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Threshers; July 1, 2014

The Phillies first round pick and number 7 overall, Aaron Nola, made his home debut against the Dunedin Blue Jays Tuesday night.  The crowd of 3,394 was treated to a pitchers’ duel in a game the Threshers’ lost 1-0.

Nola made his FSL debut last Monday in Lakeland.  He was on a 50 pitch limit that night.  He started Tuesday on an unknown pitch limit, but a 5-inning limit. Continue reading Threshers; July 1, 2014

Minor League Organizational Leaders

It aint real pretty…

AB’s: Maikel Franco, 302; Dylan Cozens 301; KC Serna 300; Peter Lavin 294; Carlos Tocci 286; Andrew Pullin 284; Carlos Alonso 276; Cameron Perkins 274; JP Crawford 272; Aaron Altherr 269

Hits: Cameron Perkins 85; Peter Lavin 85; Willians Astudillo 84; KC Serna 83; JP Crawford 78; Andrew Pullin 78; Carlos Alonso 77; Steve Susdorf 72; Leandro Castro 69; Tyler Henson 69

2B; Cameron Perkins 21; Willians Astudillo 19;  Peter Lavin 18; KC Serna 18; Art Charles 18; Steve Susdorf 17; JP Crawford 17;  Leandro castro 16; Tyler Henson 16; Maikel Franco 16; Aaron Altherr 16

3B: Peter Lavin 5; Carlos Tocci 4; Leandro Castro 3; Cameron Perkins 3; Aaron Altherr 3; KC Serna 3; Art Charles 3; Brian Pointer 3; Dylan Cozens 3

HR: Jim Murphy 10; Peter Lavin 10; Dylan Cozens 9; Samuel Hiciano 7; Art Charles 7; Carlos Alonso 7; Jake Fox 6; Aaron Altherr 6; Brock Stassi Continue reading Minor League Organizational Leaders

General Discussion – Week of 6-30-2014 – Nautical Edition

On the road with the Marlins and Pirates this week.

Here’s a question: Do Pirates fish? I mean, they probably do, right? Plunder is one thing, but fishing means never having to steal food from someone, and instead focusing on all the treasure. Imagine being the pirate left behind when the gang leaves because you were in the kitchen looking for a snack. That’d be super embarrassing.

Also, I wonder if Barkhad Abdi likes baseball. Strikes me as a soccer fan, but maybe that’s just me stereotyping.