First Person Scouting Report: Mitchell Walding

Phillipp, a loyal reader, recently had a chance to watch 5th round pick Mitchell Walding up close and personal and provided a few notes on his ABs and opportunities in the field during the course of a 3 game series. Check below for the play by play

AB Breakdowns

1st AB: took 4 pitches in a row and flew out F7
2nd AB: Hard hit ball to LF, that was trapped
3rd AB: Hard swing and miss, fouled a Fastball good contact was on top of it, fouls a pitch back, foul ball 1st base side , lays off a change up for ball 1, strikes out on a Fastball that looked outside
4th AB: Foul ball, swing and miss, takes a ball questionable call, flies out
5th AB: Hard hit ball up the middle for a single (came around to score)
6th AB: bunt attempt pulled back, took a strike, weak grounder 3-1
7th AB: Hard hit ball for a double, average speed
8th AB: Walk, scored on a double
9th AB: 8 pitch ab 3U , fouled off two good pitches
10th AB: Took two balls, hit a weaker grounder, two infielders ran into each and got a hit.
11th AB: Hard hit single for RBI
12th AB: F8
13th AB: Single over the shortstop

Fielding notes

* 1st chance in field held the ball when the runner was going to be clearly safe
* Charged a grounder and made a nice throw 6-3
* Diving attempt in the 6th saved a run nice range and quick reaction on a ball hit deep in the hole
* bloop single out of Waldings reach, routine grounder 6-4
* Single way out of his range. Moved well to his left
* Tough grounder, made it look easy nice throw

Estimate of scouting grades

Speed: 55/65
Defense: 55 at SS, possible a 60 at 3B
Power: 40 now, 50 in the future

Thanks to Phillipp for the first hand accounts, sounds like he had himself a pretty decent series.

9 thoughts on “First Person Scouting Report: Mitchell Walding

  1. Few other notes
    The infield he played on in that series is very bad.
    His arm is above average in my opinion

    Any other questions about him in the three games let me know. Also talked to Marti Woolver a bit as he was on hand. Also thanks for posting this.

    Klamath Falls Gems Baseball Operations intern.

  2. So…the big question is if and when he’ll sign. Did Wolever have anything to say indicating that he’ll likely come in the fold?

    Looks like Overbey could be signing “if the price is right.” Should Quinn and Walding and Overbey all sign, then the SS (&3b?…HMart, Mattair–Astudillo, Franco,etc.) position lack is being cured also with Greene at Rookie League now.

    Add in some Latin signings at those positions and we’ll likely have a trade-able surplus in those positions with the best to step forward as THE MLB one.

    Anybody who still maintains that in the draft teams take the next best player regardless of the drafting club’s needs. The Phils empty cupboard at these two positions resulting in the drafting of all those infield players.

    With the outfield prospects looking encouraging, and the infield issues addressed, it seems that in the next draft (2012) the Phils will again concentrating on pitching.

    1. Of their catchers, Valle is the only one who we can say with conviction will be a major league player. They need more catchers.

      1. Agree. But we don’t know how many of their drafted catchers will be induced to sign now that Wright is gone. That gives them reason to sign a few better ones before Aug 15 and allows them to use Wright money to that purpose.

      2. Right now Rupp has become more viable as a MLB catcher with his better BA recently. Defensively he appears to be as good or better than expected.

  3. Thanks a lot Philipp. Did Walding seem overmatched at all by the competition? He’s playing against mostly older guys.

    Regarding your chat with Wolever, did you get a sense for what he or the Phils look for in these guys?

  4. Not at all . It took a game to get comfortable(there was not BP first game ). The team he face that I intern with is a first year team in the league with a couple of pitchers that are good. One had big 12 coaches at his start in the series. Also with it being a wood bat league most teams aren’t hitting and the fact he doesn’t have the highest average doesn’t concern me. The league has two teams ranked in the Perfect Game Summer top 25 .

    As for Wolever , He didn’t tell too much about that we didn’t get to that we talked about other prospects mostly , the windows on the Phils to win a world series, the Braves and just how he got his start and stuff like that. That’s a good question you asked I wish I would of asked it just didn’t think of it at that the time. If you follow the trade rumors you saw where Singleton and Cosart were mentioned , those were two names that he mentioned specifically to me that he’s high on.

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