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General Discussion – Week of 9-23-2013

Last week of the big club’s regular season. It will be so sad to see (free agent x) go sign with (rival club y). I will boo him when he returns in (month z) next season.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s anyone boo-worthy left on this roster. I suppose Carlos Ruiz could get some boos if he leaves for more money, but how would you be able to tell?


Report Card, Relief Pitchers, Upper Half

Lehigh Valley–Note: There were so many call ups to Philadelphia in 2013, it was difficult to decide who should or should not be included on this list, so I included all relievers that either finished the year with Lehigh Valley or were called up to Philadelphia during the year except DeFratus, Diekman and Stutes. I consider the three of them (when healthy) to have solidified their status as major leaguers rather than members of Lehigh Valley at this stage. The final report, on lower level relievers will be out by the end of the week.

Phillippe Aumont, 24, Acquired from Seattle in 2010; 32 games for Lehigh Valley; 0-2 with a 4.04ERA; 2 saves; 35.2IP 29H 38BB 42K; 1.22 GO/AO; .230 opp avg; 1.88WHIP; 9.6BB/10.6K per nine; .231 vs. LH, .230 vs. RH, .190 with RISP; For Phillies: 19 games; 1-3 with a 4.19ERA, 1.91 WHIP, .308 opp. avg;. My expectation going into the season for Aumont is that he could be a critical part of the Phillies bullpen.  That expectation ended fairly quickly as it became obvious, Aumont continues to have little idea where the ball is going to go when it leaves his hand.  He was sent back to Lehigh Valley on multiple occasions, (with perceived attitude problems to boot)and pitched poorly for the ‘Pigs.  Although the opposition has a very hard time hitting him, there is generally no need with a walk rate approaching 10 per 9 innings. Grade: F; 2014: If he is back, which I think is very questionable, next year is clearly make it or break it with the organization. Continue reading Report Card, Relief Pitchers, Upper Half