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Looking Ahead

We are winding down to the finish line of Phuture Phillies 8th year, with each year being more successful than the last due to the loyal readership we get combined with writers who volunteer their time to pursue their passion(s) of baseball and writing.  We have been extremely fortunate to have writers who take their “job” seriously, keeping with a sometimes grueling schedule during the season to provide quality content and expertise,  a commitment that I can’t thank Brad, Jim and Victor enough for. 

My hope is to keep Brad, Jim and Victor for as long as their time and energy permit, but like with most volunteer efforts, others are occasionally lured by “greener pastures” or simple burnout and with that said, I am looking to add two or three writers going into the off season.  Off season responsibilities would vary and I would be happy to give you more detail in an email.  Responsibilities next season would include affiliate reports, player features, statistical analysis and a few new features that would be more properly discussed in a phone call.  Brad, Jim and Victor will remain with us in their respective roles as long as their time and “want” permits, however we are looking for the bench strength that any organization needs in order to build for the future.  Throughout the Phillies organization, Phuture Phillies is recognized as a leading source of minor league information and with that recognition comes the credibility and respect that is given by the respective PR Departments, coaching staffs and players to our efforts through the years.   For me, now completing my 6th year here, this has been an outstanding experience that has allowed me to pursue a true passion, and has presented opportunities that, but for, Phuture Phillies would not have have been possible. 

Please email me at phuturephillies1@yahoo.com if you have interest and we can discuss.

Around the System–Catchers

Lehigh Valley

Cameron Rupp; 25, Phils 3rd round pick in 2010; .151/.271/.336 in 119 AB’s for Lehigh Valley; 6HR 19RBI; 13%bb/36%k rate; 34 games caught with 2 errors (.992); 2 passed balls; 36%cs rate (12/33); Although with a good deal of major league service due to injuries, it has been a rough year for Rupp who missed considerable time with an oblique injury and has been awful with the bat.  A 36% strikeout rate suggests to me that he is not fully healthy, after K rates nowhere close in previous years.  Still, very good defensively.

Koyie Hill, 35, Signed as a free agent in 2014; .237/.343/.372 in 156 AB’s; 3HR 17RBI; 14%bb/22%k rates; .119 vs. LHP; .281 vs. RHP; .297 with RISP; 40 games caught with 1 error (.996); 3 passed balls; 45% CS rate (13/29); Hill has done an excellent job in his role this year.  A very good defensive catcher, who will not embarrass you at the major league level.  His walk rate attests to his knowledge of the strike zone. Continue reading Around the System–Catchers

Box Score Recap – 7/28/2014

Maikel Franco with his eighth home run and second in three days. He was 4-4 and has been absolutely crushing it in July, with an OPS of .972 for the month, which includes 14 XBH in ~90PAs. Solid. Reading managed just two hits, and Severino Gonzalez lasted just three innings against Portland. Seve only threw 52 pitches, but he did allow two more homers. Not solid. Roman Quinn’s streak of walks and steals comes to an end, but he has hit in six straight. For LKW, Andy Knapp had three hits and Dylan Cozens and Mitch Walding had two a piece – Walding’s OPSing a Maikel Franco-esque .975 in July. His Ks remain a little high, though he’s been better this month at around 23%, but his walks are near double digits for the year. A month in A+ might be a good idea for his progress, as he appears to be over SAL pitching, finally.

And hopefully Tyler Viza’s getting something out of his time in Lakewood, because you know he’s not getting much confidence from his game day results. He’s 3-14, which has to kind of suck. It’s meaningless in judging his performance, and there’s plenty not to like in his stats, but it was a really aggressive placement for a HS draftee who didn’t even see WIL last summer. He’s at least kept his control, as evidenced by a really strong 1.88 BB/9 for a 4.6% BB Rate. Seems he’s been a little bit unlucky as well, as FIP has him at 4.10 for the year, which is not bad at all for one of the ten or so youngest regular starters in the league, and nearly a run better than his ERA. His placement in 2015 will be interesting.

I’ve spent too much time on this already, so I’ll leave the short season leagues to you all to discuss, but I will say this much: ¡Viva Encarnación!

Is it “vivo”, “viva”, “vive”, or one of those with an accent, maybe? Anyone? Viva seems to flow off the tongue, but I don’t think it’s right.

Continue reading Box Score Recap – 7/28/2014