Box Score Recap – 7/27/2014

Roman Quinn with a single, a walk and his 17th steal. I’m very excited to see his name in the boxes every night right now. He’s hit in five straight, stole a base in six straight, walked in seven straight, and been on base in nine straight. He’s got a home run and a double during his on-base streak, yet somehow, all of that combined, gives him a .639 OPS over his last ten games. JP Crawford had two hits and a steal, and Brian Pointer was 2-4 with a double, a homer and his eighth steal of the year. Pointer, notoriously streaky, had 13ks last week. Hopefully Sunday sets him off on another run of solid results.

Kelly Dugan went deep for Reading (4) while Larry Greene hit his first of the year for Lakewood. Matt Imhof pitched well, there, while Greene and Dylan Cozens both had two hits in the Lakewood nightcap, and Mitch Walding was a triple short of the cycle. Tocci and Zach Green had triples in that one – one of them should have lent Walding one. That would have been super leadershipy of them. FYI – Tocci is fourth in the SAL league in triples with eight.

Finally, for WIL, Rhys Hoskins hit his fifth home run, while Drew Stankiewicz had two hits, and Jan Hernandez had three. Hernandez has five hits in the last two games since they gave him four days off to work on some things in the cage, (per Mitch Rupert’s reporting). He managed to not strike out Sunday, for the first time in a full game since July 4, (he took just 2 PAs  with zero Ks July 13, but that doesn’t count when I’m trying to prove a point).

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-27-14 boxscores

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  1. Shhh..keep it quiet but Larry Greene has a double, triple and HR in his last 4 games. So keep it on the down-low. I don’t want to jinx it.

  2. Tocci with another triple, and Crawford keeps raking. I was thinking about whether Tocci will be bumped to CLW next season and Quinn to Reading. Quinn’s numbers arent great, but hes coming back from the achillies and think it would be good from a mental standpoint to bump him up.

    1. Both quite possible. It’s important not only how they finish out the year, but also how they do in any offseason leagues, and how they look in spring training.

    2. I agree with everything you say. I was a little skepyical about Tocci moving up but he’s hitting good now. If he finishes year good I think he goes to CWater. With all the OF’s around I see little choice but to move Quinn up. The fact that they started him at CWater after 2 injuries and a mediocre half year in LWood tells me he’ll be in Reading next year. As for Crawford, I thought he’d at least start next year in CWater but he just keeps producing. Why not move him to Reading?

      1. I think, with no real clue, that is Crawford continues at this pace he will be in reading to start the year. Last ten hes been hitting at a .343 clip and all of july he has been at .309. Average is lower due to adjustment in june when he was hitting .244. Like I said, I would not be surprised ot see him in Reading to start year. Need to see if they have a replacement for rollins after 15 or if they need a stop gap or need to struggle a year with galvis.

        1. He did say “if he keeps it up”. “If he keeps it up” he WILL have earned it. If he’s hitting 320+ at CLW to end the season he probably SHOULD start in Reading.

          1. Oops. Sorry. You were responding to Phils not Eco. Stupid barely noticeable nesting.

        2. There is a difference between rushing a prospect and giving a player the opportunity to face stiffer comp if he deserves it. If Crawford finishes the season out strong, I believe he has earned the right to start at AA.

    3. I think no doubt on Tocci to CLW. Crawford to Reading at some point next season, possibly even to start the season. I think Quinn starts next season at CLW. He’s lost a lot of time to injury and has done enough yet at CLW to justify moving up to Reading next season. If he is hitting well the first half of 2015, he likely finishes the second half in Reading.

  3. Mitch Walding is having the best month of his career since June 2012, when he had a .952 OPS in 12 games. Besides that, his best month was a .721 OPS in April 2013. Currently, his July OPS is .931.

  4. Let us say that no trades are made for prospects this year or even next. What could a Phillies line up look like in ’16 or ’17

    1b Ruff
    2b Alonso/Galvis
    ss Crawford
    3b Asche/Franco
    lf D. Brown/Tocci
    cf A. Brown/Quinn
    rf Dugan/Cozzens
    c Rupp/Joseph/Grullion
    sp Hamels

    Everything would have work here

    1. I see an interesting developement there in that Tocci and Quinn, in my opinion are center fielders only as far as power potential. Mayo thinks A. Brown will move to corner OF.

    2. If no trades are made, then you still have Howard at 1B in 2016 and 2017 and Byrd in one of the corner OF spots in 2016. I can’t see Tocci being ready by 2017 and he is never going to be a corner OF — he doesn’t have the bat for it, likely will, and half his value is in his CF defense. In corner OF, Tocci is a great big nothing, or rather a really skinny nothing. So Quinn in CF for 2017. Cozens and Grullon aren’t going to be ready by 2017. If no trades, Ruiz is still your 2016 catcher.

      1. It’s hard to imagine Howard not being bought out after 2016 is complete ($10 million), if he is even still with the team at that stage.

    3. I think you will see Franco at first, Dom and Hamels will be gone, and some free agents sprinkled into that mix.

      It is not bad for a start. C, OF, and 2B are the likely spots for free agents.

      Pitching is a whole different story.

      1. Again, why so eager to put Franco at 1B? He is by all accounts an above average defender at 3B.

    4. don’t ever put in a lineup without Utley in it please you would have to burn the stadium down for phils to trade a great true philly player

  5. JPC has a wRC+ of 122 in High A now. He is 19 and hitting in the middle of the lineup. When’s the last time the Phils had a 19-year-old hitting in the middle of the lineup in CLW (and having success)? He is so impressive…yet according to only the 6th best SS prospect. That just shows how deep that position is right now across the minors.

    It is cool to have Nola and JPC at the same level, hopefully they can move up together the next couple of years.

    I had been getting excited about Quinn’s BB and SB bonanza of late until I saw that he still isn’t really hitting and that he is 20 months older than JPC. This is stating the obvious but as far as hitting prospects go, JPC is in a class of his own in this system.

    1. It’s worth noting that the only SS ranked above JPC that ISN’T in AA or AAA (and on the cusp of making the Bigs) is Correa, who they rate at 70 power which I’m not sure I agree with. So some of those rankings may have more to do with proximity than anything.

      That aside, I think Franco and Dugan, at least, are better pure hitters than JPC. Which is not to diminish JPC’s prospect status in the least; when a SS is hitting in a similar fashion to a corner infielder and a corner outfielder that is something special. But I disagree with your last comment. Maybe he’d be in a class of his own in terms of position prospects, but even then I think Franco is near his tier if not in it, even with his down year. But he’s most assuredly in a class of his own in terms of SS prospects. We don’t have another SS that could touch him with a 30 ft pole at the moment.

    2. I think for one reason is that Quinn is swith hitting compared to Crawford batting on his original side . I believe if Quinn was hitting on his natural size his batting would be up also.

      1. Quinn is behind because he lost a year to injury. Likely he needs to switch hit, but learning that takes time and that’s where the time lost to injury really bites. He also lost time on defense in trying to learn SS.

  6. It’s nice to see Jan Hernandez flash some offense. He’s an exciting prospect to me, and I hope he can start to build and progress.

  7. thoughts:

    * JPC will hit for average but is predominately a singles hitter.
    * Pointer & Dugan are looking more and more impressive.
    * MAG is starting to get hit around now – tired again?
    * Tocci size will place some limitations on him but he is starting to figure it out.

    1. The thing that really excites me about Crawford’s offense is the walks. That sort of patience is something you can’t teach. He’s the sort of a guy who could have a .400 OBP, which is insane for a shortstop.

    2. Crawford still has some room to fill out. He’ll never have big power but he could develop enough to be known as more than a singles hitter.

      MAG needs to work on his control. Even as he’s been K’ing guys with regularity, he’s been issuing walks since he got to AA. It’s not a crazy amount, but 7 walks in 13 IP is too many.

      1. JPC could eventually equal Rollins ISO and HR power. His bigger and apparently strong.

    3. I don’t know that JPC is predominantly a singles hitter. He had 16 doubles in 227 ABs in LWD. That translates to 35 over 500 ABs, which would have ranked him 6th in the SAL last year. He certainly is not a big power guy but there is some evidence he is more than a singles hitter. Plus like someone else said, he’s still young, give him some time.

    4. Crawford is very young and still adjusting to high-A ball. His power is just fine and should increase as he gets older and as he moves to Reading. Really, 7 HR in less than a full season for a very young SS strikes me as excellent power.

    5. MAG has been hit around but I’m not sure it’s a tired arm. I think it’s 2nd time through the league. Hitters are adjusting and he has to adjust to that. He throws many different pitches and I think he needs to bring some of those to the mound. It could be the Phils want to limit the different pitches he throws. As a reliever, they usually like to get him to master a couple of pitches rather than throwing 6 or more different pitches.

    6. What makes you think he will be a singles hitter? The fact that he’s hitting for the power that he is now at 19 really predicts at the bare minimum an average power tool if not fringe plus.

  8. top 5 prospects
    1- crawford
    2- nola
    3- imhof
    4- franco
    5- quinn

    caveat is i didnt put any thought into this and even if i did it would be an iffy list at best

  9. This guy KC Serna is killing it this year…he has been almost completely under the radar on these boards. I’m sure he doesn’t have that much upside (given he played independent ball last year) but you can’t argue with the results.

    1. Agreed, we see lots of Independent guys get signed each year and do well in A ball but I don’t recall many who kept it up in AA. Serna is only 24 so its still possible that he’s for real and one heck of a surprise. Hopefully, he’ll stick around and go up to AAA next year and show whether he can keep it up for a 2nd year.

        1. It should be taken into account that he’s lighter on experience than most 24 year olds though. I don’t know what the level of competition is in the Indy league he played in, but he had only seen short season ball as a pro.

          The scouting reports in the offseason made it sound like he was pretty good defensively. If that’s true then maybe he can become a light hitting utility guy. I mean, his stats aren’t really that great aside from batting average. He seems like a guy who can put the bat on the ball, but he’s not showing much power, speed or on-base ability.

  10. Bootsy Doo seeking the skinny on BIG RH, not R-How but Rhys Guy! Is his bat speed quicker than Indy’s whip or glacier slow? Talk to me, doggies… Drop some scouting scuttlebutt on Bootsy Doo!

    Bootsy Doo owwwwt!

    1. Seriously. This isn’t a radio spot. I’m going to assume your question is, “Hey, does anyone have any info on Rhys’s hit tool? Any help?”

  11. Man, what is wrong with this site today, is it just the trade deadline that brings out the stupidity?

    1. It had been there for hours when you inquired. Also there’s a link on the sidebar “Site Features” for “General Discussion” which will take you to the most recent one no matter when.

  12. Its great that Franco was 4-4 with a HR on Monday, and some prospects have had decent years, but no one on this site ever seems to address the important topic of building a winning culture. The stateside teams have a combined record of 202-301 for a .402 percentage. Every team has a losing record. We may develop a handful of prospects over the next few years, but they will be players who are accustomed to losing. Winning does not just happen because you have players with talent. It is a learned experience. Baseball is a team sport and for too many years our minor’s have been totally lacking in developing a winning team concept. I think we have to emphasize team concepts and player development issues as much as the need to improve scouting. The difference between talent level on winning and losing teams is not always that large, but learning to win the close games or hold onto leads late in games is the difference. We don’t appear able to develop a winning culture at any level. The players can’t be this bad at all levels. Time to look for other root causes for the organizational malaise.

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