Box Score Recap – 4/7/2016

Sorry for the truncated update.  Health issues.  I hope to attend the home opener tomorrow.

Lehigh Valley (0-0) Postponed.

Reading (0-1) Lost to Portland 3-1.  Wasted an adequate effort by Asher.  Offense managed 4 H and 14 K.  Hoskins and Cozens responsible for 7 of 8 K.  Throwing errors by Crawford and Mora.

Clearwater (0-1) Lost to Dunedin 6-2.  Eshelman pitched well thru 5 innings, only 1 earned run.  Defense shaky, throwing error by Kingery, fielding error by Canelo.  Walding hit HR.

Lakewood (0-1)  Lost to Lexington 7-4.  Kilome struggled, lifted 5 batters into the third inning.  Two fielding errors by Tobias.  Grullon 3 for 5 with a 2B and HR.  Every starter had a hit.  Taveras struck out 5 in 3 innings of relief.  Bullpen walked 5 on top of Kilome’s 4.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • 4/3 – Toronto Blue Jays acquired Chris Leroux  from the Phillies in exchange for cash considerations.


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  1. Too bad for Kilome, was supposed to show the game but must of had technical difficulties. I emailed them but never heard back. Did get to watch the Reading game at least. Quinn’s double was hit to the warning track but there wasn’t much else in the way of offense. Ascher I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to but seemed to do a good job on a cold night.

    Good way to start the season for Grullon!

  2. This kid Wilkerson must throw hard for Portland sea dogs. He averages more than a strikeout per inning. 26 YR OLD purchased by red soxs. Looked at his career numbers in minors. very good. But at his age he was in lower minors. so we will see. But understand the stikeouts last night.

    1. He wasn’t a fire-baller or anything. His FB had some sink to it, he mixed his pitches well, and took advantage of some over-aggressive Fightins. Every time I looked up it was 0-2 count.

  3. ty kram. Just looking at his career numbers. I thought he threw hard, a lot of strikeouts in his minor league career

  4. Reading batters struck out 14 times yesterday with Cozens going 0-4 4K’s.
    Good start at Lakewood for Grullon with 3-5 and a bomb.

  5. Eshelman so far so good, looks like a good control/command pitcher.
    Arano early struggling but good whiffability.

      1. Good report…..he could actually end up producing a lot more then expected at the big league level some day.

  6. Grullon in the clean up spot with a single, double and HR! He is showing his good Aug/Sep of 2015 was no fluke. I see a Mid-season promotion to Clearwater likely. As a 20 year-old in high A he could be a top 100 prospect by mid season, if this hitting trend he began last summer continues.

      1. I do not think he was batting clean up for just one game, but we’ll see. I put stock in the batting order. It shows me what his manager thinks of him. I liked Franco since his first games in rookie ball (2010) because he batted clean up or high in the line up. The results were not there for a while, but his manager saw something in him. I liked a 20-year old catcher who bats clean up. He had a strong second half last season, so the 3 for 4 yesterday is just a continuation of that trend. As long as Grullon is batting high in the order I’ll be high on him despite 0 for 4s.

  7. Lexington has a kid named Fukofuka who went yard I feel bad for the big league announcer that has to call those games if the kid ever makes it..

  8. Sev Gonzalez with 3 K’s in 1.1 relief innings. I think that he is too advanced a pitcher for AA and will be back in AAA by May. I also think he is too young and too durable to give up on as a starter. In wonder if he’ll be back as a starter after the first AA, AAA, or Phillies starter gets hurt or implodes?

    1. I missed that they were moving him to the pen so I was surprised when they announced his name but he looked good against the 4 batters he faced at least. Will be interesting to see if he stays in the pen or not.

      Just turned on the LV game, see that Thompson gave up 2 runs so far. Looking forward to seeing Knapp, Williams and Stassi today.

    2. ken he stinks. Why do you try sell us on a kid who cant break a egg. and we have seen a lot of .not a major league pitcher

      1. rocco…..Sev Gonzo could turn it around. Still fairly young and he did gain some weight and maybe strength.
        BTW….noticed Mets’ deGrom may have lost a tick or two of velo from last year. Still early in the season, but in 2015 he was at 95/96, today he is sitting 91/92, T93. Heard they were concerned with his velo in ST, perhaps this is a reflection of that.

      2. They had him at 94 on the gun with a good slider . He also looks much bigger then last yr per several people at the game last night. Not saying he be good yet but much improved from last yr.

        1. In his last spring training game on TV his 2-seamer was 91-92 And his 4- seamer was 93-94, touching 95.

  9. We’re still looking for someone to win a game in this organization. Geez.
    14 Ks is awful start. Not a very good first night obviously.

    1. Most like to compare C to a young Tony Gwynn….he compared him to a young Ben Revere ..I guess that makes sense since Ben was a HS standout in Lexington KY and the poster apparently was from Lexington.

  10. I see Tromp is back in Lakewood. Is this his 4th tour of duty there? Doesn’t speak well for lower level OF depth if he’s still getting reps at this point.

    1. It’s hard to give up on guys who have power and speed I guess. I’m pretty sure this will be his last chance to make it work there. Lakewood does have Randolph, Pujols and, to a lesser extent, Coppola who need reps in the OF, plus 5 infielders who could use at-bats. I assume that there will be some sort of rotation so that different guys are sitting pretty much every game.

      1. Now parts of 4 seasons, but only a little over 550 AB. Still, he has yet to hit at all well at LWD and this is his age 22 season, so he’s now officially old for Lakewood. I’ve given up on him as a prospect.

  11. Wilkerson is a control pitcher. I thought the same as you roccom, so I looked him up. Went to small college and had to have Tommy John after he graduated. Did not come back well from TJ and was lucky to find a person who changed his motion so he could have good control. If I remember right he was 24 when he started Indy Ball, quite a story.

  12. FYI – check out the story on Matt Bush, ex con, who is back in AA at age 30, throwing 96. Sounds like a movie script if he makes it up to the Show.

    1. They usually don’t make feel good movies about generally awful people. But I guess you never know.

      1. Lots of movies are made about former awful people who find the light and become better people. It sounds like a perfect redemption story to me.

        1. Who says he’s redeemed? Because he throws a baseball hard? Because he hasn’t bee arrested recently for breaking and entering, DUI, or assault?

          Let’s not get carried away and make this something it isn’t. Seems more like confirmation of we’ll look past the obvious fact that you’re a scumbag as long as you add value to the team.

  13. Jake Thompson really settled in after the 1st, but the bats struggled and Mujica got hit around. Looks like he would fit in well with the current group of the Phillies pen.

  14. Morgan 7Ks thru 4ip today in 2nd game of DH. He’s probaby the best lefty starter in the organization right now.

    1. I don’t think it’s going to be all that long before Morgan and Bailey are back in the majors. I doubt James Russell will last more than another week or two and Stumpf is hanging around now only because he’s a Rule 5 guy. Morgan looks to have recovered most of the velocity he lost after the shoulder surgery – he’s learned to be a better pitcher once he had problems blowing the ball buy batters (a talent he may have regained to some extent). Baseball and, pitching in particular, is weird – it now wouldn’t surprise me at all if Morgan rebounded and became a solid mid-rotation starter.

    1. And one in the National League (Nola), one in the Eastern League (Crawford), one in the Florida State League (Tocci), and one in the South Atlantic League (Randolph).

      It’s an interesting list — youngest players per league correlates well with best prospects.

      1. Tony,

        0-9: four Phillies losses, three combined last night with Lakewood, Reading and Clearwater, and Pigs twice today.

  15. Does anyone think that out of necessity at some point Velasquez will be moved to closer and Morgan becomes #5? Then Thompson and Eflin could replace Hellickson and Morton in Aug….

    I love baseball, even losing when the horizon is bright. Just don’t know if I will survive April with this bullpen….and I told everyone else to chill:|

    1. Oh my gosh, I hope not!!!! Velasquez has so much more value as a potential mid-high rotation pitcher. I’d much rather see Charlie Morton in the bullpen than Velasquez there.

  16. Ya its to early to push any button let alone the panic, but LHV’s Lu Garcia, and Mujica got rocked as well. Lu was suppose to be in Philly and had a sub par spring, and Mujica……..

  17. That has to be rough being in 70’s and 80’s to come North and play in 30’s and 40’s…however the opposition is doing the same thing so no excuse.

  18. While 0-9 is truly awful, let us all not panic. Let’s remember this year is all about improvement by our prospects and we don’t care about the other players. Nola pitched great, Franco looks fine, Cesar is hitting, Eikhoff looked ok, Thompson pitched well after a bad 1st, Tocci had 2 hits, Grullon had a great game. It’s VERY early obviously, just relax.

  19. Nice ab from Alfaro, must have seen 10 pitches or so before hitting it up the middle to knock in the first run of the game. Mora scored after getting a double. Lively gave up a HR.

    1. Valentin fought off a lot of pitches before he popped up, but Mora with another double, knocked in Marrero for a 2-1 lead.

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