2011 MLB Draft Day 3

And then we came to the end. Today wraps up the draft with rounds 31-50. Some teams will call it quits before the 50th round, and some teams go right till the end. 99% of the players taken today will not make the major leagues at any point, and a lot of the guys taken today won’t sign at all. Teams generally look to fill out their short season league teams with guys today, so if they want another 2B body, they’ll take a decent college senior and patch the gaps. Teams will also focus on high school seniors with strong college commitments. Most of these guys will follow through on college, but in some cases, the kid might have a change of heart at the end of the summer, and there is a chance he can sign. The Phillies showed us this in 2008 with Jarred Cosart. More often, teams use this is as a chance to draft a high school kid they like and build some kind of relationship with them so when they are draft eligible again in 2-3 years, a foundation is in place if they want to re-draft them. With that said, check below the fold for the best names still available and then all of the Phillies picks

I went through all of the state previews (free to view) at PG last night and pulled the names of the players who they wrote up that are still on the board. I’ll post all of them after the list of Phillies picks, so keep on scrollin’ down

961 – Kyle Olson, C, Jackson HS (WA)
991 – Gregory Herbst, RHP, St Marys University (TX)
1021 – Brock Stassi, OF, UN-Reno (LV)
1051 – Brandon Pletsch, SS Rancho HS (LV)
1081 – Kyle Freeland, LHP, Thomas Jefferson HS (CO)
1111 – Brendon Hayden, RHP, Wilmot Union HS (WI)
1141 – Michael Nastold, RHP, Louisville
1171 – Brett Maggard, LHP, Hernando HS (FL)
1201 – Tim Ponto, RHP, Owen J Roberts HS (PA)
1231 – Brendan Hendriks, Vauxhall HS (Alberta Canada)
1261 – Kevin DiCharry, RHP, Texas
1291 – Andre Kinder, LHP, Peru State College (NE)
1321 – Austin Knight, C, Summmral HS (MS)
1351 – Nevin Wilson, LHP, Chaparrel HS (AZ)
1381 – Adam Ladwig, RHP, Millard West HS (NE)
1411 – Scott Tomassetti, C, Sierra Vista HS (NV)
1441 – Andrew Amaro, 2B, William Penn Charter (PA)
1471 – Kewby Meyer, 1B, Kamehameha HS (HI)
1501 – Johnathan Knight, OF, Sebring HS (FL)
1531 – Kolya Stephenson, RHP, Ocean City HS (NJ)


8. JAMAL GOLDEN, of, Wetumpka HS
11. BRYCE DIAL, of, Chattahoochee Valley CC (So.)
12. ROCKY McCORD, rhp, Spanish Fort HS
13. COOPER MOSELEY, rhp/of, Central Alabama CC (So.)


14. ZACH DANDO, rhp, Central Arizona CC (So.)
19. MAX ROSSITER, c, Central Arizona CC (So.)
24. ZAK MILLER, rhp, Yavapai JC (So.)


4. MARK REYES, lhp/of, Jessieville HS, Hot SpringsVillage


89. KEVIN DAVIDSON, rhp/3b, Yucaipa HS
87. ERIC SNYDER, of, Edison HS, Irvine
85. RYAN KELLER, rhp, West Ranch HS, Castaic
82. CHRIS DEVINSKI, rhp, Cal State Fullerton (Jr.)
80. RYAN TELLA, of, Ohlone JC (So.)
69. ALEX BLANDINO, ss, St. Francis HS, Mountain View
62. MICHAEL CEDEROTH, rhp, Steele Canyon HS, Spring Valley
52. DANTE FLORES, ss/2b, St. John Bosco HS, Norwalk
48. CALVIN DRUMMOND, rhp, University of San Diego (So.)
31. JAKE REED, rhp, Helix Charter HS, La Mesa


47. COREY STUMP, lhp, Lakeland Christian Academy
44. GARRETT NUSS, rhp, Mount Dora HS, Sorrento
40. MASON McVAY, lhp, Florida International University (So.)
36. SEAN TRENT, c/3b, Bishop Moore HS, Maitland
32. RYAN HARRIS, rhp/of, Jupiter HS, West Palm Beach
27. RONNIE RICHARDSON, of, U. of Central Florida (So.)
26. BRANDON SEDELL, c, American Heritage HS, Cooper City


17. REGGIE McCLAIN, rhp, Northview HS, Johns Creek
16. LEVI HYAMS, 2b, University of Georgia (Jr.)
12. CONNOR LYNCH, c, Pope HS, Marietta
6. JULIUS GAINES, ss, Luella HS, Locust Grove


2. PARKER MORIN, c, JC of Southern Idaho (So.)
3. TRAVIS HUBER, rhp, JC of Southern Idaho (So.)


9. JERAD GRUNDY, lhp, Hancock CC (So.)
8. WILLIE ARGO, of, University of Illinois (Jr.)


9. JERRICK SUITER, rhp/c, Valparaiso HS


2. AUSTIN URBAN, rhp, Des Moines Area CC (Fr.)
4. DAMEK TOMSCHA, 3b/rhp, Iowa Western CC (Fr.)
5. DAKOTA FREESE, rhp, Washington HS, Cedar Rapids


13. THOMAS TAYLOR, rhp, University of Kansas (So.)
15. TANNER POPPE, rhp, University of Kansas (So.)
16. DAKOTA SMITH, of, Leavenworth HS


7. CHANDLER SHEPHERD, rhp, Lawrence County HS, Louisa
10. STEWART IJAMES, of, University of Louisville (Jr.)


6. AUSTIN ROBICHAUX, rhp, Notre Dame HS, Crowley
8. TAYLOR GUILBEAU, lhp, Zachary HS
10. JEREMY SCHAFFER, c, Tulane University (Jr.)
12. CONNOR CASTELLANO, 3b, Evangel Christian HS, Shreveport
13. HOMMY ROSADO, 1b, LSU-Eunice JC (Fr.)
15. TERRENCE MAGEE, of, Franklinton HS
16. CARSON BARANIK, rhp, Parkway HS, Bossier City


2. PAT CONNAUGHTON, rhp, St. John’s Prep, Danvers
4. ADAM RAVENELLE, rhp, Lincoln-Sudbury HS, Sudbury
5. JOHN MAGLIOZZI, rhp, Dexter School, Milton


1. T.J. OAKES, rhp, University of Minnesota (So.)


11. TRAVIOUS RELAFORD, ss, Hinds CC (Fr.)


3. DANE GRONEWALD, lhp, Jefferson CC (Fr.)
7. DAVID SCHMIDT, rhp, Christian Brothers HS, St. Louis


4. MATT DUNBAR, lhp, College of Southern Nevada (So.)
6. CAMERON HARPER, of, College of Southern Nevada (Fr.)
7. SCOTT TOMASSETTI, c, Sierra Vista HS, Las Vegas
8. CHIPPER SMITH, lhp, College of Southern Nevada (So.)
9. NICK MELINO, of, University of Nevada (Jr.)


3. A.J. MURRAY, c, Westfield HS
6. BRANDON DOWNES, of, South Plainfield HS
7. ALEX DeBELLIS, c/rhp , Pope John XXII, Kinnelon
8. JAMES PUGLIESE, rhp, Mercer County JC (Fr.)
10. JORDAN GROSS, lhp, Don Bosco Prep, Franklin Lakes


6. ELVIN SOTO, c, Xaverian HS, New York City


12. JOSH TOBIAS, ss, Southeast Guilford HS, Greensboro
13. JACOB STALLINGS, c, University of North Carolina (Jr.)


5. ROSS GERDEMAN, rhp, Bowling Green State University (Jr.)


17. DYLAN DELSO, c, Broken Arrow HS
15. DREW STINER, c, Owasso HS


12. SAM JOHNSON, rhp, Westview HS, Portland
11. RILEY WILKERSON, rhp, West Linn HS


8. CORY DEEGAN, of, Penn State University (Jr.)


14. SHON CARSON, ss/of, Lake City HS, Scranton
15. GARRETT BOULWARE, c, T.L. Hanna HS, Anderson
16. DAVID PETERSON, rhp, College of Charleston (Jr.)
17. HUNTER COLE, 3b/rhp, Dorman HS, Roebuck


22. PHILIP PFEIFER, lhp, Farragut HS, Knoxville
23. DeANDRE ALLEN, rhp/ss, Sequoyah HS, Madisonville
25. MICHAEL GUNN, 1b/lhp, Christian Brothers HS, Wilson, Ark.


17. RICARDO JACQUEZ, rhp/ss, Franklin HS, El Paso
37. CHASE WEIR, rhp, Stephen F. Austin University (Jr.)
38. PARKER FRENCH, rhp, Dripping Springs HS
41. TYLER MAPES, rhp, Navarro CC (So.)
43. JEREMY RATHJEN, of, Rice University (Jr.)
50. SKYLER EWING, c, Arlington HS
51. DERRICK BLEEKER, rhp/of, Howard JC (So.)
52. BRANCE RIVERA, of, Texas Christian University (Jr.)
53. GAGE GREEN, of/c, Rider HS, Wichita Falls
56. BRADEN MATTSON, c, Clark HS, San Antonio
57. DUSTIN KELLOGG, rhp, Caney Creek HS, Houston
58. DRAKE ROBERTS, ss, Brenham HS


4. DOMINIQUE TAYLOR, of, Salt Lake CC (Fr.)
6. JOSH MOONEY, rhp, Salt Lake CC (So.)
7. CRAIG BRINKERHOFF, of/rhp, Eastern Utah JC (Fr.)


12. SPENCER O’NEIL, of, Southridge HS, Kennewick
10. MICHAEL CONFORTO, if/of, Redmond HS
8. DYLAN DAVIS, of/rhp, Redmond HS
7. KEVIN MORIARTY, rhp, Shorewood HS, Shoreline


1. NICK HOWARD, 3b/rhp, St. John’s College Prep


5. SKYLAR JANISSE, rhp, St. Thomas/Villanova HS, Maidstone, Ont. / Windsor Selects, Team Canada
6. CORY SCAMMEL, of, St. Francis Xavier HS, Edmonton / Edmonton Cardinals, Team Canada


6. RICHARD WHITE – rhp, St. Croix Eductional HS, St. Thomas, V.I.
10. ISMAEL SALGADO – of, International Baseball Academy, Toa Alta

100 thoughts on “2011 MLB Draft Day 3

  1. i see a zach good, parker french or dustin kellogg on the horizon as the texas scout has to be shown some love.

  2. Never understood why teams stop before round 50. I would keep drafting HS kids until they pry my hand around from the telephone to the draft office. 5/10/15 more kids just increases the chances one of them decides they don’t really want to go to college and sign to start playing pro ball.

    1. Because they need guys to fill out the rosters at GCL & Williamsport, and they need guys who will move up and fill out the higher rosters the year after that.

      1. Oh, I get how the draft works and wasn’t saying only draft HS kids. I was referring to PP saying how some teams will ‘stop drafting’ before the 50 rounds are up and decide their days are done. I would think it would better serve them if they think they filled out their rosters and are planning to stop draft at say round 45 to just keep picking HS kids.

        I think more teams nowadays stay the entire 50 rounds. Probably because of the draft being more viewed thanks to the Internet. 10 or 15 years ago they could get away with their fanbases not paying much attention to it.

        1. Nothing is really stopping you from signing as many players as you want. Any player not chosen in the draft is a free agent. But there comes a point where the risk/reward ratio is miniscule.

          In theory, perhaps you could load up on high school kids and start eight new minor league affiliates (maybe their own league). But once 6-8 teams do that it ceases to be an effective strategy really.

          As far as 50 rounds, I think MLB would be decently served to chop off 5-10 rounds as it is. The payoff rate is absurdly low and the players who do make it from the 48th round (for example) often have negative WARs.

      1. Wait, I didn’t realize everyone didn’t go up to 50. I thought you were suggesting more than 50.

  3. I guess there’s no way Tampa Bay goes all the way to the 50th round. Haven’t they already picked 50 guys?

    1. Under the radar guy but allegedly throws 90 from the mound and was one of the top HS catchers in Washington. Doesn’t seem to have a college committment. Seems like the typical low-round lottery ticket where they sign him for cheap and see how he looks compared to all of the other draftees in Low A.

  4. http://www.stmarytx.edu/athletics/?nid=2935

    SAN ANTONIO — Eager to get back on the mound, then–infielder Greg Herbst approached St. Mary’s pitching coach Chris Ermis with a simple message while taking a long bus ride home from a season–ending defeat in last year’s regional tournament.

    “I want to pitch,” Herbst said last spring.

    More at link

    1. Did one of our scouts decide to hit Las Vegas and maybe see a couple of prospects on his way? Maybe the Phils will hit the jackpot with one of these Nevada guys?

    1. Pletch was a preseason All-American (honorable mention) but is committed to UNLV with about 5 of his teammates. He’s a coach’s son and will probably be a tough sign. Still, there is little doubt the kid has talent. I love the way the Phillies are swinging for the fences. We’re going to end up with some good middle infield talent at the end of this assuming a couple of these kids sign.

  5. Obviously the Phillies targeted middle infielders. My feeling is that the Phils have more detailed scouting reports on shortstops than other players. Thus they feel more comfortable drafting them in bulk.

    1. More along the lines they know it is the weakest point of our Franchise and also 1 of the hardest positions to stick at so they are drafting a wide range of talent in the hopes a few sign and stick at the position!!!

    2. And shortstops can theoretically be moved to just about any position other than catcher if they have the bat for it. I have no problem with extra SS though I imagine we will only sign 2 or 3 of them and probably move a couple (Quinn to 2B) to get them playing time. The several shortstops in extended spring (are you listening Carlos Valenzuela) may have to produce early to keep getting playing time.

  6. Another HS pick man what the heck has gotten into the Phillies?? Do you think that they feel the new CBA will take a lot of these type of picks out of the draft so they are trying to stock up on talent this year???

      1. Why would anyone chose Evansville for baseball over a chance at MLB. I could see and SEC, ACC,or PAC-10 school but not Evansville. That place succccks! There home field is pretty cool though. It is where A League of Their Own was filmed.

  7. They should draft Tomscha again! He hit .377 with an OBP of .444 and 14 HRs in 215 ABs for Iowa Western CC this past year. They’re ranked 4th among JCs (according to their website) so one has to think it wasn’t terrible competition. He played 3B and pitched.

    1. While I liked this pick last year and wouldn’t mind if they redrafted him, he was already selected this year. I forget by who, but I definitely heard his named called.

    2. Y’all already know I loved Tomscha and still want him. But I’m thinking Asche and Martinez probably replaced him as an option.

  8. Here’s what one of my internet buds from Alabama said about Morgan:

    Honestly, I always thought Morgan had a lot of potential, but I don’t see him pitching for your Phillies in the next year or two. Some coaches probably saw that potential and took a risk to see if they could train him up. If he was going to be a star pitcher, the Braves would have taken him 😉

    I sincerely hope he develops well, and look forward to seeing him in a game or two a few years from now. He already has the stamina to pitch a full game (which we almost saw in his spectacular shut-out of LSU this year).
    You can know pretty early on how he’s going to do – he plays best by getting ahead in the count early (you can usually bet that the first pitch is going to be the best one to hit against him – I have no idea why it took teams so long to figure that out).

    1. He’s legit too! Owen J Roberts=Baseball Factory

      Matt Murray was drafted too, 10th rounder to the Royals

  9. wow, look at all of the high schoolers, makes me wonder if the budget this year is much higher(sign a lot of college committed guys) or much lower (and dont sign anyone)

    1. To me its a matter of what rosters you want to fill. Lakewood/Williamsport are fairly crowded, so adding college players adds to the logjam. I think organizations prefer to switch off every few years.

  10. Just checking in, wow, lot of High School guys. Guess the rosters are mostly filled out and we’re swinging for the fenses and hoping a few of these guys decide they want to play! I don’t know that any of these guys are viewed as big bonus babies, how much are teams willing to spend on off the radar HS guys – or is this more of a draft and follow through summer ball and decide on a priec then type of thing?

    1. Looks like he was a pretty big prospect out of high school, and has pitched very very few innings over 3 years with Texas. Probably injury related but can’t find all that much on it.

      1. His full name is Kevin Austin Dicharry and he goes by Austin, so searching for “Kevin Dicharry” hasn’t been very fruitful for me, at least. He had shoulder tendinitis that hampered him for a while. Here’s a thread about him:

        And that thread has a links\ to a BA chat where he’s mentioned at the very end:

      2. Yes, he was part of a famed rotation at Texas with Joel Hickory, and Billy Dock. You can’t make this stuff up (yes, you can).

    2. He’ll be using a wood bat. How about Hickory Dicharry. When he gets famous and they name a wharf on the Delaware after him, it will be the Hickory Dicharry Dock.

  11. I’m wondering if the possible hard draft slotting which could occur is a reason for this onslaught of young picks

    1. Has a verbal commitment to Arkansas, and was earlier listed by mlbbonusbaby as the 119th best prospect in the draft.

  12. Tommassetti ranked #7 in NV by PG

    7. SCOTT TOMASSETTI, c, Sierra Vista HS, Las Vegas
    Benefitted from exposure as Hager teammate (No. 1); impressive frame with 2 + tools (power, arm strength).

  13. andrew Amaro – 2B – William Penn Charter HS

    im assuming a relation pick?

    1. Yeah I believe he’s Ruben’s nephew, little brother of the Amaro we picked recently. Going to play for University of Maryland.

  14. Re: Amaro–is it just me or does it seem like once a year they burn a draft pick on someone’s kid? Last year it was some scout, right? And then Dubee’s kid was in the org for a while. Any other nepotism picks people can think of?

    1. The Phils drafted Michael Dubee, the son of the pitching coach. I believe he was traded for Tad Iguchi. They drafted Rob Amaro, another of Ruben’s nephews, but he chose UVA. The scout’s kid from last year was Hinson – he was drafted twice, and last year, didn’t sign again, instead returning to Clemson. I believe somebody else picked him this year.

      1. John Hinson went back to Clemson for his senior year and his stock stayed about the same. The Phillies drafted him in the 13th round last year and had a pre-draft deal with him only for Hinson to back out of it. He was drafted in the 13th round this year by the Astros. Seems like Ed Wade really likes stockpiling those former Phillies.

    2. well this is actually the second Amaro relative to be drafted recently if i remember correctly. and its not just the phillies, its something that happens all around the league. Its a sign of respect for the people that do such hard work in the baseball draft and since it usually occurs in the last 10 rounds of the draft, it really doesnt matter too much. Most of the picks in this area are kids that have almost no chance of signing or roster filler college seniors.

      1. We actually signed an Amaro last year. Luis Amaro. Was signed last winter after he was undrafted out of college. Ruben’s half brother I believe.

        I have no problem with doing this as I am sure the team knows that they have shots at only a couple of the HS fliers drafted late. And Amaros do have good bloodlines. Even our GM was a major leaguer, so if these kids have some talent and the Phillies are the only organization they might consider – then what is the harm?

    3. If you listen to the radio feed, at this point in the draft every other player is the son of a scout or nephew of an exec, or brother of someone already in their system. Seems to be common courtesy for the team to announce any connection regarding the picks.

      Almost all of these picks are courtesy nepotism, never to make the MiL teams let alone the parent club. But every once in awhile you get a Mike Piazza (rnd, 62, picked as a favor to his father by Lasorda).

  15. baseball’s mr. Irrelevant!

    last pick for the phillies as well as the last pick in the draft

    Kolya Stephenson – RHP – Ocean City HS New Jersey

    another relatively local boy

    1. i love it! Im not sure on what they were thinking, but it seems like there were alot less college seniors taken than in the previous few years. I guess that is a testiment to how deep our system is in terms of real prospects that we dont have too many holes to fill.

  16. A staggering amount of HS guys. Presumably most are draft and follow guys indicating we believe the low minors to be well stocked already – no reason to burn a couple thousand a pop for college seniors right?

    or maybe just maybe we are going to get a little more aggressive this year?

    On paper this is a really exciting draft – I’m jazzed to see who we sign…

  17. Given the roster limitations how many of these guys can they actually sign?
    Is there a limit to number of players who can stay in XST after short season arrives? At some point during the season I assume there has to be a roster limit for the total organization. Otherwise, I would expect the RedSox to just create a second A- ball club to stash a bunch more of their signees.

    Looks like a bunch of LHP, SS, and C drafted. Anyone we should be excited about from today?

    1. Given the limitations of some of the guys in LV and Reading, and their ages, I think they could probably make some room if they wanted to start bumping people up.

      I also wonder about this entire draft class. A lot of HS and other young’ens were drafted by people, presumably to beat the (possibly) coming hard slotting. But what if some of those guys figure they’re gonna get a better pick next time out anyway? There might be a lot of drafted but unsigned guys this Summer. I also wonder what this draft means for rule 5 drafting in a few years. If a whole bunch of teams take HSers this year, but can’t protect them all on their 40, there may be an out and out free for all.

  18. Looks like I need to do some homework tonight, I will have an update on some of the guys f

  19. Bravo for mispelling a draftee and the name of his high school. FYI, “Brendan Hayden of WilmoNt” is actually Brendon Hayden of Wilmot, an “o” instead of an “a” and there isn’t a “n” in Wilmot.

    1. Someone is clearly related to, or knows, Brendon.

      While I hope he signs and succeeds with the Phils, currently he’s a *highschool* kid from a town with (according to wikipedia) a total of *442* people. In other words, a nobody from nowhere. Same with almost every kid drafted. They become household names by being drafted, not the other way around.

      Quite frankly the surprising thing would be if PP got all the names and schools perfectly right.

      1. Wilmot High School has a school rock band called Sgt. Peppers… Dope!!! Except I’d name my school rock band after a George song…

        1. I’ve looked at their athletic page and it seems as though this high school team pretty much beats the tar out of (almost) everyone. I wonder how many RBI’s our pick had in the 36-0 (reminiscent of the eagles 1st half vs skins last year) vs Delavan – Darien game. That town must have had a population of 9.

  20. Educated guess on some of the bonuses:
    01. Larry Greene – 850k
    02. Roman Quinn- 600k
    02. Har Martinez – 400k
    03. Adam Morgan-250k
    04. Cody Asche – 150k
    07. Kenny Giles – 150k
    12. Yacksel Rios- 150k
    13. Colt Murray – 150k
    21. Riley Moore – 400k

    That is 3.1 million for those 9 guys. I believe they will only sign one of either Walding, Overbey or Tyler Greene (900k Max). May only spend 1 million total, on everybody else.
    I guessing they will spend about 5 million on this years draft.

    1. Works for me. I’d be completely happy with that result. Sure, it’d be nice to spend $7-8 million and take all those bust slot guys but it’s not happening.

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