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Lehigh Valley

Cameron Rupp; 25, Phils 3rd round pick in 2010; .151/.271/.336 in 119 AB’s for Lehigh Valley; 6HR 19RBI; 13%bb/36%k rate; 34 games caught with 2 errors (.992); 2 passed balls; 36%cs rate (12/33); Although with a good deal of major league service due to injuries, it has been a rough year for Rupp who missed considerable time with an oblique injury and has been awful with the bat.  A 36% strikeout rate suggests to me that he is not fully healthy, after K rates nowhere close in previous years.  Still, very good defensively.

Koyie Hill, 35, Signed as a free agent in 2014; .237/.343/.372 in 156 AB’s; 3HR 17RBI; 14%bb/22%k rates; .119 vs. LHP; .281 vs. RHP; .297 with RISP; 40 games caught with 1 error (.996); 3 passed balls; 45% CS rate (13/29); Hill has done an excellent job in his role this year.  A very good defensive catcher, who will not embarrass you at the major league level.  His walk rate attests to his knowledge of the strike zone.

Lars Davis, 28, SIgned as a free agent in 2014; .187/.234/.253 in 75 AB’s between Reading and Lehigh Valley; 1HR 9RBI; 22 games caught with 4 errors; 2 passed balls; 16%cs rate (5/42).  Organizational guy who I would be surprised to see here beyond this year.


Sebastian Valle, 24, Signed as a free agent in 2006; .242/.272/.376 in 194 AB’s between Reading and Lehigh Valley; 5HR 26RBI; 4%bb/21%k rates; .267 vs. LHP; .227 vs. RHP; 53 games caught with 4 errors (.990); 8 passed balls; 47%cs rate (18/38); Valle has actually impressed me in the half dozen times I have seen him this year; He provided some pop in the Lehigh Valley lineup and has the best CS rate in the organization.  I fear the Phils letting him go after 8 years in the organization in the off-season to see him blossom into a MLB regular.  Could happen.

Logan Moore, 23, Phils 9th round pick in 2011; .222/.278/.317 in 230 AB’s between Clearwater and Reading; 2HR 23RBI; 7%bb/23%k rates; Hitting .150 in July; 70 games caught with 5 errors (.989); 6 passed balls;31%CS rate (33/106); Moore continues making his mark as a very good defensive catcher.

RayWily Gomez, 24, Acquired from Arizona in 2014; .190/.227/.214 in 42 AB’s; 0HR 2RBI; 12 games caught with 3 errors (.968); 1 passed ball; 17% CS rate (1/6). Has quickly established himself as an organizational guy.


Gabriel Lino, 21, Acquired from Baltimore in 2012; .229/.294/.332 in 214 AB’s; 4HR 26RBI; 9%bb/31%k rates; Hitting .290 over his last 10 games; .244/.292/.329 for Clearwater; 64 games caught with 6 errors (.987); 11 passed balls; 33% CS rate (23/69); Lino has actually played much better both offensively and defensively since his promotion to Clearwater and I have not written him off as having the potential to be a major leaguer.

Corey Bass, 23, Phils 20th round pick in 2013; .193/.258/.281 in 57 AB’s; 0HR 5RBI; 20 games caught with 3 errors (.977); 2 passed balls; 13% CS rate; (2/15). Nothing really to talk about offensively or defensively right now.


Andrew Knapp, 22, Phils 2nd round pick in 2013 draft; .237/.304/.348 in 270 AB’s; 5HR 26RBI; 3SB; 8%bb/25%k rates; 25 games caught with 3 errors (.981); 3 passed balls; 15% cs rate (6/40). So, Knapp was hitting miserably in CLearwater and was sent down to Lakewood where he has gotten his stroke back over the last several months.  Coming off TOmmy John surgery,it is clear that his arm is not fulling back.  The ultimate question becomes, when will it be?

Jose Mayorga, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2010; .257/.354/.286 in 70 AB’s; 0HR 7RBI; 10%BB/10%K rates; 29 games caught with 1 error(.993); 3 passed balls; 13% CS rate (4/31); Mayorga has been competent as a back up catcher, albeit with an abysmal caught stealing rate


Wilson Garcia, 20, SIgned as a free agent in 2010; .167/.224/.185 in 54 AB’s; 0HR 3RBI; 9 games caught with 1 error (.982); 1 passed ball; 29% cs rate (4/14)

Sean McHugh, 22, Phils 18th round pick in 2014 draft; .190/.280/.190 in 21 AB’s; 0HR 2RBI; 6 games caught without an error; 2 passed balls; 4/13 (31%) CS rate

Deivi Gruillon, 18, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .246/.286/.323 in 195 AB’s between Lakewood and Williamsport; 1HR 20RBI; 4%bb/17%k rates; 56 games caught with 10 errors (.975); 11 passed balls; 27%CS rate (19/71).  Gruillon has done a good job as an 18 year old and is not out of place competing.  Defense has been a bit suspect at times.


Jesus Posso, 19, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .265/.302/.307 in 49 AB’s; 1HR 13RBI; 19 games caught without an error; 1 passed ball; thrown out 8/26 (31%) base stealers. Looking good early on.

Gregori Rivero, 18, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .242/.270/.364 in 33 AB’s; 1HR 6 RBI; Has caught 15 games without an error; 2 passed Balls; 39% CS rate (9/23)

Joel Fisher, 21, Phils 23rd round pick in 2014 draft; .320/.320/.560 in 25 AB’s; 1HR 5RBI; 13 games caught without an error; 2 passed balls; 22% CS rate (2/9)

Scott Tomassetti, 21, Phils 34th round pick in 2014 draft; Hitting .250 in 4 AB’s; 4 games caught without an error; 1 passed ball; 50% CS rate (1/2)


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  1. Doesn’t look like a great group to me. At least Grullon has exceeded expectations. Knapp’s K% in Lakewood has me a little concerned, especially since he was billed as a bat-first type.

  2. Unless Knapp can break out, this team does not have its future catcher on the roster. Lino/Rupp could be MLB backups, and who knows with Valle at this point. Wouldnt mind acquiring a catching prospect with upside at the deadline

  3. 3 hits for Knapp last night, 2 hits already today, don’t worry about Knapp. He can hit from both sides of plate. Just give him some time to get some innings in behind the plate after the surgery. With him and Grullon the future is very bright. Plus Ruiz is good for 2 more years.

  4. Bootsy Doo says don’t forget ToJo! Raking in Reading before the injuries. He got Posey-ed out of SF due to the half-Pence. And spiraled into the Platen Concussion but Tojo has the mojo!

    And whatta ‘ bout Bootsy Doo’s mojo, you ask? Well, it’s Bootsy Doozy!

    Bootsy Doo owwwt!

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