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Box Score Recap – 9/1/2013

Larry Greene had, by far, his best day of 2013 Sunday, as it was the day his season finally and mercifully ended. He closes out the year just above a .600 OPS. His K Rate was a whopping 35+%, though he did continue to take his walks at better than a 12% clip. I’m not writing him off completely, though, and if he comes to camp in 2014 ready to play, he’ll have a clean slate in my opinion.

Malquin “Malki”, (as I’ve decided to call him), Canelo has forced his way into the prospect conversation. A note that’s been making the rounds on Twitter and in the comments here – Canelo, the barely 18-yr old Crosscutters’ shortstop, who all but skipped the GCL this year, and fields with the best of them, (as reported at various times by Mitch Rupert and Crashburn Alley’s @Longenhagen), is sporting a .438 BA and an 1.104 OPS in his last 10 games, punctuated in his final plate appearance last night, where he walked off the home season at Williamport with his first professional round tripper.

If Canelo ever winds up on a team with the aforementioned Mr. Greene, I hope someone gets a snapshot of the two of them and captions it “Malki and Larry”. Would be perfect.

And FTR, I deleted a big note about Cam Perkins’ fine season just so I could land that reference without clutter.

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Hot or Not

The final edition of “hot or not”, spanning from August 22–September 1.  Zach Collier has made the decision as to whether to keep him on the 40 increasingly difficult with his strong finish…Quietly, Dylan Cozens had a very solid season in Williamport…Larry Greene ends the season where it began, on the not hot list…Drew Anderson’s numbers this season for WIlliamsport were as good as anyone in the organization…I am nervous about Adam Morgan and not convinced he is healthy after watching several of his post injury starts…After a fairly miserable season, Kyle Simon finished stronged…I have always liked Mike Nesseth. He knows how to pitch, and will be a major leaguer…The 2013 season of Kenny Giles has to go down as one of this season’s true disappointments.

Hot Hitters: Deivi Gruillon (.400); Zach Collier (.354); Willie Carmona (.333, 8R 6RBI); Aaron Altherr (.333); Andrew Knapp (.333); Dylan Cozens (.325, 9R 2HR 8RBI); Art Charles (.324); Michael Martinez (.322); Robinson Torres(.320, 5RBI, 2SB); Maikel Franco (.318, 9R 4HR 8RBI); Honorable Mention: Perkins, Lino

Not Hot Hitters: Jon Roof (.040); Nick Ferdinand(.105); Logan Moore (.111); Justin Parr (.115); Trey WIlliams(.133); Carlos ALonso (.139); Larry Greene (.143); Wilmer Oberto(.160); Albert Cartwright (.172); Sebastian Valle (.172) Continue reading Hot or Not