Looking Ahead

We are winding down to the finish line of Phuture Phillies 8th year, with each year being more successful than the last due to the loyal readership we get combined with writers who volunteer their time to pursue their passion(s) of baseball and writing.  We have been extremely fortunate to have writers who take their “job” seriously, keeping with a sometimes grueling schedule during the season to provide quality content and expertise,  a commitment that I can’t thank Brad, Jim and Victor enough for. 

My hope is to keep Brad, Jim and Victor for as long as their time and energy permit, but like with most volunteer efforts, others are occasionally lured by “greener pastures” or simple burnout and with that said, I am looking to add two or three writers going into the off season.  Off season responsibilities would vary and I would be happy to give you more detail in an email.  Responsibilities next season would include affiliate reports, player features, statistical analysis and a few new features that would be more properly discussed in a phone call.  Brad, Jim and Victor will remain with us in their respective roles as long as their time and “want” permits, however we are looking for the bench strength that any organization needs in order to build for the future.  Throughout the Phillies organization, Phuture Phillies is recognized as a leading source of minor league information and with that recognition comes the credibility and respect that is given by the respective PR Departments, coaching staffs and players to our efforts through the years.   For me, now completing my 6th year here, this has been an outstanding experience that has allowed me to pursue a true passion, and has presented opportunities that, but for, Phuture Phillies would not have have been possible. 

Please email me at phuturephillies1@yahoo.com if you have interest and we can discuss.

1 thought on “Looking Ahead

  1. I just want to say that I have been coming here since when we drafted Drabek or Savery, whoever was drafted first, thats how long I’ve been coming here……I love the info that people take the time to post for the rest of us………thank you.

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