Hot or Not

Looking back at the time period of July 15-24th…So, Jake Fox had the same number of homers over the last 10 days as Maikel Franco has had all year (and no, I am not saying Fox is at all a prospect at this stage)…I am getting very excited about Dylan Cozens and Andrew Pullin…As good as Cord Sandberg was starting the season, is as bad as he has been over the last 3 weeks…Mark Leiter was an outstanding start for CLearwater, and Brandon Leibrandt impressing…Hoby Milner has really come back to Earth…

Hot Hitters: Min, 18 AB’s: Nate Spears (.440, 2HR 6RBI); Drew Stankiewicz (.393); Angelo Mora (.389); JP Crawford (.387, 6R); Harold Martinez (.379); Dylan Cozens (.375, 9R 2HR 6RBI, SB); Mitch Walding (.370, 7RBI); Andrew Pullin (.367, 7R);Everett WIlliams (.360); Jiandido Tromp (.357, 5R 2HR 5RBI); Jake Fox (.333, 7R 6HR 15RBI)

Not Hot Hitters:Edgar Duran (.083); Jan Hernandez (.087); Cord Sandberg (.100); Damek Tomscha (.115); CLete Thomas (.115); Jim Murphy (.150); Malquin Canelo (.156); Venn Biter (.174); Roman Quinn (.184); Derek Campbell (.185)

Hot STarters: Brandon Leibrandt (2 starts, 12IP 5H 1ER 2BB 12K); Mark Leiter (9IP 5H 0ER 0BB 8K); Miguel Nunez (2 starts, 12IP 6H 1ER 5BB 6K); Yoel Mecias (2 starts, 10IP 4H 1ER 3BB 8K); Jordan Guth (6IP 5H 1ER 1BB 6K); Ryan O’Sullivan (5IP 2H 0ER 5BB 4K); Tyler Viza (5IP 5H 1ER 0BB 3K); Franklyn Kilome (8IP 8H 2ER 1BB 7K)

Not Hot Starters: Severino Gonzalez (2 starts, 10.2IP 21H 11ER 3BB 6K); Sean O’Sullivan (8.1IP 17H 12ER 6BB 4K, 2 starts); Jo Jo Reyes (5IP 9H 7ER 0BB 0K); Jeb Stefan (2 starts, 10IP 12H 10ER 5BB 5K); Greg Smith (4IP 9H 5ER 2BB 1K); Hoby Milner (3.2IP 10H 4ER 2BB 1K)

Hot Relievers: Kyle Simon (5IP 1H 0ER 1BB 5K);Gregorio Santos (4IP 1H 0ER 0BB 2K); Manny Martinez(4IP 3H 0ER 1BB 6K); Nefi Ogando (4IP 3H 0ER 0BB 4K); Jesen Therrien (3.2IP 2H 0ER 2BB 3K); Ethan Martin (6.1Ip 3H 1ER 2BB 8K); Seth Rosin (6IP 7H 1ER 2BB 7K);  Kevin Walter (3IP 1H 0ER 2BB 3K); Eineiry Garcia (3IP 3H 0ER 1BB 3K); Bryan Sova (3IP 4H 0ER 0BB 1K, SV); Joe Denato (5.1IP 4H 1ER 0BB 5K)

Not Hot Relievers:Matt Hockenberry (2.2IP 7H 8ER 4BB 1K); Lino Martinez (1.2IP 2H 4ER 7BB 3K); BJ Rosenberg (2IP 5H 4ER 3BB 1K); Tanner Kiest (1.1IP 1H 3ER 6BB 2K); Nathan Thornhill (2IP 4H 4ER 2BB 0K); Tyler Knigge (4IP 10H 4ER 2BB 2K); Mark Meadors (3IP 7H 3ER 1BB 4K); Aaron Baker (2.1IP 4H 3ER 1BB 1K); Jeremy Horst (6.2IP 7H 7ER 4BB 4K); Jared Fisher (3.1IP 8H 5ER 3BB 1K)

2 thoughts on “Hot or Not

  1. You should get excited about Cozens. He is young and raw still, but is a very good athlete with a strong arm and natural power, which he shows in game, not just in bp. still a while away, but 3 years from now, i think that he can be much more polished, and would only be 23. i am very high on him.

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