One missed pitched can turn an inning crazy.

  4. My projected wishful ’18 opening day lineup
    Quinn cf
    Crawford ss
    Franco 3b
    Williams lf
    Alfaro c
    Cozens rf
    Hoskins 1b
    PITCHER (Strasburg?)
    Kingery 2b
    (….with future stars Groome and Randolph waiting in the wings….)

    1. The problem with this line-up is it assumes we are going to field an entire team of home grown prospects and that just doesn’t happen.

    1. Cesar Hernandez isn’t an everyday starter on a playoff team. Utility player at best.

  5. LHV to play 2 games tomorrow at home because Syracuse field is not playable. There will not be a crowd because contractors are working and it is not safe to have a crowd.

  6. Respectfully disagree. Herrera is a .300 hitter and Cesar is better than Kingery, who has proven nothing.

    1. Hernandez isn’t consistent enough to be a major league starter. People smarter than I am believe Kingery’s ceiling is higher. Herrera is a good player whose ceiling is not as high as other young prospects including Altherr (if he heals right) IMO.

      1. Kingery , Valentin , maybe Featherston who’s been hot ever since sent down.Cesar Hernandez stats are misleading there mostly based on last yr. This yr will be more important for him pitchers know him now . He had 86 k’s , last yr which is bad cause he has little to no power. He basically a one trick pony speed with some contact. Funny thing his best friend Galvis mite move him to the bench. Crawford when he’s ready moves Galvis to 2nd. All the prospect still have to prove themselves true but when there ready I don’t think Cesar with block them. He was benched today yesterday he had 3 k’s . Herrera isn’t going anywhere until he can’t handle CF. Quinn has to stay healthy and get though 1 hole season .

      2. 8mark you joking right? Herrera ceiling is a lot higher than Altherr. Altherr is what 25 and proven nothing. cant believe that statement

        1. I like Herrera. Brings lots of energy and he made the most of his rule 5 opportunity last year. Nobody had a book on him yet. Now they do. We’ll see.

          Altherr on the other hand, I noticed growth in a more well rounded skill set. Even power. Some players take longer to come into their own. That’s what I meant in comparison to Odubel. Big hurdle for him now is the wrist.

    2. Cesar Hernandez career OPS .665. League Average .721.

      career WAR- negative .01 Seems to be a bench player to me..

      But if I am to follow your logic, any player in the majors is better than every player in the minors because they have proven nothing…

  7. That was only Hinojosa’s second save opportunity in the Major League’s, closing is the hardest job in baseball and you need some experience. Give him a break.

    1. Another thing i noticed last night, he faced THREE lefties. Come on, its 2016 and managers are still throwing guys out there “because hes our closer.” To me this is insane. You have 3 bullpen lefties, when you have Votto and bruce coming up, use at least one of them, i dont care who your “closer” is.

  8. The Lincoln Saltdogs of the American Association must have a Phillies connection, yesterday they signed Ryan O’Sullivan and today they signed Chase Harris.

  9. 3 present starters and NO relief pitchers will be here in 2 yrs. Maybe 2 or 3 position players. Let’s chill.

  10. I think Cooch borrowed Franco ‘ s bat that was a shot he hit today. Well we go to the Mets which should be fun.then we play San Diego who hasn’t scored a run yet.The over or under when Mack does his best Bowa impersonation.

        1. I was thinking they would improve a bit. but I messed up on just how bad the bullpen is going to be. I didn’t think they had 1-1 potential this year. I think I was wrong.

  11. DMAR, good point about my ’18 wishful lineup (which is why I said wishful). Injuries alone will make that improbable.

    I do think we may have to go free agency to find our closer although I hope Cordero improves his command, as well as an ace SP. But I prefer to grow our starting lineup from the farm.

  12. This is a half-way season, IMO. It’ll be little fun in watching the struggle…which just may prove more interesting when Nola, Vinny and Eichman are joined by Thompson….while Hellingson prepares to be traded to somebody at the July deadline for a reliever or two. And there is the strong possibility that Nick Williams and maybe Knapp will also be up in the August heat which would add a little offense. (Not sure the names are spelled correctly….forgiveness sought)

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