Organizational Leaders

A look at leaders throughout the minor leagues for the Phils.  Hitters need 100AB to qualify; Pitchers need 25IP.  A warning, this isnt real pretty.

AB: Dylan Cozens (377); Maikel Franco (371); Carlos Tocci (367); Andrew Pullin (360); Peter Lavin (359); KC Serna (354); Carlos Alonso (343); Leandro Castr0;  JP Crawford (338);  Aaron Altherr (334); Tyler Henson (327)

Runs:Carlos Alonso (59);  Dylan Cozens (54); Andrew Pullin (53); Leandro Castro(53); Peter Lavin (52); Tyler Henson (48); Carlos Tocci (43); Maikel Franco (42); Albert Cartwirght (41); Aaron Altherr (41)

Hits: Peter Lavin (102); KC Serna (100); ANdrew Pullin (9); Willians Astudillo (98); JP Crawford (97);  Carlos Alonso (96); Leandro Castro (93); Dylan Cozens (93); Carlos Tocci (92); Tyler Henson (92)

2B: Maikel Franco (25); Tyler Henson (25); Willians Astudillo (24); KC Serna (21);  Art Charles (21); Aaron Altherr (21); Peter Lavin (21); Mitch Walding (20); Leandro Castro (19); Dylan COzens (19)

3B: Carlos Tocci (6); Peter Lavin (5); Art CHarles (4); Brian Pointer (4); ANgelo Mora (4); Aaron Altherr (4); Cameron Perkins (4); Maikel Franco (3); Leandro Castro (3); Zach Collier (3)

HR: Dylan Cozens (13);  Jake Fox (13); Peter Lavin (11); Jiandido Tromp (10); Jim Murphy (10); Art Charles (10); Brian Pointer (9); Aaron Altherr (8); Samuel Hiciano (8)

RBI: Willians Astudillo (47); Maikel Franco (46); Andrew Pullin (43); Dylan Cozens (42); Cameron Perkins (41); Peter Lavin (40); Brock Stassi (40); Jake Fox (39);  Aaron Altherr (39); Leandro Castro (38)

Walks: JP  Crawford (50); Carlos Alonso (46); ANdrew Pullin (37); Jim Murphy (37); Brock Stassi (34); Tyler Henson(32); Dylan Cozens (32)

Strikeouts: Art Charles (110); Tyler Henson (99); Brian Pointer (85); Aaron Altherr (83); Jim Murphy(82); ALbert Cartwright (78)

SB: Tyler Henson (18); Dylan Cozens(17); JP Crawford (14); Roman Quinn (13); Jiandido Tromp (12); KC Serna (10); Aaron Altherr (9); Peter Lavin (9); Carlos Tocci (9)

OBP: Cesar Hernandez (.410); Jake Fox (.387); JP Crawford (.381); Kelly Dugan (.381); Carlos Alonso (.373); Derek Campbell (.363); Reid Brignac (.357); Emmanuel Marrero (.351); Andrew Pullin (.350); Cameron Perkins (.348)

SLG: Jake Fox (.679); Reid Brignac (.514); Derek Campbell (.513); Cesar Hernandez (.485); Jiandido Tromp (.467); Peter Lavin (.462); Willians Astudillo (.429);  Cameron Perkins (.420); Art Charles (.418); Dylan Cozens (.416);  Brian Pointer (.414)

Avg: Cesar Hernandez (.340); Jake Fox (.336); Derek Campbell (.313);  Willians Astudillo (.309); Cameron Perkins (.290); Aaron Brown (.289); JP Crawford (.287); Reid Brignac (.284); Peter Lavin (.284); KC Serna (.282)



Wins: Mark Leiter (7); Greg SMith (7); Severino Gonzalez(6); Jeb Stefan (6);

Losses: Tyler Viza (13);  Severino Gonzalez (11); Ranfi Casimiro (9); Jeb Stefan (9); Jesse Biddle (9); Barry Enright (9); Colin Kleven (8); Mark Leiter (8); Greg Smith (7); Sean O’Sullivan (7); Ethan Stewart (7)

ERA: Luis Garcia (0.88); Cesar Jiminez (1.37); Colton Murray (1.96); Cody Forsythe (2.40); Jordan Guth (2.44); David Whitehead (3.07); Mitch Guellar (3.25)

Games: Cesar Jiminez (35); Nefi Ogando (35); Kyle Simon (34); Ulises Joaquin (33); Cody Forsythe (33); Jeremy Horst (33); Colton Murray (32); Lee Ridenhour (31); Mike Nesseth (30);

Starts: Severino Gonzalez (21);  Mark Leiter (20); Tyler Viza (19); Ranfi Casimiro (19); Jon Prosinski (19); Greg SMith (19); Barry Enright (19); Colin Kleven (18)

Saves: Luis Garcia (16); Kenny Giles (12); Cody Forsythe (10);  Ulises Joaquin (9); Lee Ridenhour (7); Nefi Ogando(6); Miguel Gonzalez(4)

IP: Severino Gonzalez (124); Greg SMith (111); Mark Leiter (110); Sean O’Sullivan (105); Jon Prosinski (104); Colin Kleven (102); Barry Enright (102); Tyler Viza (101); Hoby Milner (98)

HR allowed: Hoby Milner (19); Severino Gonzalez (19); Barry Enright (17); Sean O’Sullivan (13); Jesse Biddle (11); Ranfi Casimiro (11)

BB:Perci Garner (62); Ethan Stewart (57); Ranfi Casimiro (50); Hoby Milner (41); Jesse Biddle (40); Lino Martinez (37); Brad Lincoln (33); Barry Enright (33)

K: Mark Leiter (106); Severino Gonzalez (89); Jesse Biddle (76); Colin Kleven (71); Brad Lincoln (71); Greg Smith (69);

WHIP:  Brandon Leibrandt (0.92); Cody Forsythe (0.98); Cesar Jiminez (1.00); Jon Pettibone (1.06); Ken Giles (1.08); David Whitehead (1.15); Colton Murray (1.17); Luis Garcia (1.17); Julio Reyes (1.19); Yacksel Rios (1.22)


10 thoughts on “Organizational Leaders

  1. Cam Perkins has 25 doubles. Looks like nobody is going to have a monster year. Perkins and Crawford were headed that way until promotions.

    1. Looking at home run leaders, Franco would be leading this list by plenty if he were going to be a member of the Phillies next year, or even at the end of this year. My guess is he stays in Lehigh Valley and needs another year of AAA ball.

      1. agreed he has been a let down this year , I knew he would struggle but he has struggled more than I had anticipated

        1. Let’s give Franco some space. Up until this season, he’s done well in the power dept but now seems to be having trouble making adequate contact. He is worth giving him another “new beginning” at LV in ’15, as well as working the rest of ’14 at LV.

          Good hitting coaches could help; getting rid of last year’s one seems crazy now. Under him, Brown saw the light and had his only good MLB season with that help. Now, well……Brown seems aimed at Ryan Howard’s status of ineffectiveness and after Howard is gone (as I requested and advised not a week ago) Brown could see a place on the bench especially IF trade(s) brought back an outfielder.

          IMO, Brown seems to be a bit of a head case or just can’t change his approach at the plate. Suggestions that he level his swing have fallen on disinterested or stubborn ears. Watching his uppercut swing will tell us he has a smal point in that swing to make contact with the pitched ball. A level swing puts the bat more in the plane of the pitched ball.

          Will Brown make future changes to become what his physical skills offer…?…or will he remain and leave as a missed opportunity?

          1. No for sure Im giving Franco a brake , He deserves it no doubt ,but I did think he would be a little better than what he was , he still has time , youngest guy on the team and what not

  2. I’ve often wondered why you continue to comment on this site given that your comments are constantly negative, sophomoric, and most of the time pointless. I mean there has to be something better you can do with your time right?

    Or maybe now that high school is out for the summer you have too much free time on your hands?

  3. Do you think the Phillies will bother to name Minor league player and pitcher of the year?

    1. Difficult and tough choices this year.
      Maybe Giles as a pitcher, Crawford as positional would be a good choice.

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