Box Score Recap – 7/24/2014

Busiest day I can remember this year. All eight affiliates plus two rain-completion double headers. The headline for me is four Lakewood Blueclaws with two hits a piece – Tocci, Pullin, Cozens and Green. Green had two doubles and added a walk. Other standouts on the day included Kelly Dugan and Jake Fox for Reading, Jiandido Tromp for WIL, Jesus Posso, Jose Pujols, Joel Fisher, Jake Sweaney, Tim Zier and Franklyn Kilome for GCL.

In the interest of getting this up so the discussion can commence, I’ll spare you any further musings. Have at it.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-24-14 boxscores

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  1. JPC has adjusted faster than expected and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. If he is as good as we think/hope he starts next year at Reading and with continued success there the clock will start ticking for his call up to replace the hopefully long since traded JRol.

      1. Why are people liking this comment? Nothing said prior was disrespectful. The only thing that’s disrespectful to JRoll is making him finish his HOF career on this garbage fire of a team. He’s cemented his legacy in Philly, trade him to a contender and let him finish on top. Knowing the kinda guy JRoll is, he’ll probably be completely fine with it, since it’s the best thing for all parties involved.

          1. There are way too many variables for me to argue hof or not, but let me clear how I feel about the man. He has been a warrior and a tremendously exciting player for the phillies during the most exciting time to be a Phils fan. I could go on and on but it was like yesterday when he hit that dbl off Broxton to score chooch! I have hi hopes for JP, but jroll is almost an impossible act to follow

    1. I assume you want J-Roll traded because he is on the downside of his career and should get one more chance to be on a winner, plus we could get some prospects for him. He is still an above average MLB SS and one of the best of this era. Since 1980, these are the SSs with more fWAR than Rollins: A-Rod, Ripken, Jeter, Larkin, Ozzie Smith, and Alan Trammell. He is one of the best and deserves to be recognized as such.

  2. It seems like Pullin has 2 hits in every game. I can’t wait to see his progression in CWater next year. I know his power may be limited but I could see a lot of doubles from him.

    1. he is actually more impressive in person. Place with urgency. Plays game right. Philly is going to love him.

  3. Anybody know anything about Kilome? What was his intl. bonus amount? I found a site that said he is big (6’6″) with a 90 -92 fastball. He has room to fill up and out and could add some MPH. He has good movement on his pitches but they are mostly average to below average. They listed him intelligence and work ethic as high. I’m not sure whose site it is so I can’t gauge the accuracy. He’s had two good outings and I guess that’s good enough for me.

    1. (You got your report from a OOTP sim league card)

      Here is what he is doing right now

      Fastball 90-92 (reportedly touched 94 this spring)
      Sinker 87-89
      Phillies guys think the curveball has good potential, but needs a lot of work, same with changeup. Has the build where you could see him being a plus or plus plus velo guy long term

      Right now he can command the ball down in the zone, it is a really heavy pitch and he induces a lot of weak ground ball contact with it

  4. Tocci with 7 hits and 2 walks in his last 4 games. If he keeps this up he could start next year in Clearwater, which seemed very unlikely 6 weeks ago.

    1. so yeah if he bats 400 the rest of the season I see a promotion in his future , brilliant

      1. Oh quite well played, anon. You really zinged him. ZING! DOUBLE ZING!

        It’s hard to know when to give out the double zings, but this one clearly made the grade, I think. Everyone agree?

        BTW, the first thumbs down on your comment was from me. In case you were wondering.

        1. Sadly, I actually miss the days of sophisticated trolls on this site, such as FreeAEC. The new ones seem so … middle school by comparison.

          1. The funniest thing about FreeAEC’s absence is that now, more than ever, blame for the franchise’s downturn can be laid at the feet of Dave $$$$$$ Montgomery (although not for the reasons that FreeAEC stated) – if you read his posts, you will remember this all too well. And no, I don’t want him to come back either.

    2. He’s starting next year in Clearwater pretty much regardless.

      Obviously 4 games is a very SSS; more to the point, .318/.356/.471 in July with much improved peripherals. The BA is somewhat BABIP driven, but even that is a good sign given concern about his ability to make good contact.

      1. The July ISO is .153, which I take as a sign that the good contact he is making isn’t all dribblers getting by teenage middle infielders. It suggests he is driving the ball far better — which is awesome, considering how he appeared to wear down as the season progressed last year. He may not be developing into a behemoth, but the doubts that have been voiced about his ability to add strength should be softened by his latest results.

      2. Many people were suggesting 2 months ago that he would repeat Lakewood next year, or at least start the season there. Given his recent performance (not just the last 4 days) that’s looking less likely, which is great news.

      1. BTW…does anyone know what Tocci’s actual weight is now? He certainly cannot still be 160lbs , its been three years since he signed.

    3. more important than just raw numbers is that he is getting better toward end of the year. That means he added strength somewhere. If he is really diligent in his off-season training he becomes a solid prospect.

  5. If you watch low A games, you wouldn’t put much stock in batting averages over a small sample. Even over a month. Lakewood plays against a lot of pitchers who don’t break 90. And defenses at this level are very inconsistent. The key is whether a prospect is showing power or speed at these lower levels or maintains an extremely high BA and OB% over at least half of the season. The difference between .250 and .300 in a month sample is 5 hits. Which given the above comments about competition is meaningless.

      1. While people might not like his style, v1again uses logic in his assessments. I don’t think he has it out for Tocci; he makes reasonable arguments why people should not be so high on him.

      2. you are really missing the point if you think that i have it out for Tocci. i wish nothing but the best for the kid. hope he turns out to be a stud. but you have to be practical with prospects or you get the “Baby Aces”.

        1. Tocci starting next year in Clearwater is practical. The defense will carry him, and all that’s being said is that his bat has finally shown some life recently. SSS aside, he’s adjusting well. I’m not annointing him the next anything…except maybe the 2015 starting CF in Clearwater.

    1. Wait a min . . . A lot of these guys don’t throw over 90?!? So are you saying that a lot of these top proselcts have already seen this type of pitching before if not better when they were are on showcase circuit in HS? Exactly.

      1. no, i did not say that.

        the low A pitchers are much much better than the pitchers in the showcase circuit. but the large majority of them will not sniff major leagues. so getting a few extra singles in a month is completely meaningless.

        1. V1again I would bet 90% of the kids in low a , were on the circuit. People don’t realize that guns aren’t always right. a kid throwing 90 in hs might really be about 87 or lower. not all guns are accurate. The big difference , imo is the secondary stuff in low a is better than circuit.

  6. The questions about Tocci’s ability to hit the ball hard haven’t been totally answered but there’s definitely been progress in that area. Based on his performance and reports that he added a bit of weight last offseason, I think we have reason to be positive about that part of his development.

    Last season he had 17 XBHs- all doubles. This year he’s got 22 XBHs in 50 less ABs, including a homer and 6 triples. His ISO has doubled since last year.

  7. If they really want to help Tocci’s development, they should leave in in Lakewood until he dominates those pitchers. There is no benefit to pushing him a level and letting him struggle for a year. Let the kid get some confidence.

  8. Reading was on TV in the NY area last night, so I caught a couple of innings later on in the game. In particular, I saw Colton Murray and MAG throw their innings.

    Murray’s physical similarity to Ricky Bottalico is pretty striking. Short squat body, very powerful looking legs. He comes pretty much over the top, with a max effort, drop and drive delivery, though it looked like there was deception, as there was a fair amount of lean-back in his motion. Probably doesn’t get much movement on the FB given his release point, but his velocity looked pretty good. The broadcast wasn’t posting velo numbers, but the announcers referenced the stadium gun a couple times, saying he was touching 93-94. Solid bite on the slider, but threw a couple spinners too. Definitely had a tendency to leave the ball up a bit, and given that he’s not very tall, the plane on his high fastball is very, very flat.

    MAG is more of a slinger, coming from a 3/4 slot with a lot of torque in the hips, and he was touching 97 according to the announcers. He also was up a bit. His build is very athletic; slender, but muscular. He could get outs in the bigs tomorrow, though his command wasn’t where you’d want it to be. I’m guessing you don’t see all pitches as a reliever (didn’t initial reports say he had a half-dozen pitches?). Not in relief. Nice bite on the slider though. Also noticed he was pissed when he walked a batter. In a good way. Like “Give me that damn ball back, so I can get the next guy as fast as possible”. He didn’t (gave up a double… ooops), but still, he had a commanding demeanor.

    Whatever the case, MAG seemed way more polished than Murray, who I think would struggle if pushed to the bigs right now. He just didn’t have the command.

    side note; Carlos Alonso is fun to watch. He’s got a lot of enthusiasm, but is definitely limited athletically. Maybe could have a Sefcik/Doster like career.

    1. As I’ve said in other posts. MAG is still working on command, but his stuff is electric. If this is what the scouts saw before they signed him last year then I understand the hype.

  9. Did anyone else notice this gem on BA’s hotsheet chat? “Elliot (Youngstown OH): Ever seen a worse defensive play (in minors or majors) than the hatchet job of Raburn’s last night?
    Josh Norris: Oh man, a million times over. I recall Phillies outfielder Larry Greene not moving on a fly ball, watching it land on the warning track and giving up an ITP HR in the process. That was embarrassing.”

    1. Larry Greene is simultaneously depriving Sam Hiciano of playing time and Jiandido Tromp of a roster spot, both of whom are much better than he is. Get the hell rid of him already – he’s an actual impediment to the organization. It didn’t work out. Let’s move on.

    2. He was probably distracted by the peanuts guy.

      I kind of remember reports of Greene completely blowing a play on a fly ball, as if he’d totally lost it or didn’t even realize it had been hit in his direction. It could have been short season a few years ago. Obviously it was a sign of things to come …

        1. Right, and I think Hudson Belinsky wrote it up on Twitter like he just spaced on the game, and that Joe Jordan was there and all kinds of ticked off, whereas others wrote it up like he threw up his hands as if he’d lost it in the lights on in the twilight.

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