Box Score Recap – 7/26/2014

Maikel Franco hit his seventh home run of the year. What a dismal phrase that is to type the last weekend of July. Colt Murray with his first AA save – he’s put up some nice numbers there – 37K, 15BB and just 3HR  while pitching over half of his 40.2 innings in the Baseballtown launching pad. Roman Quinn walked again and stole another base – six games in a row with a walk and five with a steal. Dylan Cozens stole his 18th base of the year. Nice start from Ranfi Casimiro – 1R 6H 1B 6K in 6IP.

Williamsport pitchers Ricardo Pinto, Edubray Ramos and Calvin Rayburn held Mahoning Valley hitless for nine innings, but the Scrappers got to Brian Sova in the tenth. Jesse Biddle and Drew Anderson started rehab assignments for GCL. Biddle allowed a solo home run, a walk, struck out three and made a pickoff error in two innings. Anderson allowed a hit, a walk and struck out three in two scoreless innings.

And in the Dom Rep, Ranger Suarez struck out six in seven innings without allowing a walk, bringing his season ratio to 74:1. Severino Gonzalez was a year older in 2012 when he walked six and struck out 86, and we all thought that was absurd. What the heck do we call this? Extrabsurd.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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  1. I attended the Lakewood game last night. It was my first time going this year after going to 5 or 6 games last year. I’ ll try to fill in some notes from what I remember. I had my 2 young nephews with me so I didn’t see every pitch or AB. Took a couple walks with them.
    Tocci-My first time seeing him this year and he looked a lot more comfortable at the plate than last yr. his triple was a line drive to right center. Made good slide into 3rd to avoid tag.
    Pullin- His double was a line drive to Right center similar to Tocci’s 3b. He just missed a homer to left in his final AB. Pretty good opp. Field power on that 1.
    Knapp- The biggest thing I noticed is he needs a lot of help defensively. He had at least a couple passed balls from what I remember.
    Cozens- Much like Pullin he just missed a homer. In his 1st AB he flew out to the warning track in right. He moves real smooth for a guy his size. I think he can stay in the OF.
    Z. Green- He ran into some bad luck in the game. He hit a couple balls real hard right at players.
    Casimiro- Wasn’t expecting much but he was real solid. The other team barely hit anything hard against him. He was in the 91-92 range with his fastball for the most part.
    Rivas- Was real impressed with him. He has a nasty change up. They weren’t even close to touching it.
    Child- Well he’s a work in progress. That’s all I can say here. They hit a couple balls hard off him to tie game in 9 th. Yet he somehow got the win. Gotta love baseball.

  2. I was looking at Edubray Ramos who is playing at Wlmspt. He was in the VSL to start the season and then moved to the GCL and now he’s in Wlmsprt. He’s given up 2 ERs in 24 innings with 26 Ks and 8 BBs. I’m thinking 17 year old is doing great but then realize he’s 21 (22 in Dec). He pitched 2 prior years in the VSL. He must have something that the Phils like and they aren’t afraid to move him up? I wonder if Mitch has seen him yet and what he thinks?

    1. I saw him twice on the homestand and was very impressed both times. Has a live arm and I was told he topped out at 96 last night against Mahoning Valley as he kept the no-hitter alive. He’s got a really good breaking ball. Haven’t had the chance to talk with anybody about him yet other than in passing, but I’m trying to figure out why with that kind of stuff it took him until he was 21 to get to the states.

  3. JPC another hit and a walk, last ten games he’s hit .324 and ops’d at 768, which I would gladly take from a 19 yr old in High A. Depending how he does next year we might see a September cup of coffee for him (if all breaks right). Starting to think its not out of the question for Tocci to have 20 doubles and 10 triples at the season end. I would’ve bet against him doing that at the beginning of the season.

    1. I think he (Crawford) will spend at least a full season at AA/AAA before moving up to the big league club. While there he will need to work on his fielding and reducing the number of errors, which I feel is the weakest part of his game right now. Other than that he seems to be progressing at the pace you would expect of a first round pick.

      1. Purely out of curiosity, is this coming from you seeing him play defense? Or from the boxscores. Because errors mean very little and I’ve only heard praise about his defense.

  4. I was about to celebrate Encarnacion’s .701 OPS as a 16-year-old, until it occurred to me that Santana was 200 points higher at the same age. At least the K-rate is lower …

    1. And Derek Jeter’s OPS was .600 as an 18 year old in the GCL. Every player makes their own path to the majors and its not always linear.

      1. I actually have Encarnacion just outside my top ten … I think what he’s doing this season is commendable for his age. Just wistfully recalling the year our former prospect had at the same age in GCL.

  5. Does anyone know why David Buchanan is still at Allentown? Unless he working on refining some pitches he was competitive at the MLB level.

    1. Because the other five starters are healthy and the two he might possibly be competing with for a spot have not been nearly bad enough to cut or put in the pen with the amount of money they are making. Plus David Buchanan is the only one of the six who’s not potentially on the trading block and needing to be pitching for scouts who may recommend their teams to trade for them.

  6. Pointer doing what he always does. Starts hot, cools off and has one more hot streak then fades. Avg. down to.239. Could get ugly quick

    1. Yep. Seemingly all of a sudden he’s got a .379 OPS in his last 10 games, and a bushel of strikeouts. And despite the streak, he has a .259 OBP for all of July.

  7. Is JP Crawford a liability in the field? He has a ton of errors at Clearwater. I’m assuming he’ll improve. I know his hit tool is what made him a first-round pick.

    1. I’m no scout, but I watched him play at Lakewood and he looked good defensively in the few games I saw him play. All the scouting reports I’ve seen indicate that he’s a defensive asset at SS. I think it’s more youth and rushing things. He goes throw long stretches without any errors and then will see a few happen in a short period. A bad fielding infielder doesn’t usually go throw long stretches without any errors like he has done.

      Also, a lot of his errors at Lakewood this year actually came in the first 10-12 games. I noticed when he was moved up to Clearwater he again started off with several errors in his first few games there as well.

    2. I have never seen JP play in person but my understanding is that he’s pretty smooth out there. Obviously, the errors have to improve but sometimes that could be a bit misleading. Sometimes the better fielders actually have more errors because they simply get to more balls and have better range. If you’re making 100 more plays than someone else out there chances are you may have a couple more errors

    3. I remember the hit tool being a question – and, subsequently, pleasant surprise – when he was drafted.

    4. His hit tool was not what made Crawford a first-round pick, and errors are a bad measure of defense.

    5. He is a very good defender, saw him at Futures Game, was better than anyone other than Lindor. Everyone agrees he is a plus defender. He is not perfect and there is consistency needed with daily play.

      His defense at shortstop is his carrying tool. Its really good

      1. Yeah, but his hit tool and plate discipline are just about in the same league. I mean he’s a 19 year old hitting .286 with a fine OBP in high A ball – pretty amazing. In the last ten games he’s hitting .342 with a .443 OBP. He’s on track to become at least a first division regular and probably a minor star, even if all he does is stay on track. If the power develops, the sky is the limit.

        1. WTF, why the ‘thumbs down” on catch’s take on JPC!
          Identify yourself poster with rationale..

  8. Philsphan’s Lakewood report has Bootsy Doo jacked! The Big Coz is smoooooth. And Casimiro is blowing gas. Two huuuuuge pluses that are rockin’ my Sunday-Funday! The big squad just rocked a W!

    Bootsy Doo owwwwt!

  9. At Lakewoods double header today, my very first time attending a Phils minor league game after roughly 10 years of following every team everyday online and it’s a great time so far! Was extremely encouraged my Imof’s start. He looked great all day keeping hitters off balance with his off speed stuff as well as blowing his fastball by hitters often. He definitely had his pitches working for him today. Sitting behind the home team dougout so I didn’t see and radar readings but the catchers mitt was popping and you could easily see batters having a hard time keeping up with the FB.

    I’m in the middle as far as Tocci’s potential is concerned and while he didn’t look amazing it was obvious that his body has plenty of room for growth and he knows what he’s doing at the plate and even more so in the field. I’m encouraged after seeing him live also.

    Larry Green Jr is a linebacker playing baseball no wonder he hasn’t developed anywhere near as much as we’ve all wanted. He takes a lot of pitches seemingly knowing that most pitchers in this league don’t have the best control which won’t work as well when he moves up levels so hopefully he can get some reps and become more comfortable working the plate and dictating at bats. His homer was a no doubt about it shot that looked great. Hopfully he starts to figure things out because his body type with an advanced baseball mindset could be a good player.

    Pullen and Zach green also look the part of legit prospects. Both big guys who looked good in the field and above average at the plate.

    I love Dylan Cousins and I think his potential is through the roof. Seems like a guy who will end up as a borderline all star every year or a valuable power hitting pinch hitter/4th outfielder.

  10. I thought that it would be interesting to see the players who were available for the Phillies to take in the 2009, 2011 and 2012 if they didn’t sign a Type A free agent.

    2009 – Mariners, Signing of Raul Ibanez.
    27th Nick Franklin SS
    37th James Paxton LHP
    40th Tyler Skaggs LHP
    41st Chris Owings SS
    42nd Garrett Richards RHP
    43rd Brad Boxberger RHP
    57th Billy Hamilton SS (CF)
    59th Nolan Arenado 3B
    63rd Jason Kipnis 2B

    2011 – Rangers, Signing of Cliff Lee
    39th Jackie Bradley OF

    2012 – None

    So the signing of a Type A free agent really didn’t hurt us draft wise except in 2009. And in the 9 players who we could have drafted, none are really stars (yet at least)

    1. Good list….though I switch Dugan and Sandberg at this point.
      And to have Altherr that much higher then Dugan puzzles me.
      However, Mayo is at the pulse and is usually pretty good in his evaluations.

      1. Glad I am not the only one who thinks that.
        I can see Dugan playing in Philly, maybe at one of the corners, sometime mid-summer 2015. But then again if Amaro is still the GM then, that could be a very long-shot, since he has a strong aversion of playing youngsters.

        1. I don’t think Amaro has that aversion at all to be accurate. I think you are more confusing Manuel’s behavior on playing younger players and besides he doesn’t write the line-up.

          Outside I of that I agree with your point Dugan could get his shot in the very near future if he manages to stay on the field.

          1. Yes you are correct…it was more Charlie’s doing when I think about it more…especially with Dom Brown in 2011/12

      2. Dugan is the type of guy that I think a national media person could easily miss between his multiple injuries (which leave him a little older than desired as a prospect), lack of playing time this year, and lack of a true breakout season. But he does a lot of little things very well, the sooner we can see him in AAA, the better. But I think he’ll adjust there more quickly than most.

    2. I find this puzzeling for Nola.

      Scouting grades: Fastball: 60 | Slider: 50 | Changeup: 60 | Control: 60 | Overall: 55

      His best asset is his Control so it should be his highest scored grade. I don’t think anyone who watches him pitch would say his fastball is as good as his control of it/his other pitches.

      1. I wish we got reports on his velocity. I didn’t see any velocity in last report.

      2. Started comparing’s rating system and what I could see was that a 70 equated to a high-90’s velo to 100,, 65 to a mid-90s to 97, and 60 to about low-to mid 90s (91-94)

  11. I am watching asche play. I really cant figure out what type of hitter he will become. Is he a 15-20 homerun 275 hitter or less. I think with his fielding he must be at least 20 homeruns or better to help.

    1. Give him time, none of us really know how he will ultimately turn out, but I’d hate to trade him for next to nothing and find out that, low and behold, he’s a heck of a player. By the way, the fielding has improved a lot over the last few months. It’s looking like he could end up being close to average there, which is fine if his hitting continues to develop. I’m betting on Asche to be a pretty darned good player.

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