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Organizational Leaders

A look at leaders throughout the minor leagues for the Phils.  Hitters need 100AB to qualify; Pitchers need 25IP.  A warning, this isnt real pretty.

AB: Dylan Cozens (377); Maikel Franco (371); Carlos Tocci (367); Andrew Pullin (360); Peter Lavin (359); KC Serna (354); Carlos Alonso (343); Leandro Castr0;  JP Crawford (338);  Aaron Altherr (334); Tyler Henson (327)

Runs:Carlos Alonso (59);  Dylan Cozens (54); Andrew Pullin (53); Leandro Castro(53); Peter Lavin (52); Tyler Henson (48); Carlos Tocci (43); Maikel Franco (42); Albert Cartwirght (41); Aaron Altherr (41)

Hits: Peter Lavin (102); KC Serna (100); ANdrew Pullin (9); Willians Astudillo (98); JP Crawford (97);  Carlos Alonso (96); Leandro Castro (93); Dylan Cozens (93); Carlos Tocci (92); Tyler Henson (92)

2B: Maikel Franco (25); Tyler Henson (25); Willians Astudillo (24); KC Serna (21);  Art Charles (21); Aaron Altherr (21); Peter Lavin (21); Mitch Walding (20); Leandro Castro (19); Dylan COzens (19)

3B: Carlos Tocci (6); Peter Lavin (5); Art CHarles (4); Brian Pointer (4); ANgelo Mora (4); Aaron Altherr (4); Cameron Perkins (4); Maikel Franco (3); Leandro Castro (3); Zach Collier (3)

HR: Dylan Cozens (13);  Jake Fox (13); Peter Lavin (11); Jiandido Tromp (10); Jim Murphy (10); Art Charles (10); Brian Pointer (9); Aaron Altherr (8); Samuel Hiciano (8) Continue reading Organizational Leaders

General Discussion – Weekend of 7-24-2014 – Fire Ryne/Trade Deadline Edition

Here’s a fresh open thread for general discussion. And here’s my #HotTake for the day – Ryne Sandberg should be fired for allowing Burnett to throw that many pitches with a rain delay in the middle when the club is trying to trade him. Six innings of shut-out ball proved the point. Seven was ridiculous. Eight was borderline negligent. Phillippe Aumont was fresh in the bullpen to give you two innings, and the game was meaningless to the season.

In general, I don’t care for Sandberg’s managerial style. Last night with two men on he had Darin Ruf bunt so that Andres Blanco could take a crack at Madison Bumgarner. The guy’s barely allowing any baserunners all night, and you want to give him an out against one of your “better” bats so a guy who until two weeks ago hadn’t seen the big leagues since 2011 can take his chance? No. Bad. Also, there’s this, from Jim Salisbury this spring, partially quoting Sandberg’s book: Continue reading General Discussion – Weekend of 7-24-2014 – Fire Ryne/Trade Deadline Edition