Lakewood Game Report

Thanks to @nyphilsmaniac19, we get a live report from todays Lakewood game:

Lakewood Game Report vs Greenville, July 23

Pitching: Yoel Mecias started and went 5 solid innings. Here is a sampling of his pitch speeds based on the stadium gun: 80,73,76,85,74,80,83,82,83,85,75,73,73,83,85,82,86,75,83,81,85,74,84,82,85,80. This is obviously not every pitch as I was tracking AB’s simultaneously. Here is a batter by batter look at Yoel’s outing:

1st: Weak GO 6-3/ Pop up by the mound(P-6)/ chopper towards the middle, Pullin made a nice backhand and a jump throw which was scooped nicely by Green at 1st.

2nd: HR (long AB- didn’t seem to be hit that solidly- ball was really carrying today which is odd since there wasn’t much wind)/Went 2-0 on the next batter and Knapp came out to calm him down which seemed to work- got the batter on a slow roller 4-3/4-3 GO on a 3-1 pitch/K on a 74 mph change-up (his only K of the day)

3rd: Hard line single to CF/Off-balance swing that went 6-3 (should have been a DP but ball wEnt off Canelo’s chest- he recovered and got the batter at 1st)/Sac bunt 1-3 (Mecias did an excellent job bouncing off the mound to field the ball and get the out- nice athletic play)/Line out to deep LF

4th: Weak 4-3 GO (had the hitter off balance the whole AB)/Lazy FO to CF/4-3 GO- nicely charged by Pullin

5th: Lineout to LF (nice running play by Hiciano)/Lazy FO to RF/Easy 4-3 GO

Julio Reyes came on to pitch two scoreless innings. He topped out at 87 while walking two in the 6th and giving up a double in the 7th.

At this point the Claws had taken a 2-1 lead, which quickly dissolved in the 8th and 9th. Daniel Child (who recently arrived from CW) took the loss after giving up 3 in the 8th. He deserved better since the first batter reached on a dropped 3rd strike (though it was a WP) to the backstop. After giving up two straight XB hits, Zach Green threw over Knapp’s hound on a ground ball that allowed a run to score.

Matt Hockenberry came on in the 9th and threw serious gasoline on the fire as the Drive scored 5 runs off him on 3 BB’s and 4 hits.


Carlos Tocci: 1) Worked a full count then K’d swinging on a high FB 2) Hard ground single right up the middle (he then got picked off- he wasn’t even stealing- just misread the lefty pitcher and took his secondary lead too early) 3) 4 pitch BB!!!! 4) weak looper to fiest baseman

Andrew Pullin: Pullin was definitely the star of the game. He played an excellent 2B fielding all kinds of ground balls and making some very nice pickups- he looked smooth flipping a ball to Canelo on a should-be DP but Canelo threw high so they only got one out. Seems like not long ago he was learning the position (2B) and now he looks very comfortable. His AB’s: 1) Hard GO to 1st (3-1) 2) Another grounder to 1st base 3) Triple over the RF’s head that one-hopped the wall (could have been scored a 2B and error as it was bobbled some, but a well struck rope) 4) Smoked a single into RC

Andrew Knapp: 1) Ripped a grounder to third, 3B made a nice backhand play and threw him out- he ran pretty well (for a catcher) 2) 5 pitch walk 3) 5-3 ground out with the infield in 4) 4-6 FC (Batting lefty for the first time in the game). Knapp had a rough game behing the plate with balls in the dirt, but he did a decent job. He gave up a double steal in the 9th but I would put more of the blame on Hockenberry.

Zach Green: 1) K’d on a change-up swinging 2) K’d swinging on a curve or slider in the dirt 3) Double- Hard liner off the LF glove   4) Flyout to Left. In the fielde, Green made a very nice scoop on one play, but did make a throwing error on a play at home later.

Dylan Cozens: 1) 6-3 chopper (out by a step) 2) Sky high FO to RF 3) K’d (swung and missed badly all 3 pitches) 4) Finally got to face a righty and ripped a deep liner the other way that was caught in LF.

Willians Astudillo: 1) 5 pitch Walk 2) 6-3 GO 3) 4-3 GO 4) Foul Out to Catcher

Mitch Walding: 1) K’d swinging- way out front of a change-up 2) Walked on a 3-2 pitch- good AB fouled off a few 3) Ground rule Double to LF (smoked) 4) Another Walk

Samuel Hiciano: made a very nice running catch in LF- did not do anything at the plate ( 3 lazy pop-ups and a k)

Malquin Canelo: Also did not have a good day- was shaky on D (messed up 2 potential DP’s- one on a bad throw and one on a grounder that he did not field cleanly). At the plate, he k’d looking once and did not get the ball out of the infield in his other 3 AB’s.

13 thoughts on “Lakewood Game Report

  1. Nothing above 86 and only one 86 mph FB. That’s kind of depressing on Mecias. That isn’t going to cut it moving up the ladder. I thought he was better than that.

    1. Mecias only starting pitching competitively about 5 weeks ago so it will take a little time for his elbow and arm strength to come back form last summer’s UCL reconstruction.
      Once he gets it going, he will emerge. He has a change-up close to equivalent to Cole Hamel’s change-up.
      I can see Aaron Nola and Mecias in the rotation in 2/3 years.

  2. Stadium gun may have been a little slow but some other pitchers did reach 92 on it.

    1. Probably not the gun. The follows the script of his July 3rd GCL game against Luke Dykstra’s team (Braves?). His FB maxxed at 87 on a couple pitches and his change was at 82-83.

  3. Walding is in the report. Forgot to put him in bold so you must have missed him.

  4. I was at the game also and was questioning the stadium gun when both pitchers were registering only 84-85 so I sat behind someone with a hand held gun and Mecias was registering 88 while stadium said 84. So I would say he was 88-89 for first four innings, his last inning he only reached 86. What was he throwing before the surgery, does anybody know?

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