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Top 30 Accountability: 21-25

This is a retrospective back on the Top 30 prospects list I wrote before the start of the season.  My opinion is that anyone who puts their opinion out there should be accountable for that opinion, in this case rather than just ask whether I was right or wrong, but more why was it right or wrong.  The goal is to explore things in the development of a prospect that can point to growth or regression.  Additionally just because a prospect fails to live up to or exceeds expectations does it mean the base analysis was wrong when it was written.

Continuing on with the next group of 5 players including a pair of HS SSs turned third basemen who are trending in the opposite directions.  As always the original list lives here https://phuturephillies.com/top-30-prospects/mattwinks-top-30/2013-top-30/

25. Tyson Gillies

So the good: Gillies is a great defensive center fielder with good range and a plus arm. Gillies makes good contact and currently has good plate discipline. The bad: Gillies cannot stay healthy and there seems to be a consistent hamstring problem. Unless he develops better game power (and a swing to pair with it) his on base and running ability (if it comes back) will be severely reduced. Overall it is a package with some upside, but it is limited by the large injury risk. Continue reading Top 30 Accountability: 21-25

Report Card–Catchers

Onward to the report card for Catchers throughout the organization.  Remember, grades are based on pre-season expectations against themselves NOT against each other. Prospect rankings are based on which players will potentially have the most impact for the Phillies as major leaguers. Look for the next report on outfielders in the top half of the organization (LV, REA, and CW) coming Wednesday or Thursday.

Lehigh Valley

Cameron Rupp, Soon to be 25, Phils 3rd round pick in 2010; .258/.318/.437 in 325 AB’s between Reading and Lehigh Valley; 14HR 45RBI; 5%bb/21% k rates; Hit .269 for Lehigh Valley; .404 vs. LHP; .215 vs. RHP; 84 games caught with 6 errors (.991)and 6 passed balls; Threw out 28 of 82 base stealers (34%); A very good year of progress for Rupp who hit for power and was very good defensively.  His production was pretty much exactly what we would have hoped pre-season.  Grade: B+ ; 2014: He will see major league time, just a matter of when. Until then, Lehigh Valley. Prospect Ranking: 14

Steven Lerud, 28, Re-Signed as a free agent in 2013; .217/.353/.311 in 180 AB’s; 3HR 21RBI; .212 vs. LHP, .218 vs. RHP; .241 with RISP; Hit .167 Post All Star Game; 16%bb/23% k rates; 60 games caught with 8 errors (.982); 10 passed balls; Threw out 18 of 51 would be base stealers(35%); Very pedestrian numbers for Lerud with the caveat that he does get on base because of a good eye at the plate and did very well gunning down base stealers.  Grade: C; 2014: Another organization.  Continue reading Report Card–Catchers