Nola Faces Hammerheads; July 25, 2014

Aaron Nola started against the Jupiter Hammerheads Friday night.  Jupiter is about 3.5 hours away, so I listened again over the net and charted from home.

As I mentioned last week, Nola throws 3 pitches – a fastball, change, and  curve. Based on the calls during the game, it sounds like he throws about 50 percent fastballs, 30 percent change-ups, and 20 percent curve balls.  This is by no means exact, but more a rough idea of how often he throws each.  He threw a lot more curves in the fifth inning than he did in earlier innings.

Nola’s line –

  • 5 IP; 5 H; 1 ER; 1 BB; 4K

Here’s a further breakdown of Nola’s outing –

  • Nola threw 68 pitches in 5 innings – 44 strikes and 24 balls.  (On July 19th; 69:53/16)
  • He faced 21 batters and started 13 with first pitch strikes.
  • He threw 13 of 16 strikes pitches in the 3rd inning.
  • He threw 5 strikes in an 11-pitch 2nd inning.
  • He ran three 3-ball counts
  • He walked his first batter since June 23rd, 5 starts and 22 innings ago .
  • He struck out 4, 1 called and 3 swinging.
  • Among Nola’s 44 strikes were 12 called strikes, 8 foul balls, 8 swinging strikes (3 for strike outs as mentioned above), and 16 put into play.
  • He induced 6 easy ground balls, 4 easy fly balls, and a line drive to an outfielder.
  • Only one of the 5 hits he allowed went for extra bases, an RBI double.
  • Of the 4 singles, 2 were line drives, 2 were ground balls.
  • He advanced one runner on a third strike wild pitch in the dirt.
  • Another advanced on a stolen base.
  • Nola left with a 2-1 lead but didn’t figure in the decision.

Kevin Walter took the loss, giving up 2 unearned runs.  The Threshers only managed 4 hits and 3 walks.  They struck out 12 times.  They lost 3-2.

No word on whether this was Nola’s last start for Clearwater.  The Threshers are using a 6-man rotation, and he is listed on their web site as the starter next Thursday in the final game of the road trip in Fort Myers.


15 thoughts on “Nola Faces Hammerheads; July 25, 2014

  1. Should be interesting to see what they do with Nola’s timeline. At this rate sounds like he could be up by next year at some point

  2. Since they are managing his innings I would think that they do not want to overwork him so it makes sense to keep him here for the rest of the summer.

    He could start next year in AA where he really learns the nuances and see where he is at this time next year.

    Everything sounds positive but I do not want to see him rushed.

    1. Agreed. He threw 89.1 innings in 2012, 126 innings in 2013, and 116.1 in 2014 at LSU. Include the 26.1 he has thrown for the Threshers and he’s at 142.2 IP this year. In Clearwater’s 6-man rotation, he would get 6 more starts. That would put him over 170 IP. Closer to 180 if he joins Reading’s 5-man rotation. I hope they stick to the 160 IP they were targeting and shut him down after 3-4 more starts no matter where they are.

  3. Nola will be in Reading within the week or so to give him some time to adjust to AA.

  4. The Hammerheads announcer was not the most exciting commentator to listen too. Good for you Jim for listening to the whole game.

    1. Yeah, I started with him, too. I found Kirsten Karbach, the Threshers announcer, thru MiLB First Pitch and listened over Karbach is very professional and well-prepared for these games. She is also the only female lead announcer in all of baseball.

      1. I agree with you. I have listened several times and have found her to be impressive

  5. That question: would you say Nola is above or below the hype??

    Bootsy Doo owwwt!

    1. Seems like a stud to me. Amazing control with swing an miss stuff. That’s what you look for in a minor league pitcher’s stats.

      1. kinda seems like an ian kennedy type to me,nothing wrong with that,just not really exciting

      2. What is amazing also…he just turned 21 last month and pitching in High A ball….so he still is younger then most FSL players.

        1. Romus they have a hof club in reading if you want to go. I know one girl there its Susan. she is 280 and sweats a lot but nice girl.

  6. I’m very curious to know how his flyball tendencies will play in Reading’s park. It wouldn’t surprise me if he struggles upon his arrival in AA, whenever that is.

  7. Given that he was chosen at #7, and as a college pitcher, it’s satisfying that he’s lived up to his scouting report. And following him was a few more college pitchers which makes it possible they–or some of them–can reach the Bigs within two-three seasons.

    As several of us here advocated for college pitchers who could hurry-up in short time, it was a confirming draft. And one more possible pitcher if he doesn’t make the outfield (Brown).

    It seems inevitable that we will draft very early in ’15; grabbing a hitter (OF?) with bona fides seems like the plan should be in place from the looking from now.

    Should trades go down that empties the present roster in Philly, that would accomplish 2 things: likely poorer play for the rest of this season to go higher in the draft; and giving some of the acquired guys a chance to break in the majors.

    Nola? Take it easy; there’s no reason to push him too hard for the rest of this season. Take care of his arm. Pitching every 5th day is new and reaching for 140 innings for the whole season–including college–is enough. Take care of that arm! Reading in ’15 is the careful approach.

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