Box Score Recap – 7/23/2014

Severino Gonzalez with an “avert your eyes” type of line. Just don’t look. (Just don’t look). In CLR, Gabriel Lino went 3-4 with a home run and a walk, while Roman Quinn stole his 13th base of the year, in what’s been about 40% of a year’s worth of PAs – figure that’s 30-35 or so in a full season after 30 and 32 in half seasons the last two years. Coming off his Achilles injury, I’m not too worried about that decline, as you’d expect him to ease back in to things.

For Lakewood, Mitch Walding is really hitting in the second half so far – in over 120 PAs, he’s got 15 doubles and 13 walks, both marked improvements over the first half, when he was fresh off having rib-removal surgery. He’s also limited his Ks, with about a 21% in the second half after ~33% in the first half. Big caveat – he’s repeating the league. Even so, I’ll take signs of life from a guy we had high hopes for coming out of the 2011 draft. Also for Lakewood, Yoel Mecias worked five strong innings, allowing one run on just two hits, and he struck out one.

Brandon Liebrandt has been absolutely dealing in his two NYPL starts – he’s allowed just one run, five hits, two walks and struck out 12 in 12 innings since his promotion. Derek Campbell was 2-4 with a double and a triple in Liebrandt’s win tonight.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


17 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/23/2014

  1. Emmanuel Marrero is quietly having a nice debut for a “Good glove -no hit” shortstop. Has hit well. Doesn’t strikeout.

    1. Didn’t strike out that much in college either. Looks like it could be a real ability, not just a fluke.

  2. Leibrandt looking real good so far. Being a college pitcher , he’ll prob be in CWater rotation next year

  3. Mecias has looked good. Another start or two in A and hopefully he pitches in A+ through most of August. I don’t want to force him but he looks ready for the next challenge. The arm injury looked like it could set back his development but if he ends the season in CLW, I’d take that as progress.

  4. I’m really looking forward to Clearwater’s potential rotation next year- Mecias, Imhof, Leibrandt, Anderson, and someone else. That’ll be an exciting group to watch.

    1. Someone else should be exciting to watch….especially if it is a healthy Shane Watson.

      1. Agreed… That would make sense especially if the medical staff down in Clearwater would like to keep tabs on him.

      2. It would follow what the Phils did with Quinn this year — start him at High A, despite his only Lakewood season being shortened by injury. That said, Watson only pitched seven professional innings before starting in Lakewood last year, where he didn’t last the season. He has 79 professional IP. My guess is he at least starts in Lakewood before going to the Threshers.

  5. Sandberg seems to be on the Mitch Walding track of raking the first few weeks (and subsequently getting everyone to proclaim him a future star) and then absolutely falling off a cliff…

    One could assume the drop off correlates to Cord not of making adjustments as pitchers become more familiar with him.

    1. From watching him in person last week, I would say his utter lack of plate discipline may also be a factor. The Cutters swing at everything, at least the game I saw. Another person who watched a separate Cutters-Cyclones game last weekend also reported that the Cutters were swinging freely.

      1. Yeah, that was me. Definitely a lot of ugly swings. That said, the game I watched most closely (on Monday) was pitched by a legit prospect for the Mets so that might have had something to do with it.

    2. Just one man’s opinion but Eric L over at crashburnalley sees some issues with Cord’s swing that may be causing his struggles

  6. I thought there was a misprint in the CLW boxscore. It said Pointer made his 1st error. Brian’s played 78 games in the OF and has ONE error. He’s played all OF positions. He has 8 assists. I guess he can play (in) the field. Let’s hope his hitting continues to improve.

    1. Pointer is a strong OF with a good arm. Now if he could cut down on those K’s, we’d have something here.

  7. Pullin has been hot of late. Let’s hope he keeps it up as good-hitting 2Bs are valuable players. Meanwhile Zach Green has unfortunately cooled off and his strikeouts have picked up 😦

  8. Do we know much of anything about Bryan Sova? 25th round pick out of Creighton. Just roster filler? I ask because when I watched the game in Brooklyn on Monday and he seemed kind of interesting, throws sidearm and the hitters (at least at that level) looked really uncomfortable. I think Mitch wrote that he throws only in the mid-80s but I don’t know, it definitely looked pretty zippy to me behind the plate–that could be a function of the weird angle. Anyway, something to keep an eye on, side-arm relievers are always intriguing.

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